Who's been on the Atkins Diet,WeightWatchers,SlimFast Optima Diet,Sugar Busters, or Medifast Diet?

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Got a question... Who's been on the Atkins Diet,WeightWatchers,SlimFast Optima Diet,Sugar Busters, or Medifast Diet? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My other question... Good Morning Ladies. Welcome To February. It is our time to shine.

We are worth it..

My weight loss goal for the month is 17 pounds..

My workout goal is working out 5 days a week..

The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Amber I hope you like the oatmeal now.It took me about 2 months but I can stomach it now...

Comment #2

Oh my! I can't believe it's already time for a new thread. Pshh..

I love this bikini (I might have already posted it):..

Comment #3

Good Morning! Happy February. I too am snowed in and had problems with the computer all day. I am finally over my sickness YAY!! Back to getting focused. Welcome back Michelle.

Hope your trip went well! Mary that bathing suit is so cute. Waiting to see you in it this summmer! Amber my taste for the Medifast food is always changing what I liked in the beginning I can not stomach and what I hated I

Comment #4

Sarah luckily the snow missed us this time. It will be 70 here today...

.My trip was ok. My weight held me back from really enjoying myself. That was good though because I know now this is my last time on MF. I am committed to goal...

Comment #5

Love that bikini....where is it from? I should look at pics if bikinis everyday to stay OP!..

Comment #6

Welcome. Come back by and post. We love new posters....

Comment #7

Thx, I can't believe that was my first post! I thought I had some under my belt already!..

Comment #8

I have done that to myself too Michelle. I keep thinking of the summer coming and I don't want to be in that same miserable place...

Comment #9

Well I joined Ballys Fitness today...

Looking forward to working out and finding my skinny....

Comment #10

I went dress shopping yesterday and picked one up for goal. I almost got the zipper all the way up but it look shoulder style. I have about 30-40 to go so I hope to lose it by summer AND tone up...

Comment #11

You can drop 30 by summer easy. That is great motivation...

Comment #12

Sara, I am sorry about the snow but yayy for being over sickness!.

And thankyou, I can't wait to wear it either..

Michelle, way to be determined. When times get rough, just think about how much next time you don't want to have to think about the weight. You got this. :] Keep us updated on how Bally's is....

Nurse2be, Victoria's Secret. Looking at bikini's helps me focus sometimes. I love e-fantasy shopping at stores like J Crew for inspiration. WELCOME! I bet you will look fantastic in that dress, post a picture of it if you can! And I am sure you can lose that weight by summer..

I've lost 40 since September and I have had some pretty major slip-ups...

Comment #13

Thx for the welcomes! I'll try and find a pic of it (bought at ROSS but it's a Calvin Klein so maybe I can find it somewhere)..

I used to get the VS catalogs in the mail back in my skinny days...never thought of looking up there stuff up on-line (duh)..

I have lost 35 lbs I'm half-way there but need to re-commit 100%. I was in a debilating accident in March last year, TWO days after I started MF. Now almost a year later I am still going to physical therapy and learning how to walk again. It's been hard not to emotionally eat because of the stress and pain. Obviously I've been lurking and thought I better start chatting and be held accountable somehow...

Comment #14

So sorry about your accident. I am an emotional eater so I understand that part. If you want to add our banner to your sig here is the code.....


Just take out the * at the beginning and the end ...

Comment #15

Good Morning everyone. Where is everyone at? I will be back later to post....

Comment #16

Hi Ladies! Can I pretty please be a Bikini Bound Babe? I have 5 bikinis sitting in my closet from my 'skinnier' days and can't wait to put those suckers on (not all at one time, obviously)!..

Comment #17

Welcome Sara Beth just jump right in. We are an active group but I do not know where alot of our members are...

Comment #18

So glad to be a Bikini Bound Babe!.

My weight loss goal for February is 13 pounds. I don't have much to lose, so I'm hoping that by the end of the month I'll be at my goal (or even past it!). My weigh in day is TOMORROW, and I'm hoping for a 4 pound loss. My clothes are practically falling off of me, so it seems within reason to lose 4 pounds. Hubby says that when I lose 10 pounds he'll by me new shoes! YES PLEASE!..

Comment #19

I am so sorry about your accident. I can definitely relate to the emotional eating as well. Just know that we're here to help when you need it.

Way to set goals Sara Beth! Shoes are definitely a great reward.

Since I haven't bought close in awhile because I've been losing weight, I have been splurging on jewelry. I have like $500 in Betsey Johnson jewelry now. :P.

Shauna messaged me letting me know that she has some stuff going on so she won't be around for a while, but she is still alive...

Comment #20

So, my February goal of 13 pounds may have been a little far fetched! Today was weigh in day, and I only lost 1 stupid pound! How can this be? True, my scale was the cheapest model at Wal-mart 10 years ago and only does whole numbers and sometimes a .5, but can it be THAT bad?.

I know I don't have much to lose, but I've been 100% on plan and there has been NO cheating! This is only my week 2 and week 1 I only lost 3 pounds. Maybe I'm not so Bikini Bound afterall..

Comment #21

Good Morning Bikini Babes.

Let's focus over the weekend there will be a lot of temptations. At least in my house husband always wants special treats for super bowl...ugh drives me nuts.

Sara Beth you will be at goal before you know it!!.

Nurse2be I too am an emotional is hard but feeling fat and having no clothes to fit is harder. We can do it!.

Michelle woo hoo to Ballys I am exercising mare too!!.

Ok everyone have a good day..

Comment #22

Sara Beth - With so little to lose, expect 1 - 5 lbs loses weekly. Also, do you drink all your water? Make sure that you're doing that. Maybe you should try the Calorie Boost Medifast Infusers. I love them and they seem to help boost my weight loss (even though I am out of them, boo). It'll happen, don' worry..

I was down to 157.5 last week but all week this week the scale has been reading 160..

Ugh. I am hoping that it's maybe just bloating because it's my TOM. I really wanted to be at 155 by Monday (my official weigh in day). We'll see, it might be close...

Comment #23

Thx Mary! Funny I just went to Kohls twice this week with my Mom and she wanted to buy me stuff....both times I bought a ton of jewelry...made some great sets and all from the clearance section. I'm being stubborn about buying clothes right now. Ive been in the 160s for months now....and lately on the lower side. I think once I break into the 150s then I will buy some clothes for everyday..

Good luck everyone this weekend....I know they can be tough for most!..

Comment #24

Go out and buy yourself a couple articles of clothes, you deserve it, but I am definitely stubborn about buying clothes as well..

Ugh. I am just getting anxious to get close to goal.... I am really tired of MF. I miss fruit. I wish I could just eat healthy, and not have to stomach all these gross soups and other Medifast meals...

Comment #25

Hi Ladies!.

I just ordered another 2 weeks of food! I'm in the middle of Week 3 right now and realizing that my stash is dwindling rapidly! I just received my Magic Bullet from Amazon in the mail yesterday and made my first Swiss Mocha Shake with it! YUMMO! It was so frothy and delicious! I can't wait to try some of the other ones! I have the Mango soft serve, and lots of people on here said it makes an awesome shake too, so I know what I'll have for dessert tonight!.

On another note, I love the fact that I'm having to pull clothes out of storage bins from my 'skinnier' days! I'm wearing pants today that I haven't worn since last Spring! w00t!..

Comment #26

Hey everyone! I pulled a disappering act there for a while because my first shipment of stuff got down to the oh so yucky stuff so I very much veered off the op path.

But I got my new shipment of food in yesterday and today I'm back! I am scared to weigh in Monday but at least I'm back on plan and in my order I made sure I only ordered stuff that I like as is with no tweeking. Anyways missed you guys. Hope everything is going great with ya'll!!..

Comment #27

I too am in need of ordering more food...I'll do that today so no excuses when I run out. I just got a magic bullet as well...had the one from Medifast but it broke. I bought the mango serve but have never tried it. I need to get on the ball with trying some of my food how others prepare it. Last year I tried the chili once and haven't touched it again...I have read about making it with broth so I'm going to try that as well as making the pancakes a little different..I think people add baking soda to make them bigger?.

Does anyone buy the crackers? I didn't like them until I started eating them with the laughing cow lite cheese....anyways I better go make breakfast because obviously I'm hungry talking about food so much..

Hope everyone stays OP today!..

Comment #28

Hey Nurse2be! I had the mango last night and it was tastes kind of artificial, but some other people have said that they put some diet sprite or diet orange soda in it as a shake and that it tastes better that way..

For my pancakes, I add 2 tblsp of egg beaters and a teaspoon (maybe a little less) of baking POWDER to the mix to make them a little fluffier. There is also a recipe floating around of making them into a 'muffin' by microwaving it in a big mug and then pouring sugar free syrup in the middle..

And to end this post with lovely note: 3 people today have told me that I look 'great' and are asking me if I've lost weight! They don't even know that I'm medifasting! w00t!..

Comment #29

Hey! Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. I have been bad at "eating JUST a bite" lately. Ugh..

Monday was the day I was going to switch to the 4-2 plan but after 1 day I realized that it was simply just too much for me to eat. So I am sticking with the 5-1..

My food is dwindling down, but my dad won't order me any more..

I have probably a month and 1/2 worth of food left. Hopefully at that point he'll order me 1 or 2 more months worth..

3 weeks ago I weighed in on Monday (my official weigh in day) and weighed 160. A week later I was down to 158. My weight bounced back and forth between 158 and 160 all week. This past Monday my weight was at 155, but not it keeps bouncing back to 160. UGH! This 160 mark is freaking me out! I really want to be close to seeing that 150 mark to keep me motivated..

I feel really unsuccessful..

Glad to hear that you're getting compliments without people realizing you're on MF! I am pretty sure my parents mentioned to a couple people that I am on Medifast and the "word has spread". People keep asking me "what are you doing to lose so much weight!?" and when I reply with "I am just eating right", they seems skeptical. Today I was with some close friends, when we ran into one of our older friends and she asked me "are you on MF?!", I froze, and then mumbled my usual response. It's just too embarrassing. I am proud of losing weight, but I am embarrassed that I have to be on Medifast to do it. How do you guys deal with this?..

Comment #30

I've been getting a lot of crap from other people about me being on Medifast. They think that since I only have 20 or so pounds to lose that it's unhealthy for my body and that I should try something different. It's annoying, but I just smile and nod and mention that everyone is allowed to have their own opinion..

As an adult, I don't really find Medifast embarrassing, but if you would have asked me 9 years ago my opinion would probably be different. Mary, just keep your chin up and don't listen to what people say or think. Good for you for taking a step in the right direction to be healthy. You should be proud of your accomplishments and keep looking forward to those bikini wearing days!.

UPS says my next 2 week shipment is sitting at my door. Cherry Pomegranate Shake, HERE I COME!!!!..

Comment #31


Tell me how that Cherry Pomogranate Shake is! Never tried it..

100% OP today thus far. + all my H2O. Let's hopefully end the day that way. :]..

Comment #32

Today was weigh-in day, and I lost another 2 pounds! YES!..

Comment #33

Yayy! Way to go!.

I didn't get up until 11. I hate days like this when it's so hard to get all my meals in. Hmphm...

Comment #34

I am having a really hard time staying OP because I simply need more *real* food than the 5-1 plan offers me. Plus, I haven't been able to budge from this 160-ish zone in a few weeks. So I am thinking it's time to start trying MF's teen program. Something that I maybe should have done in the first place. It has servings of dairy, whole grains, fruit, as well as lean, green, and 3 Medifast meals. It sounds much more conventional for my teen, and athletic life style.

As a little inspiration I went and grabbed some pictures. Here are a couple before and now pictures of me.....

6 months ago:.

Last night:.

Getting ready for a school dance...

Comment #35

Mary~Wow such a difference go girl!!!.

I have been so up and down lately on the plan, some days I don't cheat at all I just don't eat enough, some days I sneak in a Dr. Pepper and then some days I just eat meals that are totally off plan.

I lost 1.6lb this past week which yay is still a loss but boo because it could've been more. But I will keep on keeping on.

Good luck to everyone else and Happy V-Day! XOXO..

Comment #36

Yeah, things have just been so weird in my life lately structurely that it's hard to stay OP. And I've been questioning whether or not I am getting enough nutrition. After falling offplan and out of ketosis this past weekend I think I fully realized how great I do feel on MF, and how much easier it actually is for me with my busy life style. I am just going to pick everything back up tomorrow and stay away from the scale for awhile. I am not going to worry about loss, just worry about eating well and staying OP...

Comment #37

Holy Cherry Pomegranate Shake! I have found my new love (sorry Hubby). It's like drinking a jar full of marachino cherries. Oh Lord..

Anyway, today is my BIRTHDAY! I totally cheated over the weekend because I had a girl's night at my house, but I was planning on it and was totally fine with it. I'm starting to care less about the scale and more about how my clothes fit, so hopefully when my scale isn't my friend on Friday I'll still be okay with it. I'm going to a Japanese Steakhouse tonight to celebrate my wonderful 27 years of life, and I'm planning on ordering Shrimp and getting extra veggies instead of the rice. I'm normally vegetarian, but on special occasions I'll pop a few pieces of seafood in my tummy to make it happy. I'm guzzling water today to help offset the insane amounts of soduim that will be entering my body in 6 hours, so hopefully that will help!.

Mary - Your pics are SUCH a BIG difference! You look wonderful! Try not to get discouraged....once your body gets into a healthy BMI it is not as willing to shed the pounds, but I promise that they will eventually come off!..

Comment #38

Happy Birthday Sara Beth!!!.

Love the pics Mary!!! I agree about feeling better on OP and how easier it is to do.... I binged last night after being OP all weekend... sucks!.

I was down to 160.0 and I think it's a mental block I have.. Plus my Mom for the millionth time has sent me junk food (for my kids).... Oreo cookies, my favorite girl scout cookies and then homecooked Cuban food that is not OP..

I'm purposely going to try and stay in my room today since I have a lot of studying to do, but I can't stop thinking if I would have broken thru the 160s today if I didn't do what I did last night.... Plus it's hard being in bed since my stomach is achy and I have heart burn..

Anyways thx for letting me vent!.

Good luck guys... Learn from my mistake!..

Comment #39

Sara Beth, I do the occasional planned cheat for special events as well. I feel like when I lose the weight, I will make the exception for those special days, so why force myself to deprive myself of that treat while in the process if changing my life. It took me awhile to understand this but Medifast really is about changing this addiction to food into an educated and healthy lifestyle, not about how fast we can lose weight..

Nurse2be, ohhh my! I hate that too. I play basketball and we get candy on our lockers everyday. Ughhh :s. I have been eating an M&M here and there just to keep me from binging and eating the entire bag, lol...

Comment #40

Good afternoon all!.

I don't think any of you will recognize me besides mary and btw mary you look great in the pics!.

Welcome newbies!!!.

Hi Sarah and Michelle...sorry for abandoning you.

I've missed you. I fell off the wagon and quite honestly just sick of dieting. And of course when I don't "diet" I don't feel like coming here and sharing how horrible I have fallen off the wagon. I did gain my weight back..

But I'm done beating myself up for it and back hopefully for a while..

I'm adding in exercise this time. I absolutely hate exercise but I know how much better it makes me feel and probably will help w/the weightloss too. I went walking today and felt so great afterward. It may not feel so great once we get in the 90's but it was just sooooo beautiful today....i absolutely looooove the weather in the 70's..

Shauna and Christine...missing you both too...

Comment #41

Good Morning.

I also took a little break!!.

My 16 year old went through her first breakup and had her heart consumed me the past couple of weeks being there for her and just dealing with life itself. Today I got on the scale.

...logged on and ready to start once AGAIN. I wanted to give up but here I am. Sorry to be MIA. Today is the start of my vacation for a week and time to focus...

Comment #42

Holy Guacamole! (mmmmm, guacamole......) I lost 3 pounds this week! WHAT?! I had like, 3 cheat days and didn't even get in all my water each day! I was positive that the scale would go UP, but it went DOWN! Someone told me that having a schedule cheat day is good for you because it raises your glucose temporarily and makes your body realize it should get rid of it faster. I guess it worked. I bought a VS bikini last week and just got it in the mail on's bright pink with some sequins and colorful stitching on the top, and it looks SO cute! My crack totally still hangs out of it, but that's just cause I have a large 'badunk a dunk'. Anyway, hooray for HAPPY FRIDAYS!..

Comment #43

Is it just me or do the boards seem slow lately? Where is everybody!? Hopefully everyone is too busy rocking their new skinner bodies to be on the boards but I'm bored..

Comment #44

Hi girls,.

I have been gone since January 27. I had a horrible tragedy enter my professional life and needed to process what happened and grieve in private because I am a teacher and I can't bring work problems into public forums..

BUT, I have been lurking here for support and staying pretty well OP. I didn't log my food, so I may have had larger portions to some extent, but I didn't eat off plan food. I am back and focused on the future...

Comment #45

Hi all,.

I've been lurking too. The past few weeks I suffered a death in the family and a few other things along with a combination of traveling and having guests. I am happy to report that I stayed OP 100%. It was so difficult, but it paid off because my clothes are (literally) falling off of me and on top of being emotionally drained, I actually feel good physically..

One thing I'm having a problem with is that my acid reflux is back. I'm not sure what it's from, but it happens when I eat certain Medifast foods. I suppose I need to try eliminating some to see what the problem is..

I'm happy to see everyone here and I have a question:.

Do you log your food?.

I did at the beginning but I stopped. I've had such an unhealthy past with obsessing over every bite *not* logging is actually something I wanted to achieve. I have still had good losses, and my goal of being able to eyeball and make smart choices without putting my foods in 24/7 and being OCD about it seems to be paying off..

That said, I do know ppl who log scientifically have greater success..


Comment #46

Good to see you back Sarah, Shauna and yayagirl (sorry, can't remember your name)!.

Amber, this board has gotten slow but hopefully we all can get motivated to check in every day to get all of us that haven't been so motivated, motivated..

Shauna, sorry to hear about the tragedy.

Yayagirl, sorry to hear about your loss..

I have to say I don't know how to answer your question since i've done it both ways. I've been severly ocd about logging everything and then do what i'm doing now...not logging or counting anything (just eating my five and L&G). I have to say the logging is beneficial if you tend to go over what you're suppose to eat or if you have stalled and trying to figure out what might be doing it. But this time...this week has been the fastest weightloss that I have ever had on MF. I am on day 5 and probably even eating on the higher end of the calorie count and i've lost 12 pounds. I think before I might have been putting myself into starvation mode or something.

I mean as long as you're falling the plan then the weight should come off..

Sara Beth...congrats on your loss!.

I just finished going for a walk in my neighborhood. I have refrained from doing so because of a dog that I see...actually 2 pit bulls in this unfenced yard. I went today finally and guess what? The 2 dogs came after me, dh and my 2 kids. The people were actually in the yard. When they started running toward us the people started yelling at the dogs and they just payed no attention. But finally as they were right at us they stopped.

If it hadn't been for that those dogs would have attacked. What if she hadn't been in that yard w/them? I am just so ticked off that I can't enjoy a walk w/out worrying about those dang dogs. I live on a dead end so it's not like I can just go the other way. So I guess I have to go drive somewhere to go for a walk....isn't that rediculous? I will not take a chance again and go by those dogs anymore..

Ok. thanks for listening to my venting.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend...

Comment #47

I've sort of went of MF. It is impossible to stay OP with my life right now, so I stay on as much as I can and just eat healthy when I can't. I figure even if I can't stick to the program, dieting is still dieting. Hopefully I see some lbs come off. I did buy my first ever pair of single-digit-sized pants! Size 9! LOL hahah...

Comment #48

Yeah Mary!! What a fabulous NSV. I can't wait until I can wear size 9. My mermaid jeans are size 9, but they are a very SMALL size 9..

I am proud of you for sticking to your guns to make healthy choices, even when Medifast doesn't fit squarely into you activities. Keep it up and don't get discouraged...

Comment #49


That is SOOOOO scary about the dogs. We had a rental in our neighborhood several years ago that was being used to breed No people lived there, just the dogs. They would leave the air off and crack the windows for ventilation. The dogs figured out how to open the windows and regularly terrorized our neighborhood. It took several calls, but the dogs were finally taken away..

You should call animal control. Keep calling them every week if you have to. You may save some unsuspecting small child from death or permanent disfigurement...

Comment #50

Nice to meet you yayagirl.. Sorry to hear your sad news..

I don't have acid reflux so I can't halp you there, but I can speak to logging food. I had a crisis situation at work lately and I had to give up some stuff to keep my head above water. One of the things I gave up was logging food..

I must say though, in my experience, it's very productive to log your food. After you have a long history built up, the graphs and reports are quite valuable. when you feel like your weight loss is slowing down, you can look back at your statistics and "diagnose" (for lack of a better word) what the problem areas might be... It isn't always obvious..

Just my humble opinion...

Comment #51

Hey Everyone! Good to see some life back in the thread lol..

I have lost 1.2 lbs this week and had a fail weekend so the loss is definatly motivating..

Comment #52

You know I laid last night in bed just angry about having those dogs in my neighborhood and really thought about calling animal control. But then I know they probably wouldn't do anything saying that she does have them on a shock collar. The thing is when a dog especially an angry pit bull, it will do whatever it wants and nothing can stop it. I also thought about how these people will retaliate if their dog is taken because they just seem like that kind of people. They are the only ones on our street who make our subdivision look "trashy". Anyway, just not sure what to do but I do know I will not be walking down our road again...

Comment #53

Thanks everyone!.

Laura, even if you don't think they will do anything it might be worth the call. And if something does happen, you can show that you tried to preemptively stop the dogs by calling animal control..

Amber, congrats on the loss! Keep it up girl!.

Soo Betsey Johnson is my favourite designer and she just came out with her new line of clothes and jewelry during fashion week. She has the cutest bathing suits I have EVER seen. They're super spendy of course since they're Betsey Johnson, but I thought that I should share with you girlies.... :].


Comment #54

Those are really cute Mary but definitely pricey..

Well I just made me a delicious dinner. I finally got brave and bought me a spaghetti squash. I cooked it for an hour in the oven (you can nuke it) and then mixed it w/my homemade spaghetti sauce (tomatoe sauce, oregano, garlic, onion, parsley and basil...holey cow...yummmm) and lean beef. Then sprinkled it w/mostly parmesan cheese and some mozerella and chedder (2%) cheese and then baked it for 30minutes. I have to tell you I am NOT a veggie person but do love spaghetti and this was so yummy....couldn't even tell it was a lean AND green..

I just have no clue how much to eat. I had a small plate full and there's about 5 servings left. I guess I'll see if I over did it when I weigh in the morning..

Hope everyone has a nice evening...

Comment #55

Oh those are too cute! I wore a BJ dress to my Senior Prom... still have it in my closet at my of those dresses I'd love to slip back into..

Was sick all weekend but I FINALLY broke thru the 160s and weighed in at 157 today. That is a 4 lb loss. So I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for a stall. Maybe I shouldn't be so negative since I also started TOM this weekend as well!..

Comment #56

Laura, I feel the same way alot. I eat out often so how much should I eat for my L/G is always an issue..

Nurse2be, we have very similar starting and current weights. So I am here with you. I have been in this "upper-150s" range for awhile and I am just TIRED of being any where near the 160s. I just want to be under that 150 mark. It's a really big deal to me. Like how breaking back into onderland was a big deal.

Hm. Oh well...

Comment #57

Good Morning Ladies. It is Michelle. I know another new Medifast name. I needed to step away and recharge myself. I am off to exercise...

Comment #58

Hi Ladies! Sorry I've been MIA for a few days. I got injured on Saturday in one of my soccer games, and have been super focused on that for the last couple of days. I sprained my ankle, sprained my knee, and possibly tore my meniscus. I go to the orthopedist tomorrow morning to find out more informaiton. So right now I have an ankle brace on, a full leg immobilizer, and I'm on crutches. I'm a teacher, so it hasn't been the easiest week for me, AND it's my TOM.

I will be VERY surprised if I post a loss this week...

Comment #59

Sara Beth so sorry..xoxo..

Sorry about the name change everyone. I just needed to get refocused. I am now..

I have missed all of you. xoxo..

Comment #60

Good morning ladies!.

I've been successfully OP for a full week now. woohoo! The best part is that I lost 13lbs! I am so proud of myself. I exercised for 6 of the 7 days. I walk a mile or do my eliptical and then I've been working on weights w/my arms...tired of my flabby arms..

Michelle, good to see you back and refocused. I notice you have the banner for the progress perfection. I got an invitation and seriously thought about going over there. Like you I needed a new start and lots of support but felt I'd see if we could get this group remotivated. I still may pop over there for some extra friends/support.

It's really good to see you..

Now if we could just get our lovely friend Sarah back here......S-a-r-a-hhhhh....where are youuuuuuu?????.

Hope all of you have a great day!..

Comment #61

Oh no Sara Beth... Hope your recovery is quick and painless!.

WTG Laura! That is amazing!..

Comment #62

Hi girls I hope you can use another gal in your group; would love to share my journey with yous! I'll be back this evening to let you know how my day went; ENJOY YOUR NEW DAY!..

Comment #63

Shapely, of course! we always love more girls around for support!.

Ugh missed on of my meals because I forgot a bar at home..

There is team pizza dinner tonight after my game, I am going to politely head home before that though...

Comment #64

Wow Laura that is great. Shapely welcome such a great group of girls here. Mary I do not even feel like eating and I have 2 meals left for the day.ugghhh. I need to go get them in. BBL girls...

Comment #65

Those days are frustrating Michelle..

I am having trouble staying any where near 100% on MF. I am doing better with not eating little bits of candy , but like today I had some fruit and now I am really mad at myself. Who would have thought a year ago I would be mad at myself for having fruit!? Haha, kinda comical. I'll probably just substitute that fruit for a Medifast meal and get back on the right track tomorrow. Hmph...

Comment #66

My feet hurt from all the running I did today in town so am going to relax, watch TV and then sleep, whew!.

See you all in the morning!.

"My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging.".

Hank Aaron.

So like Hank Aaron says; keep swinging the plan girls, woohoo!..

Comment #67

Good morning ladies!!!.

I just got back from my walk (20 miles away due to not being able to walk because of dog in neighborhood....very rediculous, huh?). I had such a battle in my head going on whether I should go to the park or do the eliptical. I finally just stopped thinking and after dropping of the kids at school, I drove to the walking park. I find going to the park and walking gets me feeling better emotionally. Not sure if it's an outside thing or what....glad I went though.

Dh brought pizza home last night and not even a part of me considered looking at it let alone sneaking a piece of pepperoni or cheese off of it (or licking the frosting off of the cupcakes). It was my son's birthday...he's 9 years old now..

I can't believe I've been blessed w/having him in my life for 9 years now. Wow!.

Hope everyone has a great day!..

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That's gotta be tough to deal w/. But good for you for resisting that temptation!..

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There's many times where I am just going through the motion of exercise and dieting and my heart isn't in it. But once i'm out of my slump I am so happy I kept going and then I start getting motivated and psyched about my healthy way of living..

Anyone else having issues w/MF site? I keep getting kicked out of Medifast site once I post a reply. Here I go.....

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Hope you were able to get some sleep. I hate when I can't sleep. Because of working at night I can only get 7 hours straight if I get to bed right after dh comes home and there are many nights where I just lay there not being able to sleep despite the fact I am utterly exhausted. I hardly ever get that much though cause I feel guilty for rushing off to bed. But Last night was easy to get to bed for me since I'm mad at dh...

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Newb question but what does dh stand for? I have gathered from context in several posts that it is husband but I've been trying to come up with what dh could be... lol!.

Dear Husband, Darling Husband, Dreadful Hubby.....

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Good news about my knee! Orthopedist said nothing is torn, just a bad sprain! WOO-HOO! I need a few weeks to heal, but then I can get back on the soccer field! I play 4 to 5 times a week, so it's hard not being out there right now!.

This week I have totally fallen off the wagon. I'm still eating the Medifast stuff, but keep sneaking in things here and there. I have this new found love for peanut butter, which I have NEVER liked, so I keep eating it with celery, and putting a tablespoon on top of my brownie at night. I know it's so high in Fat, but I can't stop eating it!!!! At what point do people start switching to 4 and 2 plans? I can't decide what I want to do with MF, and I'm running low on food. Any ideas?..

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It's suppose to be dear husband but in my case....dreadful husband..

Him and I aren't seeing eye to eye lately. He has a completely different way in discipline to our children....there is none. And his main priority is NOT us (his family), It's drinking and tv. Yes, I have dh issues....can you tell?..

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I hope you heal fast...just take it easy..

Just a suggestion...instead of regular peanut butter have you tried the PB2?.


It's not perfect tasting but it does fill the peanut butter craving..

As for the 4 and 2...can't really help you much since i've never been there. I guess if you're running out of food and don't want to order more or if you are at an ideal weight then I think it'd probably be a good time...

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Way to go on your exercising ladies!.

Sara Beth, do you not plan on ever ordering more? I'm going to end up on Medifast about twice as long as I had originally planned. Once you start the plan you realize that it's going to take more orders than you had thought. Which sucks but, meh. It's all worth it..

About the 4 & 2... I have tried this for a couple days (usually when I am away and need to eat out twice), it is ALOT of food and really difficult for me at least. And just so you know, you will lose slower. I think it's good for people to switch to right before they are ready for T&M. It's like a transition to the transition phase. :].

UGH. I am going alright. On a scale of 1-10 (a 10 being 100% OP) I am like an 8. Which is enough to keep me on the losing track but it's frustrating to not be a 10. My mom made cookies and keeps saying things like "one or two won't hurt you, have one!". It's like she doesn't like to see me frustrated by not being able to have the foods I want, so she encourages me to eat them.

It kind of makes me mad..

I miss fruit...

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Bikini Bound Babe Roll Call- If I miss anyone let me know....






IncompleteSara-(Sara Beth).


XTine-(Christine)...miss you.




Good Morning Ladies.....I believe Shapely wants to combine the two groups. It is ok with me, if it is ok with everyone else. She does great Positive posting, that I believe will help us all...

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Good morning ladies!.

I'm stressing this morning but am doing well staying OP. I gained a pound but in a couple days TOM will be visiting so I hope it's due to that. When I gain is when I start pouting and say I'd rather gain a pound eating what I want to eat but i'm trying to resist that behavior..

My stress is due to my dh of course but that's not my biggest issue. My son (who has Aspergers/adhd) had a really bad day yesterday and I have noticed his behavior is kinda getting more out of control when he gets upset. I was hoping at his age, he'd be improving. His teacher approached him yesterday in an unusual way making him think he did something wrong. So because of that it resulted him in uncontrollable crying/anger and he had to go to the front office. I'm so frustrated w/his teacher lately.

I told the vice principal today that I'm glad this is her last year w/him. She requested him (along w/the rest of his class)last year because she was moving up a grade..

Anyway, I could go on and on about this. I'm looking into some professional help for him. We've tried it before but that was before we knew he had autism. I'm looking at someone that's actually experienced in autism and is a pediatrician. I can't wait til they open to see if I can get him in..

This is probably boring you all so I'll stop. I feel extremely stressed about this and wondering what the heck i'm going to do about dh (I told him this morning he has one foot out the door, if he continues he's out) but I feel after having a full Medifast week behind me that I can be strong today. I'm going out w/my mom today to run errands. She can be an enabler but I have my mind made up that i'm going to lose this weight. I just hope I can stay strong and say NO to those temptations...

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Sounds good to me! I've been posting on both groups so bringing them together would be one less thread to keep up with..

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Hugs Laura...this all sounds so stressful but I know you have the power to stay OP..

I've been off plan all week and have gained 1 pound. But my dh just popped his head in to say my Medifast box came so no excuses!.

Good luck this weekend everyone!..

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Michelle, I must have missed your post this morning. Mixing the two groups sounds fine to me..

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!.

I am back from my errands and I had a couple temptations. We ate at Ruby Tuesdays and I had the salad bar. I had a big salad w/probably to much cheese and dressing on it so I don't know if I should short myself some Medifast meals so I don't go over my calories, etc. So far besides the big salad I've only had 2 Medifast meals. I may have one more before bed. I just hope I don't gain...

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If you eat too few calories, your body will hold on the the weight and not let go. It's better to just have something with no fat for your dinner, like boiled eggs to make sure you get protein and to have your 5 Medifast meals. If you feel you absolutely HAVE to skip Medifast meals, you should not have less than 4... And take a multivitamin to make sure you get your nutrition too..

OK, done playing "mommy" to you..

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Checking in! I am in just let me know where to look...

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That new box of Medifast is always a big motivator. Get back on that wagon and no looking back..

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Hi Mary, my group entitled.

Progress not Perfection.

- we think alike and I was interested in combining our group with Bikini Bound Babes so I mentioned it to Michelle!.

No pressure though; just an idea!..

Comment #85

Hi girl! Here's the link of the.

Progress not Perfection Group.

That I would like to combine with Michelle and all of you; I think we could really blend well - no pressure though!..

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I need to be held accountable for everything I do, so from now on I am going to list all of my "little" cheats and all of my "little" gains and tell you guys. That way I am forced to face what I am actually doing (not staying OP!). I am half way to 115 and I need to finish pushing myself all the way there..

I have so much soup, chili, and stew because when I first started Medifast I loved it, now I can't even choke it down. Bleh. If anyone ever wants to trade some soup for oatmeal or shakes than message me. I've done some trading lately and it's been greatttt...

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LOL I feel the same way Amber;.

I'm IN.

Michelle for sure! Will talk with you tomorrow; hope you feel way better..



The key to change... is to let go of fear..



Rosanne Cash.



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I found this article in my local news this morning. I wanted to share it because so many of us are suffering crises of motivation and grasping at all kinds of straws to "fix" it. This article puts those kinds "desperate measures" that we are all doing under a microscope and raises some great points. The article is called "Lose These Top 10 Diet Mistakes".


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I am at 170.4. I lost 1.6 pounds this week. I am back moving in a forward direction... and on the brink of a new decade!! Can't wait to break into the 160s...

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Great article and thanks for sharing Shauna!.

I have just bought.

Meditations for Weightloss by Marianne Williamson.

And I'm telling you.

It is so terrific and really keeps my mind focused; I am willing to give a copy to anyone in our group who is interested in having one too..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.