Wich diet is better Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem and what is the difference?

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My first question is Wich diet is better Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem and what is the difference? Thanks in advance for any response. My other question... Hey guys. Been on program now for 2 days and all systems are a go! I joined gym today and will be going over there tomorrow for the first time. I think I should concentrate on aerobic and cardio more than weights. I could be wrong but wanted some insight and suggestions as a newbie in that dept what I should do when I get there. Any program suggestions? I can ride the bike, treadmill, elliptical for cardio but what about aerobic and weights? I am all ears for this one...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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Clark - You were in shape! Round is a shape!.

Barry - I agree with Clark. Start slow. I was much heavier than you when I started but I over did it about 2.5 months into it. Thought I could start jogging and tweaked my knee. Ended up doing about 6 weeks of physical therapy. Went back and to walking for 10 minutes at time and have worked up from there.

So it really comes back to you and your fitness goals...

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OK...Getting into a shape other than round.

When I was working out, I focused on doing 30 minutes of activity a day (walking or aerobics). I used a Wii with a both the WiiFit board and Wii software called "My Fitness Coach" (recommended)..

I stopped doing aerobics last spring, since I golf three or four times a week during the summer and normally walk the course (very hilly)..

I still try to walk a couple of times a week for 30-60 minutes, but haven't had a problem maintaining my weight where I want it. I also work in a building that requires moving between floors (only three or four) and since I started Nutrisystem I haven't used the elevators, which can really help..

The Nutrisystem plan doesn't require you to be that active (in fact, if you are you can stop your weight loss)..

I would very slowly and work your way up. Maybe just start walking 10 minutes everyday..


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Rick I'm beginning to think the same thing that cardio is probably a better idea for me than actual weights. I joined a gym yesterday with no contract but am having 2nd thoughts as to whether or not it's even going to be worth it. I rode my bike today for 3 miles and feel great. A little tired but great. Any insight on that?..

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If you think you will use the gym, I say go for it..

I know that I wouldn't, which is why I purchased the Wii and WiiFit. I used it for about 7 months every day until the spring when golf started..

I still play with it every once and while, but find I don't need it like I did when I was losing weight..

I know others will stay you should workout daily or use weights (or whatever). I know that I won't, so I don't try to fool myself into thinking I will..

I really believe my new life style where watching what I eat and being accountable for that is enough!.

The last 6 months have proven that to me!.


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I've had mixed results from exercise. Over the summer I swam laps for half hour at a time and it slowed my weight loss. Once I quit doing that my rate sped up. Instead I walked for 30 minutes a day (about 3 miles) and it didn't slow my weight loss but it didn't hurt either. Once summer was over I went back to college and other than the walking to class and keeping up with 20 year olds I did no extra exercise and kept losing..

You'll find advocates for and against weight training here, but ultimately it's up to each of us to figure out what works for us. It's your body, give it a try and see what happens. Worst case you lose weight at a slower rate and get in better shape at the same time..

As for myself the plan is to get 30 minutes of physical activity a day (Even if it's not all at once) and once Im done with college in May I've got a set of these bad boys and a copy of P90X waiting on me..

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I think you should do something that is very regular (never miss a workout) but is NOT too hard at the beginning. Even give yourself a little bit of slack (that will get taken up over time). So that you get in the habit of a workout. Attendance trumps intensity. It really does. The only bad workout is a missed workout..

And avoid injury...

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Doing weight lifting is completely reasonable in addition to cardio. It will not slow your weight loss rate (it is extra exertion, so it will somewhat increase your loss rate if anything). You may not get the same kind of muscle gains as if not dieting, but you can still arrest losses and probably (if you are diligent) make strength gains. I gained ~50% strength over 6 months while losing 3# per week...

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This is my first time with NS, but I've been on this journey for a while. I started at 285 and I'm now at 230. I plan on using Nutrisystem to help me with my final push to get to my 185 target..

I found that going to the gym didn't really work for me because I had an excuse not to go. I brought the gym to my house - treadmill, a magnetic trainer to put my bicycle on and a DVD called Core Concepts a 27 minute work out on a yoga ball..

If I watched TV I would walk on the treadmill. Not fast, just walk..

The secret is to increase your activity level in a way that works for you..

Over the past few years, I've had to travel for my job so I haven't had the chance to use my home gym....

My new program that I'm starting with Nutrisystem is based upon calisthenics and plyometrics. It's portable and can be used anywhere..

Think about going back to elementry school... running in place, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, various crunches... it's very easy to come up with a program that involves no excuses, because it can be done anywhere at anytime with no special gear using your body as resistance..

Anyway... just my 2 cents....

Either way, being consistent is key!..

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Thanks Clark and Poly...since I already joined the gym I'm going to keep it for a month or two and see if I actually do use it. I know some kind of exercise is necessary. I rode my bike for 30 mins yesterday, do a lot of walking but that might not be enough. I was advised by Nutrisystem to keep my workout to 90 minutes total per week at this time. When I reach goal they said I can up it. So maybe a gym is not right for me at this time, I really don't know.

Was there today for a 30 minute workout on cardio. Tomorrow I go for a 30 minute weights workout and I got my 90 minutes for the week covered. I know I can do this!! After 4 days on the program, mentally I'm feeling great, emotionally I'm great and I am not really all that hungry. I am eating more vegetables and huge salads now than I ever have in my life so I know thats good! Overall after 4 days I give it an A. The truth shall be told Sunday morning at wake up when I weigh in..

Comment #10

Sounds good....

Remember it is journey...You didn't gain the weight overnight and you won't lose it overnight..

You sound like you are off to a great start and have the attitude to make it work..

Best of luck,.


Comment #11

"Attendance trumps intensity".

Poly that's classic and totally true.

If you can get there, you are halfway there..

Comment #12

Not sure I agree with this one..

It's true that getting there is half the battle...but you have to put in the work once your there. Just showing up, is not going to get you the results you desire (unless you have low expectations)..

Having said that...there have been many, many times I didn't feel like going, but once I made myself go, and I could find the motivation to get in a solid tell you the truth, those have been some of my most rewarding workouts...

Comment #13

1. I think for most people, once they get there...they will do a decent workout. It's a bit of a get yourself there..

2. There are a lot of workouts that don't feel triumphant or strong. But you have to endure those to make gains..

3. I have done the on again, off again lifting for decades without gains. This last 6 months is the first time, I was completely regular. And I gained ~50% strength on every exercise..

4. I think the difference between having a program versus not having one (i.e. going regularly versus whaling at it occasionaly and then bailing) is more important than machine versus free weight, supplements, single set versus multiplpe sets, split versus whole body, multi-joint versus isolation, bodyweight versus weightlifting, etc..

5. I was hanging on a serious lifting site...and along with telling me I should do multijoint and avoid Smith and all the like...they said one thing that really clicked with me. That often newbies get into a program and make it too hard from the start and give up. That having something even a little easy to start with is helpful. The natural addiction of progression will take care of getting to failure pretty fast. The barbell always wins!.

P.s. Think we are really not that far off...and admire your dedication and power. I like being included as a lifter in a group with you. I finally feel like I belong as I walk through there!..

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I concur. Sometimes, when I don't feel like going...or even suspect that I will be "weak", I end up being strong on the lifts. Other times, I feel elated and roll in there and the barbell pushes back on me harder than usual! But I always tell myself that I won since I was there..

And I'm definitely not a slacker. One of the trainers told me that I was the most serious person in the whole downtown YMCA. (That doesn't mean I lift the most...there are a lot of behomeths there.) I've always been like that. But in the past, would kind of spin my wheels and not stick to it or do crazy things like 5 sets of bench/incline/decline/dips/pushups. Now I finally feel like I have hit a decent groove. And I'm going up on the evil hamstring curls next week!..

Comment #15

The key in anything is to position yourself for long term success..

I know that I am not the type of person that enjoys going to the gym and working out (and I have done it over the years, just didn't enjoy it)..

When I started Nutrisystem I decided I would approach this not as diet, but a new life style. Part of any life style should be activity or exercise..

I tackled the activity part by making a few small changes like not taking the elevator at work (I work on the 3rd floor and move between floors quite bit), taking the dogs for walks, golfing as much as possible, and purchasing a Wii and WiiFit for home use..

I know that I am not in the type of shape that I would be if I went to a gym and worked out with weights, but I know these activities helped during my weight loss and are helping me stay fit. I know I can continue them long term..

I think the key is knowing yourself and doing things that you will stick with..

In the next two weeks, these boards will be full of people coming to "lose weight" due to the start of the new year. Most of them will hang on for a month or two and than go back to their previous life because they didn't approach it with the thought of this being a lifetime journey..

Pick a workout/exercise routine that you can stick with!.

Best of Luck,.


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Problem: I hate cold weather. I run. Cold weather comes, I curl up on the couch and veg till Spring..

Last Spring I went crazy - literally ran my a55 off. Lost 70 pounds, set a PR in the 1/2 marathon. Great stuff..

Predictably, winter came. What to do to keep up this "lifestyle change.".

Fortunately, they opened a new YMCA-run community Rec Plex not far from my house. It has all the equipment (brand new PreCor cardio, strength machines throughout), an indoor track, the whole nine yards. But, what gets me there is the wet area - sauna, hot tub, steam room..

I tell myself, I'm going to go to the gym for a soak in the hot tub..

Once I walk in the door, I have to pass the equipment to get to the pool area. Well, since I'm here....

Never fails! Problem solved. Next race is February 28th in Tampa, Florida. Not looking for a PR here but am working toward a sub 4 marathon in October in Chicago. That keeps me coming back. You gotta do what it takes...

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