Why join Nutrisystem when you can cook your own food?

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My question is Why join Nutrisystem when you can cook your own food? Looking forward for any comment. My 2nd question... There's a lot of threads about reasons to lose weight but I was just asked what finally made me lift myself by the bootstraps* and start Nutrisystem..

For me it was Kohl's. I went there with my wife and the only damn thing that I could fit into in the entire store was socks and underwear. A belt may have fit but I didn't want to find out it woudn't. I spent a few days researching and finally decided on Nutrisystem and I ordered that day..

What was ont one thing that broke the camel's back for you?.

* This is the origin of the computer term "boot". It was called originally a bootstrap start...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Nothing really put me over the top, but I was getting pretty tired of having problems fitting into my car, having to sit in certain seats at the movie theater cause if I can't lift an arm rest and sit in two seats then I couldn't be comfy, my clothes continuing to grow in size, and not being able to lean forward while sitting without having my fat front compress my chest and causing me to wheeze or not breathe well until I sat back up fully...

Comment #2

The look in my daughters eyes, when she had to come see me in the Hospital. Thought I was having a heart attack. I will never forget those eyes...

Comment #3

Nothing specific. I'd been hanging around 300 lbs for years and knew I'd have to so something "someday". My wife's health (type II), my age (53), a position change at work, and emtpy nest all conspired to take me to the tipping point last Nov. I somwhat impulsively ordered Nutrisystem for 2 as an "early Christmas present" for us. Best impulse purchase I've ever made!!.



Comment #4

I'm sorta like Gordo. Nothing specific. I knew I could do it, should do it. Was against using a program as I felt that I should do it on my own (like a weakness to use a program, and that it is common sense.).

Read a blog (peer trainer) that really made me think, which said, if you have gone years without losing the weight, look into a program. So I did. Was going to do WW, but no convenient classes. Than I looked at Nutrisystem and WW in comparison and just decided to do NS. Didn't want to listen to hens lecturing me weekly...

Comment #5

I had a similar situation with the pictures. I don't want to take a family picture, lets say for christmas or something, because I am embarrassed. "Just take one of the kids" is what I do. My wife felt the same way about herself..

And it's been like that too long..

If you look a the literally 3000 pictures we've taken with our digital camera, there is about 10 of me....

My dad got re-married in August and I was in the wedding. I could not beleive how much bigger I was than everyone in the pics....

We figured "that's it". And it is actually better when the kids are in school - so we ordered up..

Also, I used to be "mr athletic" - even looked up upon by my friends and all - now it's just frickin embarrassing..

I don't know if you have ever seen the comcast vs verizon commercials with the two installers. well the first time I looked a that comcast guy I thought, "what a sob" then I realized, I'm probably as gross if not more slovenly..

Also, I have a huge family but no one in my bloodline lives past 70 - I'm 41 - better start working on that now or I am well past middle aged!..

Comment #6

All the males in my family died at 60-65. Dad, both grandpas, uncles, etc..

Was asking a buddy for investment advice (I understand the theory but am lazy about my own finances)...and gave him all my particulars. He said, the highest return thing I could do was get in shape and extend my lifetime!..

Comment #7

A random photo of me posted online in my careful loose clothes to camouflage the fat I knew no one else could see really smacked me upside the head. I had lost weight down to 172 for a very short period of time (days) and then jumped up to the 180s and held there for months then steadily gained until I had reached 230. This time, it's for keeps. I am so committed to keeping this weight off and I keep that photo in front of me to remind me how quickly it comes back. I've been at 160 for about 2 1/2 months now and counting...

Comment #8

For me, it was an incident that occurred a couple of weeks ago when I was playing poker w/ some friends at my friend Doc's house. As I was dealing the cards, I leaned to the left and broke the arm of Doc's wooden chair that I was sitting on. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life and I decided that now was the time to get serious about my weight. I started researching different weight loss programs and now here I am!..

Comment #9

Also, my wife has tried just about everything - even some weird diet where you put some stupid ball bearing on your ear? I dunno, don't ask - anyhow, she went on for a while then off them - problem is I did not help any. and I did not beleive in any of the methods she was doing. so doing this together has been very beneficial. i'm not coming home with a 12 pack and a bottle of penot grigio and neither is she.....

Comment #10

Very interesting thread. Even more interesting is where does one start. For me, my weight was always a flucuating issue depending on how much I worked out. But things really began to spiral out of controll a couple of years back when I quit smoking. Eating became my new crutch and my justification. I should also mention that my wife and I love going to the beach and buying oversized clothing at Wal-Mart is part of that experience.

Top this with the ever shrinking booths at our favorite beach hang out and reality finallyhit and the need for a lasting change led me to where we all are today...

Comment #11

When I saw myself in a tux (my avatar pic) - I thought I saw orca. The "I'm big boned" thing I was telling myself didn't seem to reassure me after that...

Comment #12

I had a business meeting (which was rare, normally I'm able to dress very casually at work). I realized the morning of that none of my nicer clothes fit. I had no time to buy something and had to squeeze into what I had that worked best. I was so uncomfortable and embarrassed that I called to make my order later that week...

Comment #13

John, your graph is an incredible story. Can totally see the "knee" at 197..

If you don't mind sharing, how tall are you?..

Comment #14

Getting winded while standing around coaching little league did it for me... it was just as embarrassing for my kid as it was for me. Never again...

Comment #15

I'm 5'9. Funny thing is I thought I was 5'10 when I started until I actually measured my height. Color me disappointed...

Comment #16

Height can vary an inch from first thing in the morning to night spine compaction)..

I imagine we are pretty similar physiques, although I think you are younger. I am 5-8. Actually 5-8 1/2, but it is pathetic to say that. And I said 5-9 once and had a date call me on it!..

Comment #17

It was a two things for me. I was having severe back problems. In December set my mind to losing weight. I got nowhere on my own. Then we went on vacation in St. Thomas and I saw a picture of me on a boat (My avatar photo) and I was disgusted. I did some research and ordered Nutrisystems...

Comment #18

Ha! That's why I don't say I'm 5'10 anymore!..

Comment #19

I had been holding 265's for years, My snoring was becoming an issue (gonna get kicked out of the bedroom), knees hurt...needed to get off the BP and cholesteral meds and I just knew it was time.....

Comment #20

It was a lot of different things all coming together for me..

My knees hurt. I have two parents with arthritis. I knew I was putting my knees under alot of pressure and knew what I was racing to if I did not make a change..

I work on the thrid floor in my office. I could hardly make it up the stairs in the morning and I come in from the parking lot on the 2nd floor..

I could barely fit into an airline seat or a seat at a ballpark. I was starting to shy away from things that I enjoy..

After playing 18 holes of golf, I was done for for two or three days and golf is not that taxing of a sport. Plus I have always wanted to shoot my age. I figure I will have to live to be 105 for that to happen..

I had a friend who is three years younger than I am and weighed much less than I did have a heart attack. I can still see him in that bed..

At some point in time.


Have to say enough is enough. That day for me was December 29, 2008...

Comment #21

I was really starting to "feel" my body mass. I was 255, the highest weight i've been and there was no ignoreing it anymore. I was also getting head aches too often and had no energy, I knew it was all that fat and eating all those carbs..

My dad also has diabieties and had at one point, stomach cancer. Those head aches and lethargic feelings kept telling me diabieties was going to come for me too, so long as I was carrying around these 60 extra lbs..

I just want to get sub 200, don't care if I am husky forever, I'm fine with a husky 195ish no problem. But 255 is not husky, it's life altering fat. I just started to realize that and knew it was time to get help from an outside source. All the previous attempts without structure failed...

Comment #22

For me, it was the shooting pains I'd get in my feet in the wee hours of the morning. I'm told this is called "diabetic neuropathy.".

I'm only halfway to my goal, but already my blood sugar is under control again and the foot pain is gone. Although, I think some of the nerve damage to my feet is permanent because I still have some lingering numbness in my right big toe...

Comment #23

Not being able to bend over and tie my shoes without my stomach fat cutting off my breath finally got to me..

My health is goning down hill because of the weight. High cholesterol, high blood psi., border line diabetic, knees hurt, feet hurt, short of breath just walking, forget about going up a hill..

I should have done this earlier but I balked about spending the money on the food..

I just ordered the food 5/10/09 and can't wait to get started..


Comment #24

Annual physical that detected high triglycerides, low HDL and a high Hemoglobin A1C (a marker for diabetes). Did some research and found that all of these could be reversed by dropping at least 10% of your body weight. With Nutrisystem I got to 10% so easily that I just kept setting lower and lower targets and as I dropped I felt better and better. Now all of the blood work is normal with no meds...Woo Hoo..

Comment #25

A picture of me hitting a drive on golf trip..

I knew I was "heavy", but I was totally disgusted with how fat I was..

A couple of days after I got the picture, my wife and I were watching TV and saw the Nutrisystem ad. My wife, who also wanted to lose weight, said "let's try it"..

As the say, the rest is history!.


Comment #26

It was a lot of things for me. For years I fooled myself with the big guy fallacy. Like someone else said I wasn't big I was fat! In 2007 I stepped on the scale and my weight was around 315, (don't remember the exact number). This shocked me into doing something. I worked out like a mad man and made some diet changes and lost around 50 pounds but then lost interest and it started creeping back on..

Many of you know this part of the story, I had twin boys born under very difficult circumstances in May of 2008, and the stress of that time and the next several months put the rest of the weight back on and then some. Just as things started to calm down to manageable levels and I started to do some of the things that I enjoy again I found that I couldn't really do them, I was too fat! I was so shocked to step on the scale and see.


!!! This still wasn't enough though, it was seeing pictures from my boys' baptism of me standing next to my very fit triathlete/ironman friend that drove home for me just how bad things had gotten. I realized that my life, and their lives, could be so much different, and better, if I would just buckle down and lose the weight..

Going back to 2004ish I had always been curious about Nutrisystem but had balked at the price, (hah!). So I finally gave it a shot. Now I'm 3 pounds lighter than my triathlete friend, (of course he is 3 inches taller). I took wicked delicious pleasure this past weekend when we went waterskiing and I called him fatty!!!..

Comment #27

[Rant On] Y'all with diabetes, incipient diabetes, or just fat - this is nothing to fool with! If you even suspect, if you've got a family tendency, or even if you're just curious, get your blood checked! Any friend who has a kit would be happy to stick your finger just to see. Get to your Dr. and get on meds immediatedly if it's high, then as Nutrisystem works it's wonders, you can hopefully get off them. Untreated high blood sugar will wreck you worse than any other downside of being fat. Nutrisystem D is the only "treatment" of this horrible scourge that actually leads to a "cure". It should be PRESCRIBED along with meds.

I'm not directly affected, but have had a friend die over 7 anguishing, surgery and bed-ridden years. A horrible way to go with years of getting whittled away and being too ill to get out of bed. My wife has it, but has kept it under control for 13 years with increasing meds. This year with NS, the meds are slowly being reduced and A1C's are normal for her. Nothing short of miraculous! [Rant Off].

Congrats Jose, for getting it under control! If you've got neuropathy like that, you've probably been running high for quite a while. Scary! Keep up the good work..


Comment #28

Gordo...I had an uncle get it in his 50s. My mom is probably running close. And I started getting highish numbers on a couple free screenings. I'm sure my weight, 3 T&Ts a night, and a Ben and Jerrys pint every evening was not helping me..

I kinda had the Madonna attitude towards an AIDS test (better not to know). I presume that I was both at risk and starting to get at least pre-D. Actually I think the whole Nutrisystem program basically assumes a lot of us are pre-D. I gotta hope/think that I am clear of that now...

Comment #29

Wow, Clark, you kick a**! way to go!.

Keep that golf picture on the fridge!..

Comment #30

Yeah that's another huge driving factor for getting into shape. My father has fallen ill over the past 2 years - has had multiple surgeries for his feet because of type-2 diabetes; he currently has a 50/50 chance to lose one foot..

It really has freaked me out. I see, depending what type of meal he eats, changes to his mental state. He will go from a sluggish near coma-case to a really hyper state. He doesn't even know and I am not sure he cares - he doesn't test himself as he should and I am not sure he takes his medicine as required. It is sad because he is heading in that direction, he is a grown up, and short of placing him in a home I don't know what to do..

I had my tests done last month, my body is still working as intended the Doc says. I gained weight real fast over the past 5 years and although I have done damage, this Nutrisystem is nearly reversing all affects...

Comment #31

For me, it was a combination of things..

Of course all my clothes kept getting smaller, amazing how they seemed to shrink all the time. My size 50 pants were so tight, my stomach started to hurt by the middle of the day..

I was getting winded just bending over to tie my shoes. I live in a second story apartment, and I got tired walking up one flight of stairs. I had no energy, after working all day, I would come home and sit on the couch until it was time for bed..

I was over 350 pounds, because the scale only went to 350. I started counting calories and trying to watch what I ate. I got down to 321.8 and was feeling better. My dad started Nutrisystem and had lost weight about two months before I started. His experience helped me to decide to try NS. My job requires me to travel quite a bit, so I am eating out alot.

Because Nutrisystem is shelf-stable, and I can buy fruits, dairy, and vegetables in small quantities, I could plan my meals long before I needed to actually eat, so there was no guesswork at the restaurant..

I have a photo of me with my girls on my lap, and I was huge, I couldn't believe that was me. I think that was the final straw (so to speak) that had me reconsidering my lifestyle..

My experience, as well as reading these discussions, has motivated me even more...

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