Why did Nutrisystem pass on offering Jamarcus Russell an endorsement deal?

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My 1st question is: Why did Nutrisystem pass on offering Jamarcus Russell an endorsement deal? Many thanks for any response. Another question... Is anyone else having trouble getting on to the Nutrisystem site. This morning my PC crashed twice about 30 seconds into the Nutrisystem site. I have been using the computer now for about an hour on other sites and have come back here and it seems okay now..

The opening page seems very slow, though. The drop down menus don't drop down, so I have to click on the heading, then I get the drop down list..

Is this my computer and browser or is anyone else finding the Nutrisystem site more testy lately?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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I was having overall slowness using the newest firefox 3.5. Not getting the drop down menus and main page on Nutrisystem and even just starting FF in the morning took over a minute. I ran CC Cleaner and removed all the accumumulated crap and now it's snappy again. I'm sure it will help any browser...

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YES, I noted this and wondered what they did. Seems way too slow, they've done something...

Comment #3

No trouble for me today, but Sunday - I had to wait until night time to get anything to come up!..

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The opening page will never come completely up for me until I click on something. Then I have to go back to the first page to go anywhere else????????? I don't know what they have done to the web sight!!!!!!!!!!..

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No problems here on my end. Using Firefox 3.5 on a OSX (Mac).

As always no matter what operating system you're using clear your cache and your cookies, make sure everything is to date like Adobe Flash, your browser and your OS. Could of also just been a mistake on Nutrisystem end as well...

Comment #6

No problems for me. I use most recent versions of IE, Advant, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox...

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The site recently changed so that it does not run on my Mac using Safari. I tried the new version of Firefox and it seems to be better but extremely slow loading (home page especially) In Safari it kept dumping me into text mode from HTML and then asking for my password. Firefox is a little better but someone somewhere has some work to do (or go back to school and get it right)..

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For the last week or so the main page fails to load at last half the time Two different computers, IE 7, IE8, IE8 comp mode, all failing. Crome seems to work fine...

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It is interesting to find out others have had trouble with the Nutrisystem site. In the end, my problems were my computer. The hard drive gave up the ghost and died. It happens..

But, it should not happen after I just had it replaced two weeks ago. I think they replaced the original with a rebuilt drive that wasn't up to muster. Two failures in two weeks almost makes me want to go back to a typewriter. Luckily I have my old notebook PC as a backup and my wife's MacPro as a backup, backup..

The good part is that I usually lose 2-3 pounds in the few days it takes to reinstall programs and get everything back to normal...

Comment #10

It's absolutely annoying to have to rebuild your entire computer even if you haven't lost any significant data. I'm always shocked when I have to do this at how much I have "customized" my computer to fit my personal way of business and how much of it relies on freeware that has to be downloaded. I generally spend weeks rediscovering the little bits and pieces that were lost in the shuffle. One of the very difficult things about trouble shooting something as elaborate as this site is the number of different ways things can respond, even when they're working, much less when there's some type of glitch...

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I don't think it's all issues with our own systems. I'm convinced there is something that changed on this site a couple weeks ago. My "first" home page, where you enter your weight, will not load completely for a very long time, or at all, unless I click on the community page link, which takes me to my "second" home page (why the heck are there two?). If I want to enter my weight, have to page back, then the "first" home page will load. This happens not only on my home PC, but on at least 2 others I've gotten on-line with, one for the first time ever on the Nutrisystem site, so it's not cookies. This change occured around the time they upgraded their auto-delivery interface.

That was a good improvement..


Comment #12

They're trying to deny you that 100 lb lost bear...

Comment #13

The highest failure rate for a complex machine is when it is brand new. That's why computer companies burn-in computers and that's why nearly all manufacturer's offer warranties..

Incidently, it's also why it's a BAD idea to pay extra for extended warranties. you're buying a warranty for the period of time when the machine is least likely to fail. Ever wonder why they push those warranties so much?..

Comment #14

I'm still conflicted over warranties. My computer that failed was 2.5 years old. The hard drive failed, they put in a new one for free, the new one failed in one week's time. Another new one will be free again, but I won't trust it for another 6 months..

Our clothes dryer gave out with three weeks left on a three year warranty. They put in the new part and went off without checking all the buttons. One of them doesn't work, so they have to come back again and maybe re-order (one week), then make another appointment (one more week to schedule) to replace it. So far it is all free because of the warranty. One visit and that one part were valued at $450.00. That's a lot more than the warranty I paid for three years ago..

So, I still buy the warranties on some of the big things. Did not get a warranty on my latest cell phone. Within a few months of buying a cell phone, something newer and better is out and after a year, replacing it cost just a little more than the warranty...

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I've purchased the extra warranties on several things in the past. It depends mostly on whether I have an abundance of cash on hand and not really worried about price. If cash is tight I'm more likely to pass on the extras. I have never had to evoke any warranty ever in my life, so it really has been a waste to purchase them in the first place...

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I figure if they're so keen to get me to buy a warrenty, it's a better deal for them than for me..


Comment #17

As it turns out a motherboard problem has been destroying my hard drives. They are sending it away to be fixed or replaced, but it is all under warranty. I could buy a pretty nice computer for what I've saved under this warranty..

A warranty is simply insurance for bad luck. I am not selling warranties, but since I seem to have an abundance of bad luck, my warranties and insurance have almost always paid off..

So, if you are feeling lucky .....

Comment #18

I had similar issues once. Components kept dying (and be replaced under warranty). I had to actually call MS to activate Windows XP it had been installed so many times. Turns out, I'm just a static queen and the new chair mat made it worse. Switched out the chair mat for one with anti-static properties - no more issues..

We tend to build our machines. Most components we purchase new have 3 year warranties (which is plenty - we're usually replacing them about then). We do try to make sure the hard drives have 5 year warranties - they're the most likely to give out since those are your only moving parts (unless you have the $$ for the new solid state drives)..


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