Why do everyone go for 123 for hosting?

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First question I got is Why do everyone go for 123 for hosting? Thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... Those six domains are worth over $20 million together...

Imagine what Shell or BP (or even Dick Cheney) would give to own and and these companies HAVE the cash to buy any HostGator they want..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Cool thread..

This list could be about 100,000 .com's long, though.

With all the investors in the HostGator game, there will always.

Be tons of great names parked..

I bet we've got many wasted domains here on the forum..

I know i've got 1 or 2..

Comment #2

A waste unless the owner use more related keywords...people new to domaining will definitely check out that site not knowing it's just a parked page...

Comment #3

It seems that I suprised many of you citing uh?.

Well that site is exactly like that from more than a year (at least, since I discovered it only in early 2006)..

Said that......most of you will certainly remember where last World SOCCER championships were......RIGHT..

So, that guy just missed an absolutely great revenue from people all around the world..

Oh well.....

Comment #4

I'm going to add another one to this list -.

Owner is an NPer..

Comment #5

Why is a waste? The owner's using it as a blog and looks to be quite active...

Comment #6

Another one that could be making some huge bucks, but is not.

Comment #7

(i hate to tell this.

And i'm sure I will regret this) ...we have same opinion,.

He missed great revenue ... and possible sale..

Comment #8

One of the biggest HostGator gathering dust:.

Owner: Wells Fargo.

Domain shows a blank page, goes well with the "great" minds at Wells Fargo because those must be blank as well for throwing away money like that, not even a redirect to their own website..

Comment #9

LOL! Great find.

I wonder why they don't redirect it to.


? Ah well... Not my business nor my money..

Comment #10

I think of domains in terms of roi (return on investment), I doubt he's even making the 5% of the value in revenues that you could make on a term loan..

With a name like that the sky is the limit for what you can earn or sell it for..

Hence a waste...

Comment #11

How about.

!......Sorry, the page you were looking for cannot be found !!.

Owned by Microsoft Corporation - Like they can't find a good use for that one.


Comment #12

You'll find tons of parked pages owned by the usual suspects.

Name Admin.






Comment #13

Such a shame of seeing so many good domains being wasted in those ways, specially the domain, that guy is just insane or just stu.....

Comment #14

I been stopping by for the longest time and nothing much changes...

Comment #15

Are you aware how much those guys earn from those parked pages,.

Millions of dollars from sponsors.


Comment #16

Either the people who own those don't know they can monetize those domains, or don't need the money, or are just waiting knowing they're holding very valuable names, and thinking that any ancillary revenue they get from parking it or work in developing it is peanuts compared to the rising value of their names...

Comment #17

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