Who do you think is the best Unix iPage web host?

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First question I have is Who do you think is the best Unix iPage web host? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Hi, Can anybody tell me how to make a frame in a html(side)where no frames in it,i got a webside without frames,i would like to have a frame in de middle where you can find the Top40 Chart.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Then you need a frameset........




And a nice one in Dutch.


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Can you make a frame in a side where you don't have a frameset?????..

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I don't think I fully understand, to have a frame without a frameset would be an iframe? in which you would load other html pages?..

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Will I hope I explain it right this time look at my side now.

Top40 hits.

What you see in the middle the Top40 chart, there I would like to load other pages of sides, but I got no side with frames <no frames> can you built a frame in it than???in the middle of my side..


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Does side = site??.

If what you're trying to ask for is the middle section to be a frame to load other pages in then what you want is an iframe!.

Follow the link I gave you before.

If not, then I still don't understand, sorry..

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Yes I got it now,i whas trying to say for the middle section and I have now a iframe in the middle(not yet on the server)like this.


But how can I link to it?how can I made it so that different pages or sides will appear in it,if I will link it to the right of my side on the section Beltonen, Groepslogo's..

Ik hope you wil understand it???..

But yes I need the iframe thats right than..



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Just give the iframe.....

A name......

<IFRAME NAME="content".

Call it by that name in the link:.

<a href="frans.html" target="content">Frans</a>..

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Yes Thanks! I got the picture now but I have some questions left(sorry?)i got now one IFRAME script and I got different links on my side I do not yet understand how I can load all that in the Iframe(one Iframe)i have attempt your explanation about the "Content" but it will not yet work?,for exsample I got" Logo's "Sms" Screensavers"and lots more, and all this must load in that iframe?.If I put this in the link 'target="logo's">must I than the same names also put in the iframe? but how????..

Thanks, for the ;ast time...

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The link target must be the name of the iframe, for example.

<a href="smslogos.html" target="myiframe">sms logos</a>.

And your iframe must be.

<iframe src="welcome.html" name="myiframe" scrolling="auto" frameborder="0" style="width:300px;height:300px;"></iframe>.

I put the css there for convenience, you can put it in an external stylesheet..

Hope that helps..

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Just a working testpage see the attachment..

Just like leoo24 said:.

An iframe.


The taget: that.


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It's working perfect? but one think can I put in a link to the iframe the size for the iframe??.

William from very cold Holland!!!!..

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Good to hear you got it working!.

No, what you open up through your link will not be able to change the size of the iframe...

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Oke you can look now at my side how it works with the Iframe.



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Well done william.

Now you just have a few.


To sort out..

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I did not now if there so must errors in in,can I sort out these errors with the side you give to me?(validator)everything is working perfect in Internet explorer here get no messages of errors!..

Thanks, William..

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Alot fo the time you may find your iPage site looks ok in ie with many errors, but maybe not on other browsers. Getting your page to validate gives you the best possible chances of it appearing and working how you want it to across the most browsers possible..

The validator just tells you what errors you have, it doesn't fix them for you..

Common errors:.

Empty alt="", always put something in there alt="keyword".

<style> should be <style type="text/css">.

<script> should be <script type="text/javascript">.

Missing end and start tags, I saw you're missing a few <dt> tags, look through it and you will see where you have missed them, actually I think this has given you the most errors, it should be <dt>some words here</dt>..

Fix those errors and see how many you have left..

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Actually, an empty.




This is valid code:.

<img src="image.png" alt="">.

This is.


Valid code:.

<img src="image.png">.


Alt="some text".

To every.

<img >.

Tag, the text reflecting what is in the dispayed image. On unimportant images, like spacer elements, a minimum of.


Is fine. For bullet-point images,.


Is often used. Search engines do index the.


Text. The.


Attribute is a.


Element in HTML 4 and above..

Correct the.

Entity errors.

By changing every.


In the URLs to be.



Remember to.




All attributes, especially all.




Colors, all.


, all.




Sizes, and any other attribute value that contains anything other than a simple.
















Value. In HTML 4.01 it is.


To quote.


Attribute values..

At the moment you have 195 errors, of which at least 180 are very easy to fix...

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