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First off, Why I can't display my homepage Looking forward for any comment. My 2nd question... Hello all!.

I'm very new to this program so please forgive my ignorance...I have installed osCommerce on my UNIX platform at Network Solutions and now I need help programming. What I have setup is a gigantic gallery of photographs that need to be sold...So I would like a form that allows the user to put in credit card and picture info and then the information to be written to database...The form and all subdomains will be secured by understanding that if SSL is covering the form and the database then all the information should be secure?...Then all I need to do is have the osCommerce email me with the day's events...can someone point me in the right direction for such a thing or suggest on how to go about this...never used osCommerce before so i'm kinda lost...thanks all!!.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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There is the tiny matter of PCI compliance when handling credit cards...

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What I'm asking I guess is how do I build just a form in osCommerce and not actually a shopping cart...I don't need to process payment or store customers...just want a form with a few fields to write to database...anyone know if osCommerce can do this...i was told it could.



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So you don't sell anything? What's the point of installing osCommerce then?..

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It's a iPage website that sells 100s of photos and changes I need to be able to create a form where user puts in personal info...picture number...and credit card info...then I can pick out the picture to print and have it shipped to them? make sense?'s the form I was using to help you understand what I'm trying to achieve...i just need to secure this form that is already built or create one just like it in osCommerce....


...and yes this is just a blank copy of the form stored on another server so it's not intended to be the working version...thanks for your help!..

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I think really what I'm asking for is how to build "Form to Database" in user inputs data, form writes to database, osCommerce checks database and notifies me...something to that effect.


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Think you have got the wrong end of the stick of what osc does..

You set up a catalogue of products that you want to sell and the price..

The customer views the iPage site and selects what they want to buy..

They pay by CC..

The iPage site owner despatches the goods..

Order history and other good stuff is available for the iPage site owner to see..

Try looking at the demo iPage site and imagine how you could achieve your business model...

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I think your lack of understanding how osCommerce works as well as the way you phrased your question has confused everyone..

If "I" understand you correctly, what you are asking is something that osCommerce already does and your form is "re-inventing the wheel" so to speak..

OsCommerce already has the form(s) you need and most are part of the checkout process (the shopping cart). The user data is part of the account login pages. The product data is part of the product pages along with all of the different product attributes that your form has listed such as frame type, etc. The payment options (credit card data) is part of the payment (modules) pages. The shipping options are part of the shipping pages..

All of the forms above are already included "out of the box" for the osCommerce software. OsCommerce is a complete shopping cart program..

Take the time to install osCommerce and play around with the backend admin to load a product and add different attributes to that product (size, color, frame type, picture format, etc.). You will see that osCommerce will do what you are wanting it to do. It will also notify you of each purchase via email as well as log all of your customer's purchases and much, much more..

Hope this helped,..

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Sorry Geoffrey,.

I must have been writting my response at the same time as yours. :-)..

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If you want to get their credit card information by phone or fax you could install the.

Fax or Phone Credit Card Details through.

Contribution but at least you already captured their shipping info using osC this way..

Storing credit card numbers in an online database or having people email you that information is a no-no nowadays...

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Sorry should have made it clear that pay by cc was an on-line payment using a merchant account..

No CC details should be held/stored/emailed on the your server in any way shape or form..

Unless you can fulfill the PCI regs...

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Hey all...I do have osCommerce installed and have access to the admin panel but am largely turned off by the confusing navigation. I can't seem to figure out how to create anything or export files to upload. I don't know where the "demo site" is that you were refering to but I would love to take a look..

I'm not interested in hassling my customers with a login procedure and so that is why i'm going the route of the form. Also uploading all the pictures and trying to make product templates for finishes, paper, size, picture number, get the point would be quite the hassle to setup in the shopping cart..

Thanks for trying to explain it all to me, seems like I just can't figure out how to get started...kinda frustrating actually....


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