Whos done Nutrisystem before? 10pts?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Whos done Nutrisystem before? 10pts? Many thanks for any comment. Another question... Hey Daoneth - I just went to 34's. I know you won, but I'm right behind you, you LOSER!!.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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Great job so far. Onward to the 32's men!..

Comment #2

I am going to bottom out in 34's. My hip bones just won't get any smaller (LOL). Still that is a huge improvement over 48's...

Comment #3

Like Johnth, I'm not sure 32's are in the cards for me. I think I was into 32's in high school, so maybe it's possible. I DO plan on taking this thing as far as it takes to basically eliminate extra body fat. (I know, we all need some). If that gets me to 32's that would be a kick, but not a goal I'm going to declare at this point..


Comment #4

Guess that means you want your water back!.

Well here's the plan, I'll see 32's someday and so will you!.

RACE IS ON, LOSER and let the best man win. That's me, I'm the best man!.

I never remember wearing 34's and believe I was born 32's or bigger..

Are you in? May take me another year but I'm going to get there..

Even though I'm really not losing anymore the weight is shifting around..

I'm still not exercising, but ALOT MORE ACTIVE..

I hit 195.8 yesterday, an all time low for me..

Seriously Congratulations Gordon. You deserve the rewards of your hard work and determination..

This is a lifelong commitment and I see you (and your lovely bride) winning at it...

Comment #5

It's always surprising to see ourselves in clothes that have so long been reserved for the really thin or very fit guys we know. When I started this journey three years ago I was "hoping" I'd get down to 36's or so. Couldn't bring myself to believe that I'd ever wear anything smaller. Large t's were about as small as I'd ever get to, I thought. I hate to wear (or did) tight shirts. Well, I did get down to 32's and medium t-shirts.

That's a horse of a different color for sure. You guys have all lost a ton of weight but the next step to being healthy is to recreate your body so that your fat percentage is in line with your weight. I think you'll all be surprised at what the end result of a long term persistent effort at being healthy will reveal. Keep after it...

Comment #6

You think you're a LOSER? Do 'ya? Huh? C'mon over here and I'll show you LOSER, you loser!! You're ON. I'll even spot you your 12 lb. head start. Think I'm stoopid enough to take a sucker bet? Well, you're right, Punk. Bring it on!.

Double or nothing and we'll see who the BEST MAN really is!.


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Congratualtions to both of you in the 34's!.

My 36's are beginning to bunch around the waist and be uncorfortably loose. I hope to see 34's sooner than later!..

Comment #8

Great job Gordan.... Some day I will see 34's. I have not visited that size since I was a Freshman in High school...... 1969!!!!!! You have inspired me.....

Comment #9

What has happened to my avatar? It just disappeared on it's own. Did I do somethin wrong?..

Comment #10

Your avatar is still there man. I think you burned your eyeballs out reading the gay banana thread...

Comment #11

34's....HOLY CRAP!! I haven't been in 34's since the 6th grade I think.

Seriously though, great job guys...

Comment #12

Well..... I guess I could have. The avatar disapeared on my computer. I had to go in and change the picture to get it to come back on on my computer. Maybe the computer got confused when I opened up the nanner thread...

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