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Quick question... Who do you prefer for the Nutrisystem Commercials? Kirstie or Valerie? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: I had 4 days in a row scheduled off and decided to visit my parents for an early Thanksgiving and watch my high school football team (#1 in the State and ranked nationally) play in the playoffs..

I knew this would be a difficult few days to stay on plan but I've done well so far..

I planned my menu for the 4 days in advance and brought the Nutrisystem foods and dry goods in a cooler. I then packed my meals for the drive down yesterday. Prior to getting to my parents I stopped at a grocery store to buy all the dairy and produce I needed for my 4 days..

I think the hardest part was telling my Mom that I would be eating Nutrisystem while home and not her cooking. So last night when everyone was eating BBQ Beef, cheese casserole, and cherry pie I was chowing down on Nutrisystem and was suprisingly not that tempted..

I still have the football game tonight, but I think I'll be OK..

I weighed before I left yesterday and was already down 4 lbs. for the week...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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Amen to what Bill said! If you can stick it through this weekend, you'll prove to yourself it can be done, and it really does not hurt that much. Way to go, Disco!.


Comment #2

Sounds like you're on the right track Disco. As much as we love 'em and they can be a valuable support, sometimes family can be our biggest roadblock if they don't understand our goals and methods..

They just have to realize that we're not trying to hurt their feelings by not eating the food they've prepared. We're on our way to a much healthier life, so we'll be able to be present at many more Thanksgivings and other gatherings...

Comment #3

Hang tough.


And know we are never given a challenge we cannot overcome. Your doing great so far ... just keep stringing the days together. This weeks challenge will certainly prepare you for the remainder of the Holiday Season...

Comment #4

You are getting it done, Disco! It will get easier with time, both for you and others. Thing you are making the right approach to be strict at the beginning. Each test you pass makes you stronger. Eye of the tiger, baby!!!..

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Disco- I am sitting is a hospital waiting room while my mom is having surgery. I had to think of you today. Good start on your weekend. We do not want any excuses from you on Monday! I am going to a couple football games this weekend too. With my Nutri snacks. Keep it up!..

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DiscoGreat job. The more days you can string together like this, the better the results. Keep on Truckin...I see you working hard..

RickThoughts and prayers for you and your family...

Comment #7

Keep this kind of thing going and you'll have to take my quote out of your signature before you know it. Congrats on staying strong and focused...

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I'm back home now to a more "temptation free" environment. I stuck to plan the entire time at home. This included eating my Nutrisystem food while my family ate home cooking, sipping on Diet Coke while my brother and nephew ate at McDonalds in front of me, and sipping on water while my brother, sister, and nephew ate IHOP in front of me. Then I brought in a Coke Zero to the game but saw a lot of pizza, hot dogs, and nachos around me. My team lost at the game, so that kind of sucks but overall a good trip to see the family and prove to myself that I can make it through a few days of that. We'll see tomorrow the results on the scale...

Comment #9

Outstanding job!.

Sometimes the people that have the hardest time with our new food lifestyle are the closest to us..

Sounds like you did well given difficult situations. It is never easy to watch someone else eat things you wish you had..

Congratulations and keep it going!!!!.


Comment #10

Good week, down 8.4 lbs. for a total of 23.6 in 2 weeks...

Comment #11

Yeah! A solid WIN for the books!.

If you can get through that, you know you're.

On the way.

To a fit and healthy new you..


Comment #12

Niiiicccceee! We all know that it is difficult to sit there while the pizza and the wings and the beers begin to fly. But you stayed strong and committed to your goal...

Comment #13

Amazing results. Sounds like you're really committed this time. Best wishes...

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