Which website hosting (123 reg, Yahoo, etc) company is the best ?

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First off, Which website hosting (123 reg, Yahoo, etc) company is the best ? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... I thought it might be fun to explore any seller's remorse here: Did you ever sell a HostGator and immediately think you could have received far more and wish you could have it back? Post the HostGator and the selling price and maybe we can give honest feedback - "good sale", "you got robbed", etc...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

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Hey Justin - that's probably right on - really nice name but it could have been one of those nice ones that seems to sit in the stable and never sell..

Jammer - no kidding - each month when I read dnjournal I hold my breath waiting to see something I sold a year ago for xxx sell for xx,xxx!!..

Comment #2

Yup, I sold a low $x,xxx for wayy to little....

Comment #3

I sold a HostGator for $40 that I hand registered. The guy who bought it off of me sold it for $100 within days. A few months later, the "term" went HUGE in the news and the guy holding it probably made $xxx - $x,xxx a month in parking revenue...

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H o m e I n p r o v e n c e .com created since 1999 sold for 165$. I think I could have got more if I had not been desperate and had not mentioned this asking price which was immediately agreed upon by the buyer..

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Here's mine: nano-tech in Hyphen and less valuable ext than .com, but huge potential I think. Was very high xxx enough?..

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This guy really wanted this HostGator so I sold it to him for what he wanted minus 25 dollars...hell that was a hand reg for me.......i should of stuck with 500 he saw it for sale for.....but I actually felt bad he was paying that much for that name..

-Thank you for your time..


Comment #7

My sister owns a salon/day spa and we had. (TX is treatment).

And. (RX is prescription).


NOW, 2 popular products are on the market with those names for.

The products!.


SO, not sellers remorse....

More like.

"idiot let them expire"... remorse..

Comment #8

To be honest...skinrx - ouch that you let it go! Rep given for the honest post!..

Comment #9

I was selling a whole bunch of about 4 months ago. IIRC, I sold for $105 and before I could transfer it, had an offer on Afternic for $1375 (or there abouts)...

Comment #10

Ouch. But good on you for following through with the deal...

Comment #11

For me it's in the other way, I turned down a $1K offer on a name, I should have taken the money....

Comment #12

I received an offer of $300 for verified (.) us which I declined. 3 months later the guy who sent me the offer picked it up at reg fee..

It was with registerfly, they charged me for the renewal fee, but they failed to renew it..

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I bet there's a few of those stories about RegisterFly around. Am glad they've finally been shut down...

Comment #14

I sold for $29 2 years ago. A few months earlier, I was told a couple of times in previous months that it was a bad decision to buy the name at reg fee because it had a Q in it..

I have sold so names for under $100 in the past 2 years that could easily fetch mid-high $XXX and it can be a bit sad at times looking at my sales data but I think that it was a great learning experience and sometimes I was smart enough to replace the cheap sales with better names...

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