Who has better food Nutrisystem or nuritsystem?

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First of all Who has better food Nutrisystem or nuritsystem? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... So my food is supposed to come in thursday and I'm really excited. I've heard a lot of people talk about aerobic exercise. I thought I would ask everyone what yall do strength training wise. I mean I know how to use a treadmill haha, but I've never really trained with weights.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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My program is probably overkill (time inefficient). There are a lot of different approaches. I recommend doing any basic program (see the articles on Lyle McDonald's site)..

Would START LIGHT. It's way more important to "get in the habit" than to maximize the first workouts. Way too many people go to hard at the beginning and get burnt out. Starting a little light makes it easier to learn, means you'll get some "cheap progress" and that you'll be less likely to bail...

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I definitely recommend incorporating weight training into your program. It will help stop muscle loss...good chance you will build strength while losing (which means you are building muscle...I did) if you are untrained, it's positive psychology...burns calories, etc. etc..

Just don't expect sudden changes into Superman (unless you juice...and don't). Just give it time and be zen about it...and it will pay off...

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I do stairmasters and step climbers. Just aerobic exercises work for me...

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Look for a full body work out using dumbells. They are inexpensive and easy to store..

I will look for the link..

Start with the simple excersizes..

- Curls.

- Military press.

- bench press.

- lunges.

- squats.

You can perfrom all of them with minimal equipment purchases and it will get you rolling. Then once those get easy and you can add weight......

Do your homework about weight training and find what is right for you..

If you do it right and start slow and pace yourself it wont feel like work it actually becomes enjoyable..

Problem in that watching TV with a reem of oreos became more enjoyable for a while and now I am back to lifting and this is a great start..

Remember......... Life make over not "on a diet".

Hope this helps..

Drink the water, try to fart when no one is around they are deadly!..

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I've found it's best to alternate days with cardio/aerobic 1 day, weight training the next day, etc. with 1 day off a week..

I also use dumbells & an exercise ball instead of a bench; between the two you'll find yourself maintaining your balance while doing the reps; helps build up your core strength..

There's some GREAT weight & core strength exercises in Bob Harper's book "Are You Ready!" (you can ignore all the zen "Inner Compass" crap and the diet advice, as Nutrisystem takes care of that.)..

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Weight training rocks! It really helps rev the metabolism! Makes you look better, feel better, more studly and everything..

Oh, cardio is good too....


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Porter, I just got my food today, cant wait to get back on the program, I started cardio last week. I have been slowly prepping myself for the program, by eating less several times a day. I lost 1 lb in the last week with out counting calories, but cardio is a great start and definetely the best way to burn fat..

As soon as I get the habit of eating right and a good cardio(probably a couple of weeks or month) I will add weights, usually you can get a decent workout with dumbbells. Like said before....

Just having a gym membership and a nice equipment, for some reason never inspired me to go or use them. Also Just having them never made me use them, at all! As a matter of fact I think subconciiously I thougt just by having them I would lose weight!! Without even using them!..

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Matt: This is the routine that I am doing this month. 10 exercises done in 3 circuits. I just finished my first week of doing this routine. On the other 3 days I jog on my TM or outside if it nice enough. What I like about this routine is that you are done in 40 minutes and it hits the full body..

Welcome to NS. It really works if you follow the plan..

Good Luck!..

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