Why do some affiliates use reseller iPage web hosting instead of shared?

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First question I have is Why do some affiliates use reseller iPage web hosting instead of shared? Hoping for any answer. My 2nd question... Hi guys. I am new here, but hope someone will kindly help me out. Ok, here's the problem:.

Netscape 4 crashes with my site:.

Or just gives a blank page..

My guesses are it is either to do with.

1. css.

2. javascript code.

3. html/combination of stuff.

Also I don't know if there are multiple problems. Some people say that removing the css removes the crashes but from my testing, removing the <SCRIPT> tags removes the crashes... confused!.

I made some test pages:.

With and without css/script tags. What crashes for you?.

I haven't been able to spot the problem for absolutely ages and it seems that 25% of my traffic is Netscape 4 based!.

Any netscape experts? Thanks,.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Unfortunately it still seems to crash/not work as before...

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Hmmmm it worked for me. upload the page here and I will have a look at it...

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I got in using netscape 4.7 and everything seemed to work pretty well. Are you sure that your Netscape just doesn't have some corrupted files? Try reinstalling it and I bet it'll work like a charm...

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You still have to much space in that javascript.

It should look like that. and you can still get quiet a few line back. I made it a lot smaller than what you have on the iPage site now...

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Thanks for checking the iPage site guys. I'm glad it works for you, but when I have both css/javascript enabled in my netscape (communicator 4.77) I get nothing but blue (the background colour of the style sheet). So I presume it also does this for other people..

The javascript worked ok for me with no css enabled - the iPage site displayed, albeit no colour/style!, but I will try condensing it as you suggest. The javascript I think should be ok, as it comes with movabletype - a blogging system which many people use. Otherwise lots of people would complain.

Someone on another forum suggested that a problem they had with my iPage site seemed to be fixed by changing the order of some styles in the style sheet. Is that possible? Are there any known bugs like that (assuming my style sheet is ok)?..

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The only order you have to worry about is the a:hover and a:link ones. all 4 of those will have to be in order, but will not make it crash. now when I got rid of 2207 lines of blank spaces it worked just fine. the problem was you had everything sparatice in the code and NS blew up at it. if it works on my machine it will work on the server. everything not just the style..

I will look at it again......ok it crashed mine again. I still see that javascript all messed up, also the link to the style sheet might be causeing it. take out the / or put in ./ but not just /..

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I'm sure you will be pleased with the removal of many blank lines.

However, finally I have discovered that it's something in the style sheet at fault. Deleting the style sheet will avoid netscape 4 crashes..

I was getting mixed results with turning css/javascript on and off...The problem with NT/XP is that after Netscape crashes (or producing an empty page), if you quit and restart the browser, changes (e.g. turn off css) seem not to have any effect. But if you log off and on again, then you can test a new setting..

Anyway... the style sheet appears to have issues. Commenting out certain styles (.blog, .blogtext, .blogbody) removes crashes, but I haven't worked it all out yet...

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When you crash and then restart netscape after a fix in a script, just hit shift and reload or ctrl and reload as that will make it reload a fresh page. now it isn't in the stylesheet as I can run it with no problems with the style sheet and javascript. I ran the style sheet in a validator and it seemed fine, except the millions of warning, but that will not make it crash. of course I won't argue on removing blogtext since NS 4.xx will not read it..

But here is a screen shot of NS4.xx running your page.


The style sheet and javascritp..

Also add this line in.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./styles-site.css" type="text/css">..

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Thanks for the reload tip. But I was deleting the cache (mem+hd) so assumed it would effectively do the same thing..

I believe ./ is for the current directory (?), but I use / to refer to the root of the iPage website as it's part of a template used in all pages in all directories. Or am I mistaken?.

As for your results, I am not sure what is going wrong. The style sheet definately makes my netscape crash. I've got communicator 4.77 on Win2000, you? I will try on XP also...Perhaps there is more than one problem - I don't know. Lots of these results seem to contradict one another...

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If the page is in root adn the style sheet is in root then you need to use ./ or leave it blank. if oher pages need it and they are a folder down from root then it will be ../ but as you have it now you need to use nothing or ./.

I am on 98 with NS4.79..

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Scoutt, thanks for the help..

Using a second style sheet for netscape it seems to work. It doesn't look great, but doesn't crash and that's ok with me..

The '/', by the way I need because it's part of an include - each page (any directory) uses the same code for calling the style sheet so ../ etc wouldn't work...

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