Why do ever iPage web host need to make money?

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First off, Why do ever iPage web host need to make money? Thanks in advance for any response. Another quick question... Is there some kind of script I can put on my iPage site so whoever is viewing it cant view source?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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That's just on the detect page. You could put some crappy image that you don't plan to use on the iPage site there...

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I thought someone could use programs like swf browser and flash saver to get images and other stuff fromt the SWF file?..

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Spaz, you show me a page, I'll show you how to get the source and images. Its not hard..

Back to the original question, put your effort where it's really going to be effective: in a really well done web design. These 'no right click' scripts are nothing more than a deterrent... they don;t stop anyone from looking at the source or from taking the pics..

Also, spaz.... I watched a coworker of mine open up a flash movie and get all the pics out of it (using a decompiler) just last week...

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Extract image.

SWF can extract images in SWF files encoded in the following tag types.




DefineBitsLossless 8 bit, and 32 bit.

DefineBitsLossless2 8 bit, and 32 bit.

To extract an Image from an Open SWF file, Select the image from the tree control and double click it.

This will open the image and display it..

Click the Extract Object button from the tool bar.

And a valid Save Path, the file will be saved in .jpg format..

Not hard to see everything I didn't grab his thrown axe, width212-height223...but like the DR. says you can't even hide stuff in Flash..

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Curious, Montroze, do you have to have flash to do this. and what if the file was closed as opposed to Open SWF..

Pm me if you want to explain it...

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....and let's not forget the content conveniently located in the 'temp internet files' folder..


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You can just send a bot to get the .swf and then you can run this program found here,SWF Scanner(don't need flash).


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Well I guess I've been proved wrong by many people, but I still think most people r too dumb to know how to extract images from a .swf file...

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Another deterrent (absolutely nothing is fool proof) is this one:.

Create a table with a single table cell. Load the image you want to protect as a background to the cell. Now place a clear gif in the cell and make it the size of the background image. Now when someone right-clicks to save the image they will inadvertently download the clear gif..

Of course there are a zillion ways around this but if it's a deterrent you are looking for then I think this is as good as any...

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Ive seen once where a server blocked it out, where you can view source, but came up with a message saying "sorry, cant see the source" ... but then that could be worked around just by saving the web page .....

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