Who's the lady on the 123 reg website?

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Quick question... Who's the lady on the 123 reg website? Hoping for any response. My other question... Estibot is interesting...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably know..

Comment #1

We offer free hand appraisals at

Please allow 48 hours as we dont use bots etc.


Comment #2

I find (singular) interesting in that it allows you to adjust the parameters a bit. And in a few variations along the way..

All with a grain of salt..


Comment #3

I like it, too, if only because it does explain the most important marketability factors like memorability, market size, descriptiveness and so on. It's educational in that way. And if you have a good idea of the correct answers to the various questions, chances are the result will often be realistic. Nice concept, only it takes too much effort per HostGator name and we domainers are an impatient lot.


Comment #4

The best appraisal is the value that a person that want to buy give to your domain. But if I had to choose between Estibot and LeapFish I would go to Estibot...

Comment #5

The average person that asks for an appraisal will often have a slanted view of the answers that they provide, after all they either own it or just reg'd it. If they an honestly step back & answer all the parameters for the appraisal then more than likely they can do an accurate job without a tool. Joe Schmoe might think that.

Perfectly describes the "massive market" & "describes the content perfectly" while those answers will skew the results even more. Long story longer, if you give more options to the uninformed it causes the appraisal to be farther off base..

I ran the same name through once giving the highest marks in each category & then on the second run I used the other end of the spectrum. Result is a difference in dollar amount of $999,390...

Comment #6

True. The most complaints I get are from domainers who feel that their own domains are undervaluated by my system, regardless of whether they have anything else that their gut feeling to back it up. From a domainers' point of view, the swiftappraisal principle is valid, though it is very limited in scope, and the appraisal is subjective, not objective, and therein lies the problem. The advantages of automated appraisals over human appraisal are as follows: 1)they are objective, 2)they are instant and capable of appraising thousands of names in minutes, and 3)they are often free. The weaknesses are many, the most important being the lack of reliable keyword analysis resources, lack of solid up-to-date market data, not to mention the lack of "gut feeling" capability that a human domainer has and that's often the crucial thing..

For 90% of domains, a good automated appraisal system can be more reliable than 90% of humans. Maybe not today, but that's my bona fide estimate for the near future, and my personal goal with my bot. Just my personal gut feeling of how this is going to go. As someone here said, we never thought a computer could beat a human in chess, and we are talking about really low-end computing here...estibot is a mere php script. Imagine what you could do with a couple of mathematicians, lots of coffee, and a Cray II or whatever they are called these days..



Comment #7

Josh, thank you for your hard work on estibot. Just know that most of us appreciate your efforts. I think that folks that continually knock down something like this have alterior motives...

Comment #8

The best way by far is to search related names or same-keyword names on namebio...

Comment #9

Too tired to join the interesting conversation about appraisal tonight....

Josh, I applaud what you are doing because I applaud each time someone is trying to do something to help the domaining community..

Certainly your tool is far to be perfect but I am sure the only think you would like is improve it thanks to the CONSTRUCTIVE feedback of your peers..

So action domainers, with critics that may help him build a better free appraisal tool...

Comment #10


Post your names in the Appraisals thread or get it appraised by Moniker (Lil costly tho).


Comment #11

I like to use estibot for the info that it gives. I don't rely on the estimates, although I would like to sell a few of my names for the estimates that are given...

Comment #12

Thanks Josh, I like estibot, and knowing you singlehandedly make it and offer for free makes me like it even more.

Good luck on developing it further.....

Comment #13

And I love DomainScore and I use it all the time. It is quite a valid principle, and it provides valuable data. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is a very strong correlation between a domainscore and a sale price..

I like to check both domainscore and estibot, and taken together those provide a significant amount of data that can really help valuate a HostGator name..

By the way, Yahoo search, Overture, and ORG whois have been acting up (overture is down, yahoo has changed their results pages) and Yahoo API is also giving me some grief therefore you may have seen some funny results with EstiBot lately..

I have done my utmost to stay on top of things but Overture is still down and I am working on an alternative solution. Thanks for your patience!.


Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.