Why is it cheap to get a domain name on the Russian iPage web host?

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Quick question: Why is it cheap to get a domain name on the Russian iPage web host? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question... I have had a FrontPage edited iPage website which has existed on a Server with no probs...until our internet provider got bought out by a provider that doesn't support FrontPage extensions on it's new server. So I go to upload a new page through an FTP client and not have any FrontPage features enabled. Great right except all my jpeg images will not show - they have a white box with a red x.

So I tried to use Dreamweaver (which I have never used till now) to upload & download some pages to check things out & resave images. Unfortunately I have taken the extremely lazy way to create this website. I have used basically all images created in Photoshop - even the text. So pages I have downloaded cannot even be viewed in Dreamweaver or FrontPage..

What the hell have I done & what can I possibly try to do a temp quick fix till I can redo the iPage site in a proper fashion. Someone suggested saving my images as GIFs. But now the new pages I have tried to create can't even be viewed on the web. The internet providers page comes up & says page cannot be found????.

Thank you in advance..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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It looks like you are saving the images in the newsletter folder. so make sure you have them spelled right..

If I were you I wouldn't use dreamweaver or frontpage to upload anything. I would use an ftp program like ws_ftple, it is free and it does wonders. beside you get to see what files are going into what folder...

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Once I couldn't post through FrontPage, when the server changed over, I tried posting with a plain ol FTP client - either Cute-FTP or WS-FTP and that's when it all began........

No images, just white boxes with red x.

The strange thing is even when I download a page from my iPage site now & view it in Dreamweaver or FrontPage anything from the original iPage site that is a jpeg does not show up. Even if I try to open it in Photoshop..

The spelling & case of the file names shouldn't matter since or I should say they should be correct since they worked when the server supported FrontPage extensions. I have not had a problem till then...

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So when you upload images to the server what do you set the ftp up as? you send files (php, asp, cgi) as.


And then images and regular html files as.



That is probably what is happening...

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I tried it a few different ways, first I believe it was the default setting, where it chooses the format. Then I tried the ASCII setting, then I tried the Binary setting, & then I tried sending the images seperately from the HTML file since it was saved as one whole file with text and graphics..

None of it worked which is why I tried posting with Dreamweaver & let it do the thinking...

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