Who is the person always on ads for Nutrisystem? {Kirsty ...}?

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First question I have is Who is the person always on ads for Nutrisystem? {Kirsty ...}? Thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Here's a thought....

Let's say you work out... burn 300 calories. GOOD JOB..

Then you go out and get a big gatorade. Before you take your first sip, look at what the serving size is... then look at how many calories are in that serving... then DO THE MATH..

A lot of people negate their work out by consuming MORE calories in hydration than they actually burn..

Just a thought....

8 oz serving size/4 servings in the 32 oz bottle/50 cal per serving.

That's 200 calories with 64 grams of sugar..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

My thoughts exactly. Water continues to serve me well, have no reason to drink Gatorade or any of the other supposed "sports drinks"...

Comment #2

They're great during long distance runs, though. You need electrolytes + sugar to keep your body fueled once your glycogen stores have been depleted!..

Comment #3

Yeah, I suppose so. I'm getting close to ten miles on my long runs and water is still doing the trick for me, same with cycling. Even though I find that I have to eat on a ride over two hours, water still does the trick. It's funny though, the people I see downing Gatorade are finishing their 1 mile on the treadmill or 30 minutes on the elliptical...

Comment #4

A friend of mine just did the Air Force marathon... he said water and the gel packs worked well for distance..

I think this was directed at those of us that do the 60-90 minute gtm work out,..

Comment #5

Gatorade is bad, if you are using it just as a beverage. But if you are working out in an extreme way, you have to have something other than water to replace the electrolytes lost. They do have lower cal substitutes..

But no water only if you are an extreme athlete! I had a training partner DIE from hyponatremia at Marine Corps Marathon...

Comment #6

Fortunately? Most of us are not extreme athletes here, unless you count the strenuous work that we do to bend over and tie our shoes in the morning....


Comment #7

I think the point you made Acoustic is valid and necessary to be stated HERE! We all know that if we are going extreme, we need extreme. But let's be honest, there are better alternatives to Powerade and Gatorade even if you are going EXTREME! For GEneral use, stay away from this garbage!..

Comment #8

I use the PowerAde Zero during workouts because my cardiologist's nurse practitioner told me to. But I'm prone to sodium-imbalance problems. I figure it's sugar-free and 0 calories per serving (so basically no more than 4 calories per serving), and if I get it on sale, it costs the same as or less than bottled water. And if there's a chance that it'll help (and it does seem to; I haven't gotten dizzy or lightheaded while exercising since I started drinking it), it's worth it to me..

But it's definitely worth posting. Some people down tons of the sugar-filled stuff without even thinking about. My ex is diabetic, and he used to drink it all the time even though it's full of sugar and his workouts were basically just walking at about 3 mph. He never read labels...

Comment #9

I like gatorade when i'm playing raquetball - when you are two hours into it, you can actually feel it give you energy better than water does. but I agree, I would never just drink it...i actually see some parents let their kids drink it - I won't even keep I in the house!..

Comment #10

Try the powerade zero, I think you will like it..

I let my daughter drink powerade when she plays soccer and basketball. Those little metabolisms can handle the sugars!..

Comment #11

Oh yea, if they are playing a sport I would let the kids have some - I mean just general drinking....

I'll try that powerade zero - besides, lose that much more weight!..

Comment #12

Are you not refueling at all during those 10 mile runs?.

Gatorade isn't my top choice of fuel during distance runs, but if it's all that is available, I will gladly take it!..

Comment #13

Like what? I run with one of the largest running clubs in the nation and we all drink gatorade (or some electrolyte/sugar replacement drink) or take gels, etc. I'm always on the lookout alternatives, so I'd love to know what you've found!..

Comment #14

G2 definitely works for me on my long runs also. I usually take two of the smaller G2 bottles with me along with Clif bars and I generally make it without any hydration or energy problems. The small bottles have 0 sugar and are only 30 calories. I think you almost have to drink G2 or some other electrolyte replacement on long runs...if you're only drinking water on runs longer than 8-10 miles, then you run the risk of a severe energy dropoff or even a highly diluted sodium content which can hurt you.....

Comment #15

No, haven't had the need to yet, although my longest has been 8.5. I do keep myself well hydrated always, and have plenty of water before and after my run. I just haven't had the need for a 1.5 hour effort. I'm sure if/when my runs get seriously long I'll need to refuel during..

Don't misunderstand though, I have no issue with those who use Gatorade or other fuel sources when they're actually doing something that requires it. I roll my eyes at the people who have barely broken a sweat and "need to replace electrolytes", or people like some I know who give it to their kids as a "healthy alternative to soda". I think most people would be best served by simply drinking water, and think that Gatorade is just another example of really successful marketing creating this perceived need that just doesn't exist, (again, for most-not all)...

Comment #16

Oh, absolutely! I was just making sure that I understood what you posted. In the beginning, I would not refuel for anything less than a 10K, but found that having a bit of electrolytes and sugar even every 4 miles or so (that is, if I'm going to be running more than a 10K distance, not if I'm only running 4-5 miles) makes a huge difference!..

Comment #17

Wow I was happy to complete 30 mins on the norditrack this AM!.

No gatorade, just water!..

Comment #18

Good job coach!.

I hate those nordictrack things - my bro and his wife have one - I tried it a few times - so did they. now it is a laundry holder..

Comment #19

When my son was little, he had a basketball game on his birthday. We brought cupcakes for the whole team. One of the dads informed me that his son wouldn't have any because he wasn't allowed to have sugar. He then gave his kid a couple bucks and sent him to the concession stand to get a big Gatorade. I just shook my head. I guarantee that Gatorade had 3x the sugar that the cupcake did, but to the dad it was official sports drink stuff, so it didn't count.

I don't drink Gatorade, sugared sodas, or eat sweets because the sugar makes me dizzy. I've run several marathons. In training runs up to 30 miles, I eat PB&J sandwiches or Clif bars that I stash in the car or at road crossings (I run exclusively on trails). The last marathon I did, I drank Gatorade and downed GU (which I experimented with during training) and it worked okay. I just need to start it later in the race to take it without getting dizzy...

Comment #20

Btw, ultramarathoners (anything longer than a marathon) tend to favor real food over gels and stuff. They'll also often take salt tablets for electrolytes..

I aspire to do ultramarathons if I ever have a couple year period where I don't blimp out somewhere in there and have to cut the mileage to keep from breaking down..

My best marathon was at a svelte 240 lbs, which is still not the best body for an ultra...

Comment #21

When I played football in high school the coaches always recommended Grape Juice to fill the function of Gatorade. Random memory of the day...

Comment #22

I used to work with a guy that did these. He ran the Leadville 100 numerous times (only about 1 mile of it is below 10,000 feet elevation), and the Wasatch 150. To train, he'd run up and down the Barr Trail (23 miles, starting at 6,500' elevation going to the top at 14,110' then back down) on the side of Pikes Peak 3 times a week. Absolutely amazing to me.....

Comment #23

If you want to get electrolytes without drinking gatorade, you can drink Smart Water. They have electrolytes added in the water...

Comment #24

Amen, Acoustic! That's the reason a study done last summer reported folks going to the gym actually GAINED weight compared to a control group who did not work out. It's SO easy to justify taking in more calories than you ever truly expend in a workout. Gatorade is a great example. I think electrolyte issue is WAY overstated in the general public to sell the stuff..

Unless you're doing long-term heavy exertion in a very hot, humid environment, it's a non-issue IMO. Just a marketing ploy. Needing glucose replenishment to sustain long-term effort is another thing entirely, and has a lot to do with how good your body is in metabolising/converting it's own stores (diebetic lows...) and how much you're really expending at what rate over how long a period..

But, heck, anything over 3 miles seems extreme to me..

I defer to the marathon runners here. You guys are amazing!!.


Comment #25

I used powerade zero this morning and it really helped! I was feeling good into the 3rd hour of playing racquetball! could have kept playing but all my competition had to go to work...glad I have that instead of gatorade - zero calories.....

Comment #26

3 hours is impressive..

I wish I had 3 hours to get out and play!..

Comment #27

I was up at 5:15am...i was cleaning and getting the kids ready for school till the wife has it easy today - she's home. I only get these 3 hours every now and then and when I do I take them!..

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