Why do Medifast recipes that call for vanilla always tell you to add it last?

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Quick question: Why do Medifast recipes that call for vanilla always tell you to add it last? Thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Okay so I posted like an hour ago about my frustrations.. and I read through some of your postings.. I see a common theme.. We are a hard group to please but only when it comes to ourselves...

I guess it kind of opened my eyes to the fact that most of us still see ourselves as fat kids..

There were so many postings on Ive only lost this much or that much.. (did I mention including mine?).. So I want to take a moment to say I am proud of all of you. Proud for you caring about your health for going on this journey. Proud for getting to be part of it.

Proud of EACH pound you have lost, for each time you've walked away from the table, made a decision to win over Medifast food addiction, just one day, just one meal.. I AM PROUD OF YOU ALL.

Thank you for your support, even when I feel like Im asking dumb questions thank you for taking time out of your day or night to help me out...


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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Great post! Thanks! There is no such thing as a dumb question. I too have noticed how many people express anxiety over numbers or comparing. I am one of those people that is happy to learn from others. I've had several plateaus and have just gone with the flow knowing that it is only temporary. I find that for me, that every time I plateau I haven't been getting all my water. These plateaus give me the opportunities to love myself, be gentle with myself, and treat myself with respect.

I am proud of you too!..

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Very well said, I am one who praises people for their success but scolds myself about " the number" I have been trying very hard to work on this, I think some of it comes from people always asking how much I have lost and of course I would love to give them a new number everytime and when I can't I get angry with myself. I have tried to please everyone for so long and I sometimes forget that it is my opinion that counts. I just want to say that we are all making great progress and we should be happy for our accomplishments no matter how small we think they are and love yourself!..

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Im only 4 weeks post op and have noticed a recurring theme- -people like to compare each other's weight, where should I be at, I plateud already? I am one of them. Since I had the.


I have only weighed myself at the doctor's appointment and although that is difficult for me at times I need to focus on me and not let a number define me. We are critical of ourselves b/c we want the weight to come off so quickly and want to start living life- -in our true skin..

I've never said this about myself before but I am extremely proud of myself. I am proud b/c I had the courage to stand tall and took a measure to save and regain my life, I am proud b/c I know I can teach my family better habits, and I am proud b/c I see a future full of opportunities and my weight will no longer be a restriction..

I am extremely pleased with this group. I may not reply to each and every post but this group is really personal to me and every triumph, defeat, sadness, enjoyment, or whatever the memento is I take very close to my heart..

Congrats to you and I.


You are feeling better..

Loved this post..



No question is dumb. Some people may be afraid to ask something that you have posted so I would rather ask then keep it bottled in and unknown...

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What a WONDERFUL posting you did describe us and I think that's why I love this group and all the support I have received even when issues have come up that did not relate to the WLS..

I enjoyed.


The 3 comments we all have a STORY that is positive :)..

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Great post and we all should be proud of ourselves,we didn't take the easy way out this was a very hard and scary decision for all of us. I am just like everyone else about wanting to see the numbers go down but I really wanted off the medicine and.


Machine (I hate that machine). My problem wasn't so much as being overweight it was were the weight was making me so uncomfortable that I wasn't living. I am just 12 days out of.


And I can already tell a big difference and I don't get on the scales so I don't know the numbers. So all said and done I am proud..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.