Why do people post Medifast recipes on here they find online?

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Got a quick question: Why do people post Medifast recipes on here they find online? Hoping for any response. Another question on my mind: Hello,.

Well as of the 29th of September it was my 5 month mark and honestly, that's impressive to say the least :).

I've lost a total of 64lbs..

My PCP was alittle bothered by my labs which no surprise was nil on my.


Levels, B12, Pre Albumin but everything else was pretty good. I've been taking Trader joe's sublinq B12 with.


And some Vegan liquid Vitamins (forget the name but it's German) and about 70-75 gms of Protein a day..

I tried some samples (thanks Eggface for the recommendation) for Celebrate Vitamins and I really liked them so I just purchased a butt load of their.


, Multi's and.


I had been taking Bariatric Advantage but honestly, didn't really care for the taste. The only protein drink I really like is Click Vanilla Latte which I drink 2 daily with milk..

Does anyone have any tricks to uping their protein intake I may be overlooking?.

The only things I eat consistently are: Sushi (straight up Tuna), Greek yogurt and the protein drinks and one extra thin slice of Roast beef (deli), tofu. All other meats bother me - - go figure?!? I used to be able to have a bite or two of meat before....

Any suggestions?.

I have an appt with a dr that specializes in gastro, a NUT and am pushing for a referral to see Dr. John Feng in Palo Alto. Does anyone have him and if so, what's your take? Oh yeah, I see my surgeon the end of this month for a follow-up visit but at this point it seems more to update his file for his.


Then getting a handle on my Medifast food intolerances. Anything with texture or weight (like an iced protein shake or meat regardless of how little of a bite I take) seems to make me not only nauseated but ill..

I'm hoping that this too will pass... And once I'm feeling less dizzy (all the time) and more sure footed, I'll be back to.



A million thanks for all of your support and kindness! I truly appreciate it!!.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Sneak tofu (soy protein) into everything. Add to shakes, egg, chicken salad, soups. It hides in there and takes the taste of whatever it's in. Navy Beans go in most things too.....

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Great Ideas! Thanks... I can add Tofu to my shakes without add weight and I forgot all about Isopure! I'll get some tomorrow..


Yeah, it's going on a very long time now... too long. And honestly if I weren't so weak and dizzy I'd be okay with it. Although, I'd love a cocktail! : ).


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And with the tofu, if you can't handle the firm heavier texture...try the "silken tofu." Its soft and creamy and can be added to protein shakes or yogurt for an extra boost...

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Isopure zero carb, that Alysha is.


About is 40 grams of protein per 20 ounce bottle..but beware the cost factor...the good news is 2 of these a day and you are set on the protein front..

The bad news is they are not a s fruity as the bottle may suggest...I have some in reserve for any day that may arise when Sarah, is having a bad day, but for now they are hiding in the pantry...where they will stay unless I absolutely have to...I didn't think they were all that great myself...cold, room temp or anything else....

But they beat the hell out of clear broth, which is a crime against nature.....

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I am so sorry you are still having such trouble eating! I don't think I have any other ideas than what everyone else has suggested..

Bariatric Advantage just came out with a vitamin crystal that you mix with water. One scoop in 8 oz that has everything in it. The Multivitamin,.


Citrate, vitamin D, vitamin B-12. There isn't any need for multiple different vitamins with it. It kind of tastes like fruit punch. We tried it at my physical support group I go to monthly here. I liked it. It reminded me of one of those drink packets you mix in water.

You take it 2-3 times a day and it not only gives you your vitamins, but counts towards your fluid intake. I am really bad at.


To take my vitamins every day! Just a thought. I don't know if you can get samples from Bariatric Advantage or not. But it might be worth checking out sometime..

Good Luck, keep us updated!.


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Im glad things are looking up for you hun. I am only a week out and have been blessed that my complications have been kept under control..

I actually enjot the BA vitamins. Post-op I our dietian had us try different vitamins and BA and Celebrate were the only two I cared for..

To boost your protein intake you can also use unflavored protein powders. I use Optimum Nutrition by GNC 100% AnyWhey Protein. One scoop adds 17g of protein to any dish. You can cook, bake, or whatever with this product. The one thing I did not like it in was cream of wheat. I have used it in broth and shakes and it's good.

I also use Isopure Carb Zero also available at GNC. However you can find them cheaper at the bariatricpantry website. You get 40g of protein per bottle. They are a bit bland but they are good..

Have you tried using powdered milk to sprinkle on foods? That also packs a good source of protein..

Best wishes and I have.


You'll get better soon..


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I just got my bariatric advantage.


Chews..lemon and chocolate..they are great, and will wrk well for me I think since I am not good at liquid meds at all.....

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Colleen, you always seem to be positive, in spite of the challenges you face. Love that about you! I found Pure Protein, which I buy on line from.

It is tasteless (for real), and microfiltered, so it dissolves really easily. I can put it in.


,tea or skim milk and not notice it. 24gm of protein per scoop, 0 carbs...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.