Who controls the Godaddy domain names in the united states?
My 1st question is: Who controls the Godaddy domain names in the united states? Many thanks for any comment. Another question I got... BBS is very popular in the last several years!.

Blog becomes more and more popular than BBS nowadays!.

And WIKI is something maybe some people even not know!.

Maybe Forum covers all?.

What is your idea?.

Which one will become more popular in the internet community industry?.

Please add if you have other choice!.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could assist you..

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Chinese blog company changed their name to! Ready to list in the NASDAQ next year!..

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Thats what I thought and with the above info bought but been told reg fee..

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What is Bokee?.

Also the google results speak the truth. It's forum all the way..


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Forums will always be forums.

Nothing can beat that - atleast for now!..

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Bokee is a company name in China! This company is a blog website company with the previous name of The company believe is better than becase it has less letters!.

Boke is the chinese pronunciation of blog! Just add e as a suffix!.

Oh, very complex!..

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In some non english speaking contries blog is better as it is easy to spell!..

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Funny, though. They didn't redirect to Sounds like a bad move to me. "Bad" is an understatement, actually..



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I have a try just now, yes, really bad move!..

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I am hoping bokee will become a big name so that I can sell bokeeforum for lots of money..

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I believe that Blogs and Forums are probably the most popular amoung people these days from what I noticed...

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If California ever has "the Big One," I'm set. I own Of course it will be a non-profit site...

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It seems that some may be thinking that the word "forum" will become synonymous with or replaced by the word "blog" or vice versa. I don't see this happeneing since they are 2 very differnt things, really, even though they do have some similarities..

Point being, I don't see how will become too valuable seeing how bokee is not a forum GoDaddy site but rather a blog GoDaddy site (that's what others are saying, anyway). would have been better, but even so, I'm not sure it will ever be worth anything. But if either has a chance at value, the latter does because it is most relevent..

That said, I translated the Godaddy homepage and there is no reference to "blogs" in the translated page as far as I could tell. Are you guys sure is a blog site?.


Now is redirected to It wasn't last night. It looked like it was parked on some Chinese parking service. The number "28" was in the parking service's HostGator if I remember correctly..

Another OT....

Note how they use .COM rather than .CN. Interesting. Obviiously they are believers (at least somewhat) in the ".COM is king" theory. In fact, I hear .CN is having a hard time becoming popular in China..

And for those of you that are wondering, yes, and are already taken.

It doesn't surprize me that BBS is low on results. Presonally, I don't like the BBS format. I always regarded the BBS format as and outdated, inconvenient forum format...

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I think the most popular word in the industry now is "forum".

And in mid 90's were "wiki"..

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[QUOTE=zquest]It seems that some may be thinking that the word "forum" will become synonymous QUOTE].

Very good analyse!. is really a blog site! I can confirm that!.

Blog and forum are different! Yet in China blog will acquire more users now!..

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I think.


Is going to stay on top..


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