Why Is The Medifast Diet So Popular?

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Quick question: Why Is The Medifast Diet So Popular? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question I got... This is a club dedicated to the Betty Pages of the Medifast world. The rock-a-billy harlets, the va-va-vixen starlets, and anyone else who wants to connect with their inner vixen are welcome here..

Now, the pin up girl is HOTT; She loves herself completely, body and soul; She stops the most stern and otherwise un-noticing men in their tracks, and she melts the hearts of those lovestruck boys with the sensual sway of her body..

As members of The Pin Up Girls, we are Vixens In Progress. We are 100% committed to MF, each other, and above all, ourselves. We are sisters in stilettos, the hottest of the fiery femme, we are here to ask and answer the questions that make the cheeks turn red..

The Pin Up Girls are here to support each other in becoming the sexiest diva we can possibly be, inside and out. We are determined to maintain the highest confidence and nothing builds confidence in the Medifast world more than staying 100% OP. We brag because we can, we boast because it's fun, and we build each other up to succeed..

Join our community by stating your cause and desire to be a Medifast Pin UP Girl and you will be welcomed with open arms!.

But before you do, you better know that a Vixen doesn't give up, not on herself and not on anyone else. 100% OP at all times is a must for the sexy seductress' that wish to be members here..

So get in gear and strap on the sexiest pair of heels you can get your hands on. Good luck to all and never forget to lean on your new sisters for support..

Here are the new Banner codes that Christina made:.

Scale girl, water girl, and fitness girl. Just remove the * at the begining..




Last Week's Thread:..

Comments (91)

That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Morning Ladies!.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day off (those of you who get a day off). I will be working today.

So very very sad..

I had a good weekend though. Just relaxed. I did some tutoring, got a massage, saw the Green Hornet and then just hung out at home Sunday and watched a few movies. My tummy was a little upset Sunday so I didnt do much else...

Comment #2

It was much more of a comedy than an action/comic hero movie. But it was very funny...

Comment #3

Yes...and I do find him very very funny. Just not what I was expecting. I did really like it though. But if you actually liked the Green Hornet with Bruce Lee this is NOT the same type of Green Hornet...

Comment #4

Hi Tiffany and Heather!.

I had a good weekend. Things with LB were okay- not great, but okay. We played Grape Escape (kind of like Mouse Trap but with Play-doh- I grabbed it from my parents' basement, lol), and he had brought over the Michael Jackson Wii game. It was pretty good, I liked it, but I don't know if I will be buying it..

Dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse with our friends was AWESOME..

Watched a lot of movies thanks to Netflix and Tiffany's Redbox Groupon awhile back. We saw Despicable Me, Easy A, and Salt. Really enjoyed the first two, the latter not so much. We also rented Dinner for Schmucks but didn't get a chance to watch it last night because the church dinner ran really late. By the time we got home at 9:15 I thought watching a 2 hour movie would not be good!.

Off to backread!..

Comment #5

I like him a lot too. I've never seen the Bruce Lee version..

Hi Mer!..

Comment #6

Hi Mer!.

I liked Easy A, and I liked the Alternate Ending to Salt. Salt wasnt great for me, but I didnt hate it.. to complete a HUGE project for work that I TOTALLY dont want to do.

But I will cause I'm awesome like that. OH...for my first full week back on plan I lost 6 lbs!! YAY!..

Comment #7

Tiffany- I didn't know there was an alternate ending! Must have missed that on the disc. Oh well..

I drink the soft serve as shakes all the time! No soy issues, just like the way the taste..

Good luck on your project and congrats on 6lbs!..

Comment #8

WTG on the great loss this week.


!! Good luck on the project because you are awesome like that!.


My weekend was kind of quiet. Saw my mom and did some shopping for Iz. We are going to see my mom today too. The kids are off. Iz slept at a friend's last night and Ri is still sleeping. She had her formal on Saturday and looked super cute!!.

I was up WAY too early for a day off. What a drag! I guess I didn't need any more sleep...

Comment #9


I really liked Despicable Me. I haven't seen Easy A or Salt. I'm glad things were a little better with LB. That's cute about snagging the game from your parent's basement..

I tried the SS as a shake too and it was good!..

Comment #10

Morning My Classy Come-Hither Chickareenas of Cyberspace!!.

(Alright, that was pushing it....).

I love Despicable Me!! So funny for the whole family. I haven't seen the other two. Easy A's not really my style, and I'm just tired of watching Angelina slink about being all dangerous..

Tiffany-Yay for the scale victory!.

Mer-Glad things were better with LB. He'll come around. And just remember, kids can just be total jerks sometimes. It's a fact!!.

Heather-Pics of Ri please!!.

Jackson's bday is Wednesday. I'm going to wrap tomorrow. He's having two boys from class over on Saturday to "hang out". He specifically didn't want any activities, he just wants to "hang out". Whatev. Makes my life easier, lol.....

Ivan's is on the 31st. I didn't plan anything other than celebrating at home, but now I'm thinking I may write to his teacher and ask which 2 or 3 kids he plays with the most and then invite them out to Chuck E. Cheese or something. Not a real party, but just more like a playdate/birthday thing..

I was so sick all day yesterday. Some of you may have seen it on fb, but I ate ice cream and some Oreos on Saturday night, and I was so sick all night and all day Sunday. Never again!!! I CANNOT eat regular sugar anymore! I can tolerate honey, and I try to avoid the fake sugars as much as possible...

Comment #11


So I need you gals opinions on some stuff with Roomie. She's not doing anything that would make her a bad roommate, she's actually a pretty awesome roommate. She emptied out all the food she had bought at her boyfriend's and brought it over to our place. If there was a blizzard we could feed our whole block for a week. Seriously, I have no idea why she would have bought that much food. My parents don't have that much food.

Anyways, chalk that up in the "good roomie" column because not only will it save us money not buying food, but it will save HER money in the long run since food is included in her rent and she will hopefully stop buying so much..

On to the issue, which is one I would have rather she was living with us or not, I'm just more aware of it since she is living with us..

Roomie can be a little promiscuous, and has had more than a handful of one night stands. Nothing wrong with that, not the best idea IMO, but it's none of my business. When she moved in, she told us she was going to "take it slow" in the relationship department. Which everyone (her, us, mutual friends) thought was a great idea since she tends to jump from boy to boy and we've never known her single..

Anyways, Thursday night she had internet boy come over to our house for their first meeting. She told me they just made-out, but Jason heard differently on his way to work in the morning. No biggie, like I said, it's her body, but obviously she is downgrading her experiences, which makes me think she knows it's too fast. ("But there was no penetration" she said when I asked her about it. Ugh.).

Friday night she had a date with a really nice boy (friend of a mutual friend of ours) who didn't even kiss on the first date. Which sounds like the perfect boy for roomie..

So Saturday night she went over to Internet Boy #2's house for their first meeting. She met him THAT day. I always thought you were supposed to meet Internet Boys in a public place, which I told her, but she says she's a "good judge of character". Hmm. Anyways, she ended up spending the night. She was supposed to make chili for the church dinner.

She called around 11:30 to see if she needed to go to the store and we told her we already had and we'd started it too. She got back around noon. Then at 1 she and Internet boy #2 went to lunch together. We met him, he seems okay, but a little socially awkard*. Told her we were leaving for church at 5:40..

No sign of her at 5:30, I texted her to see where she was. She called and told her she'd just have him drop her off at church. No biggie, but it was a pain to lug 2 crock-pots and rolls with just 2 of us. After church she went back over to Internet Boy #2's house to spend the night..

If that wasn't enough, she has had plans for over 2 weeks to go to Indianapolis to see a friend from HS this coming Saturday. They are friends with benefits. He's married. She's done this before, which Abby (the three of us did PT together) and I were appalled by and told her so. I asked her yesterday if things were progessing with an internet boy if she would still go to Indy. She said that she wanted to go at least one more time.

She said she couldn't and wasn't going to try, then retreated to her room..

I really just don't know what to do. Her morals are so different than mine. Like I said, she's not doing anything that makes her a bad roommate, but it has really made me start to view her differently. She said the other day that she was happy to have added Jesus to her life. But then she's planning on sleeping with a married man and spending night with boys she just met. Anyways, I don't know if there's anything I could say or do to make her change her mind.

There are probably no magic words I can say, but I do feel better getting it all out there, so thanks for reading this book..

*example of socially awkward- He was there when it was Faith's lunch time, Roomie had run to her room to grab something..

Me: We have to feed her like in small amounts otherwise she eats so fast she throws up..

Internet Boy 2: Oh, I do that too..

Me: You eat so fast you throw up?.

Jason: that's weird, I don't do that.

IB2: I eat really fast..

Comment #12


I like both of your b'day party ideas!! This is the first year I'm not planning a 'friends' party for Ri. I'm trying to organize a dinner for her family party. Her schedule is so crazy in Feb but that's when her b'day is so I'm hoping for the best. Last year we had a conflict w/ her cheer competition that she had to end up missing(due to a snow cancellation)..

Sorry about your tummy troubles..

At least you know you can't handle the sugar now...

Comment #13

Hey Dawn! Hurray for banning sugar!.

Heather- I've grabbed lots of books from my parents' basement to read to LB too. No sense in buying any when there is perfectly good stuff laying around unused!..

Comment #14

Great idea!! That's cool your parents have saved your old books. I have two shelves of the kids' books that I can't part with. (I'm saving them!).

I'd worry about your roomie and her choices too. Yikes! Maybe you & J's good example will rub off on her??..

Comment #15

Dawn - I always had "hang-out" parties. We never really played many games. IDK but it was fun. Sorry about your tummy issues.

Mer - That is one sticky situation! Your right...if you push she will leave and move in with a guy. But she is your friend and she is being distructive, especially with the married guy thing. I honestly dont know what to tell you. One of my friends is like that. I have been too chicken to talk to her about it, I'm scared I will lose her. So I dont know what to tell you...maybe you and your mutual friends that agree with her can sit down and calmly talk to her about ti.

I dont know...I suck at this stuff...

Comment #16

On another note...Ugh these reports are taking forever to run! I have to run 9 months of financial statements to excel to do the report...

Comment #17 matter what time I drink all my water by in the day I still have to get up before my second dose of meds to pee. Well since that is the case I have to walk to by bathroom and back heavely drugged. Its funny to watch I am sure. So last night I am zombie walking back to bed and I kicked my hope chest right on the corner splitting my two middle toes. I became instantly awake. But I crawled into bed and passed out (drugs are an amazing thing)..

So this morning I wake up all rested and stretch (I do this every morning). I always point and flex my feet and then curl up my toes. Well it hurt so bad and at first I couldnt remember what I did. So the poor toe is broken...cant even bend it.

So my cute dress I was going to wear with my heels was out of hte question (plus it's bad weather). Stupid toe...those take forever to heal and there is nothing they can do for it...

Comment #18

Heather- my parents have a whole bookcase of books from when we were little..

I can only hope that J and I rub off on Roomie a little. There are 5 of us who are really close- me, roomie, Abby, and 2 others. All of us would be good examples of relationships. She's the only single one right now, which I know would be hard..

Tiffany- Abby and I have tried to talk to her about the married guy thing before.. But roomie gets really defensive. She told me on Saturday that Abby was "mad at her" because she said she was going to take things slow. I'm sure that Abby wasn't really mad, just concerned, like me. The three of us are all going to TurboKick tonight since Roomie doesn't have class thanks to MLK. I'm hoping we can talk some sense into her...

Comment #19

Tiffany, aww, your poor toe! You could always get a bed pan...

Comment #20

Before I read Mer's novel I wanted to say,.

I loved Salt, I dont like Angelina but I could not take my eyes away from that movie. I thought it was super good. I love Despicable me too...."it was their idea....whaaa???".

Morning everyone!!.

I lost another 3 lbs this week (last weeks was 5. something!)..

Comment #21

Mer, Boo on the roomie, it doesnt make her a bad roomie but kinda a bad person. I have a friend like that too (not with married men) but wanting to go to church to better her life for oh maybe that day?! Sorry girl, next time she talks about boys with you, tell her you'd rather not hear it. AND I dont think thats safe (even tho she pays rent) for her to bring people she JUST met to your house...scary!.

Dawn- Yay for no sugar, you are my hero.

AWW TIFF, Your lil big toe! I hope it heals quick!.

I had such a bad dream last night. I guess with this medicine I was reading side effects are very intense dreams. Ive never been so scared, and when I fell back asleep I dreamnt of what I just did (when I woke up) and my dream restarted from where it left off. UGH! Im not staying home alone tonight. I never get scared. I guess cuz I watched Gothika by myself...

Comment #22

YAY MELLY on your weight loss!.

The thing with the married man really upset me and Jason..

I'm hoping she won't bring any boys over that she hasn't met in person yet again, if she does, we will let her know that's NOT okay. There is a Starbucks less than a half mile away and Steak and Shake and a Waffle House right down the road that are both open 24 hours. If she wants to meet a new boy off the internet at 3am she can go there..

Sorry about your dream..

Comment #23

Good Idea, It should be like common courtesy not to bring men over like that...

Comment #24

Mornin' Melly - Congrats on the weight loss!!! Sorry about your dream. My new meds make me have issues remembering my dreams, and I always remember mine. I did remember one this week...I dreamed I binged on crackers? I dont eve like crackers that much..

Mer - I agree no strange men. Nothing you say is going to change her mind unfortunately, but it could make her stop talking to you or even stop being your friend. You just have to decide if you can live with it/her and not say anything...

Comment #25

I dont have class today.

And I get out at 12:30 because tomorrow I'm staying late to go to my bff's ultrasound.


Me and J are going to do something but idk what yet.....

Comment #26

Thanks ladies. It's nice to know I'm not just being a prude..

QODs on the way!..

Comment #27

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. What are your plans for the day?.

2. What you be wearing?.

3. Your tummy is growling and it's 90 minutes until your next feeding. What do you do?.

4. How do you usually watch movies? (TV, Redbox, Netflix, theaters, etc.).

5. YAY you just won a $100 VISA gift card! What do you spend it on?.

Bonus- L&G?..

Comment #28

1. What are your plans for the day?.

Going to TurboKick with roomie and Abby. J might tag along to go to the gym while we're in class. Then making dinner and watching TV. Roomie said she wasn't going anywhere tonight. We'll see..

2. What you be wearing?.

Brown boots, gray pants, a sweet purple cami with a lace top I picked up for $3 at Old Navy, a white sweater, and a pink, purple and blue scarf. I've started to wear scarves more. They are pretty and keep my neck warm..

3. Your tummy is growling and it's 90 minutes until your next feeding. What do you do?.

This is my current situation. If I was home, I'd grab some pickles or jello, but since I'm at work I'll just suffer..

4. How do you usually watch movies? (TV, Redbox, Netflix, theaters, etc.).

Netflix is preferred, but we do Redbox too when we want to watch a bunch of movies over the weekend or don't feel like waiting for one to come out on Netflix. I haven't been to a movie theater since summer I think. I really want to see Black Swan, I may ask one of my girlfriends to go with me this weekend to see it..

5. YAY you just won a $100 VISA gift card! What do you spend it on?.

Groceries and gas. Fun, I know..

Bonus- L&G?.

Tilapia, salad, and green beans...

Comment #29

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. What are your plans for the day?.

Work and then go home and cook up some ground turkey for this week, and then grocery shopping.

2. What you be wearing?.

Purple Sweater, gray slacks, black loafers.

3. Your tummy is growling and it's 90 minutes until your next feeding. What do you do?.

Chug on some water, eat a OP snack, or if dying of hunger I will eat a small portion of my L&G..

4. How do you usually watch movies? (TV, Redbox, Netflix, theaters, etc.).


5. YAY you just won a $100 VISA gift card! What do you spend it on?.

Medical bills. Sad but true..

Bonus- L&G?.

TACO SALAD!!! Yeah! So sick and tired of green beans right now...

Comment #30

So I won an ebay auction this weeknd! For $43 I am getting Zumba. I have had to stop the gym as it just doesnt mesh with my meds. So at the price of one month I get Zumba which I can do at home. I'm excited!..

Comment #31

Good Morning Chicas!.

My weekend was great, and I am lucky enough that it is still going! On Friday night I went to a surprise party for a family friend at a really fun bar in Chicago. On Saturday a friend came over and she gave me an old bed that she had at her apartment so now I officially have a guest room! I feel like such a grown-up.

Yesterday I came over to my parents house and had dinner. My mom and I watched the Golden Globes and I slept over. I love having sleepovers at my parents house! Its snowy and cold and I am just being cozy at my p's house still! I think I am going to go to **** Pond to buy some new running shoes today! I officially joined the Chicago Areas Running Association and my first group run/course begins on Feb. 2nd. My Spanish class starts next Monday night. Its at 830, which seems a little late to me, but we'll see how it goes! I'm excited to have things to do and hopefully meet some new friends with similar interests!.

Mer: I totally understand your roomie situation... I would not feel comfortable w/ her bringing strangers to your house! That is so weird!.

Melly: Great job on your loss! Way to go girl!.

Tiff: Poor little toes! I don't know what a good solution to that would be, except Mer's bedpan idea.

Hi Heather and Dawn!..

Comment #32

Glad I'm not the only one who thought that was a little (LOT) scary. You don't want to open your home up to potential wackos...

Comment #33

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. What are your plans for the day?.

Hanging out with my mom, buying new running shoes, grocery shopping..

2. What you be wearing?.

Yoga pants, grey tshirt, purple zip up hoodie, red booty slippers. So comfy.

3. Your tummy is growling and it's 90 minutes until your next feeding. What do you do?.

Chug some water. That usually helps! Find a way to keep myself busy/distracted..

4. How do you usually watch movies? (TV, Redbox, Netflix, theaters, etc.).

Netflix or ondemand, although I really like going to the theater, I rarely do..

5. YAY you just won a $100 VISA gift card! What do you spend it on?.

My new running shoes today!.

Bonus- L&G?.

Gotta grocery shop first, then I'll know for sure! I found some fun recipes on the boards that I am going to try out!..

Comment #34

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. What are your plans for the day?.

Work, off early, gym, hw, and fun?.

2. What you be wearing?.

I be wearing Jeans, a black v-neck 3/4 sleeve shirt that synches on the sides and my black fugs, and my northface..

3. Your tummy is growling and it's 90 minutes until your next feeding. What do you do?.

Chew gum, drink water, cry....

4. How do you usually watch movies? (TV, Redbox, Netflix, theaters, etc.).

Laptop, theater.

5. YAY you just won a $100 VISA gift card! What do you spend it on?.

Probably a bill.

Bonus- L&G?.


Comment #35



..that sounds nice!! I watched a little of the GG's (and most of the red carpet). Then Big Love came on so I had to watch that..


You're a really good friend!!.


I woke up with my heart pounding last night thinking I forgot to do something but I couldn't figure out what it was, it was so weird and scary. I could relate!.

Yay for your great loss!!..

Comment #36

OUCH!!! Take it easy today. How come the littlest things can hurt so much?..

Comment #37

Wow, it's gray and purple day today!.

MerI was scared about the internet dudes coming over too. If she wants to risk her safety, she should do it somewhere else. Common sense..

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. What are your plans for the day?.

Taking Jack to a friend's house at noon. I think I might stay and chat with the mom, she's kinda nice and I need to work on making some friends. Although I don't think we have much in common. Then when I pick up Jackson, I'm taking both the boys in for haircuts. Later the boys have swim, and Mark's taking them so I can start dinner..

2. What you be wearing?.

Jeans, nekkie feet, a vampire tee, and a gigantor hoodie sweatshirt from Jack's school..

3. Your tummy is growling and it's 90 minutes until your next feeding. What do you do?.

Probably eat a string cheese or a handful of nuts..

4. How do you usually watch movies? (TV, Redbox, Netflix, theaters, etc.).

Netflix or library..

5. YAY you just won a $100 VISA gift card! What do you spend it on?.

Books and clothes..

Bonus- L&G?.

I'm making a mock baked ziti type dish. Ground beef, spaghetti squash, ricotta, mozz, and sauce. And spices and stuff...

Comment #38

Tiffany- woohoo for Zumba! Did you win a DVD set?.

Hi Kimberli! I love buying new tennis shoes..

I hope your running club has lots of fun people!..

Comment #39

Kimberli - Good luck with the running club..

Dawn - your Ziti sounds awesome! I am going to have to try that. I was just looking up recipes for Spaghetti squash on the boards...

Comment #40

Thanks girlies. I will def tell her that first meetings are not allowed in my house. If she wants to meet them for coffee then bring them back that's one thing, at least she can have a convo with them. She made a joke the other day about needed to leave a list of her passwords in case something happened we could log onto her laptop and find out who she was meeting. I didn't find it funny..

Dawn- your ziti sounds delish!..

Comment #41

Mer - Its the older set, not the new one with shaker sticks. Its 4 dvds! The new set is $72 after shipping and such so I was excited at $43 total for this one. And I'm new and this one has a beginner DVD...

Comment #42

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. What are your plans for the day?.

Picking up Iz from her sleepover and getting salads at Chipotle then over to my mom's for a visit. We are stopping at Old Navy on the way back for some returns..

2. What you be wearing?.

Jeans, black tank under blk/white striped t and a black cardy. Bare feet that are freezing..

3. Your tummy is growling and it's 90 minutes until your next feeding. What do you do?.

Peppermint tea..

4. How do you usually watch movies? (TV, Redbox, Netflix, theaters, etc.).

Netflix or cable.

5. YAY you just won a $100 VISA gift card! What do you spend it on?.

Probably groceries. boring.

Bonus- L&G?.

IKEA Swedish meatballs, I'll have a few and a lot of veggies...

Comment #43

Good Morning/noon Ladies.

I finally caught up, you guys are chatty.

I had a good weekend minus the fast that Ive been sick, We were pretty lazy and watched movies, yesterday we cut and stacked a bunch of firewood. We watched old movies on Netflix an old John Travolta movie then last night we watched Police Academy 1 & 2.

I saw Salt in the theater with my Hubby and really liked it, and I also love Despicable Me, I wish we would have taken the kids to see that in the theaters.

Oh and my Daughter got Ramona & Beezus on Netflix the other day and thats pretty cute also..

Comment #44

Bye Heather.

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. What are your plans for the day?.

Cleaning up around the house and picking up my son from his friends.

2. What you be wearing?.

Night shirt and cotton capri's.

3. Your tummy is growling and it's 90 minutes until your next feeding. What do you do?.

Drink a glass of water, string cheese, or sometimes jello.

4. How do you usually watch movies? (TV, Redbox, Netflix, theaters, etc.).


5. YAY you just won a $100 VISA gift card! What do you spend it on?.

Groceries or something for the house.

Bonus- L&G?.

Salad and not sure for the lean yet..

Comment #45

Tiff- I've never done a Zumba DVD, just classes..

Bye Heather!.

Hi Amy!..

Comment #46

Dawn- my Daughter loves to have just a hang out party with her friends, I usually do pizza and cake and then just let them play outside or whatever they want. Her Birthday is the end of May so we are usually lucky with the weather.

One of my cousins is preggo and due next month they finally let people know their baby name it's going to be: Kynlie Grace (pronounced kinley)..

Comment #47

Huzzah, according to UPS my medifast is "out for delivery".

I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival and looking forward to starting tomorrow..

@Mer, I agree that it is inappropriate to have "first meetings" at your place, since it isn't just her safety she needs to be aware of, but yours as well since it is also your home. However, I would leave the rest of it alone. It's her business (except for the cases when you and her have plans and she ditches you for these guys, it is rude to not communicate whereabouts when one is expected to be somewhere). I suggest trying to avoid making moral judgments..

1. What are your plans for the day? housecleaning and getting ready for the semester that starts tomorrow, so a few errands..

2. What you be wearing? doing-laundry clothes.

So, pajamas, and jeans for when I leave the house..

3. Your tummy is growling and it's 90 minutes until your next feeding. What do you do? Drink water, then eat earlier than planned if still hungry..

4. How do you usually watch movies? (TV, Redbox, Netflix, theaters, etc.) I watch NetFlix at my husband's place (we don't live together)..

5. YAY you just won a $100 VISA gift card! What do you spend it on? external hard drive, I really have to back some stuff up on my computer.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Back to housecleaning... whee.....

Comment #48

Hi Sandi!.

I am trying REALLY hard not to judge Roomie but sleeping with a married man is just too much for me. I can deal with her meeting random guys and having one night stands (don't like it, but can deal with it). But the married guy crosses the line for me..

You don't live with your husband? Interesting- do you have jobs far away from each other or does it just somehow work better?..

Comment #49

Good Morning! Not sure if I can backread everything.. awesome loss Mel and Tif....!!.

I tried to watch Salt and the friggin dvd quit working hte last like 30 minutes so I have no idea what happened.


Heading into do some errands today.. Day 11 oh yeah!!..

Comment #50

Charla did you report to Netflix that the disc was messed up? they will send out a replacement.

Ive been wanting to watch Easy A and Dinner with Schmucks but my Hubby hasnt..

Comment #51

I forgot to mention that although I orig. hated the new pretzles they are starting to grow on me..

However I swear my Puffs taste completely different..

Which is sad to me...

Comment #52

Tiffany- I haven't had a new box of puffs lately. I last ordered them months ago and still have a bunch..

I haven't tried the new cinnamon pretzels yet but plan to sometime this week. I like to eat pretzels or puffs for lunch...

Comment #53

I eat the Puffs or Pretzles on the commute home. Also there are many saturdays I need a car food and they work so well..

They Puffs dont say they are new but they are harder, less airy and stronger spices. So far it's just the parm puffs, I havent tried the chili puffs yet...

Comment #54

Hey.. still gettin ready sigh.. 4 people showering in a one bathroom house takes awhile LOL! Course Tanner takes the longest.

... He has to get his haircut for wrestling today and he is not happy.. I'll miss his curls too.

But it's time ....

Amy got it from Blockbuster at the store... no I should, shouldnt I? No this week the others or something like that came from Netflix messed up too.....

Comment #55

Charla are you sure it's the disc? and not your dvd player..

Comment #56

Its funny the other day my Husband asked me if I had to go buy new clothes when I gained my weight back LOL. I wore a 22 before I lost my weight and now I am only back up to an 18, so I gained my weight back differently then before. I did buy 2 pairs of 18 pants for work because I have to wear jeans (black or blue) and I only had 1 pair, I cant handle washing my pants everyday..

Comment #57

Mer, we're separated, I left him about 2.5 years ago; however, we're in counseling and dating and have a very strong relationship again, though we haven't yet decided if we're staying married. But I think we probably will. It's a complicated situation. But he has netflix and I don't, so a big part of our dating relationship is me going to his place to watch netflix.

In fact I took a film class last semester and he netflixed all the movies I had to watch for it and our Friday night dates were my film class movies. It was very nice of him to do that and it helped me do well in the class, and eased the stress of having to worry about getting all the movies. I talked a little more recently about our relationship in my Medifast blog if you're curious..

As far as people sleeping with married people who aren't their spouses... I'm polyamorous, so I might have a different perspective on that. My first question would be "does his wife know?" and if so then it's no big deal, but if not, then, well, yeah, I wouldn't be on board with that either...

Comment #58

Amy- you wash your jeans after every wearing? Mine go at least a week, unless I get something on them or am around smokers..

Sandi- His wife doesn't know, if she did, it wouldn't bother me. J and I were actually good friends with some swingers until they moved away, so I know that people may prefer different lifestyles. Not my place to judge. It's the deception and cheating that bothers me. His wife will be away visiting family this weekend..

I'll check out your blog...

Comment #59

Merz- When I work I only wear them 2 days. I work with food and do alot of dishes, I feel dirty if I wear them more than that.

When Im not working I wear them more, When I come home I always change into my comfy pants..

Comment #60

Amy- that makes sense, if I worked with food I'd probably need to wash them more often too! I also change into comfy pants as soon as I get home...

Comment #61

Sorry I got sucked into my report..

I change the moment I walk in to the door. I dont wear my dress clothes any longer than I have to...

Comment #62

Im so happy today is the first in about 5 days that I have not had a horrible sinus headache & pressure..

Comment #63

Hey girls..just caught up!.


I'm like you w/ my jeans but.


I understand working w/ food is a different story. Ri always complains that she smells like salad when she gets home from work. lol!.


..Iz has Ramona & Beezus on our queue too...

Comment #64

I've had headaches this week too Amy. It was starting to worry me...

Comment #65

That is so disgusting on both of their parts! I hope you can talk some sense into her about that particular issue. He'd probably cheat on his wife anyway but she doesn't have to be a part of it...

Comment #66


!!! Good Luck to TanMan today!! I want to see pix of his hair cut...

Comment #67

LOL Heather, I understand how she feels. I get really hot in the kitchen and sweat so I feel better with clean clothes LOL.

I was worried about getting a sinus infection but I think I lucked out in that dept, seems to be draining ok today..

Comment #68

Well chicas I am off! Have a great night!.

Thanks for your comments on roomie. I am def going to say something more about married guy. I'm wondering if it would help to bring up the fact it's a sin would help or hurt. Since she talks about being a Christian and trying to start be good, it may help. But I could also see it backfiring and her just swearing off church so I think I will keep my mouth shut on the sin aspects of it...

Comment #69

Have a good night Merz.

I am heading off to, I have to go pick up my oldest son and get some propane for my grill, I have some small sirloin steaks I am going to cook tonight but ran out of propane.

I'll check back later..

Comment #70

My foods just came in.

*happy dance* Now I want to try everything, haha. I'll wait until tomorrow..

PS: Mer, yeah, the lying is bad, I don't understand why some people think that it is okay to do this.

Good luck with your friend...

Comment #71

'night Ms.


!! Have a good one!!.


Hope the report is done!.



! You are brave grilling in this weather! Steaks sound good!!.


..yay for food!!!..

Comment #72

Sandi - YAY for your food coming and YAY for getting started now!.

Heather - my report is being mean...but I think I finaly figured it out!..

Comment #73

Im back.

Heather we are actually getting a nice break today, No rain and no snow, we have a little breeze and it's cool but the sun is out.

Woohoo on getting your food order, I remember getting mine for the first time and Charla getting her's, I got the variety the first month and after that switched it up to try new things..

Comment #74

Hello Senioritas! Yep it's beautiful here today! Mimer I tried 3 diff dvd players none worked...

Oh poor Tan hes butched! The girls all love his hair ... so we'll see how tomorrow goes, he looks so much younger.. I'll post a pic later Heather!..

Comment #75

The boys got little ceasars but they were kind enough to drop me off at walmart first!..

Comment #76

Poor Tanner.

It will grow back after wrestling.

My walk way is finally clear of the ice, it was horrible getting in and out of my van..

Comment #77

[quote=Charla]The boys got little ceasars but they were kind enough to drop me off at walmart first![/QU.

That was so kind of them! lol! Can't wait to see the hair...

Comment #78


Your weather sounds nice. It's so cold here and we are expecting more snow and ice tonight...

Comment #79

Its been a nice break thats for sure Heather, we had rain for 4-5 days straight..

Comment #80

Hi Ladies,.

I didn't work today so spent the day outside. It was bitter cold but layered on the clothes. I actually spent the entire weekend outside..

I worked with Mick, my new sport horse. He has been pretty much off for the last two months because I have been to busy at work. He got worked hard in the fall and let the pressure off. SO I put him in the round pen and chased him around. One thing that I noticed big time is that I was not huffing and puffing as much. I was able to run around for a while..

After I got done fussing with him I rode Blizzy Lizzy. She is another Irish horse that is in for sale. For some reason she has really started to trust me. So riding her is getting easier. Today I walked her over some jumps. She WANTED to jump so badly but the trainer was not there.

Her hubby was supposed to stay with me but he left me on my own. NICE..

I am really sore today after riding the last 4 days. I haven't been able to ride more than a couple days in a row. SO body is going ouch..

Tomorrow is DC and than the gym in the evening..

1. What are your plans for the day? rode the horses, laundry and picking up house.

2. What you be wearing? riding pants when riding, and while doing the rest..sweats and a fleece.

3. Your tummy is growling and it's 90 minutes until your next feeding. What do you do? Drink some water and try to white knuckle it out. IF I can't, than have the meal..

4. How do you usually watch movies? (TV, Redbox, Netflix, theaters, etc.) Netflix. LOVE it..

5. YAY you just won a $100 VISA gift card! What do you spend it on? New software, or a pair of boots..

LG - Egg Whites and veggies..

Comment #81

Guess who has returned from the depths of carbville. Oh yea, that would be me. Hello ladies (although most of you are enjoying your evenings)!..

Comment #82

Hey gals!.


I'll call you tomorrow after I find out for sure where the meet is at-.


.. I'll try to get a pic up having trouble uploading pics with this computer.

I need to chat with you about lighting at the meet in the gym and the camera for some tips.


Awesome having more wind. I love horses..

Welcome back.


I'm Charla!.

Okay wanna here something cute ? Cooper keeps touching the computer screen on the image on the bottom of my page and Jessa's of the pin up and saying "Mom" over and over...!! aww , is it the boobies or the girl?? hahahahahaha..

Comment #83

Good Morning Ladies!!.

Welcome back Jessa!.

Katie, Yay for getting out and riding! I bet it feels great to be so able to do something you love so much! Good for you!.

Mer, did you get to talk to the roomie last night?.

My day off yesterday was awesome. I got my new shoes and I love them:.

Http:// D=250001549&PARENT_CATEGORY_ID=250001547.

They were expensive but I have flat arches and bad knees. I need something that will keep me in line if I want to keep running! They did an "evaluation" while trying on my shoes and I ran on the treadmill with cameras at all angles of my legs! Pretty interesting! I also bought under armor because it was 30% off! I've never found it that cheap before!.

This week at work is going to be super packed, even though it's only 4 days. I have tons of meetings and tons of paper work to get through. Basically the not fun parts of my job!.

I'll try and check during the day, but definitely later! Enjoy everyone!..

Comment #84

Good morning!.

Sandi- hurray for Medifast food!.

Hi Charla!.

Hey Katie!.

WELCOME BACK JESSA! How have you been?.

Good morning Kimberli- LOVE the shoes!.

Had a nice evening, went to TurboKick with roomie and a friend, then made dinner (tilapia and green beans) and watched Dinner for Schmucks..

Had a good talk with Roomie- she said she wasn't sure if she was going to go to Indy for married boy, because she REALLY likes him, but just keeps getting hurt. Also she is rushing into another relationship and doesn't want to hurt Internet Boy #2 I mentioned yesterday. Anyways, I told her that I thought it was for the best and that it really hurt my heart to know she was planning on sleeping with a married man. She said that she had done it before, but I told her that she's different now- just because she used to do it doesn't mean she has to do it again. But we talked about how she is trying to better herself and going to Indy would NOT do that. I also think I got her to think about how the wife would feel- I told her about a friend of mine (you know who you are) who's fiance was cheating on her and she was extra crushed to find out they were sleeping in HER bed to do it.

And I said "not anymore" and launched into song*. Literally. I'm sweet like that. I did at least preface it with "there's a song on the radio I can't get out of my mind and it goes like...".

*The song is by Lecrae, a Christian rapper. If you're into that stuff, I highly recommend youtubing him!.

"I used to do it too, I used to do it too,.

I used to do it, used to do it, used to do it too.

I used to do it too, I used to do it too,.

I used to do it, used to do it, used to do it too.

But I'm changed, now I'm something different (Aye).

I'm changed, I love the way I'm living (Aye).

I'm changed, saved me from my own sin (Aye).

I'm changed, I learned how to live again (Aye)"..

Comment #85

Wow Mer! What a great talk. Way to come up with the right words/song for your friend at a time when she really needed to hear them, without being critical and judgmental. You struck a great balance. She's lucky to have a friend like you..

Comment #86

Morning Merry Madames of Medifast!!.

Mer-So glad you talked to roomie. Sounds like she may be ready to start making a change for the better..

Yay for first shipment Sandi!!!.

Hey Jessa Girlio! How are you?.

AFM: going to do my first real workout in oh...a month or two! I'm doing a body weight routine. Just six basic exercises: squat, lunge, push up, squat jump, hopscotch, and burpees. Or as I like to call them, pukies!! You do a different sequence each time, like one day might have you do as many squat jumps as you can in 10 minutes, or a set of 3 or 4 of the exercises in intervals. No equipment, cheap (as in FREE), and I don't have to go on the treadmill. I'm having a hate-hate relationship w/ my tm right now. I do this occasionally.

It understands..

Comment #87

Aww, thanks Kimberli!.

Early in our talk she said what a great guy married boy was and I said "not really, he's a cheater." It was like a lightbulb went off..

Dawn- me too, it made me and J feel a lot better that she wasn't going. She really is a nice girl, just makes questionable choices..

LOL on your relationship with your treadmill! I was talking to my mom this morning and she said that she "just needed to find exercise she could tolerate". As long as you are burning calories, who cares how!.

I also hate burpies...

Comment #88

Morning Girls!.

Kimberli - my work wont let me see the shoes. I will have to look when I get home..

Mer - Great talk! Glad you brought up how the wife would feel..

Jessa - Welcome Back! How are you doing?.

Dawn - I dont know what Burpies are...I must be slow. But LOL on your relationship with your Treadmill...

Comment #89

Tiffany, burpees are also called squat thrusts. You squat down, touch the ground with your hands, kick your legs out behind you like in a push up position, then jump your legs back up into a crouch and then either jump up (if your in good shape), or just stand up (if you suck like me). They are very hard, especially if you have big boobies..

I'm thinking, since I gave up boxing, I might take up karate again. But that's kind of expensive. I'm pondering....I still have all my weapons and gis and belts......

Comment #90

Dawn: LOL, pukies! That is officially what I will call them from now on!.

Tiff: How'd ya sleep this weekend?..

Comment #91

Morning Amy!.

Dawn: I also have a love/hate relationship w/ the tm and running in general. I am hoping my new shoes and my new running group will help change that! At least for a little while!..

Comment #92

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.