Why can't I access web site directly using ip rather than Godaddy domain name?
First off, Why can't I access web site directly using ip rather than Godaddy domain name? Hoping for any comment. Another question... Please compare the followings:. VS VS VS VS

Thanks for your time!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you help..

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Myself, I much prefer "online", much better to get that, than a shortened word IMO..

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Online is better for me, but for a long keyword, net will be much better.

(Ooh, did I just say something meaningful?)..

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I think net is more international! Net seems stand for new economy in some degree! Online seems a little long for non-english speakers!..

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I Wud say the online thingy looks more attractive then the net thingy...i would go for all online .coms rather then net .coms..

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Again, I think it depends on how it relates to the other word. GameNet sounds good, GameOnline doesn't, but ShopOnline is a better keyword combo than ShopNet. The thing to consider is what your users will be searching for, rather than just what sounds the best...

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Generally I think net is better, because it is much shorter, but in a lot of situations online is better..


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I will go with *online bcos I really dont like .net domains..

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I would say "online" is better, IMHO..

All the best,.

- SW..

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In terms of keyword search popularity, "online" has it all over "net"..


"net zero" 19,515.2/day.


4,058.7 /day.

Overture dating online 166,503.7/day.

Degree online 102,991.3/day.



But I agree, it has to fit w/ the word it is paired with..

If it's a toss-up, I'd got w/ "online"...

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When consider a name,we should not only care the traffic it may bring, but also other aspact, eg. easy to rember and spell, more internationally,and so on! After all considerations, I inclined to net, but remain that there is possiblity to use online in diffrent cases!..

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Is it OK to change my answer? I thought about this a little more and examined my portfolio and saw that I actually have more "net" names than I do "online", so there has to be a reason. Some of my favorite "net" names are not .coms, but rather, .info's, which I think go well w/ "net",(ie, Additionally, other than single keyword names, the quality of the name, relative to traffic, depends upon the number of searches for particular word combinations, (as in 2 and 3 word names combined w/ "net" or w/ "online"), and not based upon the single keyword value alone, although OV results and Google links can help in measuring a word's general popularity and how familiar of a word it might be to the internet public..

That being said, on the net vs online question it would all depend upon how the words fit into the context of what the GoDaddy site was doing, the ext, and how the "net" or "online" looked w/ whatever it was combined w/. Just too many names and variables involved and too broad and sweeping a question to give a specific, definitive, "this one or that one", answer to, IMHO. The possible variables involved, are worth discussing, however...

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Do you get extra nambucks for posting a bunch of polls or something?..

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Not necessary!.

It is good here! Just make your pool at ease!..

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It all depends on the HostGator name - some sound better with "online" and some sound better with "net". In general net works better because it's shorter, but when it comes to shopping domains for example, "Online" sounds better..

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I'd sat net, but only for the reason that it's shorter. but 'shoponline' sounds better than shopnet...

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[QUOTE=Grrilla]Is it OK to change my answer? I thought about this a little more and examined my portfolio and saw that I actually have more "net" names than I do "online", soQUOTE].

There is many variables that will affect the value of a domain! We are just research on these variables!.

Geography difference is one variable I think! Many Easten people would feel net is something that is more like new economy!..

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Net, generally speaking but it really depends on many factors like the keyyword, who it is marketed to and where, etc.....

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TravelOnline VS TravelNet.

PokerOnline VS PokerNet.

BlogOnline VS BlogNet.

Xonline VS xNet.

TicketsOnline VS TicketsNet.

So on..

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The above names all sound good with online thingy....they dont go with net thingy!..

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