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First of all Who's tired of seeing Kirsty in the Nutrisystem commercials? Thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... Hello Men,.

I continue to be amazed at the things that my new 210 pound body can do that my old 324 pound body would never have dreamed of doing. I went out this morning to get a pre-Thanksgiving gorge run in. My intention was to get in a nice, slow long run, so I added some additional mileage to my normal ~6 mile route. When I got home I had run a little over 7 miles, with the last half mile or so at a really agressive pace. It really felt great, and I felt like I could have gone even longer..

This is definitely going to make it a lot easier to be good at the turkey day feast, and if I have the pumpkin pie I won't even feel a little guilty..

I hope everybody enjoys their transformed or transforming bodies and has a great Thanksgiving...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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That's awesome Bill! I remember when I used to be able to run mile after mile... I can't wait to get back to that!..

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That's AMAZING, Bill! I still can't imaging running distances like you do. I'm getting what I consider fit, but the long-distance running still escapes..

This morning, after getting the bird in the oven, went for a 2 mile run with daughter and son-in-law w/dogs. 1/2 mile on road to a trail that went STRAIGHT up the mountain for 1/2 mile. Most of it too steep to run (up or down), but an incredibly invigorating experience. Really set me up for the day. Felt like a new man afterwards. Still do!! Wahoo!!.

To say this was a change of my behavior for the past 30 years would be an understatement..

I also smoked the yunkins..


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Thanks man, that's pretty flattering. I don't think I've ever previously been anything other than a bad example. The loss rate is definitely more a testament to how well Nutrisystem works, the cycling is just something that I love that's easy to motivate myself to do and get better at..

You're right, the key to getting better at running has been taking it slow and easy. My knees are so bad that I have taken it extra slow. I can't say enough good things about the couch to 5k program. The volume that runs get lengthened really makes it easy and accessible, and gives your body time to adapt. If you're interested in running definitely check it out...

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Thanks Gordo, that sounds like fun. You're really setting an amazing example not just for all of us but more importantly for your kids..

As far as the distance running, it's really just a mind game. I bet you could go a lot further, you just distract yourself and don't think about how far you've run or still have to run, just keep on moving...

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Ha! Easy for you to say!! I continually think "Am I halfway yet?" "How much more of this torture do I have to endure" "Can I stop now?" and "WHY the HECK am I doing this!".

You're right. It's a mind game and I'm losing!.

Actually, I have glimmerings that I'm starting to get into it. I hope. Your story is amazing Bill. I've got my one bad knee 95% rehabbed and you started doing this on 2 bad ones. A lot to respect there..


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