Why is Sara Rue a spokesperson for Nutrisystem ads? Photo included?

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Quick question... Why is Sara Rue a spokesperson for Nutrisystem ads? Photo included? Hoping for any answer or 2. My other question... What is the first thing people say when you tell them you're "doing" Nutrisystem?.

Some people look at my fat ass and sarcastically ask "How's that working for ya?" Even if they don't say it with their mouths, they say it with their eyes. Of course they didn't see me when I was 404. So I give them a pass..

The next group says; "Isn't that expensive?" So then I feel obligated to explain how it's not more expensive, in fact it's cheaper than when I was getting $20 worth a crap through a drive-thru window, sometimes twice a day..

Then you have my Aunt who still lives in the swamps of Georgia from where I first sprung. She exclaims "Not everyone can afford Nutrisystem" at holler monkey screech volume. Of course I ignored her until she said it for the third time. Then I said something I shouldn't have cause I got my face slapped for having a potty mouth. 44 and still getting backhanded. Sheesh..

So, my question for discussion is; What do people say when you tell them, if you tell them? And what is your experience?.

Discussion begins in 3...2...1..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

For me, they ALWAYS ask if it's expensive, does it taste awful, and then they question if it works because I gained most of my weight back after being on it last year..

After my first two months I had lost something like 25-30 pounds and I had plenty of people come up to me and say something insensitive and stupid like "Well that was just water weight. Your loss will slow down now.".

Thanks for the encouragement Jack-Hole..

Then I show them the math that says a gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds and then ask them if they really thought I just lost 3.59 gallons of water off my belly? Yeah, I didn't think so. I was big, but not THAT big...

Comment #2

Most people are supportive and give immediate praise - first thing they usually say is something to the effect of 'good for you'. My family on the other hand are full of doom and gloom. They say things like, "You're just going to plateau soon". Funny how I get more support from my co-workers than my family. One co-worker even drags me to the gym.....

Comment #3

The first thing people say is...... How expensive is that????.

Answere: it is cheaper than what I usually spend each month for food..

The second thing they ask is...... How does the food taste? I bet it is like eating cardboard ain't it?.

Answere: No, it is actually quite tasty!!!! Not like moma's home cooking, but you can live on it......

The third thing they ask is..... How much weight have you lost?.

Answere: Oh I've lost a pound or two (I let my reduction in size speak for itself).

The fourth comment is usually.... Yeah, but when you get off of it , all the weight will come back won't it......

Answere: yup, if I continue to eat like a pig it will......

I have been overweight all my life. Like most of you, I have heard all the hurting remarks people say, and the fun they make of your "current" diet. Little do they know, this is the one that will work for ever....... It takes time to prove yourself to others...

Comment #4

"Really? why?".

"Oh nice! I'm on it too!".

"I would be if I could afford it".

"Don't fart on me".

"Good job! That's really cool, good luck".

"Does that #&*$ even work?".

"How much have you lost?".


Comment #5

That's actually one of the best responses to that comment that I've ever seen. Great response Cowboy!..

Comment #6

Cowboy, you said it! One to three exactly..

However, answer to 4 for me is: "I'm a lifer, plan to stay on it forever. I currently have over six months worth of food in the closet."..

Comment #7

Lets see....

1. "Do you have to eat that stuff forever?".

2. "Is it expensive?".

3. "How much have you lost?".

One funny thing that happens is when someone who needs to lose weight themselves asks that question...I can see their wheels spinning, thinking about whether or not they should try NS. But to this date, nobody has asked me to help them get started...

Comment #8

Sorry to intrude, but usually I get "Why? You don't need it!" Only one person actually "got" it and said, "It must work!"..

Comment #9

How much does that cost a month?.

Answer - A lot cheaper than eating out 20 times per month just for dinner. Add another 25 -30 time for lunch. A lot cheaper!..

Comment #10

Like most have said:.

1. Is it expensive? A: No, it's free..

2. How does it taste? A: Pretty good, actually..

3. Don't you get hungry? A: No hunger issues if you follow the plan..

No takers yet, that I know of. Bunch of wannabee losers!.


Comment #11

You forgot no bar bill two or three times a week!..

Comment #12

You got.


Right! I think I nearly financed my entire diet with what I'm saving in beer & scotch expenses!.

...and I don't wake up with a headache anymore, which is a nice added bonus...

Comment #13

I just went to FoodLion for my weekly add-ins and it was $61. That's 3 trips at the drive thru of KFC (Killer F'ing Chicken), Taco Smell, Burger Queen, etc..

Btw: That new grilled chicken is pretty darn good and almost Nutrisystem legal...

Comment #14

One of my students was looking at my Nutrisystem lunch entree and asked why I was eating it. Then he said "So, have you lost any weight yet?" Thanks, I'm only down 42 pounds and I've dropped 3 pants sizes in three months. I appreciate your paying attention...

Comment #15

The first thing after they say, "Really?" is how can you live off eating only their food (WRT the portions)..

I have to school them on the add-ins. They usually say that sounds pretty good. Then I ask them if they'd like to do it and they bring the excuses..

I tell them that Results are typical if you follow the plan...

Comment #16

I think thin people respond differently, but this observation isn't always consistent..

Thin people: You look great!.

Fat people: You didn't really need to lose that weight. You looked good (fat)..

Thin people overall seem positive and welcoming to the club of thin people. Fat people often feel betrayed..

Exceptions: Thin people who don't want me in their exclusive club and don't want me to succeed..

Exceptions: Fat people who dearly want to lose weight and are one decision away from joining NS..

I try to be nice to everyone's reaction. Thin or fat, everybody has their own issues of some sort...

Comment #17

When I look at the miracle that's occurred in my life and how much healthier I am - then consider what I would have paid to get here (can't think of any other way that works as well or is as easy to accommodate) - it's more than a bargain. At 62, it's really obvious how weight affects you as you get older. You have to be in great shape to go into your seventies and eighties if you want a life that doesn't suck!.

I've also noticed that the thin people are very welcoming!..

Comment #18

This is exactly the response I got yesterday. Man, was that an eye opener. It just shows how much people really pay attention. I had been wondering why I hadn't gotten a single comment on my weight loss. I determined in my own mind that it was because of one of two things..

1. My co-workers were so glad I finally got around to losing the weight that to admit they had noticed I was gaining weight by noticing that I was losing weight would have been embarrassing..

B. They were all pretty sure I had some disease that perpetrated the change and didn't want to bring it up. ("Are you sick?") This is actually my favorite because it means that I'm getting down to an appropriate weight. It takes a little time to get the gaunt look to "smooth" out if you lose quite a bit of weight...

Comment #19

You're very right on all counts here. Losing the weight (and finally keeping it off) has been a great relief to all of my body parts. I get lots of comments when people find out how "old" I am. Since I'm a teacher, most people my age (59) have long since retired...

Comment #20

It's not just kids these days, my brother who I work with and a good friend of mine I see every two weeks. "How that working?" Great down twenty pounds in a month thanks for noticing!..

Comment #21

Actually, I don't tell people, the only exception being two close friends. Why? Mostly because it's embarrassing how out of control my weight got, and that I had to "resort" to a self-imposed fat farm program. I guess now that I've lost 109lb I should get over that...but I haven't yet. 20 years of self-loathing is hard to break..

So, yes, of course people have noticed the weight loss at this point, but I usually just respond with a shrug or a "I eat less and exercise more." It's true after all..

Maybe after I lose the last 41 and reach my goal weight (and then contemplate if I really need to lose the 15 more to be "normal" on the BMI scale) I'll come clean. Or maybe after keeping it off for a year. I dunno..

Sounds stupid when I say it, but there ya have it...

Comment #22

I haven't told anyone outside of my husband and son but I have noticed people looking at me and can see their minds working what is different about her. The only person who actually asked me is my hair stylist and I think that is because she is also battling a weight issue (she is doing JC) but other than that I don't really advertise what I am doing but now it is summer and the bulky sweaters, sweat shirts and jackets are coming off I am sure there will be comments and questions. So I will get back to you on what I tell them when they see my 30 plus pound loss body exposed in revealing summer fashion...

Comment #23

Boy, isn't that the truth. Even with the weight loss I still see myself as fat. 32" jeans but I'm still fat. WTF! I'm working the self-image angle hard to begin to see myself as acceptable. I'm sure that's been a huge factor in my struggle to keep the weight off after so many "successful" diets in the past. I keep a picture of my daughter and I at the end of the Chicago Marathon in 2007 stuck on my refrigerator. It's proof that even I can't deny about my new body size...

Comment #24

It's funny. I've worked in the same facility for the past 23 years, know everyone, and have a very visible position. I've been fat all those years and 300+ the past 5. It seems like I can't go 3 steps on the factory floor or front office areas without a very positive comment. Every time I drop another clutch or change pant size, the round of comments start all over again. I find myself enjoying that immensly.

Of course, everyone is probably thinking to themselves "I wonder how long this will last and what he'll look like next year at this time". Fair enough. I ask myself the same question all the time..


Comment #25

So far, coworkers are positive, but it is early yet. There are quite a few of us large-uns at work and they understand the need to do it..

My dad got me on it after he lost 45 pounds this year. My dad was never a big guy, but last year got the best of him...

Comment #26

Oh, and my wife says that if I stray off the plan she is going to kill me at what it costs..

But I agree that it is probably cheaper than all the eating out I was doing because she is sometimes too sick to cook...

Comment #27

Many folks are curious about NS. They also look at me and think I don't need to lose weight, but I do..

I am close to my goal, but I feel I am eating way better (fruit, veggies, very little meat) which I hope will lower my cholesterol and improve my health..

They ask if it's expensive and I tell them it is. But I also spend money on sports club dues. Without the support system and planning, I would go back to my old ways..

Another thing is that when my wife and I go out on a date, we used to also focus on going to a restaurant. Now we take walks and do other activities together...

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