Why cant I send messages to my iPage emails?

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My question is Why cant I send messages to my iPage emails? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... Has anyone got a way to take switch payments in OSC? The default CC settings are fine but Switch needs the 'issue number' as well..


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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I have looked there and found a couple of possible solutions but I am not clever enough to work out the sql bit - ie, run an sql query????? I don't know how to do this..


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Well, you're going to have to learn lots of things if you want to use OSC..

Try searching these forums to find your answers. Just about everything's been covered 1000 times...

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Hmm.. Yeah I know - thanks..

I have done a lot of work on my iPage site since installing it and I am really quite proud of what I have achieved so far. Without the members of this forum I couldn't have managed it - and to be honest, wouldn't have attempted it..

I have installed many of the contributions found here and trawled the forum and associated pages for help in those situations where the 'fix' I needed wasn't obvious..

For us here in the UK, most things are the same, perhaps the odd word spelt differently, however we have a debit card called 'Switch', which for the time being is totally different from other credit and debit cards and requires a different set of rules to make it integrate with osc and most other non-UK specific ecommerce software..

For novices like me we have to continue to ask for assistance until such time as we become more proficient - and are able to repay the debt and make our own contributions back to the community, something I fully intend to do in due course..


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Hi there.

I am working on the same problem and have come across this contribution which maybe able to help..

Unfortunately I am having trouble integrating it with my know instillation which is using multi shop contribution, I am a beginner with PHP and as such having trouble..

Well any way here is the contribution.



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You run an SQL query using a program like PHPmyadmin (crouss platform) or EMS MySQL manager (pc) or a nice opensource on for the Mac os x is CocoaMysql.


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... or using a shell command like Putty -.


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I am getting a little tired of this. You seem to be running around and putting people down for their honest questions. Yes, we KNOW these topics have been covered before but so what? Who asked YOU for an answer? Are you paying for any of this? Any moron can say search this or that. If you had any clue about his question , you would at least give him a more useful link. I don't want you anywhere near my posts, understood?.



Just lookup his old posts and see what I mean...

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Since when do you tell *me* what to do? Don't even try newbie!.

I promise...I'll be all over them from now on. Wrong thing to say bub!.

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: 22 March 2004, 21:38..

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Take it elsewhere. I need a fix for the Switch payment thing and this aint helping...

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Just managed to installed the contribution.


With my installation and all seems to be good, I would recommend it..

If you have any questions regarding it I would direct them to it's know forum @.



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Has anyone got a way to take switch payments in OSC? The default CC settings are fine but Switch needs the 'issue number' as well..


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Yes I need to sort this out too. I could use the Paypal option but we have a terminal so would like to use this to do switch transactions..


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