Which website provid free Godaddy domain name and web page?
Quick question... Which website provid free Godaddy domain name and web page? Looking forward for any answer. Another question on my mind: Hi everybody. I am newbe here. I found this place very useful and informative. So may be you can help me with couple questions..

I was going to sell one HostGator I have, and looking where to do it and how, and I was surprised by founding lots of web sites with people who just sell domains, and it is looks like a big business..

Here are my questions..

1 is that possible that people can live by just buying and selling HostGator names?.

2 how many domains they sell a mounth to survive?.

Thank you...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably know..

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A Lot of money is made by the click through revenue too..


In satellite radio there are 2 companies, sirius and XM..

Sirius owns

XM owns

The guy who owns makes well over $10K per month because people just type in and then of course they click on google ads which generate the revenue..

If you can get a good HostGator that will all of a sudden be typed in a lot in the future, you'll find yourself making a pretty good living. Its just about timing..

-Scott Fish..

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Wow. thank you for answers..

Where is one more thing I would love to understand. How do you sell just registered domains? Every where I am reading that you cannot transfer just registered HostGator name. And it must be 60 or 90 days old (correct me if I wrong). Is where any sollution to avoid this?..

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You can sell A HostGator the same day after you buy it.You push it to them into their account at same register.Just can't transfer out of register for 60 days...

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So in this case, if HostGator is too young, I have no way to park it at,for example, GoDaddy to sell? All I can do is list it where and after recieving nice offer.

To tell buyer in which registry to go and to register an accout to recieve my domain? But in this case to pay GoDaddy much more, than I would pay if it would be parket there? Or may be GoDaddy using storage at somewhere like GoDaddy, which I can use too, to be able to push it to them?..

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For a newly registered domain, I think the 60 days rule doesn't apply. It only applies to a transferred/pushed domain...

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You can sell and park A HostGator at GoDaddy anytime.You just change name servers or forward HostGator to them.Has nothing to do with transfering or pushing...

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If you have a really good domain, you can make a forture out of that domain, could be hundreds of thousands of $$..

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This board is amazing and the ppl are great... this is the only place I use for my info..

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Excuse my questions, please, but Is where any step-by-step tutorial available about how successfuly to park HostGator for PPC? I mean, am I just parking it at, say, Sedo, or do I need to make some more steps, such as put some links on first page or what?..

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1. Go to and open an account if you haven't..

2. Select "Add Domain" & follow the instructions (note Sedo's name servers).

3. Optimize your keywords (will take approx. 24hrs for approval).

4. Go to your registrar and select the HostGator you intend to park..

5. Select on "Set DNS/Name Servers".

6. Enter the new name servers from Sedo.

That's it!..

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There are a few things to consider when you're trying to park domains to earn revenues..

Will the domains get any type in traffic? You need traffic to make money!.

If you've purchased a HostGator that recently expired, can you expect to receive traffic from existing links?.

PPC parking relies on keywords. Can a viable keyword be used to assoicate with the parked domain?.

If a viable keyword is available, does it pay well or does it pay a lousy .03 cents a click?.

If you've answered no to any of these questions, you should probably pass on the domain...

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Domains you want to get and try and sell are rare ones, such as 3 letter .com's. Other ones are one words that make sense, such as Also typos, and poker names, such as instead of or

None of those are available, just examples...

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Rules to live by.

1. Always keep in mind, a HostGator isn't worth more than anyone is willing to pay for it!.

2. Make sure you always go for QUALITY, not quantity! (do remember however that what may be quality to some, isn't for others..

3. Don't register HostGator names only you like, think "big" - what may become popular and what other people may want/look for..

If you follow these rules, you'll be doing pretty good. Be my guest and add more..

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Agree! We are trying to find gold in rubbish!..

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A lot of the people that don't know the industry actually are! Rubbish is your word (again, what may hold value to some, may not hold any value to others) - but if you think about it, go through some of the domains listed for sale - and look at their potential. What could you do with them - and ask yourself, would you pay that price? In 95% of the cases the answer would be NO!.

If you have a defined concept in mind - one specific HostGator may be worth the set pricetag - but if you just want to own the domain, park it and make pocketchange - you won't have much luck..

A lot of people think they'll turn into millionairs by parking domains and selling them for a high price when the right offer comes along. That's not how it works, and it never will work. Making money in this biz means hard work and constantly keeping your eyes open. Checking the dropped domains list every weekend or so ain't going to cut it!.

I remember a thread here @ NP where people listed their sales numbers compared to the hours they spent finding domains they thought were a "big catch" - turns out their average salary per hour was lower than the minimum wage limit or something close to that..

There is a reason why some of us choose to put everything on a couple domains, develop them into something big and sell them to bigger companies that have the extra $$$ to spend. Getting into the HostGator industry is easy, staying there and making a living is hard as hell!..

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