Who went to 123 to see what Danica Patrick showed?

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First off, Who went to 123 to see what Danica Patrick showed? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... As per topic..

Think it was a steal?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Well it have massive 3,000 ovt w/ext in US. And a lot in other countries as well..

P.s.: I didn't won the name, decided not to bid...

Comment #2

Well, I could bid up to 30k. But decided to stop on 20..

Won joutube(dot)com instead. ;-).

Ovt w/ext: US: 154, denmark: 2129, france: 25, germany: 246, italy: 148, netherlands: 278, norway: 22, spain: 254, sweden: 24, switzerland: 38.

Might be some nice traffic as well...

Comment #3

Should be some good traffic on it.

How much did you get that for, whats the plans for it, I assume parking but what kind of keywords will you use on it..

Comment #4

Not sure as of yet. mid x,xxx to my surprise...

Comment #5

I sure as hell would'nt spend that kind of money on a TM typo.

(not that I could afford to).

At the end of the day.


A) you can't convert that traffic to paying clicks.

Or b) you get it taken off you.

What have you got ? .

Far better names to spend it on JMO.


Comment #6

You mean 22,5k for

Why? TM was files after name was regged. same as

Comment #7

Valerie, obviously you don't know what "drop" means.. - Creation Date : 16-may-2007..

Comment #8

Well, even and, same as are parked..

Vorty, yeah, just a bit tired today. already past midnight..

Used enom for first time. So it is different from snapnames?.

On snapnames first register date for new owner is what it was before name expired. On enom club drop it is the day when you won the name?..

Comment #9

IMO the new owner won't keep it for long... it must have good traffic but it's going to be wasted money in the end..

Comment #10

Whoever paid that for a TM typo has gotta be crazy, even if the HostGator was regged before the typo. I think if you bought the HostGator knowing about the TM, you are in big trouble already..

Has anyone stopped to think why this HostGator dropped? It's probably because of intervention. They're going to be just as hard on the next guy..

How many of those ovt searches are actually converted into visitors and clicks? OK. I'm sure it's generating income. But it needs to be making $200/month just to make a10% return. Judging from the risks involved in holding this domain, it should be making much more than that...

Comment #11

Wow, that's a huge price for the name if it doesn't have much typo traffic coming in..

Comment #12

In answer to your original question- no, it's not a steal IMO. I don't have an ovt w/ext 3084 name (unfortunately), but assuming that it does about $2k per month, that's about 11 months..

In view of the risk, perhaps 3-4 months would be a steal?..

Comment #13

I do see why people go after these names somewhat , But am surprised they would go after them so strongly still. If it isn't getting much Natural traffic - You can't rely on Google for traffic very long .... Why step on the toes of such a HUGE traffic provider ??.

If you think they can't find the buyer and all of their other domains .... Well - They aren't thinking ahead IMO. What if the Google gods removed their entire portfolio from Googles listings ? .

They do have the right to Refuse any listings in their engine they wish you know.

No - Not a steal IMO -..

Comment #14

It gets type-ins..

For example I know it is ~1,600 uniques a day on yooutube(com).

Outube can be 10,000+ uniques daily..

Comment #15

TM issues are so overblown it isn't funny..

They are rare, few and far between..

Doubt 1% of all HostGator owners have been taken to court. And that is the real test... Not a lawyer C&D...

Comment #16

Here is an interesting link analyzing outube's traffic....


Comment #17

Yeah I dunno if the name will get as much traffic as some may think.

Missing letter at the start isnt as good a typo as one in the middle..

Comment #18

1) It only takes.


To put your portfolio in jeopardy.

2) Things are changing everyday now and These type of comments hurt the Entire Industry IMO - This is why the "Mainstream Media" keeps calling All of us Squatters instead of Speculators or Investors...

Comment #19

BTW - Search google for "outube" and you'll see why it had traffic .... Spammed on every link and "delicious" type site there is .....

I've got a feeling the traffic will fall out from under this one quick - I've also been told it was for sale on "" (Tasters who try to find a sale before their 5 days are up - many available domains for sale on their site right now) for 199$ not too long ago ....


Comment #20

Dude, I am not endorsing TM jumping... I am just saying that corp. America wants something for nothing. Just like everyone else. And most of the time C&D is just a shot of fear. They know it, and most of us know it.

Just balancing out the TM issue..

BTW... does anyone take the "Mainstream Media" seriously anymore on these or any other issues. The "MM" is scared of the success of our industry for good reason. I can elaborate if I need to..

Thanks for your POV,.


Comment #21

How does it take 1 to put your portfolio in jeopardy? It takes one to... lose one HostGator from your portfolio.....

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.