Who provide cheapest iPage web hosting Service with Unlimited Resource ?

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Quick question... Who provide cheapest iPage web hosting Service with Unlimited Resource ? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question I got... I'm trying to create a iPage website where some of my friends can download stuff for their mobile phone. One page is for wallpapers, and I've come up with two ways of doing more or less the same thing..

Which of the designs do you think would most suitable?.

Layout 1.

Layout 2.

The only real differences between the two are that one uses an iframe (layout 2) and the other uses a javascript mouseover thing..

I prefer the way that the mouseover one displays the image without having to click on it, but I suspect the iframe will load faster as no images need to be preloaded until clicked on. Also, with the iframe, I am able to position where the image will be displayed far more accurately..

Also any ideas about which of these would be compatible with most browsers?.

One last thing (for now!.

) is that there's a problem with the iframe - when you click on the image, there appears to be a border around it which prevents it from being displayed correctly. Is there any way of preventing this from happening?.

(the main iPage website is.




If you want to see it in context. Also any feedback on design etc. would be appreciated!).



PS oh dear! I've just uploaded the iframe version, and when I click on a link, it doesn't display in the iframe!.

It does when I use the file stored on my harddrive though! Any ideas why this is doing it?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Yeah using frames would be one way to do it, also you could place the phone and iframe in 'scrolling' dhtml script, so it would always stay on the screen, when you scroll down the long list of images the phone would scroll down with you. I can't remember ofF hand which script it is exactly and am not 100% sure you can place an iframe in it, i'll go see if I can find one.

For the images to open in the iframe you have to give the link a target to the name of the iframe, ie, target="iframename".


Here is a dhtml ilayer script, take a.


, might suit your needs.




You might like.

(both are compatible with ie4+ and nn4+)..

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Thanks a lot!.

That seems to have done the trick! Only problem is that it doesn't appear to work in Opera, but tough! I'm not wasting any more time trying to find another way to do this!.

Here's what it looks like:.


(NB It's not finished, that's why the images repeat, but shows it works!).

Thanks again,.


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Oh! I'm using 7.10 and it looks like this:.

But it's probably my computer! The iframe's weren't displaying correctly to begin with due to an advert blocker I had installed, so maybe it's related!? I don't use Opera that much anyway. Infact, I may just not have configured it correctly..

The page looks better with the top frames on, bit more in-keeping with the style (.


-> wallpaper -> random, if you want to look. Actually if you could see if the rest seems to work & give feedback I would be very grateful!.




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Yeah the iPage site look squite good and seems to work fine, i've attached a snapshot of what it looks like in my opera, i'm not very familiar with it to be able to say hat the problem is with it?.

Have you taken your iPage site over to the validator?.


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