Who is on Godaddy and what do u do on it?
Got a question, hope someone can answer... Who is on Godaddy and what do you do on it? Thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. We all have one or a few domains that stand up against the rest and take the gold. So in your opinion, what's your most valuable HostGator name? Mine is probally because it's being developed into a music megasite that will hopefully turn out like myspace..


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can help you..

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This is a good question that puts one mans junk is another mans treasure theory out there. I'd have a hard time picking my best but these are up there..

- had alot of interest in this one but not the big $ yet..

Or maybe,.

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Because I wouldn't sell it for a million dollars... When I was considering what HostGator to get, I came across from the Bible: "Buy the truth, and sell it not" (Proverbs 23:23) Anyway, I got the HostGator and I plan to sell it not....

May the Truth be with you all..

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I think my is my bestt domain. This is a easy name to rember to go to, to check out traffic information...

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VistaThemes ~ dot ~ com, I’ve decided to hold out for a few more months before considering any new offers and we’re considering the possibility of investing several thousand dollars developing it into the best website we could possibly make it. We'll see how it goes...

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... I dunno, I have some dot coms that I think are worth some decent money, too. I can't choose. The one that is the most valuable to ME is not worth putting in that list, since it's direct monetary value is limited ( but I have plans mwuahahahah ) ...

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It’s funny that you should say that because I have been contacted three times about a price for but since I’ve refused to offer a price range (because I believe a company may come along with an offer for quite a bit) I have yet to obtain an actual offer. I’ve also received offers for and but none of these three are parked for offers, all contacts have been direct from whois contact info...

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Because it's the only HostGator I have that makes decent $ =)..

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My most valuable aren't that way because of $$ but for personal reasons.. and now to go with it..

I did turn down a mid $xxxx offer for (it aint fer sale right now at any price)...

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Good for you Hark! That’s what HostGator names were supposed to be about...

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Wrong spelling at your index bro.

Check it out.


Comment #11 atm..

However, It all depends on the end user, or buyer, really...

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(Thanks for "visitng" us.) You're just missing a vowel after the t, easily rectified..

Exactly! Its worth is what someone is willing to pay. The perfect example is

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Easily my best......large booking revenues from.


Combined with regular useful click through cash from.

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I think he meant as the other one..

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I would have thought the same but they seem to be resolving to different name servers...

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My main company domain(s) (, also have with and without the dash and 'e', same with the dot ca's) not worth much to a domainer, but I wouldnt sell under half a mil....8 years work and heavy investments are behind these.....

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I have set the.

Subdomain to GoDaddy and the other for my booking site. Give me two means to get revenues.......

Comment #18 - DNS redirecting to a GoDaddy site now..

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I guess mine are the one's I'm developing right now - (football), (domaining guide &.


Tools), (no need to elaborate.

), (jokes) and (XM satellite radio)..

Typos? It'll have to be - so far about 2 uniques a day...

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I have

(RFID - Radio Freq Identification).

Imagine, you go to a shop; pickup the items you want; simply walk out and your credit card is billed for correct amount..

This is just one application of RFID. you know what I am talking about :-).

Many Big companies (incl the one I work for) are into RFID implementations...

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It's hard to define “valuable”. My most valuable name could be my vanity .com since it's “my name”. Or it could be my daughters. Maybe she turns out to be rich and famous..

It could be the name that generates the most online revenue. Or perhaps the name used by the business I earn the most money from. Or maybe the name I've received the highest offer on. More likely it's one where I won't be aware of it's full potential until I receive the offer...

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Valuble as in,the one I appreciate the most?

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I like the bunch of .in/ I have. Especially Also got some city names. Apart from that, I like & Have Don't know how much it'd be worth..



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