Why do the commercials for look porn-ish?
Got a question... Why do the commercials for look porn-ish? Hoping for any comment. My 2nd question... Http://

The internet property and search engine Yahoo! said that it's search index now includes some 20.8 billion web pages and images, nearly double that of Google...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could help you..

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If Yahoo just could have got their act together and sorted out the millions of spam sites/pages that now has the #1 spot for some very good keywords, then I would have been more impressed....

I keep track of many different keywords on the major SEs, and the last few months I've seen an enormous amount of spam sites taking the #1-#10 (and more) spots away from quality sites on Yahoo.....

This has also been reported and discussed a lot on other webmaster/.


Related forums..

So it looks like they've been focusing on quantity, and definitely not quality lately.....

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I agree the amount doesent really matter, it's the relevancy..

I normally use google but always try yahoo after I see the top 5 sites on google are the same 'ring' or spammer who's website is just ads...

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Yahoo MAY b e bigger, but google is still better..

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Yahoo is bigger quantity wise but Google is bigger quality wise and, in the end, that's what really matters..

All the best,.


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IMO that is not true if one is looking for new fresh content and not the same old stale unchanging Google results. MSN is now my #1 for searches & Google #1 for news...

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As a webmaster it is easy to get caught up in what you know from your experiences, however your average Joe does not possess these sam qualities..

Your average internet user/surfer doesn't know why or how sites are indexed and listed on search engines..

Yahoo gets more traffic than any other search engine company, more traffic than MSN, and Google..


Yahoo is used for more than just searching the internet, there are many things you can do when you get to the Yahoo home page, from chat to shopping, to paying your bills online, email, and so much more..

(same for MSN).

Google Has only one thing in mind when you get to the Google home page, and that is for you to do a search for whatever it is you are looking for..

Because google is used primarily for searching it has become the Search Engine for your average joe..

All the search engines have their flaws, they grew really fast, in a short amount of time without much research to go off of, considering Search Engines were not really even know untill the 1990's..

In 1992 there were only about 20,000 websites on the internet, it wasn't untill the dot com boom in 1996 that brought the internet to life..

Now all the search engine companies are taking all the information they have gathered from there 10-15 years of being online, and learning how to improve the way we use the internet...

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Yes, but MSN is so easy to manipulate, how do you know you're getting quality results? Every search engine has their own flaws. I'd prefer more people use MSN or Yahoo just because it's a lot easier for me to get my sites to #!..

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Maybe yahoo is TOO big....

Search for "web design". The first result is a load of B.S!..

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YAHOO has ads all over it's service making it slow. GOOGLE IS THE BEST!..

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Google is WAY better..

Actually, Blingo is pretty neat (.

), it uses Google's engine but you can win stuff. I actually got an iPod off them...

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This is the difference between Yahoo and Google. Google is willing to use it's current network of advertisers and image to stay in front..

However, Yahoo just keeps expanding, finding new parts of the market which it can use to enhance itself, such as the recent purchase of a 40% stake in

My prediction is that Yahoo will eventually leave Google and MSN behind being able to offer users much more than Google in the way of features and search results...

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I just wanted to add: Without Google's network of Adsense webmasters, it would not be nearly as big as it is..... this leaves Google extremely vulnerable to programs from Yahoo especially offering higher payouts and better programs. If my memory serves me correctly, Google earns more from Adsense than it does from Adwords.... scary stuff for Google..

That is something that I agree with...

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I second this opinion....thats y Google still is no.1 Search engine.....

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Correction, Google has a higher market share due to it's Adwords network...

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I still prefer google... yahoo is ranked 1 in alexa... to my surpire because I always thought google was first....

Don't know for you but I think yahoo has to much info at the start page.... google wins in simplicity... and efectivness..

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I prefer google for 2 main reasons:.

1. simplicity and speed.

2. quality of search output.

These are something I do not get from Yahoo, though I find it's directory search function quite useful sometime...

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I agree with jj2ii3344, Google is the best!!.

Google may have somrthing better then Google, but they rpobably havn't told the public yet..

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I used to use yahoo but then I changed to google. I don't see much difference though. I'm pretty much okay with either...

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