Wht is a Godaddy domain name and how can I search a Godaddy domain name?
Got a question... Wht is a Godaddy domain name and how can I search a Godaddy domain name? Thanks for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Greetings!.

I'm scouting for on-air personalities and segment ideas for.


An upcoming online radio station, broadcasting for the HostGator name industry. The plan is to produce a one hour show on a monthly basis. Some of the possible features,.

Interviews with industry professionals.

On air reviews and discussion of products and services in our industry.

Tips on building and marketing your business.

HostGator name news.

Marketplace buy/sell ads.

A call-in question show.

It would be great to have this as a project where the whole NamePros community can get involved in. Technology should be a secondary concern as I would be glad to help get you up to speed with recording software or hardware that makes it all pretty easy to do. Shows would be between 10 and 15 minutes long. Additional show producers and editors are welcome to join too..

If you're interested in hosting any of these segments and can provide a professional or interesting on-air personality, I would love to hear from you...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can help you..

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I could DJ as well if your looking to play music as well, I produce and makes remixes also...

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Maybe we can have a 10-minute live appraisal, with format similar to American Idol. We can hear things like:.

- "That has to be the ugliest HostGator I have ever seen".

- "Why would anyone in his right mind want to buy that?!".

- "I'll buy that for a dollar.".

People who get violent when criticised need not apply. :shades:..

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Whats going on RJ, how you doing?.

Would like to get some updates on HostGator industry since I have been gone for a while...let me know.


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Hmm. I had a radio show in college and the year after...... don't know if I could help with the online thing, but if there's anything I can do, i'd be happy to help. cheers,.


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Armstrong great idea..

User submitted appraisal up for slaughtering American Idol style - 10 mins.

Invite Berryhill to annihilate someone - 15 mins.

Interviews - (ex: Try to call John Zuccarini in prison) -20 mins.

Prank phone calls (Pretend to be interested and near deal closure with some unlucky domainer victim; friend would have to invite us to do this beforehand of course...) - remaining time..

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If you are doing an appraisal thing like armstrong mentioned, count me in, I am very good at breaking peoples' hearts by telling them the truth about their domains..

Count me in!..

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LOL! I would definitely tune in for that.....

I don't think this is going to be a comedy show though.....

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On air appraisals would be very fun, especially with a couple of appraisers that could rag on a name together. Like a Siskel & Ebert?.

Love the ideas let's put some shows together.. An element of humor is definately welcome, IMHO...

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I dont understand how it would work technically, but it might be worth a shot.....

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I would be willing to do vo's for program breaks, bridges, wraparounds, announcements etc. if your format requires this, and if my voice fits what your vision is. I have been told more than once by voice over professionals that I should be doing voice overs, so.....

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Heh, this definately is a great idea. Just might take a while to get it all setup and such...

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Hmm.. I too have a bit of entertainment experience (modelled for Marlboro and Marlboro racing, small parts in movies (1-2 lines max), highschool acting..etc..

Plus, I am gauranteed to piss SOMEONE off eventually.

And we all know how good people that piss others off are at gaining market share.

Lol, really though.. would be interesting. let us know how to "apply"..

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I can contribute by providing sublimal background voice suggestions of Down With Dotcom..

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Interesting suggestions so far. I'd like to also hear more about how this could all work, as in more details...

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Yeah, you could drop in a one frame mole message every 90 frames or so. That's a sure way to hold the audience and keep 'em comin back. Now mole, this time around, could we have a little more emphasis on the "bi"? And down on line two we're really looking for more of a punch to the "z" but w/ a little less sibilence, than your last take. Thankyou. OK everyone. "subliminal mole insertion" Take four hundred and eleven.

Whenever you're ready mole.....

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How do you go about making an online radio with call-in features...

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Just wondering if there's an update on this project. Thanks...

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You could use software like this if you plug your phone line and telephone into your voice enabled modem..


NameRadio is still in the planning stage, but once we have members that are committed to recording their own show I expect it will come together very quickly..

To all members interested, I can accept show recordings in virtually any audio format. If you plan on it being a repeat show month-to-month and would like a professional announcer to "lead-in", I can get this taken care of for you. Just PM me with what you envision your program sounding like...

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Will this radio station be 24/7? or a few hours of airtime everyday?..

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It will be a monthly program, broadcasting 24/7 on the internet...

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This sounds great! I'll listenning all the time. I'll see if I can put together something. Are you gonna have another set of staff for the radio. To organise etc..

I'm willing..


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Everyone who would like to produce a program for NameRadio can be a part of the new project. We'll have a new group and forum for radio station participants where we can work on development..

We've got two weeks to produce a radio show for October. I'm looking for commitments from members who would like to produce their own show over the next two weeks. There are some great ideas in this thread. If we can get enough content for the show we'll plan on releasing the show by then!..

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I would gladly do an appraisal section or a newbie help section, where I answer questions and all that. Technically, how will all this work, I dont know the first thing about Internet Radio..

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Basically you would do a recording on your computer, so all you would need at the minimum is a microphone. I'll take care of getting into the right audio format for the radio station...

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You can count me in to be SIMON.

1. I have a bad attitude.

2. I have a smart ass mouth.

3. I dont care what people think of me.

4. I am a better talker then typer.

5. I have a one line come back for anything that can be said, Most are not nice.

6. I look good on TV....LOL even better on radio.

7. I love to debate those people that think they know everything.

8. You can refer to me as the Don Cherry of domains.

9. RJ I think you'll make a great producer and if you dont ......your fired.

10. RJ I hope your fast on the (bleep) bleeper cause I tend to (bleep) cuss an awful (bleep) lot, When (bleep) people (bleep) piss me off..

11. I already plan on interviewing female porn stars for the first segment of every (bleep) show. And I promise to get them to do kinky (bleep) on air..

12. When it comes to the prank phone call segment Registrars are my target I love watching them squirm, Those (bleep) (bleep) (bleep) leave the poor guy thats buying them alone..

RJ wheres my coffee....Good producers are hard to find......

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Okay, this sounds great. If we can work in groups then this seems very possible. So how long would each segment be, etc?..

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As I posted in the other thread GREAT IDEA..

On other radios I have worked on, I have done mainly music with links..

Sometimes with pre-recorded interviews of members but it was always live I loved it great buzz performing to up to 160 ish people..

If you ever need any hosts/DJ people or anything I'm more than willing to help..

I have often made my own tunes, I dont remix though. ususally club or trance. although I have all genres of music. Apart from rap..

Im also a "part time" Mobile Dj so hey.

Ill shutup now..

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That's ok, I'm still interested in putting this together. Music shows would be ok, and domain/business/webmaster related shows are especially encouraged. Ideally I'd like to get around a 4:1 music to content ratio..

If anyone would like to participate in our radio station, please try to put together a 7 to 10 minute demo show..

If you need information about software available to you, you can post in this thread and perhaps the rest of us can help you find what you need...

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Can't you do it live, not recorded before? It would be a lot more interesting if it would be live, so members could call there (maybe via Skype) and ask stuff or comment about domains or anything...

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Yes, live is possible of course. "Live on tape" is an option too...

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I would be willing to do 30mins per month on something that interests me...

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Live is great! Use a VoIP phone and on your website list your AIM or whatever IM program so listeners can IM in with questions!..

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I would be glad to give an interview about myself. I can practice with RJ in Skype if he wants me to. I'll answer whatever you ask me.

That's much better than a 7-10 minute presentation, because it's LIVE just like the radio show. I also have tons of music to play if I'm selected as a DJ, but I could help out with other things, too. Like, organize a show schedule, etc...

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Wow you really really want this dont you.

Best of luck to you and the NP radio..

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