Which website provides cheapest iPage web hosting including domain?

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My question is Which website provides cheapest iPage web hosting including domain? Thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... Trying to use a single webpage as my 'background'.

And then bring up the other pages of the iPage site onto that same background. Here's what I've tried, should this work?.

The page that I'd like to use as my 'header' is under.

Filename 'header.asp'.

The HTML of the rest of my pages starts like this:.

<! #include file="header.asp" >.

<div align="center">.


Is this the correct way to do this, it is not working.

For me right now. The 'header.asp' page will come up looking like it should (the background of the site) and.

The other pages will come up but with no background..

Is there a 'tweak' required in what I've got right now or will this not work period? If it is just a tweak, do I name the 'header' page my 'index.htm' page and change the HTML of the other pages accordingly?.

Thanks for your time...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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I'm not sure my 'body tag' is correctly done in my.

Header.asp file, if you'd check it out I'd appreciate it..

The one page is my header, and I'll follow up in the next reply with an example of an info page that I've been trying have fall in on that header...

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This is an example of a page I'm trying to have come up.

With the header as it's header/background..

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When you load the first page that has the include in it, is that page a .shtml (SSI) or asp page?.

It looks ok to me. do you have a link?..

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I used htm to be able to attach them here but.

They're all ASP. So with the 2 pages I attached,.

If you put them in the same folder and open the.

Info page it comes up with the header as the background.

For you right now?..

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No they can't do that as they are htm's they have to be on a server and either shtml or a serverside language like asp..

Let me look at them on my server and see what I find. but it should do what you think it should...

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Ok I think I found your problem. you have extra spaces in that include..

<! #include file="header.asp" >.

Take out the spaces.

<!#include file="header.asp">..

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Scout, first off, I want to thank you for taking.

The time out of your day to look at this for me, I.

Defintely appreciate it, it's been driving me nuts..

Unfortunately I've taken those spaces out and I'm.

Still not having any success. Has it worked on your.


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Yes it does work. I have info1.htm named to info1.shtml and the header file named header1.htm. it loads and the background is loaded...

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Hey Scoutt.

Well, it looks like it's finally working like I.

Was looking for it to. Thanks greatly for your.


But now though, all the rest of my 'info' type pages.

Are ASP, do they all need to be changed to shtml with.

'header' remaining htm? Was that the key or do you think.

I just screwed something up earlier when you brought up the "extra spaces' problem, and it would work just as well.

If all the pages were ASP files and my web host supports ASP?..

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Well I am not very good with asp, but I think that.

<! #include > is only SSI. someone will come in and tell me wrong, that is a good thing..

Maybe asp has somehting similar? who knows...

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Ok then Scoutt, as I said, I certainly appreciate.

Your help to this point, you've been great..

I do hope I can keep the ASP pages though since.

I'm all set up with that so I'll agree with you and.

Hope someone will come in and tell us we're wrong, and.

That we can use <! #include > with ASP or else it's.

Back to the drawing board..

Take good care, I appreciate your time and will look.

For some other posts from you on the other threads here.

For your great info. Have a good one...

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