Why won't my computer let me upload to Yahoo iPage?

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Quick question: Why won't my computer let me upload to Yahoo iPage? Thanks for any answer. Another quick question... The knowledge base states: Zone - The state or zone of residence for the store. This is necessary to enter, as it is used in any tax or shipping cost calculations..

I have set the country to UK but the zone update is blank ie. I cannot select a zone. I have my product price seen as net, not gross & no shipping costs in the checkout..

Is this because there is no zone selected?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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I have now setup a country & zone. I am using the zone shipping method & have put the weight table in..

The weights show but are shown in the checkout 3 pounds heavier than the actual weight of the product. Why is this??.

Also how do I change the weights from lbs to kgs??..

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Check tare wt in admin for 3..

Wts are entered as a number.

Edit text on screen where it says lbs in the language file for the page being displayed, if it is on zones.php it would be in.


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I'm having the same problem I select UK as country,then the zone dropdown box is blank..

I'm just setting up the store following the guide 'documentation.pdf' should I be worried about this?.

Why is zone blank?.


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I guess I'll just have to ignore this as no one around seems to know the answer.

Hopefully it won't create too many problems for me!..

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You could always set up a few counties in country..

Checkout the contributions...

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Thanks Geoffrey, I'll check them out..

I just get a bit worried when things start doing things they shouldn't. The guide says select a zone, yet the zone is blank. Does osCommerce do this for every UK install?! Is this standard? If not any possible reasons why it might be happeneing?.

What does this effect? What are the possible implications of me ignoring it?.


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Bit difficult for osc to display a zone if you have not set one up..

How does osc know it is a UK or Korean install?.

You have a blank canvas, start painting it the way you want..

Look through all the admin options, buy a book, search for some installation guides........

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The only implication of ignoring it is: you do the right thing!.

1. the osc document was written by, very likely, an american, and what it says there RE zones are correct for countries where tax could be different from state to state or "zone" to "zone". In the Uk, there is NO such thing as different VATs based on where you live, VAT is either zero rate, reduced rate, or standard rate with NO regard to where you live (as long as you live in an area where VAT is liable, thats in effect places where you can put United Kingdom at the end of the address), instead VAT is based on goods, eg, books are zero rate but the CD in the book may be charged at a reduced VAT rate..

2. Royal Mail abandoned the idea of County in UK addresses more than 10 (if I remember correctly) years ago, and replace most of the county names with the first two letters of the post code. so if you think it is necessarily to have a list of counties in a drop down box in your shops, (I know there people out there doing this as addon and there is no end of it becasue there is NO official county list), you are either asking for trouble (for your osc shop), or too old to change, or ingorant. For an UK address, the number and the post code are the only (and enough) two pieces of information that identify an unique address, and all the automatic process such as computerised system only look at these two pieces of info to determine an address, eg, the credit card address verification..


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