Why does the Medifast Diet say oatmeal is bad?

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My 1st question is: Why does the Medifast Diet say oatmeal is bad? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question of mine... Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Rachael, good morning and thanks for getting us started..

I've been up for about an hour....why is it when you get older you can't sleep as well. Stage crew today. Building Willy Wonka land. February is the busiest month of the year for me as the musical is always at the end of the month..

Last year was the first musical season ever that I didn't gain at least 10 pounds. I actually lost a little. This year will be no exception.....NO GAINS! Staying on my plan..

TL'ers.......will you have an on plan day today?..

Comment #2

Rachael, I'm sorry I missed this along the way, but how long will you be gone?..

Comment #3

Good morning group! Sorry I never checked in yesterday. I actually ended up arriving at the hospital for my shift at around 0115 yesterday morning, owing to constant fire alarms (because of burst water pipes) in my apartment complex and worsening weather and traffic. My first night sleeping in a hospital bed was not bad, I just wish it would have been longer..

It ended up thawing out a LITTLE bit yesterday, so I got a ride home from a friend. The roads will have refrozen over by now, but hopefully not quite as badly as they were before with billowing snow and invisible lanes. I had originally planned on staying at least two nights there, though, since I'm working today, and yes, I remembered to pack enough food for all 5 Medifast meals and a L&G each day..

I'm a Saturday weigher, and the verdict is: 3.8 pounds! Wheee! Of COURSE this will be an on plan dayI LIKE seeing the number go down! Eventually I will also love seeing the weight coming off...

Comment #4

Morning all!.

Rach, congrats on the physical victory! See we knew you could do it! Now you just need to get better so you can blow that test away! Thanks for starting us off today..

Ok I seriously need coffee and to finish catching up on yesterday's thread...

Comment #5

Good morning everybody. Just now going to hit the hay so I thought I would check in first..

Had an "emotional breakdown" last night...and luckily my boy was there to see me through...I swear sometimes I don't know what's wrong with me...but I'm sure glad he puts up with me. It sure is nice having someone call you beautiful everyday no matter what you actually look like lol..

Comment #6

Good morning ladies! I hate that I didn't even get to check in once yesterday..

Work is kicking my booty this week after the two snow days..

Good news is I'm super rocking the plan and I feel great! My Monday weigh in is going to be good to me...

Comment #7

Nice job on the new lbs gone forever Rachel! I really admire someone with your job being able to rock the plan like you are..

What an inspiration!..

Comment #8

Rachael with an a,.

I'm going to have to go back threads and catch up on your story. I think it's going to make me really sad though when I find out you are away from your family.

When will you get to see them again? You have my prayers and support!..

Comment #9

Morning RAchael, MT, fuzzy, alucas, kerrigan and anyone I forgot...

Rachael the new weight is awesome!!.

Fuzzy I love Willy Wonka, have fun.

Kerrigan great job on the loss.

I am counting down the days here, I have 24 til I see my dh again. I'm at 200.6 this morning, my hope it so to be 195 when I see him a 40 lb loss since I last saw him. Just wish I'd have started this right when he left in Septemeber instead of waiting til mid November..

Hope you all have a great day. My oldest is headed to a paint ball birthday party and my youngest and I are cleaning out his room/clothes...

Comment #10

I was so proud of myself yesterday. I was looking for something in one of my desk drawers at work and I found some SLUDGE in there..

The part I'm happy about is that it didn't even occur to me to do anything else other than throw it in the wastebasket. I wasn't even partially tempted by it and actually regarded it as trash in my brain..

Does that make sense? It was such a natural reaction to regard it as trash that I didn't even realize it until I thought about it later..

I know I have you ladies to thank for that. I really appreciate the group coming together the other day and making us so much stronger. I feel like I have such a strong support system here and I'm so thankful for that...

Comment #11

I guess I was so proud of myself that it posted twice. lol!..

Comment #12

Chickie the board was wacky for a few minutes, good for you!..

Comment #13

I'm part of a biggest loser contest at work. There's only 16 of us, but most of them are guys and I am the one most overweight. Actually though since we are going by percentage lost rather than lbs lost I do have some pretty good competition..

Monday is our halfway mark weigh in and it's for 10% of the pot. It's only $32, but I'm pretty sure I will win it. That will cover my $20 entry fee at least. It's pretty funny how the first weigh in is the day after Super Bowl. Since it's mostly guys, I'm guessing I'm the only one that won't have any problem not overindulging Sunday. lol!.

I plan to win the whole thing. The first place pot at the end is like $160 or something like that. The guys are all big talkers but they have no idea how dedicated I am to this life plan change. They are in for a big surprise..

Comment #14

Thanks Anna!.

The boards were wacky for me too. Glad it wasn't my computer...

Comment #15

Chickie I have no doubt you'll win it.. you'll be the only one who wasn't eating SLUDGE and drinking the day before...

Comment #16

Good morning!.

Rachel - congrats on the PT and the weight!.

Chickie - I hear you about work - I've been swamped this week, make that this month, too!.

I don't remember the exact tip or advice that I got but I credit my success on this program to reading the blogs of Chris (Lealonnie), Cheryl (justpraisin) and CallofDuty, among others, when I first started. They put forth such great attitudes and made me realize it was possible to succeed. I also credit the message boards in general - I read them fanaticly the first few weeks for suggestions on how to mix the products, adding broth to the soup, the signs of ketosis - everything a new MFer could think to ask had already been asked and was just a search away - sometimes before I even knew I needed to know about it (like constipation and medi-farts!)..

I have a question for the veterans/maintainers out there - did your losses stay consistent or did they slow down and at what stage did they slow down? or did you have a period of slow losses and then they picked up again? My losses seem to have slowed the last few weeks and I am just wondering if this is a permanent thing or a quasi-plateau. I have lost about 48 lbs so far and am only half way to goal. If they are slowing down permanently that's ok, I'm not going anywhere, it's just annoying to be doing the same thing I've been doing and all of a sudden to be getting different results!..

Comment #17

Wow! You know your post is too long when in the time it took you to type and post it, 6 more posts were added above yours!.

Chickie - I have no doubt you'll win it either! Show those boys how it's done!..

Comment #18

This is a continuation from yesterday's thread:.

Ahhhh Chris!! You have to excuse me, I've been on head cold medicine for two weeks!.

....bowing down in the "I'm not worthy" stance............

Thank you for inspiring all these wonderful women who inspire me every day!..

Comment #19

I averaged 2.2 pounds a week - but varied from .2 up to 5 pounds. I'd have a run a slow weeks then a couple of good weeks. I had a semi pattern during the week, some weeks, where I'd lose nothing or gain a little through Wed, then lose it all on Friday. Blah blah blah..

Finally I actually started paying attention to the Wise Ones and looked at averages. Medifast says you can expect an average of 2-5 pounds a week. As long as my average stayed in there - and it did - I finally, finally stopped worrying about it. Just about the time I hit goal, I think. lol.

Yeah, I slowed down a little in the end, although that will fool you a little. As a percentage of my weight, I don't think my losses varied all that much although I had slow weeks and big weeks..

I've seen and tried varying carbs, varying cals, messing with exercise, etc. In retrospect, I'm not convinced that any of it actually worked. Bottom line - if you stay on plan, you're gonna lose the weight. There's just not much point in sweating what happens in any one week or even month. Hard advice to actually take, I know, but try to relax and enjoy the ride...

Comment #20

Thanks for starting this Am, Rachael. I am reporting for duty..

Everyone: enjoy this weekend fully minus any food orgies on Sunday..

My DH works in downtown Indy every Sun&Mon. so he was on line scouting dinner places that will be open tomorrow night. I love I that he can eat a gourmet meal once a week without me. He is 64, very fit (including muscles) and trim. His once red beard is so white now, just like my hair..

Enjoy your days fully..


Comment #21

Rachael - Congrats on passing your test. That is amazing. You will DOMINATE that test! And congrats on the whoosh!!.

Rachel RN - 3.8 pounds is awesome! Way to go!.

Chickie - you'll be like Ally and just blow those boys away. AND you won't gain it back!.

Fuzzy - no question about being on plan. We just are..

Alucas - sorry about your emotional storm yesterday. But you are right, you're very lucky to have someone who KNOWS you are beautiful, no matter what you look like. You just have to know it too..

Anna - September Shmeptember - you started when you started and that's as it was meant to be. You WILL be 40 pounds down and you'll have a sassy new haircut and he is gonna be completely Wow'd when he gets home!!.

As for me, I'm still fighting what I think is an allergy. I'm hoping it's just a cold and will pass soon, but after more than two weeks, I'm thinking it's allergy. ARRGH. I worry that it might be a soy allergy, but if that's the case I will just stock up on Clariton-D and sneeze and blow my way to goal! LOL No doubt in my mind it would be worth it. Down another 1.5lbs today, and on my way to the 240's!! YEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWWW (that's the Okie in me coming out!)..

Have a happy day!..

Comment #22

Good Morning my Peeps!!.

Coffee not kicked in yet Yay to those who had victories this week. You guys are rocking this plan!!!.

Sugar - I'm a VERY slow loser. I lost 11 lbs the first 2 weeks and almost immediately after that my losses dropped. By about the halfway point I was losing an average of .5-1 lb/week. I did have one or 2 big (for me anyway) losses, but they were pretty rare. It took me 7 months to lose what many here can lose in a month or 2. But when you have the body I do, you become thankful for every ounce that you lose.

As I got past the half way point, the losses became more visually noticeable. Just remember that EVERY lb lost is a victory to be celebrated, regardless of how small..

I've been thinking about Penny's question and it's a tough one.The advice I've gotten from so many here that has inspired me over the years comes from the same people as the rest of you. But one of the best pieces of advice that has stayed with me, I'm not even sure who to credit for it. Radiationgirlie, Vie, can't remember who posted it originally but it was basically - Look at Medifast as your medicine. If your Dr. promised you that if you took a pill 5 times a day you would lose weight, you would take it wouldn't you? Well consider Medifast your medicine. Take it 5 x a day and you WILL lose weight!.

Got some good news this morning Penny!!!!.

Waiting for the caffeine to kick in so I'll pop in later when I'm more alert..

No chopped tofu from me ever...

Comment #23

Beth - We really need to get you to the point where you are out there WITH him enjoying that gourmet meal!! This may just become my new mission!..

Comment #24

Fuzzy and Chickie,.

No real story...I'm in the Army so I'm doing Medifast from the far reaches of Afghanistan right now. I left Fort Drum, NY last October, I have my mid-tour this April (Hope to be very near goal by then) and I get to go home for "good" this upcoming October/Early November..

We're spending some of the extra $$ for a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean right after Thanksgiving 2011 so I'm really excited because I want to fit into a bathing suit that's AWESOME on the cruise and to have enough energy to chase my little guys along the beaches!.

DH sends me my Medifast in the mail so it's not too bad. Upside to doing it fast food that tempts me...downside, I don't have a kitchen so there is very little "making" food other than mix and microwave.

I feel very blessed to have the support of my family and this site to come to and the truth is that the time is flying by almost as fast as this fat is flying off me!..

Comment #25

Beth - We really need to get you to the point where you are out there WITH him enjoying that gourmet meal!! This may just become my new mission!.

What De said!! I know it will happen again!..

Comment #26

Good Morning TL family!!.

Another lovely day due here in So. Cal. I'm having a bit of a *blue* day today, not sure matter. Each day is a blessing. Headed to work in a while, but I have time to hang out here and soak up the victories!.

I had/have some weight-release goals in mind, and I think they're messin' with me. I might need to let them go. As long as I'm OP I will win, but I sooooo wanted to be back to last summer's weight by Valentine's Day (this goal was set before I was back on MF, so go figure). And I have a number goal to reach by my anniversary on 3/20. And I really wanted to reach my goal weight by July 4. Now I'm wondering if I should just scrap all these "goals" and just put my head down and eat 5+1..

I think this is why I'm *blue*. Thanks for listening. I really hate being a whiner, I know I truly have nothing to complain about. For one thing, I'm where I am weight-wise because of my own actions, for another thing, I'm in the best group to get it released once and for all and get to T&M!!..

Comment #27

Thanks for filling me in, Rachael with an a! I'm so glad you are here with us in this group..

I can't even imagine being away from my family like that. My first husband was in the airforce in Desert Storm, so I know how hard it can be to be separated from your family for such long stretches at a time. We didn't even have children and it sucked majorly..

However, I never put myself in the place of ME being the one away while my husband and children were at home. I just started thinking about it this morning and I don't even know if I could do it. What a strong woman you are! Thank you for protecting our Country...

Comment #28

Rachael - Yes! Thank you for your service! It is so cool to know you can do Medifast literally ANYWHERE. So if your DH is sending it to you then he obviously knows you're dieting. But seeing you in person will be a real treat! Thank goodness for the Internet!!.

GodessLynne - I figure you can have the goals, or not have them, but you will lose what you lose when you lose it. I have goals too, just to give me something to visualize (like getting that airplane seat belt to close) or being able to start using the treadmill at work because I don't weigh more than it's capacity (250) - but a specific weight by a specific date seems like it is just wishful thinking or like we're hoping for magic. The veterans among us may have a different take on it..

I will say that at 159 you're practically at MY goal weight. I know it isn't where you want to be, but please don't take it for granted..

All the Best!..

Comment #29

It's a fine line, isn't it? I struggle with it even now. I have to have goals to keep me motivated and moving, but if the goals are big enough to be important to me then there's always the risk of not making them and having to adjust. That's a kind of a dangerous mental place for me, the place where I'm always tempted to say screw it, if I can't get THERE then what's the point in trying at all?.

That's one of the things that has tripped me up repeatedly in my weight loss journey, not to mention other things in my life. I'll tell you the story sometime of how I started back to college in 1986 and didn't manage to finish my BS until 2006....

I'm not sure I have any words of wisdom for you around this. I guess experience has helped me some. Mostly, though, these days I have sort of minimum goals and stretch goals. I WILL make the minimum goals (on 5&1, that was 100% on plan, regardless of pounds lost), and I'll work for the stretch goals like my marathon, knowing that there's a chance I can't actually achieve it but that the effort itself is worth the doing. The stretch goals are always at the bare limit of what I think MIGHT be possible, so I have to focus on the fact that the real goal is the trying. If I make it, awesome. If I don't, well, I gave it hell trying...

Comment #30

Coffee! The eldest Ds is driving me nuts this morning and I haven't had any coffee. Does he know that he is about to get the mama boot? I have to drive him to an all day party. The Dh is taking the twins skiing today! Good thing for all!.

Racheal- Thank you for your service!.

Have a great day all...

Comment #31

Tkd, thank you! I really don't take it for granted. I'm so much healthier, I can do just about anything I want and no one stares at me. I'm so grateful, and I remember that every day. Medifast truly saved me!!.

Steph, thank you for your words. I'm teary now, I just can't believe I almost blew it. I thought I was so smart last summer, that I knew better, blah, blah. I'm so lucky to be here with the TLers. I was truly led back here!! I am surprised daily at how hard it is to shake that mind-set of wanting to tweak. My struggle is not so much staying 100% OP (although I have my own issues to conquer) as it is.

Trusting the process.

I wish I could go back to my attitude in 09 where I was happy and satisfied to just open one packet after another. Rinse and Repeat. And I constantly second-guess myself. Lately it's been that I'm doing strength training, that I LOVE, but is that what has the scale jumping around like it's hair is on fire? Or is it something else? Or is it my age? Or...??? See what I do?.

Ack, I'm rambling now..

Thank you all for being here. I'm here. I'm 100%. One day and one packet at a time...

Comment #32

Congrats to the losers!.

Rachael...thank you for your service and I admire you greatly!.

Weigh in day for me...2 lbs..

Not sure if you guys read blogs or not, but here's my post from this morning (I post once a week now, on weigh-in day):.

My Arms Are Hams. My Legs Are Lathered In Pancake..

Here is a VERY important tip for all you MFers...probably some of the most sage and meaningful advice you will EVER ready? MAKE SURE THE SHAKER JAR LID IS SECURELY FASTENED BEFORE SHAKING VIGOROUSLY..

There you go. If I have left a legacy here, let this be it..

So I tried the toasted pancake "english" muffin this morning. After round two (and wiping my tears after watching $3.00 drip down my leg, stove, oven and floor - which the dog happily took care of), the toasted English muffin pancake was awesome. A great, hearty breakfast. Quite the change from when I used to have a 20 oz. bottle of Mt. Dew and a bag Ruffles Sour Cream & Cheddar chips..

Weigh in day today. Another two pounds has vanished, even on a period week. Not from my baked ham arms though (it's true...I stare at my upper arms long enough they resemble perfectly baked Virginia hams). They are still hideous looking. My boobs are still shrinking. Why won't my arms shrink? Or my a.s.s.? WHY GOD WHY? Sigh..

Oh, and I was horrible in Target yesterday. I tried so hard to hold in my gas but against my clenched cheeks, it eeked out anyway. I nonchalantly, yet quite speedily, meandered into the next aisle. It folllowed. So I went into the next aisle. It followed.

KY His and Hers. Jeez, did I poop my pants? I was seriously worried. So once I ran down the aisle, it seemed to air out. TMI? Sorry, folks...especially if you were by in Target yesterday!.

So, no cheats after 5 weeks on plan. I'm proud of that. Yay me!. any of you ever watch the news and get nervous when they are doing a segment on the obesity epidemic? You know the camera shot where they pan through a bunch of fat and bellies but never show the face of the crowds? I am always terrified to see the outfit I was wearing that day appear. It will be nice for that fear to vanish once I reach goal!..

Comment #33

Hi all! I've been lurking here to see if I'd fit in, and it appears I will. I love how positive this group is and how it is all about staying on plan and not about how to cheat. I'm on Medifast because I work insane hours and I am out of the house constantly. I did WW a few years ago and lost weight, but it has crept back on due to my almost daily fast food runs. I find Medifast much, much easier because there is no major planning, just grab my packets/bars for the day, make sure I have my blender bottle, and go. I save my lean & green for when I get home so I can relax and enjoy it.


Comment #34

Oh, ConnorPonnor, what a story!! I'm glad you finally got your breakfast, and happy for the dog!!.

And, I think I did the same thing in my Target last Thursday!! Seriously, I feel awful for my fellow shoppers!!.

Welcome, Tara!!..

Comment #35

Morning, everyone...almost afternoon. I'm not caught up yet, but wanted to pop in and say hello..


- I moaned and groaned about not starting when I first heard about MF...took me another 5 months and 6-10 pounds before I was ready. Looking at my first few months losses and DS's wedding pictures...I was McFATTY FAT FAT in the wedding pictures and I could have been McFATTY...but it takes what it takes and I wasn't ready then..

I didn't venture too far on the boards when I first started. My best advice came from our own fuzzywuzzy, and it's pretty much the same as we have in our opening post, and on our banner - stay 100%OP. Her exact words...??? What I remember every time I think I want/need to eat sludge "...those foods will be there next year..." Barb's been living in my head for a long time and each time I turned her off, I gained weight. It's gotta be OP 24/7!.


- thanks for your blurb on pacing. I.


To look at the big picture and the averages, but I always manage to forget that during a week with no change in the scale. I've been bemoaning the stale number this week, but overall, I've lost 9.6 lbs in 23 days - not too shabby. I haven't measured because I didn't want to see the higher numbers since the last time I measured, but I bet if I had measured at my highest weight this year, I'd be down. So, I'm measuring tomorrow morning, first thing..

Off to get the taxes wrapped up. <making a horrible, but determined, face>..

Comment #36

Hi all. Lurking and appreciating. Thanks for sharing all you share..

Yes! This is what I have been looking for and didn't even know it! I assume it is to remind/reward you to accept no BLTs? I need one!!! And I have a source. I will post pictures when I get it...

Comment #37

Yeah, I think that exercise makes it even more enticing to tweak here and there. It just seems so... justifiable. That's why it makes me so nervous even now in maintenance. I KNOW how capable I am of making excuses and I have to be on guard against it all the time..

But the answer is that yes, strength training can make your weight do some unexpected things. Conceptually, you break down tissue and then build it back up in strength training, and that damage and healing process requires water to work - and that means you retain water. At least that's my layman's understanding of the cycle, and based on what I see in my own training, I believe it..

But it's like anything else - if you're consistent with your training and your diet, the TREND should be in the right direction even if individual weigh ins aren't where you'd expect to see. It's also true that building muscle means that if your body is the exact same size, but more muscle and less fat, it will weight slightly more..

I'd caution you not to use that knowledge as an excuse, though. We're not body builders, and those impacts should be relatively minor as long as we're staying within the Medifast guidelines. IMX, if the trend isn't in the right direction, it's time to take a close look at the plan and make SURE we're doing what we think we're doing...

Comment #38

Hi Again Gang!.

I just visited the new Y that is opening up near my home. Very nice except they don't have TV's built into the cardio equipment. The TV's are mounted on the ceiling instead. I can live with that if they'll just have some different channel selections. ESPN and Fox News just don't do it for me. Anyway, I hope they have a good selection of classes and then I won't care about having access to a TV station.


I also shipped off some of my too-big clothes to the ladies I found on the clothing exchange here. Man, shipping is expensive! But it made me feel good that someone else can use the stuff while they're losing and I never have to see them again. My goal for this weekend is to go through the closet and take stock of what I do and don't have..

I'm a bit frustrated that the 22W's I have in pants all fit and fit loosely now. But the 22W jeans I have are still snug. I can get them up, button and zip them, but they aren't yet comfortable. Maybe just-a-few-pounds-more. Surely once I'm in the 240's they will work. I've just been without jeans since the (used to be too small) 26's got too big and I didn't have any 24's in the closet.

As much money as I've spent on food over the years, it doesn't compare to what I've dished out for clothes in all sizes - and I'm not even a clotheshorse. I'll wear the same five outfits to work every week for a year! In fact, I keep looking over my shoulder expecting Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear to show up on my doorstep one day..

The sun is shining and the snow is melting and we have above freezing temps for the first day in a week. I'm in SUCH a good mood!..

Comment #39

Happy Saturday!.

I've had a busy morning - we were off to the Y by 10 and I worked my upper body for my full 45 minutes. It's great too see those muscles showing more and more. We stopped at the supermarket afterward to pick up a couple of things and it was mobbed! I guess we're expecting even more snow and people are stocking up. I've boycotted the weather report..

De, I'm doing a happy dance for you!.

Marlena, if you think YOU had Medifarts, wait until you see what happens to your dog!.

I do remember Radiationgirlie saying something like Don't think about it, just do it. I also remember there being a post about how much a cheat costs. Between the three days of getting back into ketosis, a week to lose the three to five pounds I'd likely gain, and being another week away from goal, it was over $150 and that really put it in perspective for me..

It's almost 2 pm and I've only just finished my second Medifast meal - I think I'll be on a slightly different schedule today, but will get all my meals and water in...

Comment #40

Penny - I'm doing a happy dance myself right now!!.

Another quote that I always loved was from a former team mate who claimed "she would eat the box the packets came in if it meant she could lose weight as quickly as with MF! Directed to the people who always complain about how horrible the food is. <laffin>.

Connor - I'm still LOL at your post! You crack me up...

Comment #41

Good job on getting that work out in, Penny!.

TKD, what an awesome attitude you have today, haha...send some of that my way!.

Welcome Tara!.

We'll ya'll it's midnight here and I'm calling it a day after I get my Blog in.

I'll catch up with everyone more tomorrow!..

Comment #42

New haircut today! I feel like a new woman..

Comment #43

Chickie you look beautiful! What a great 'do!!.

I've been thinking a lot this morning about trusting the process of MF. I had a few tears and I finally realizes that my fears are unfounded. It WILL work for me again!! I WILL reach goal and be healthy and I WILL do a proper T&M. I have great examples and advice from those who have been successful! It's gonna be fine...

Comment #44

Beautiful Chickie!!.

De - I'll do a happy dance for you, even though I don't know what we're dancing about. If it makes you happy, it must be good!..

Comment #45

Ahhh... you guys are making me feel so hideous with all the beauty shots. Chickie, you are smokin!..

Comment #46

Thanks ladies! I needed something new and fun..

Goddess, I'm glad you were able to do some soul searching today. There is a reason why we were all brought together here and I know it will mean good things for all of us...

Comment #47

Lynne, I think that when we do Medifast the second (or third or fourth) time, we're so sure about the fast results that we want to see them even faster. I refused to give myself any magical number or time frame this time (this is my second time). I know it works if you just do it. It doesn't matter how fast or how slow. It's still faster than anything else out there, for me, and my healthiest option, too. Of course, it will work this time for you.

De, I'm still dancing over here... grinning and dancing and dancing and grinning... and getting ready to go and eat some honey mustard pretzels!..

Comment #48

Chickie, I love your hair that way! You look so beautiful!.

Congratulations to everyone on losses and great progress being made all around..

De and Rachael: DH and I went to the grocery this AM. I had to sit on the bench while he checked us out. I am totally exhausted. by that short trip..

It is so important to me that my DH live a full life. He loves his work, me, our girls, and his life in general. I have no control over my energy. My mitochondria are broken, along with many other cellular things. I've just started taking a RX called Nuvigil this week. I've been taking 1/4 tab because I react so unpredictably to everything.

Most MDs would rather have AIDS than this. Sad, but very true. Why? because AIDS can be treated..

I feel so incredibly good just being able to make this momentous weight change in my life. This is truly a gift from God for me..

I have never been this overweight in my life I just thought I was. I am just returning to normal right now. My size 8 jeggings fit perfectly, so I'll see if they'll be on sale when I need the 6s. I'll send the 8s to my sister this spring. My sister is also on MF. She lurks, doesn't show up often.

I love calling her up and swapping successes with her..

Enjoy your weekend all brave spirits in TL!.

I love you and this group. YOU are a tonic for me..


Comment #49

I don't normally do this, but another MFer makes hand crafted glass beads. If any of you are looking for nice reward items, check out this shop, it's absolutely awesome stuff. If I could I'd buy out her store just for all the shineys!.


Comment #50

Afternoon all!.

Connor, were you the fart cloud I walked into? Cuz, something at Target yesterday about knocked me out and I KNOW it wasn't me!.

But does anyone else feel like their sweat stinks like old medifast shake? Midway through a workout and I cant stand the smell of myself. I'm hoping it's the icky toxins getting out of my systems, but damn do I smell.

Glad to see more positive things from TLrs..

Best advice I've gotten was "let Medifast work." So that means 100% OP, no cheats, tricks or wiggle room. This go round, I'm letting Medifast work and trusting the system..

I'm off for a nap. Had a 3 mile walk this morning with the dogs at a local park and I have a hockey game tonight so I need some beauty rest..

Happy day to all..

Comment #51

Chickie-I love that cut, so cute and sassy looking.

I just sat down literally for the first time since 6:45 this morning.......With all the construction going on, the house was a DISASTER.....Holy God.........

I am thinking my head is getting there. I keep reading and listening well to all of you. I don't "chat" alot, but, I am here reading as often as I can.......

Connor-Oh those Medifarts-God everytime we go out I am always blessing those around me with my aroma......DH is always saying it is a good thing I don't look like someone who smells so folks are prolly blaming it on someone else...LOL.

De and Penny-I totally missed it, what on earth is the happy dance for?.

Steph and Chris-I would love you two to do some motivational speaking......You have ways of wording it that just make sense..

Raechel-Fort Drum so another NY'er? There are quite a few of us here......Thanks for your service and the sacrifice being away from your guys......

Comment #52

Chickie - You are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!.

Beth - I can certainly feel for you, perhaps even understand more than many. While it's no where near as bad, I've been dealing with Fibro for 17 years. I simply refuse to let it win, and now I'm going to use my strength of will to help YOU fight. While things may seem hopeless, as you lose weight this may improve and I will NOT sit back and let you watch others live life around you. Nope, not gonna! Not in my genetic makeup!.

You keep looking for whatever is out there that can give you any relief. Never lose hope and never give up. New treatments for formerly untreatable conditions are being found every year. Used to be AIDS was a death sentence, but not any more. So let's get the excess baggage off and see what happens then. Maybe in the very near future, they will find suitable treatments for BOTH our conditions!.

Penny - Up to you.......

Comment #53

Afternoon greetings to you awesome losers!!!!!!!!!! Wishing everyone a healthy, productive and on plan weekend!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #54

Sugargirl....I was probably an exception to the rule, I was consistent to the end. In fact, it got to be a joke after a while as every week was 2 pounds. Funny how that was. Even in maintenance, until I finally stopped losing it was 2 pounds a week. I was in an Medifast rut, but never minded..

Woo hoo Chickie on throwing sludge away!!!!!. are going to look great on your cruise! Thanks for being where you are right now. I for one appreciate all your sacrifices!.

Lynne, my only goal was to stay 100% on plan. I was afraid to have any others. I knew that if I only focused on the weight loss goal, I would never get there....well at least I didn't think I could. I mean I had a whole heck of a lot of weight to lose....over 100 pounds. I could not wrap my head around that. I could wrap my head around staying 100% on plan and seeing where that got me.

Jan, thanks! I remember when you were thinking about a holiday from being OP and I told you that those foods would be there. You stayed 100% on plan through the holidays. It is so will always be there when we can handle it. And if we can't, then it is sludge and we weren't meant to put it in our body. Thanks my friend!..

Comment #55

Oh, De, back to YOU! I insist!.

Alternatively, we could just keep everyone guessing. Heh heh.....

Comment #56 the new do! You look great..

Beth....size 8 jeggins. Wow! Those things scare me. I'm in awe of anyone who wears them!.

Dee/ one of those people who got me to where I am today. If it weren't for Dee I never would have survived my scaleless summer on MF..

Which is also where I learned to trust the program. There I was.....beginning my 4th month on Medifast and scaleless.....yes scaleless for 5 weeks in Maine. Just me, my Medifast and my lobster lean and greens. Price of lobster was very cheap that summer ($2.50 a pound) off the lobster boat. I just about ate one a day for the entire 5 weeks. No butter, just steamed lobster and a salad.

I let go of the scale and let Medifast do it's job..

I know people say they can't walk away from the scale, but I had to. I had to learn how to deal with food in a healthy way. I had to not view my weight as a number on the scale, but as a result of the food that I put in my mouth. I guess I should blog about these journal entries..

When we look at food as effecting the number on the scale, we are opening ourselves up to "cheating". We have something off plan because it doesn't change the scale at that immediate moment. We don't see the result of that "cheat". The problem is, when we do go up a pound, the cheat was in the past and we don't remember exactly what it was..

This is why it is so important for me to deal with the plan and the food, not the number..

Not sure if this makes any sense, but when I started to realize this, I thought I had made a major break through...

Comment #57

Chickie...That is a great haircut on you and you look absolutely amazing!!!..

Comment #58

Yes, you can do it. And you're right. The proper transition process is really important. For me it is making a whole new world of difference...

Comment #59

Great NSV today.....well if you can have an NSV when you are in maintenance.....DH finally....14 months after my rings resized! I got them back today. No more ringless me. I guess this means no more guys asking me out...

Comment #60

Nice NSV, Barb! I'm still wearing my headlight-size (not really) CZ!.

Still deciding on what to do for dinner tonight. Do I want to cook? No. Looks like maybe I'll have to do a little flirting with DH and get him to take us out..

I have a little NSV - those size 8s I was wearing yesterdya? I bought a pair in black with slightly different pockets. They make my behind look incredible! LOL!..

Comment #61


Thanks for starting us out this morning. I know it is 2:40 on the Pac Coast by the time I finally logged on, but wanted to take a quick moment before I read thru the thread, to say what a remarkable young woman I think you are..

I feel safe going to bed each night knowing our country is in the capable hands and hearts of folks such as yourself..

As always, you stay safe out there, 'k?.

Oh I think the hubs is gonna be blown away by his very HAWT new wifey when you return...

Comment #62

Woo Hoo.

Fuzzy, of course you'd be doing Willie in the month of Feb. Have fun, and don't let it tempt you. What am I saying? YOu are a TLer, right?..

Comment #63

Plus you have a secret weapon that NONE of them has..

You have US!..

Comment #64

Wearing a pair of old jeans I haven't worn since last spring! Woo hoo! I am such a blue jeans kinda gal!.

Off to Ruby Tuesday to enjoy their Garden Bar! See you kids in a couple hours. Play nice, ok?..

Comment #65

Chickie I love the hair.

Hi to everyone else that has been in today..

Comment #66

Hey guys, checking up before I make a trip to Sam's. Weigh in Day and I've lost 2.2lbs.


Okay, I know this isn't a weight loss question; however, you guys are all smart women and men and I thought I would run this by you to see what you think of it all (can't talk to the mom about it because she just thinks I'm a perfect angel who does no wrong).

I was in a relationship with a guy for 6 years...2 years were good ones. He cheated, and abused me, and yet I still stayed with him. After 4 years he was diagnosed with bipolar/ borderline schizophrena (sp?), among other things. I still stayed. I wised up after awhile and left him; however, sometimes I still have the "what might have been" thoughts..

Other things have been going on in my life lately as well. A friend from undergrad tried to kill herself twice last week. Once on overdosing on my ex's xanex and the next cuting herself with broken glass. She is okay at the moment and trying to get help but it really upset me. And then I found out that my best friend from high school was arrested for possession, selling, and stealing narcotics. She has a baby and they will probably take her away from her.

They were talking and my mom (a former police officer) was really upset about it all. Somewhere in the conversation they began to talk about me and my friend's mom (who I've always called 'mom number 2') told my mom that "Amanda is going to snap one day from all she had to deal with with her boyfriend"....that really struck home to me. Am I going to snap? Everyone else seems to have done that. Am I just as crazy as the rest of them?.

That is what I was having such problems with last night and my boy talked me through it. However, he is a little biased when it comes to me.

What do you guys think? Could I be crazy? Or was I just surrounded by crazy and the idea of it just frightens me?.

Thank you guys for listening to me. I promise that I will do my best to remain positive after this week. I just wanted to get opinions from my Medifast family..

Comment #67

Amanda - crazy isn't contagious. You seem pretty sane but let's face it, we only see the part of you that you want to show us so I don't think anyone here can honestly comment on whether you will crack someday. I see a lot of bi polar in my line of work (as well as a lot of abused women) and it is really difficult on their loved ones so I can understand why it took you so long to get out - but I am really glad you did. If you are even questioning it, I would suggest seeing a good therapist - better safe than sorry and my theory is a little therapy never HURT anyone - esp. those of us with weight issues. But don't judge yourself by your friends issues...

Comment #68

Oh, and it sounds like you have a great boyfriend now - plus you are getting yourself healthy so I would say you sound like you are in a good place...

Comment #69

Alucas - First of all a BIG {{HUG}}. I don't think you're crazy, but have been surrounded by it. Not even that, just surrounded by people who are struggling with their coping abilities and having a hard time finding their way. My opinion, for what it's worth, is that you make your own path and choices in this life. You can either choose to fight through the tough times rather than give in and let them overwhelm you and come out a much stronger person, or you can choose the easy way out and give up. You don't seem like a quitter to me.

It sounds like you have a good support group, but it might not hurt to talk to a professional about your concerns..

You can't let your friend's bad choices destroy YOU. Support them as much as you can, but not to the point that you get sucked in. I know it's hard to draw that line, but ultimately, the only person you HAVE to take care of is YOU. You aren't going to follow in their footsteps unless you CHOOSE to. Hang in there and come here when things seem the worst. It's amazing how many times my Medifast family have pulled me out of the dark place that fibro can sometimes lead. Let us do whatever we can for you to help keep you focused on the goals you want to meet in YOUR life...

Comment #70

Haven't read todays thread yet, but wanted to check in and say HELLO!.

I left Friday morning and headed a couple hours west to St Louis where my kids and I spent the whole day at the St Louis Science Center and then today we went ice skating..

We just got back and I was happy to stay OP the entire time we were gone. I packed some extra meals, in case, and I'm glad I did because we woke up to 6 inches of snow that we didn't know was coming and we got home 4 hours later than we had anticipated..

We stayed at my sister in laws and despite my calling and discussing what was going to be cooked and having it all planned out, I showed up and found she had cooked the chicken in butter and stir-fryed the veggies..

So, I pulled out a pan and started mine over. While I'm sure it wasn't appreciated by her, I was happy to not go off plan. I'm sure I did more than just that to annoy her while we were there..

I hope everyone had a great start to their weekend..


Comment #71

As someone who's lived with a mentally ill ex for more than 22 years, I can tell you what normally 'comes next' or what 'might have been' if you had stayed with your b/f. Bad things come next...all heartaches & headaches where nothing is ever good enough & there IS NO normal..

As someone who's lived with a physically abusive man as a young woman, I can tell you this: If we stay in abusive relationships, we accept that abuse as something we deserve which is NEVER true. It is a vicious cycle. When I worked in a shelter for abused women, I saw it all the time. Women being put down SO much by their SOs that they didn't feel worthy of anything good. So they go back; they perpetuate the cycle b/c they feel they deserve to be mistreated. Such a LIE.

A 'crazy' woman would NOT have done what YOU did! It takes strength & courage to leave an abusive relationship & the vast majority of women do NOT do it. Kudos to YOU my friend..



Comment #72

Hi Chris! I hope all is going well....or at least settled down. I've been keeping you and your family in my prayers...

Comment #73

Thank you Barb....DD is walking & getting back to her old self, trying real hard to recoup from the 'rest' at the hospital. UGH. We are getting her on the road to recovery, whatever it takes, one step at a time...

Comment #74

Holy cow, it's 4:30 and I'm just checking in..

Chickie: Love the hair. You look great. I envy you and Penny with your cute short haircuts. You have to have a very pretty face to get away with short hair. And you both do..

Rachael: Great job on your testing! And thank you so much for your service. You are so appreciated..

Conner: Lordy girl. You crack me up!.

Penny: I bet you look great in your size 8's..

Alright, off to peruse the board and see what's up. Then Mr Sunny and I are off to dinner. I have a fridge full of food for our super bowl party, but can't seem to find anything for dinner tonight. You know how that goes...

Comment #75

I ended up wih broiled tilapia and shrimp (New Orleans seafood; no sauce) at Ruby Tuesday with steamed broccoli and grilled zucchini. Delicious! We are getting freezing rain at the moment with thunder and lightning! This is the weirdest winter of weather in a long time for us. We live at the bottom of three consecutive hills. After coming down one of them sideways in the Durango, while in 4WD, we decided to take the longer, less steep route the rest of the way. That was my adventure for the year..

Chris so glad your DD is on the mend. You've been in my thoughts..

Alucas, I have to agree with the others. The fact that you knew to take care of YOU speaks volumes. People "snap" when they don't take the right measures to take care of themselves. Taking yourself out of harmful, destructive situations tells me you're a pretty strong, brave lady..

(Dancing and singing) I still have two meals left! And De is grinning over there in the desert.....

Comment #76

Thank you ladies!.

It's amazing how a new do can make you feel so good..

De, I think I love you. You have given some of the most loving, compassionate, caring advice today. You have got a good heart in you my friend..

Alucas, congrats on the loss!!! You have gotten lots of good advice today. The only thing I want to add is that I'm a HUGE fan of therapy. Sometimes it's just good to have a neutral party to talk to about things going on or that have gone on in your life. THey can help you make sense of it all. Also, not every therapist fits every person, so if you go to one and you don't "clique" don't give up. The right one is out there and you will find them. (((HUGS)))..

Comment #77

I actually had trouble getting all my meals in today, which is crazy for me on the weekend..

It made me think of you De, and what you go through daily..

I'm not complaining really. I just have that super full, stuffed feeling since I just made myself eat my last Medifast meal and it's giving me bad feelings that if I'm not hungry then I won't lose weight..

Crazy, I know. The tricks our brains play on us, huh?..

Comment #78

I kept reading that over and over and I couldn't figure out what you meant. I was reading it as dessert rather than desert though. Lol!.

I couldn't imagine what she was doing in your dessert..

I got it now..

Not got it got it, but I know you were talking about where she lives. Hahaha!..

Comment #79

He he, Chickie! Yes, De has a wonderfully big heart. I'm proud to call her my friend...

Comment #80

Back atcha hon!.

Chickie - You are going to ruin my rep as a hostile, mean, trouble maker!.

Off to continue dancing in Penny's Dessert! <snicker>..

Comment #81

Penny, I have to tell you a lil secret: Ruby Tuesday SELLS those cajun spices!!! I LOVE to use them on fish especially. I pay $3.99 per POUND for the spices!!!! Cheap cheap. Just ask the restaurant manager & tell him your friend always buys the spices from the store in Aurora Colorado. Just thought you'd like to know that!.

Thanks for your kind words too, I really appreciate ALL of you guys. If anyone reads this thread & cannot see the enormous support that IS offered, well, I'd say it's time to have your eyes checked...

Comment #82

Hello Everyone,.

I am coming up for air, catching up the boards etc..

Lemme see....

Penny, your hair looks great both ways, whichever you like better is what you should do, both very flattering..

And, hey Chickie Momma, nice new do!.

Speaking of hair, mine is growing fast. It has always grown fast but even more now. This happen to ya'all?.

Rachael (hope I have the "A" in the right place) As others have said; thank you for your service to our country. Also, congratulations on your dry run of your upcoming test. WTG!.

Alucas (Amanda?) - As others have said crazy is not contagious and shrinks are great. I suspect the friend's Mom did not mean to insinuate you are on the fact track to crazy town, but was expressing a concern about how emotionally upsetting it must be for you to have so many very heavy duty events in your life. I hope you are feeling better, and please come back and "talk" to us if you need us..

If any of you pray, or do voodoo, or know a good headhunter or something, I need some good job finding karma. I am so terrified with my current joblessness. Medifast is easy for me, figuring out what the hell I want to do with my career, to pay the damn mortgage, that is the hardest thing for me now. Thank you!..

Comment #83

Thanks for that tip, Chris! I do love their Cajun spice! I have a little left of a blend I made using a recipe from a Penzey's catalog, but it's not as good as Ruby Tuesday's! We're regulars there, so I'll bet they'll hook me up!..

Comment #84

Kiki - Beaming some job search mojo your way!..

Comment #85

Think I'm going to call it a night. Talk to you all tomorrow...

Comment #86

Sure, you could be crazy. I could be an axe murderer, and De could be a... well, you know..

Or you could just be like the rest of us, with some broken pieces you're working on, and some healthy pieces you're trying to keep that way, and mostly just doing what you have to do to get through the day..

There's no way that anyone here can answer that question for you. The thing about the innernut is that we can be whoever we want to be here. I think most people are as honest as they can be, in the sense that they tell us what they THINK is true about themselves, but the real truth is that the world is full of people who wouldn't recognize it if they ran into themselves on the street. Sad, but we all have illusions about ourselves, so it's just not possible to make any kind of educated guess when all we know is what you say..

We're all broken in one way or another. That's just life, and it doesn't mean we're crazy - or not crazy. The question is, do you need help with the broken pieces. Only you and the people close to you can know that in any meaningful way..

I used to worry about it, enough that I went to therapy for a while. It helped, in the sense that I acquired some confidence that I was doing as well as could be expected, better than most, and wasn't an active danger to myself or anyone else. I don't know that it fixed anything, really, but that's ok - sometimes just getting a confirmation of our perception of reality is enough...

Comment #87

Sending TL Mojo your way - being jobless is The Worst! Hang in there, and something will appear.......

Comment #88

Thanks everybody for the advise. I think I might see a counselor here at school...maybe...the boy and I went out to eat at Applebee's today. I got one of their under 550 cal steaks...and then made it even less with substitutions and leave offs...My waitor probably HATED me. But I ended up getting the meal for free because the first time around they put cheese on my steak....and then the next one they dropped on the floor. Well at least they told me about it 'cause i'm sure the things on their kitchen floor are not OP.


Comment #89

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.