Who can provide me a godaddy domain registration coupon , ?
My question is Who can provide me a godaddy domain registration coupon , ? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... Seems like most parking names are down!!..

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Yep, there are some Godaddy discount codes available. Great opportunity to save cash on Godaddy now. I suggest you to sign up for their emails so you can be notified of their latest promotions. They usually release them once a month or so..

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Hope they get this fixed and also find the culprit..


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No need to get angry, All sites are down at one stage...

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Still not working for me..

Hmmm. It's funny they do a bunch of upgrades and THEN they have problems. Guess it's time for more upgrades already...

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Ya still Not Working... I wonder who there gonna know ti compensate us.....

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Not working for me at the mo but am sure they are doing everything they can to fix it..

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I hope this does not discourage newbies from using SEDO. As a newbie I have found GoDaddy the easiest to use and I really like thier format. I have seen a few problems before but they were always corrected. Like I said, I'm just a newbie but I don't know what I would do without the help of SEDO. I think they are great and I'm confident they will fix the problem as soon as they can...

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I have to agree and I too hope this is fixed soon..

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GoDaddy is Nice for newvies I know, but there is better, I am Newbie to I just switched ot Goldkey So Much better then Sedoo.

Better Parking Pages.

Better Pay Per click.

Check it out.




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I'm sure GoDaddy will fix the problem as soon as they can. Well, I hope so. I love checking my GoDaddy account every day. I've just attempted several times to enter the website without success. I didn't know why it wasn't working until came here. Thank you NamePros!.

Affiliate links are not allowed at NamePros...

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Oh, I feel sorry for you guys, I dont ahve to worry, I hope they get it fixed soon...

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Uhh My bad... Can I put the Real link??? - No Affiliate??..

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Hey we shouldnt be talking about this so lets stop, back to the subject, GoDaddy are back up now so I hope everything is fine...

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How long do you think they will be down for?..

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That counts as spam I think because it's alredy been said that GoDaddy is back up...

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My Friend Caml down a little... people make accidents ... not reading the whole thing ect. Dont condemn them for spam on every mistake they make.

I am going off topic.....

Anyway I am glad it is back up.

Odd My stats anrt working for all months... This started when they upgraded... They must havbe forgot.

Is any1 else having the same problem?..

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GoDaddy is finally working for me today. I have noticed though, if I try to check my PPC Earnings by "all months".. it comes back as $0.00, but if I check them month by month all of my earnings are there..

Anyone else having this problem?..

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Still down for me.

My parked pages that is..

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See My post just above yours.

I am having the same problem, must be a bug not fixed from the updates, more waiting for sedo.


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I was just editing the description page for one of my names, and when I hit the finish button, it took me to AltaVista. I signed out, then logged in fresh to try again - same results. Very odd...

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Perhaps once this is resolved it will work correctly..


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GoDaddy has been acting very very strange for the couple of days....

It started last week..

When you log in, it will not redirect you to the right place and all.....

I am a newbie... and so I just waited patiently.....

They have solved the redirect problem and now there are new problems like not recognizing that I am already logged in and keep on asking me to log in..


Hope everything is going to be fine soon..

And my stat is *freezed...

How would the compensate our earning?..

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It's not only this afternoon! The last 14+ days GoDaddy is having this kind of problems.....

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My stats shows 0 for all months too.I thought it was just my account but apparently not.I'll wait A couple of days and see if it gets fixed.Glad this thread was here.Was thinking they just decided to close my account and keep my money...

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HEY FOLKS!!! Yes I am shouting. They have been hit with a BIG TIME DOS attack so give them a break. This is not something one fixes with a snap of the fingers...

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Then they shouldn't tell that they are "being attacked by a Bot network or a sophisticated attacker since this afternoon". I repeat this thing has been going on for two weeks now.....

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This weird thing has been going on for 2 weeks......

The earliest problem that I can remember is wrong redirection..

After you have clicked 'Log In', you are brought to.


Yea. The problem is very simple, just repeated "".

It took them quite a while to fix this problem...

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DDOS attacks are nothing new. There have been solutions for dealing with them for many years. GoDaddy have simply not protected their servers adequately. See this article from OVER FOUR YEARS AGO:.


"In two minutes we applied "brute force" filters to the.

Verio router, shutting down all UDP and ICMP traffic ....

And GRC.COM instantly popped back onto the Internet.".

"May 17/18/19/20th — Attack 6. The exact dates and times are unknown because we were completely shielded by the configuration of Verio's router."..

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This is no small matter and has been going on for a while. That was sort of like a military probe of the enemies defenses before launching a full scale assult...

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Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function require_once() in /kunden/homepages/5/d107329017/htdocs/include/sedofunctions.php3 on line 16.

Nice little error all morning for me..

Still haven't been able to log into my stats for a couple days now..

Something's gotta give..

I have been having problems every since they introduced their new "Domain Management Funtion" that was supposed to make things easier..





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I have had no problems with them for the past few hours..

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Wow You must be hit hard.. to be making acrotic poems about it..

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OK, some of domains are loading now. As another person mentioned, I can log in to my account from and and most things seem to be in order there. Also, keywords changes are beginning to be updated..

Good luck,.


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So it works for some, I wonder why not others, seems bad though!..

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What would be horrifying for any PPC provider would be bilions of click bots being set loose onto a PPC network...

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Sorry didn't realise it wasn't working for everyone.

I thought it was all ok now..

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I could be wrong, dont worry, hope it's ok soon, why tell everyone about the bot, it says their rubbish basically.gettin hacked..

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I have signed up for GoDaddy and I wanted set up my bank account data and I got this: Server Upgrade.

"We are currently updating our database server. Therefore some functions will not be available for a short time. We ask for your patience and thank you for your understanding..

Your GoDaddy Team".

Anybody knows?..

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Dont worry too much they have been having probs for a couple of weeks now..

I am sure once they have de-bugged the whole GoDaddy site it will be ok..

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I owuldnt give them my bank details at the moment, not with the attacks...

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Im switching from GoDaddy to godomainparking. Blaze Domains owns it. He is still working out all the bugs..

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Denial of Service attacks are completely different to a GoDaddy site being hacked into. Their webservers were overloaded with traffic, not compromised by a hacker...

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Well today I can get the main pages but cant log into my account..

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Same here, no account access.

And has anyelse noticed that whenever you do a search for any random HostGator name, such as "kjdslfjsdlfjsdflsdf", it will always show the .org extension as taken..

Lets hope they can get it all working again soon..


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Still looks bad then,i wonder when it's going to get fixed??..

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Does it look like it's fixed then, if yes thats good!!..

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Just stuck racingresults on there with no probs so hopefully.

Just need a few buyers now lol..

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Looks like they changed nameservers and ip , so I guess they are moving. perhaps thats why some cant login and some can , ( DNS Cache's )..


Perhaps they found a datacenter with DOS filters ? .

Also they removed the "Registrar Lock " on the domain, so perhaps they are also transfering to a new registrar while they are at it!.

I think they will be up and running for everyone within 48 hours, the info was changed today!..


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Cheers for the info.

Thats good news all round..

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Yep definately some big changes going down. I sent an email to Jay to see whats up I will let you know a full run down when I here back from him...

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I switched too... But I dont get money for the clicks :S..

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Crap, there always seems to be problems with sedo. Good thing I dont register any there...

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I've had occassional problems the last couple weeks also. On some occassions, I've been able to substitue a GoDaddy cctld to get in when the .com didn't work, such as or Even if a ccTLD url points to the .com, I've change only the TLD in the broser address bar to get in. I know they all access the same database, but they must be on different web servers. This wouldn't help any parking issues though...

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Seems it's parking service still not work well now! I can not open!..

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Appears to be working fine for me today.

Still no buyers..

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DOS-attacks are hard to deal with and hard to defend against. It can often take weeks before things calm down since servers/hacked boxes all over the world are included in these kind of attacks. It's not an operation that has one single on/off switch.

Mapping an attack like this takes days, shutting down all machines involved takes give them time...

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I agree, that there harder to deal with, the problem obviously isnt fully sorted...

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I'm not complaining... they gave me my highest days revenue for two days on every one of my domains! It bumped me up from $131 to over $165!!! I should make $200 this month now and that's awesome!.

I just put 2 names on GoDaddy this morning and optimized the keywords, so things must be all better (hopefully)..


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Just stuck on there with no probs at all and record time for it accepting it..

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Not down today but seems to be frozen..

No changes for the past hour.

Nothing now for 3 hours it's almost like it has just stopped and gone to sleep..

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I give up....

I more week then I am off..

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I just put several domains up a bit ago...I hope they get better soon...

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I know they are having major probs but it's not slow today it's gone asleep full stop..

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