Why fat women not call Nutrisystem, Rico wonders?

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Question I have... Why fat women not call Nutrisystem, Rico wonders? Hoping for any response. Second question of mine... The bet: beat Poly to his start weight and pin the Hof on him...or wear the badge of shame if he makes it to goal first..

TxRhino and bob_m: Since we are all about 10ish pounds away: If I get to 170 (nominal goal) before you get to 230 (start weight), then I don the Hasselhof for a week. If you beat me...then I wear the badge of shame for a week..


We'll use the picture that Robert_C had. If it doesn't fit in avatar, we can put it in the signature or something..

In case we split, I'll do a week for whoever beats me and take a week from whoever I beat..

Anyone else in the 240ish region, feel free to jump in..

24 hours to match posted weight..

Tie means neither man wears the badge...

Comments (76)

Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

If there's any changes you want, feel free. I'm pretty amenable to any bet..

I'll Hof you whatever the rules are. Don't need to borrow players from my wife's team...

Comment #2

If you win poly, i'll make my avatar even cuter than yours.....

Ok, bdc4u, jump in anytime. you too bond-james-bond.

I am 238 today with a goal to reach 230 before poly reaches 170.

And rhino reaches 230.

I gotta frickin focus..

Comment #3

Bungle and Gordo...if you want to join in feel free. you are each 10ish pounds from endgoal. No pressure...just looking forward to a Men's Room filled with my little Hasselhofs...

Comment #4

Hmm does it work if I hit 170 before you do?..

Comment #5

I've sworn off joining anything for a while..

I must say, I'm looking forward to all the little Hasselhof's running around here..


Comment #6

Hey Poly!! How about if I hit 200 before you hit 170?..

Comment #7

That looks good to me, Rick...(not to take words out of the hasselhoff to be) who else is out there?..

Comment #8

I'm in! Was 238.6 last Monday... will weigh in again this Monday, and aiming to hit 230 before the cat hits 170. Let the games begin!..

Comment #9

I had the black bean tortilla soup for lunch and now zesty herb snack mix - the bowls are growling, even my dog is hiding her head (and nose) - look out 237 here I come!!!.

Thank god I worked from home today......

Comment #10

Rick: Suits. Sure you don't want to make it sub-200 so it's "Wonderland" also?.

James-Jack: You're in. Get sized up for that speedo...

Comment #11

Heh well I was half-kidding about being in, I have a much shorter distance to go (and this morning's preview for my next Monday weigh-in is looking good). But if you're still up for it, you're gonna have to work to beat me..

Comment #12

Just for clarity: For fairness to y'all: I'll do a separate (named and in sequence) week for each person who beats me. In the hypothetical case that there are two or more of you that can do that..

However, I'm expecting a little formation of swirling Hasselhofs dancing around the boards instead. Cause each one of you, I beat gets added to the formation...

Comment #13

My first response was going to be hell no!.

But then I figured what the heck.....

Comment #14

Damn! I may just have to lose some more to join this party. Of course, you guys are forgetting that as much fun as it will be to make somebody rock the Hof, we have to look at it!..

Comment #15

Yeah that's my biggest problem with this challenge. No matter who wins, everyone loses...

Comment #16

Hey are the power biker. You could just make it 200 for you and still have a good shot at Hoffing me...

Comment #17

OK, so at first I didn't really get the stakes, but the last several posts have me understanding... oh boy..

Still, I'm not 100% clear. If I lose, what do I have to do? Post a pic on here in a speedo?.

Hmm... maybe time to go for my first-ever (well, not ever, but first in a loooooong time) jog tonight (I usually walk)...

Comment #18

No...don't worry about the speedo. TMI for most of us although I know Jets fan would like it..

All you have to do is put this picture in your signature or avatar for a week, if you lose:.


Comment #19

Heh heh heh..

Whew. That's very lucky for everyone..

What happened, Godzilla crisped up the cat?..

Comment #20

Inside joke with someone. See the source of the picture...

Comment #21

Here's the roster:.


Bob_m/238/238/230/Poly start.

Gibbous/175/175/170/gibby goal.

ILikeBond/238.6/238.6/230/Poly start.

MeltingCPA/208/208/200/wonderland doorstep.

TxRhino/241/241/230/Poly start.

ApolytonGP/179/179/170/Poly goal..

Comment #22

It might be a misunderstanding on my part, but I heard.


Already had a.

"Little Hasselhof".



Comment #23

I want an angry rumbling rhino! Shake the earth!!!..

Comment #24

177,huh? hmmm...can not do the rball I wanted to do today. I am going to go running tho. maybe before football starts..

Comment #25

Be careful. You are getting old and are still heavy. Don't want you getting hurt. (My running days are over.)..

Comment #26

Aaagh! Come on dude, the whole point of this was for you to kick my ass...

Comment #27

The good news is, speaking from a position of experience, your Hasselfhof gets bigger the more weight you lose. BTW Poly, you're never too old to run! Unless, I suppose, you're too broke up from previous athletic endeavors...

Comment #28

I'm on it. i'm running today after I get my work done....

I would be much furthur ahead but the turkey and sausage stuffing are just too tempting. why did my wife cook that?..

Comment #29

She is on it....

She's doing well actually, down about 17 lbs - we both started sept 11..

She usually works every weekend. she was home, so she wanted to do something homey for the kids and all, you gotta understand that.....

Comment #30 are up on me. I don't have a wife or kids. Not even a squeeze. Bet it is fun when you are all riding around in the jeep together!..

Comment #31

Yea, they like it with the top off too! I don't go far like that tho - just the typical run-around stuff, going down the parkway with the top down gets annoying - untill I can find a way to stop the wind from coming in from the back - they don't have something like that for the 4-door wrangler.

It's funny, even tho our kids are only 9,6,and 4 they have noticed we lost weight - we try and send them the right message - it's about being healthy, not necessarily being skinny...aka anorexic or something.....

Comment #32

Anybody else with Monday weigh-ins?.




Behind. Come on and beat me...give me 5 weeks of Hasselhof shame!.

Bob_m/238/238/230/Poly start.

Gibbous/175/173.5/170/gibby goal.

ILikeBond/238.6/?/230/Poly start.

MeltingCPA/208/207.5/200/wonderland doorstep.

TxRhino/241/?/230/Poly start.

ApolytonGP/179/177/170/Poly goal..

Comment #33

Still 238..

Just exercised, I could go weigh in again...naaah..

Comment #34

I am still 207.5. My weight loss stayed still this last week...

Comment #35

Monday Weigh-in (I'm on the west coast, so I may typically be a few hours behind some of you guys in posting...):.


Comment #36





Bob_m/238/238/230/Poly start.

Gibbous/175/173.5/170/gibby goal.

ILikeBond/238.6/235.8/230/Poly start.

MeltingCPA/208/207.5/200/wonderland doorstep.

TxRhino/241/?/230/Poly start.

ApolytonGP/179/177/170/Poly goal..

Comment #37

Wow. I had to look up what a 'Haselhoff' was and have to say I was "hyp-mo-tized" Scarey..

Comment #38

We usually get a lot of Monday weights so will update the stats tomorrow..

I'm at 175 tonight. Hoping for a 175 or 174 tomorrow for BL. 175 most likely. Loss rate slowed with knee interfering with RobertC-like bike riding...

Comment #39

Who knows, maybe I scared Gibby and he has buckled down to give me my first week of speedo...

Comment #40

If all goes well, 237 tomorrow. we'll see darnit - and wife and I are in the zone now, so you are truley hafflhoffed in 2 weeks - even if I go to florida - i'm thinkin beach running - SO gib, poly, and the rest of the losers, you have 2 weeks to get to 230 or 170 or whatever that goal is. thats it I am calling the shot because, well, because I need to. do it, deal with it, and good luck!..

Comment #41

235 - here I come! that's a 30 lb mark too, woo woo!..

Comment #42

(Bold ahead, italics behind.).

ApolytonGP/179/174/170/Poly goal.

Bob_m/238/235/230/Poly start.

Gibbous/175/173.5/170/gibby goal.

ILikeBond/238.6/235.8/230/Poly start.

MeltingCPA/208/207.5/200/wonderland doorstep.

TxRhino/241/241/230/Poly start.

Need updates from Rick, Jack and Tex...

Comment #43

(Bold ahead, italics behind.).

ApolytonGP/179/174/170/Poly goal.

Bob_m/238/235/230/Poly start.

Gibbous/175/173.5/170/gibby goal.

ILikeBond/238.6/235.8/230/Poly start.

MeltingCPA/208/205/200/wonderland doorstep.

TxRhino/241/241/230/Poly start.

Need updates from Jack and Tex. Haven't heard from Tex for a little while. Hope he is out saving lives, not falling off wagons...

Comment #44



Hold on to your knickers... I am at.

232 lbs.

But in all fairness I have been more than a little under the weather this past week and am sure I will gain some back when the rehydrations kicks in. But for now .... just.

2lbs shy.

Of the prize...

Comment #45

Monday weigh-in - 232.8..

I've been on a tear lately. Don't know how or why, but I'm not complaining..

Queue up the Hoff, Poly.....

Comment #46

All right you chunkahunkaz!.






ApolytonGP/179/174/170/Poly goal.

Bob_m/238/235/230/Poly start.

Gibbous/175/173.5/170/gibby goal.

ILikeBond/238.6/232.8/230/Poly start.

MeltingCPA/208/205/200/wonderland doorstep.

TxRhino/241/232/230/Poly start..

Comment #47

I didn't really need to see that much Hasselhoff!..

Comment #48

Darn i'm behind! rhino and bond are kickin butt!..

Comment #49

Darn, I am weighing in tomorrow, I don't think I have changed.....

Comment #50

My weigh in is tomorrow and to be perfectly honest... I'm going for a haircut, manicure, and will likely pick up a little laxative. I'll be Damned If I let.



"The Hoff".

On me. Give it your best shot.

Poly-Woly Dootle-All-Day...

Comment #51

Got a lot of respect for you if you eclipse me, rhino...

Comment #52


OK my friend.. today's wiegh in shows me just.

1.5 lbs.

From goal. I may just have to go for a run and weigh in on Monday...

Comment #53

I'd rather dress a speedo on your ass than respect you...

Comment #54

I changed my goal to 165. I assume our bet still holds with 170 being my target for the Hof. If anyone has a heartache with that, let me know and I will just have to get to 165...

Comment #55

I stayed the same this week - being sick sucks, still 235.

Darn rhino get him!..

Comment #56

I am currently chowing down on some awesome kitchen sink veggies liquidated from sauteeing along with the Nutrisystem cajun dinner. Must be doing something evil as this does not feel like dieting...

Comment #57

Use both hands to cook with and get the other out of your pants .... of course.

It doesn't feel like dieting.

... probable feels more like a.

Small Snack...

Comment #58

Speaking of which, my 4 year old son just made a "rocket ship" out of peach play-doh that looks quite interesting -maybe i'll make it my avatar and get kicked off Nutrisystem online..

Comment #59

169 this morning. Regular weighin, nothing funky. You all have 24 hours to weighin and see if you're at target to match it...

Comment #60

Just under.

230 lbs.

This morning. Is that a tie?..

Comment #61

Today's weigh-in: 230....

Point two.

(i.e. 230.2).


I couldn't <ahem> "force" the last 0.2 lbs out either...

Comment #62

Damn, i'm not even close - better get my hasselhoff ready..

Comment #63

It's over 24 hours (I made it 2 days ago). I would never tangle with the horn of a rhino, though. Will leave it up to you..

P.s. I had a great visit with my PCP today. I was so prepped up from research and all on my shoulder, that we totally had a grownup, sophisticated discussion about selecting a surgeon. And he thinks my weight loss helps me with asking for an athletic repair...

Comment #64

I may have been there saturday as well, unfortunately, I do not spend much time online over the weekend and I certainly avoid the scale. That said, I will leave it up to the group to decide my fate...

Comment #65

My vote- rhino gets a pass - making that min-goal is more than good enough in itself! good job!.

I will succumb to the hasselhoff - but I will make the Dec 1 challenge.

I think i'll post in every thread tho so you all have to see the hasslehoff..

Comment #66

I have been away all weekend and yesterday. Appears my 1# drop is not enough for me to avoid the Hasselhof!..

Comment #67

Ha! That Hasslehoff looks great on you Bob! Now go post in the estro threads... I can't wait to see that reaction...

Comment #68

A few saw me on the biggest loser wiegh in thread and gave me a shout-out...pretty funny.....

Comment #69

Us germans we love us some Hasselhoff. OMG I am still laughing!!!! And still.......laughing........

Comment #70

My wife laughes at me like that...another german... :-)..

Comment #71

Testing... and if it works, I guess I will start my 1 week vacation from the boards. See ya!..

Comment #72

Too funny. I am so happy that I didn't participate in that challenge...

Comment #73

What do y'all think of the belly fat on the Hof?.

1. too fat.

2. ok.

3. good.

4. too skinny.

P.s. I just noticed how phallic the little Hof looks on the big Hof. Disturbing. Gotta control my wandering eyes..

Comment #74

My penance for losing the challenge by a measly .2 lbs is below......

Comment #75

LOL! So looking at all the Hoff in here, I take it either Bob_M or ILikeBond must have lost the challenge? (I've been away for a LONG time, so I'm just now catching up)...

Comment #76

Just trying to keep the fatties on the straight and narrow. It ended up motivating me too, though!..

Comment #77

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