Why did I plateau on the Medifast Diet?

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First question I got is Why did I plateau on the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' SUNDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use...

Comment #2



Vote for Peanut Pet Shelter in Playa del Carmen, Mexico..

Thank you SO much!.


You can vote 2x if you have two computers!..

Comment #3

Good Morning Shams....

I gained 1.2 lbs this week.

This is my FIRST ever gain, so I'm not sure yet if it's freaking me out. I have my period pretty friggin heavy and had such a big loss last week that I think I'm not going to stress to much until next week..

This morning, it's off to pick up dd around 10, laundry, pick up propane for the grille (it's going to 57 today, Yay!) and then off to IKEA...

Comment #4

Morning Shammies!.

Ang - I just want to follow you around while you shop - I think that would be a riot!..

Comment #5

And sorry about your weigh in. Next week will be different... ((HUGS))..

Comment #6

Good morning...I don't quite have a swagger yet...workin on it..where's the coffee??..

Comment #7

Coffee? We don't need no stinkin' coffee... It would ruin the pre-breakfast nap.

Catch you sexies later..

Comment #8

Good morning Sexy Shams,.

I just spent some time getting caught up on yesterday's thread. I keep promising I'm going to do it and I HATE going back on my promises all the time..


- Cute boy? Deets please. Unless it's in my email. Which I haven't checked yet. Moving slow today..


- Aloha chica. Hope you're having an awesome ON PLAN weekend..


- Having coffee? How's it going? I hope you're feeling better. I know you've been having a tough time of it lately..


- Did I see you yesterday? Hope all is well and that you're having a great weekend..


- Haven't seen you in a while. Just wanted to let you know I miss you and I hope all is well..


- Thanks for the PMs. You're a good guy - and you're doing good stuff for yourself. Keep up the great work. I'm proud of you..


- If you're still lurking every once in a while...please post. I miss you a lot, you sexy bastid..


- If you're reading, I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I'm thinking about you and Dad and wishing you the best for tomorrow - and, of course, wishing Dad a happy birthday too..


- Was glad to read that you had an OP day yesterday. I'll be stalking you via text again today for sure. Love you madly, mmy friend..


- If you know anything about me by now, you know it's that I've got a mad love for the animals...I'm so sorry that you lost your friend yesterday. I'm glad your daughter is taking it relatively well, though. And I'm glad to know that your pup is in a happy place and free of pain. ((((HUGS)))).


- You're so close to ONDERLAND! When's your weigh in? The card you're sending to your boy-toy was really cute. Let us know how he responds to it!.


- So glad the b'day party was good times. I'm sorry that you struggled with the plan towards the end, though. Did you make good off-plan choices or bad off-plan choices? I know that sounds like a strange thing to say - but, of course I'm just hoping it's not as bad as you thought it was and maybe not something to kick you out of ketosis. And, of course, most important - that you keep your strength and go back - immediately - to being the rock star that you are. As for your post to me yesterday and my reply to you - please don't ever never ever ever never ever think that I took anything the wrong way. I promise you that I didn't and that, if it didn't sit right with me for some reason, I would have sent you a PM or something.

When I first found out about this back in May - I pretty much told everyone that there was NO WAY I was going to be able to do this. That I'd never get through it. Had no idea how and would completely fall apart before it even started. My Mom and I have a very special relationship and we are extremely close. It was impossible for me to wrap my mind around it.

I either fall apart and miss this time with her or I go through the motions and act like I'm keeping it together and help her out and try to comfort her. I know this a ridiculously long-winded answer - but, maybe in putting it out there for you - it's also helping me to explain to e'one else (including myself) the reality of it all. Actually, I appreciated your comment more than anything. It reminds me that I'm stronger than I thought I was. Mad love to you..


- Sounds like a great day shopping you had yesterday with your Size 12's and Size M. Feels great, doesn't it? As far as your question about 'being amazed over sizing' - I don't think it ever stops. I remember sobbing like an idiot many a time when out shopping. When I got my Burberry peacoat in a Medium. When I got my first Size 6 jeans from Lucky. There were lots of times.

I'm sorry that you had a gain yesterday. You had a pretty incredible loss last week, though. And I know next week will be better for you. It probably has a lot to do with freakin' JACK, too. But - no matter how much I love you - I refuse to wish for more snow so you can go out and shovel and get your exercise in!.


- Thanks for your note and I'm glad you're having a good weekend. I'd be way happier to see you write that you're having an awesome ON PLAN weekend and that you're kicking this plan's boo-tay and how the scale is treating you. Mad love..


- Are you being yo' fierce self? How's the whole re-transition thing working out? Looks like you're back to being my Exercise Guru. Are you feeling better? Did the cough findally go away? Are you keeping Mel in line?.


- Are you keeping Andi in line? LMAO! How's transition? How's your brother?.


- You getting your camera all warmed up for April? You coming to the SPA with us? That would be a fun photo op. All of the Sexy Shams in their fluffy Borgata spa bathrobes! MWAH!.


- You're going to the zoo today? Fun! You still rockin' Medifast so you're bikini ready???.


- Your energy in all of your posts lately is contagious. I'm super happy for you. I love it..


- Glad you pampered yourself with a mani/pedi. I need a pedi in the WORST way. Unlikely I'll be doing that until right before AC, though. Sounds like you're feeling good and looks like the scale is giving you good results (from your ticker). Keep it up. You're doing great..

And for everyone else that I missed - you know I don't mean it - that I'm just kinda stooopid these days - and that I have mad love for each and every one of you..


- Mom and I had fun last night playing poker. I ordered a brand new deck of cards and even some poker chips (fun!) and had them shipped here. She got them Thursday. (I won! I won!) I slept better last night. More important - so did Mom. She said she crashed at 10:30 and only got up at 6:10 because her bladder was busting.

Unfortunately, she's having a LOT of pain in her back and going down her leg on the right side. Effed up that it's the one thing that isn't a freakin' tumor (just fatty tissue) that's causing her the most amount of pain. More effed up that there's probably nothing that can be done about it. Ugh. Anyway....

S'Dad just went off to some type of breakfast and then hunting meeting, so I finally (for the first time in a long time) have some alone time with Mom. We'll see how that goes..

Otherwise, I'm about to go downstairs and start washing the 4 million towels. Going to clean up a few things and Mom asked that I make a turkey meatloaf and my special chicken for them to have here during the week. So...gotta run for now on put on my Julia's child hat..

I'll catch up with ya'll later..

Mad love and happy Sunday to all...

Comment #9

Hi all, i'll be back after church, but wanted to stop in and say hello!.

Have a good day!!..

Comment #10

Morning guys!.

Wound up taking the night off last night. Up early this morning to chill a little before church..

I love you guys all so so so so much!..

Comment #11

Good morning again all!.

Lori - I'm doing pretty good in the not freaking out department, lol. I figure last week's loss was like 2 anyway, lol. I'm glad you had a good time w/ you mom last night. I gotta get my butt moving today. Oh, and I bought new sneakers cause spring is coming and my fat butt is out and walking/wogging again!.

Off to Ikea we go we go....have a great day all..

And before I forget:.


Comment #12

Morning shams,.

Andi, I'm always amazed that you're up, texting, and then can go take an early nap. Once I'm up and doing something, that's it. Naps and me don't get along. I'm very happy to report that I'm down 4 lbs. this weekwoohoo. Hope everyone has a good relaxing Sun. Time for more coconut maccaroon coffee...

Comment #13

OOOOO - all that work and I zero in on "Turkey meatloaf"... Wha'cha putting in it?.

And what's "special chicken"?.

Shammies - when you make turkey meatloaf - wha'cha put in yours?.

Julia Child secrets plz..

Got some ground Xlean turkey thawing.....

Comment #14

Gotta rest up - almost time for my pre-elevensies nap (Barb that was just for you.


Comment #15

Good morning peeps..

I'm sitting here watching Sesame Street with Ava. Unsure if we'll go to te zoo, it's cloudy today & doesn't look warm. It was like 62 yesterday, but it felt cold to me, so I am not feelin it. Plus, I live close to the Atlanta Motor Speedway & there is a race this weekend, so traffic is bananas. Might just stay home..

Sorry you had a gain Ang. I'm sure it's water & will be gone tomorrow. I don't even want to weigh in tomorrow, because I just have a feeling that I am not going to like what I see despite eating well and 5 intense workouts. I'm scared. Just not feelin it this week. I have an appt with my endocrinoligist this week, maybe my thyroid meds need tweaking.


Comment #16

Barb, awesome loss!!!!!.

I'm like you, once I am up, I am up. I can't take naps either. They do nothing for me at all...

Comment #17

Just watched an amazing 60 second video with breathtaking pix and words:.

Hope you all enjoy as much as I did...

Comment #18

It's funny you are talking about Julia Child. I just watched that movie Julie & Julia on Friday. It was cute. Makes you want to eat butter. Lol. I want her cookbooks now, but I am not sure that her recipes would be OP...

Comment #19

Morning Ladies.... I've been gone for a while. Life without Medifast sucks let me tell you. I felt way too out of control and went a little nuts, gained back some weight - yuck. My little "break" is over and I am back. What have I missed?..

Comment #20

Nicole! I've missed you so much! Glad to see you!..

Comment #21

Haha Classic Andi. Clinton's sister is "home" from Florida and she is coming to see our house tomorrow. I have been cleaning like crazy. I really need to do a little at a time instead of trying to do it all at once...

Comment #22

Hi Nic, glad to see you backmissed ya. Cmon, you can do this...

Comment #23


Please post by tonight...

Comment #24

Thanks! I have missed everyone too! I just got a bunch of updates reading Lori's long @$$ post but I feel soooo out of the loop...

Comment #25

Thanks Barb! It's good to be back. Congrats on your awesome loss this week!..

Comment #26

Barb- Way to rock the plan this week- look at that loss!.

Ang- Have fun shopping at IKEA I wish I had one closer than 2 hours away..

Lori- LOTS of love for the Capt..

Nicole- glad to see you back. We started a challenge last week if you want to join in and get yourself back on track. See the link above if your interested..

Kittysox- I'm with you on the weather, it was supposedly warmer yesterday but I wasn't feeling it. The wind was freezing to me..

AFM- Just sent girls with Grnadma to church, I need to go get cleaned up as me and mom are going to the Home Remodeling Show today. Love going and dreaming of what my house could look like if I had a ton on money. Had a great weigh-in today, -3.8 after last weeks slow week. Ok off I go, will check in with you sexxies later...

Comment #27

Hi Shammies,.

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday... I normally weigh in on Tuesdays so the challenge weigh in has me a little "off" but the good news is I'm down 4.6lbs from Sunday.

Going to do some cleaning (love the pic Andi!) that looks like my living room at the moment. Planning to clean my car and take the doggy to the battlefield for a good walk after my teenagers get up! be back later....

Lori- the pedicure is so relaxing..I love it. My feet can be pretty scary without one!.

Hopefully you can treat yourself soon. What is this "special chicken" Ms. Child?.

Barb and Lara- Great losses for both of you!.

Angela- Sorry about the gain but I'm sure it's temporary, especially if you have your period!..

Comment #28

Good morning hookas, I am about to head to mom's to go get my nanny to take her out for her birthday. I hope she wants to eat somewhere where I can get something healthy!.

I gained .8 this week and am blaming it on TOM. I didnt have a perfect week eating but nothing that should have caused a gain..

Congrats on all the good losses this week!!.

Angela, I feel ya on hating how TOM affects the scale!!.

Nicole ~ Welcome back!!!!!.

Everyone I am missing, much love to all. I have got to get out the door or I am going to be late. Have a great sunday everyone!!..

Comment #29

Morning Shammies!!.

Sorry I have not been around much, I think I'm still recuperating from last week's parties and pretty much the whole month of February with parties, snow and life in general. I don't have much going on this weekend and it's feeling wonderful! DD #2 had soccer games at the buttcrack of dawn yesterday but I got to take a long nap that afternoon. DD#1 had art class in the city but hubs took her. Today we have NOTHING!!! Yay! Hope to get out and enjoy the warmish weather a bit..


, spa you say? I LOVE spas and yes I'm getting my camera ready. I am trying to plan a family vaca for over Easter break and after that I can think about AC. I will go look at Borgata thread about the spa treatments. *squeals!* Glad you are having some alone time w/ mom. What's your special chicken recipe???.


..what did you get at IKEA? Love that place!! Glad you're not freaking about the gain, I'm sure it will be off (and then some) by next weigh in..


, we had book club on Friday night (cancelled last week due to the snow) and it was one of our best! Everyone had read the entire book and loved it (The Help). My gf (and host)did some themed stuff, like cards and silver on the table, little old fashioned Coke bottles and her sister even made the pie. You have to read it, I don't want to ruin anything. They had questions printed out and everything. Lots of fun and a very LATE night. We picked our next book which is The Reliable Wife.

You should check it out since you are a runner. It sounds pretty interesting..


...WTG on the awesome loss!!!.

Welcome back.




Are you having an OP weekend my dear?.


You had a great loss too! Have fun at the home show. I love planning projects for my house..


, have fun..whatever you decide to do today!..

Comment #30



...that's so nice that you're taking your nanny out for her b'day. Enjoy!!..

Comment #31

The chicken that I make is lightly breaded and then I smash up a packet of the Lipton Vegetable Dip and mix that in with the breading. Gives it such amazing flavor and makes the house smell soooo good. Bake the chicken..

The meatloaf is just some bread crumbs and onion and egg and parsley and ketchup. Last time I made it, I took a packet of Lipton Noodle Soup mix and added some of that in for extra flavor..


And, of course, you could always make peppers with that turkey you've got thawing!..

Comment #32

BARB!!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!!.

I'm sooooooooooooooooooo happy right now!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #33


, how old are your teenagers? I have one (16yr old) and a 10 yr old, both girls. Lucky you on pedicure. I need one SO badly. Hopefully this week. My feet are scary w/out them too..

Sarah. sorry about your puppy. (((HUGS)))..

Comment #34

If you've been OP and working your fine azz out - give the scale a try! You might get a happy surprise..

Whatever you do, have a great day!.

Hope you feel better...

Comment #35

When I make meatloaf I do half breadcrumbs/half parmesan cheese, spices like salt, pepper, parsley, oregano. Catsup, egg and fresh garlic..


..that chicken sounds amazing! Do you use skinless,boneless boobies or legs or what?..

Comment #36

Posted the chicken recipe for Andi. Unfortunately, it's not 5/1 friendly..

Healthy - but just not 5/1 friendly..

Gotta get back to stuff at Mom's..

Will check in again later..


Comment #37

It's SOOOO tasty and the light breading and veggie mix coating keeps it super moist..

I use boneless skinless boobies..

Fantastic leftover even cold cut up in a big salad...

Comment #38



(I mean Julia!)..

Forgot to add that I also put a little dijon mustard in my meatloaf...

Comment #39

I am SO going to put some parmesean in the meatloaf I'm making for them now..


Comment #40

Congrats Lara and Linda on your losses as well. Also, to everyone ready to post, any loss is a good one and a gain is just a reminder to either do what you're doing (Ang-we know how you rock this plan) or try harder (me, Nic, Robyn, etc.). Thanks for my shout out Lori. I just have to get my head in the game. Love to all...

Comment #41

Man, I really need to start that post-it thing..

I had so many shout outs but now, the mind is a blank..

Feeling SOOOOOO freaking good on plan..

Hosting an Oscar party tonight, so I'm off to get more things under control!.

A truly heartfelt thanks to you ALL for making my first week bearable, fun, and a success! I'm so happy to be a shamrock..

This post! Had more exclamation points! Than a Nancy Drew novel!..

Comment #42

I could envision using Parm puffs as breading..... but the dry mix might get you... would have to look.....

Comment #43

Quick shout. thanks for the foodie tips. laundry and homework calling. BBL...

Comment #44

Hi kids!.

Sorry for yet another quick check in to say HI with not many shoutshad church this morning, had to go to the food store, make a dip and now we're back out to another social gathering....OP all the way!! thanks so much for the reminders and you guys so much.

Great to see you Nicole!!!!.

Angelathat's a TOM gain if there ever was one...i know it's not gonna knock you off your rock-star course...and BTWyou're azz is not big.....

I'll check back in later!!!.


Pscaploved your shouts...and todays you so much it's illegal in some states..

Comment #45

Hi again, Just got back from my walk on the battlefield. My back has been bothering me but I feel proud that I got some walking in..

Heather- I have two boys 17 and 12 and a 6yr old girl! they keep me busy as I'm sure yours do! lol.

I was eating parm puffs today and thinking I might be able to make some yummy crab cakes? I don't mix Medifast with lean and green often but that might be too good to pass up. Has anyone used them as bread crumbs?.

Off to do laundry and clean out my car. bbl. XOXO..

Comment #46

Hey Peeps!.

Happy Sunday, i'm just ummm....coming to my senses right about now. Here is my day thus far:.

7:00 a.m.- Start annoying Rob so he will wake up, cuz you know my morning wood self has been lying there awake since 5:00 or so.....

7:30 am. - He's up (in more ways than one!)!!.

9:00 am. - Post BCBC breakfast....peach Medifast oatmeal for me, omlette with cheese & brushetta, and pork kabob things for him (he can eat a lot!)!!!.

9:30-10:30- Lay around on the couch drinking lots of coffee and watching TV.....demanded (and received) back rub for cooking breakfast.....

10:30- Head out on the bikes!!!! It seemed a lot warmer out though than it was. We rode down to the lake (Lake Onatrio) warmed up by getting more coffee and Rob got a double chocolate donut which I vicariously ate through him....while in reality I had a cinamin crunch bar. It was fun, but weird because there were still people ice skating at the outdoor rink on the water. Seems odd to be mixing biking and ice-skating in the same time-frame. It was great to get back on the bike again, I missed it!!!!!.

12:30-ish - Back home from ride, hung on balcony (last full weekend with one), chatted, went back in, more BCBC.

& overall chillaxin'.

2:15-ish - Rob left to get stuff done for the week, I'm doing the same but cathcing up on the thread first!!.

All in all a perfect Sunday!!!!.

Hope everyone is doing well!!!!!..

Comment #47

Barb- Congrats on the loss!!!!!! keep rockin' and you will fit in that shirt for AC!!!!!.

Nicole- Welcome back, now get this done.....

Linda & Lara - great losses too!!!!!.

Ang- great attitude, that happened to me I had a whopping 6 pound week and then stabilized out and even gained fro a week or 2 after. It can be muscle development too......

I am down 2 pounds, which I am glad to be back on track....and I'm sure I actually lost more beacuse I was above 150 when I really started a few days before the challenge, but I'd rather think I only got up to 150 to ease the coping!!!! So I have 4 more pounds to get where I was 4 more pounds after that to get to a good zone (140), and then 5 more after that to goal. I have to segment it to make it more manageble..

I'm also way sad cuz I bought soem ground turkey and realized to my horror that the muffin tins are packed away somewhere!!! Man, I'm gonna have to make some burgers or taco salad meat....AND I bought some Laughing Cow bites to put in the middle of the muffins....they come in some great flavors, I got a pack with onion, olive, and goat cheese ones (all separate flavours, not mixed)....they are awesomely good!!!.

I'm so bad at personal shout outs memory......

Comment #48

Hey Sexy Shammies!.

Happy Sunday to you all!.

Been a busy weekend for me. Lots of family stuff to do. Staying OP and doing good..

Ang - Sorry about the gain..

Robyn - Glad you are staying Op this weekend!.

Capt - Love the quote this morning..

Barb - WTG on the 4 lbs!.

Andi - Love the cat pic!.

Nic - Glad to see you back.

Toni - What a fun filled day you have had today.

Lara - You are awesome! Great loss too!.

Joie - Have fun with your Oscar's party tonight..

Linda - Good job with the walking today..

I know I am missing some other shout outs but that is all I can remember without post its.

AFM I am going to get something planned for an early L&G. Then I have a hockey game to go to with my sister again. We went last night and it was an awesome game! Lots of fights and action. They play the same team again tonight so it should be good. Ordered some more food yesterday, I am almost out of the 2 boxes of brownies I bought right when they came out. I am totally lovin' them! Check back with you sexy hookahs later...

Comment #49

Hey guys!!.

I have been reading for the last few days, just no time to post.....

Today was DD's shower...I survived!!.

DH's ex wife ended up not coming. Changed her mind at the last minute. Doesit make me a bad person to say I was relieved!?.

I woke up in the middle of night so stressed about her being here that I felt like I was going to throw up! Spent the whole morning worrying about it...DH laughed when we heard she was coming. He said, "see, you did all that worrying for nothing!".

DD loved everything...she cried when she thanked me. AND she got LOTS of good stuff! Kind of exciting!.

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday! Off to clean up and start some laundry!!..

Comment #50

Hi lovelies, I am back from my lunch with nanny and mom. Now about to park it on the couch to finish the weekend off being lazy. I am soooo hungry today and all I really want is the small azz brownie calling me from my kitchen. I know that won't satisfy my actual hunger but they are so good..

Dawn ~ Good to see ya today! Still truckin' along with the 5&1? 1.7 to go looks great!! Glad the shower went well, I have put on about 8 baby showers and they are a pain in the butt but so nice to see the mama to be getting some good stuff..

Toni ~ Glad you are having a good Sunday!.

Kori ~ Have fun at hockey game. I don't think I have ever watched a full hockey game or even long enough to know what the heck is going on..

Robyn ~ Woohoo on your OP weekend!!..

Comment #51

Kori, when you are typing a reply to a thread (you have to be in the reply screen) if you scroll down, the thread is below the window. Then, when you are all the way to the bottom, you can click where it will open a new window and show the entire thread if you want to do shout outs. So that said, I am not doing any right now, I am just checkin to see what you hookers have been up to all day..

I haven't left the house. We watched a movie, and I have been fighting to stay away from the kitchen all day, which has been successful. I just ate my lean & green for dinner & have one more Medifast to go. I don't usually eat this early, so I need to find something to do for the rest of the night. I am so bored. I thought about going out for a bit, but that would entail getting out of my sweats and putting on some makeup, which I am just not going to do. Lazy day...

Comment #52

DH's ex wife ended up not coming. Changed her mind at the last minute. Doesit make me a bad person to say I was relieved!?.

I woke up in the middle of night so stressed about her being here that I felt like I was going to throw up! Spent the whole morning worrying about it...DH laughed when we heard she was coming. He said, "see, you did all that worrying for nothing!".


I know EXACTLY how you feel...

Comment #53

Hi everyone,.

Just got home from Mom's and I'm hungry and kinda tired..

Hope you're all having a beautiful Sunday..

Mad love...

Comment #54

Mel~Hope you had a nice time with lunch! So sweet. How is your brother doing (saw someone else ask that today, I think-maybe I missed your answer.) Been thinking about your family!.

I am still trying the 5 and 1....lost 0.5 this week after nothing last week. Been exercising every day though with DH so I am thinking I ma may head back to transition and try to lose the last 1.2 pounds there. Or just continue to tone things up with the exercise. Now I seem to notice more size differences in the toning from the exercise rather than the pounds lost!.

Enjoy the rest of your lazy weekend!..

Comment #55

Not sure why I get all worked up about it...DH doesn't understand...I just do though!.

Glad you conquered staying out of the kitchen!! You got it girl!! What movie did you guys watch-did I miss that!?!?! Going back to check....cuz my brain is fried!!..

Comment #56

Glad you are have been burning the candle at both ends for a long time girl!! And you need to try to find some time to take care of you-I know that is close to impossible!!! HUGS!!!!! Hope you get some rest tonight!!..

Comment #57

I totally know how you feel & if you ever need to vent, PM me..

We watched Inglorious was good, but not what I expected at all. Very violent. Nuff said. OK, I gotta go put Mickey Mouse on for Ava before she has a meltdown....oh, too late. She is in full meltdown mode. Gotta run..


Comment #58

Just wanted to say goodnight to everyone cuz I'm watching the Oscars and all the hoopla before them. Shopped with dtr. and Ryan today (a real malllol) and bought some cute jeans (slightly tight but will work) and a top. See ya tomorrow...

Comment #59

I think I can understand. I've never met "her" don't want or need to either. not even the morbid curiousity that I usually have!..

Comment #60

Had a great nap and didn't get anything done. meatloaf in the oven and laundry in washer and dryer. MUST DO HOMEWORK! It's due Tuesday and we want to see Alice in W at the Imax tomorrow night....

Mad love! Rest Well Sexy Shamrocks! Tomorrow is another day in the next week of shamROCKin this plan and I will be losing weight this week if I have to cut off bits!..

Comment #61

Checking in for the evening. We had wonderful weather here today! The Home show was great, now just to find lots of money to do all the things I would like to, to the house. One day right? Had a great L&G tonight and still have 2 Medifast meals to eat- not sure I'll get them both in. Looking ahead for the week to plan exercise at the Y. Think I'll try Spinning tomorrow, then Youngest DD wants to do Tae Kwon Do (has to have an adult with her) on Tuesday and the oldest DD wants to do a Young Yoga class with me on Wed. I also have Vball tomorrow but not sure of the time yet. OK off to go look at challenge and get everything onto the spreadsheet...

Comment #62

Brother is doing okay, had 2 bad days this week but seems to recognize when he is struggling and is taking his meds. Thanks for asking...

Comment #63

Ok I need this weeks stats from the following- please post ASAP.








Comment #64

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.