Who is this Nutrisystem lady that keeps calling me?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Who is this Nutrisystem lady that keeps calling me? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question.. Well, a more accurate title would be "Eating Myself Out", but that would be WAY to easy for Damon.

And I just could not bring myself to saying that.......

Anyway, for the second time in my 6 month ride with NS, my weight loss stalled for over a week. The first time was after I kicked into a very aggressive gym workout routine. From advice gleaned here, I added a 32 g, 330 cal protein drink every day I went to the gym. Results were immediate and astounding - 1lb/day for a week and settled into .4/day every day I stayed On Plan..

10 days ago, I changed my gym routine from heavy conditioning to body-building type stuff. Loss STOPPED for over a week. I added an additional 50g 220 cal protein drink to my gym days (total of 550 cal and 82 g protein on top of my 1500 cal Nutrisystem program) and have dropped 3 lbs in 2 days..

I can't begin to explain why, but if you're doing anything more than moderate exercise and find your loss stalling, try adding one of those ubiquitous protein drinks. If this is the root cause, you'll see surprising results in 1 or 2 days. A very easy thing to try..

This has been discussed many times, but not too recently for any noobs here..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Hey Rick,.

You can't count on straight line loss all the time, and everyone is very different, so I don't know in your case, but it sounds like you're hitting the exercise pretty hard. If you suspect your loss is being slowed by this "exercise effect", just try a 330 cal Muscle Milk right after your workout for 2 days. If that's the issue, the results will be quick and dramatic. If not, that's not it. Can't really hurt to try it. If that works, you can try other protein drinks with lower cal or whatever.

You're down over 60 lbs! Not too shabby!! We'll get there together!.


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Anything beyond 30 min. of walking per day will require extra calories. Sounds like you need to add a protein drink on the days you lift (I'm no expert on exercise - this just comes from reading these boards)...

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Heh, I've been telling the folks in Home Gym and Weight Lifting forums about this for 2 years..

The optimum nutrient ratio for maximum fat loss and maximum muscle growth (which will accelerate fat loss and keep it off, if you keep the muscle) is 50% protein, 40% carb, and 10% fat. According to Dr. John Ivy et. al..

Also being talked about a whole lot in Iron Man (magazine and online) and.

Too, as the last 5 years have yielded some astounding findings..

A) longer rests between sets provide metabolic benefits when you are doing heavy sets or high rep sets..

B) Casein (sustained release) protein 2 hours before working out, and a drink you sip during the workout containing small amounts of whey, starch carbs, and a couple other things keep the metabolics in the high anabolic range while you workout. (talking about 45-ish minute high effort resistance).

C) Creatine immediately when workout is done (before weight plates are put away if not a public gym) followed by a hydrolized whey protein drink 30 minutes later help block cortisol formation and enable muscle repair and growth...

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I was stalled out for a month if not more. Only thing that changed was I was working out every other day. I figured I was gaining muscle. Yeah right. lol....

I added an extra protein and carb serving at night on the days I worked out. That was 2 weeks ago. I have dropped 6lbs in 2 weeks. So I think I found out the trick...

Comment #5

Yep, it's all been discussed in Weight Lifting forum.

By the way, I was on a 5 day schedule for the last two months, and finally had to give it up. I'm in my 50s and just don't have the recovery abilities of a younger person anymore. So now I'm doing every other day and it's working great..

I'm up to doing 200 pound wide, middle, and narrow lat pull-downs now...

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Danintexas - Glad you found a combo that works for you!! It's amazing when this is the "cure" because it goes against everything I understood about weight loss. It's also fun because it is so dramatic. Privateer - you and Ninerbuff have been very helpfull around here with this stuff. Thanks..


Comment #7

Gordon55... thanks for posting this helpful information. Where can I get muscle milk... my local GNC?.

Thanks again for this very helpful information...

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Most gym's have Muscle Milk in their coolers. All health food, SaveMarts, etc should have it too..


Comment #9

You mean that's a real thing?!?! Glad I didn't make a joke about my muscle milk. I know, too easy......

Comment #10

The best deal on Muscle Milk is the 4.96 pound tubs, and it's easy to mix in cold water, even with just a hand shaker. No contest with a blender. Heh..

Gyms and health food stores in the same building with gyms (a common practice) charge too much..

Best internet prices?.


Comment #11

What's even worse, is that I drink Banana Cream Muscle Milk..


Comment #12

I have not tried the powdered version. I use the premixed 16oz 330 cal Banana Cream version. It's not cheap, but it's convenient and tastes really good. Lotsa FAT in it!.

I don't know why it works so well, but it does for me..

I would be hard-pressed to do a dry mix between work and gym. I buy it by the case and pack a cold bag that stays in my van for my lunch hour workout. At 330 cal, it's basically a full meal in Nutrisystem terms..


Comment #13

Results are in! After adding an additional 50g protein (220 cal - no fat or carb, dry mix in water) to my breakfasts in the morning (in addition to the 330 cal Muscle Milk), I've kicked my loss back in gear. I was stuck at 214 for over a week when I started muscle building. Dropped 5 lbs this week! Wahoo! Only 9 lbs from Goal(1). Even though I'm actually not working out as hard as I used to, I can see muscle growth and am sore a lot. So, I'm probably losing fat more than the scale shows. It's fun to see rapid change since I'm the impatient sort..


Comment #14

Gordon, did you do anything else beside the shake?..

Comment #15

I've been reading alot about Protein powders and it seems to me that Muscle Milk vs Whey protein gets a little confusing..

From what I gather so far, Muscle Milk might actually promote more weight gain compared to a good Whey product that will mostly provide needed protein to muscles pre/post workouts...

Comment #16

Yeah, I pretty much recognize that Muscle Milk is not really a good diet product, unless you really want to add calories and fat. I just know it worked very well for me. Have you tried anything yet, Mule? Can't hurt for the 2 days it would take to see results..


Comment #17

I pretty much laid out what I did in the post above yours, RSettin. I really don't know if this was a "key" or if my body just went into shock over doing the body-building routine and started losing on it's own about the same time I added the additional 50g protein on top of my 32g Muscle Milk..

Weight loss while body building or heavy conditioning is full of so many variables that I don't begin to speculate what will work for anyone else. I just know how it's worked for me and recommend that anyone who is stuck give it a 2 day whirl. Really can't hurt..


Comment #18

Actually I have been supplementing with a Whey Protein Shake for my post workouts since Monday. I have already dropped atleast a couple pounds, so I'm thinking thats the ticket for me..

I'm not going to count my protein drink towards any of my daily calories. I will still get my 1800, plus my shake in the morning after workouts..

I think I'm good now...thanks Gordon...

Comment #19

I'm not sure why you're not counting the calories. They're still calories. I'm not saying to reduce anything you're doing. Just keep track of it all..

All of the premixed shakes are 1. expensive and B. High in fat. Keep those two things in mind. The powdered protein gives you some options like - I mix my fruit with it in the morning. You can also mix it with your oatmeal to get a good start on the day..

Protein increases your metabolism and you lose almost 30% of the protein calories you consume in the process of metabolizing it. Carbs are quick energy and efficiently used so you use most of the calories quickly. Fats can be stored easily so if you eat too many calories for a given period of time they are the first things that are stored..

The best combination, protein powders and shakes aside, is a lean protein and a complex carbohydrate in combination. You get much better effect when you eat complex foods than when you eat the concentrated stuff. Lots of micronutrients get left behind in the process..

All the stuff Privateer said is spot on...

Comment #20

What some of you don't seem to understand is the difference between whey and casein proteins. Whey-based is easily hydrolized, and easily and quickly digested. It is quickly uptaked into the bloodstream nutrient flow, and gets to where it is needed for protein metabolism to repair and grow muscle..

But it's used quickly, and gone quickly. Your protein needs extend more than just an hour before resistance training and more than just one hour after resistance training..

In fact, on days you train, assuming you actually do train enough to make a difference (heavy exertion, anything else is bs baby stuff) the most critical time for muscle repair and growth is overnight, while you are asleep. Which is one of the prime reasons mammals sleep, we've developed genetically to do certain things while we sleep which cannot be done while we are awake..

A whey won't help you for the sleep cycle nutrient requirements, and if you ate solids which slowly digested and had high protein, you'd get a whole new set of problems plus the basic one..

But a casein is a slow digested, slow uptake protein. Depending on how it is buffered, it can take as much as 12 hours to be fully metabolized. So a casein protein can support you during the sleep cycle perfectly, for very few calories..

Besides, a lot of protein with a little bit of carbs and even less fat is not a bad thing, but if you want to know more, research it. Not enough time to regurgitate Dr. John Ivy, et. al. all over again..

Muscle Milk is an excellant casein protein-based formula. Besides using it shortly before bed, if you train in the afternoon, using it 30 minutes after breakfast is a prime way of setting your body up for resist training later in the day. Or if you train in the morning, it's great an hour or so after lunch..

To boot, any form of protein contributes to reducing hunger, and the caseins do it over an extended period of time..

Another fine casein protein is Probolic SR, which is heavy duty Muscle Milk, sort of..

If you train like I do, such that in your first set the last 2 or 3 of the 12 reps require serious effort, the last 6 of the 2nd set do also and burn, and the final set of 12 reps are sheer agony with a high chance of failure on reps 10, 11, and 12, you need to keep your protein and amino acid nutrient levels pretty high 24 hours a day..

Once again, the powdered forms mixed in cold water are far superior to the premixed kind. They cost less, and they don't have all the fillers necessary to keep the premixed versions in suspension during long shelf times...

Comment #21

That's GREAT, Ron!! Glad it worked for you. I never worried about what kind of protein supplement it is, as long as it added the proteins and enough calories to keep out of starvation mode as indicated by scale movement..

Thanks for the detailed info, Privateer. Never knew the difference..


Comment #22

Since it was part of what I was writing about the overnight, sleep-cycle nutrient needs, what it means is about the same as the same old common sense advice, "don't eat right before bedtime, it makes you gain weight"..

Which is mostly true..

Plus, if your body has to spend energy breaking down fiber and carbs and the demon fat, then it has to steal metabolic nutrients from the muscle fiber processes to do that digestion and glycogen (etc.) storing..

The only thing you want your body doing while it is in sleep mode is a slow steady processing of protein and amino acids, with some complex carbs and BCAAs for good measure...

Comment #23

Is this just for the guys or should I also add protein as I am lifting and strength training as well? Can that be why my weight loss has slowed since I started using weights?..

Comment #24

Thanks for the great info Privateer, much appreciated..

Needless to say, I am kind of new at all this stuff, so I am learning as I go. So any information I can get is something I will continue to....ahem....digest..

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