Windows or linux for web hosting with 123 reg?

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First of all Windows or linux for web hosting with 123 reg? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: To anyone who can give me the best.

Whois search query script or software. I keep getting my available names stolen. I cant find any reliable sites...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

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Best script i've used is top dog whois ->.




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You should try HostGator Name Analyzer software provided free by registrar. It can be downloaded from:.

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Okay I will test each one with a .com for 10 days each, and if I feel I have a winner I will pm each one with the results..

Big thanks...

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-> limited to 50 domains ( because they do it in realtime !!! ).

Dont think it's the best. What Whois do you get for:.


2. ;-) ????..

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Suprise!!!! I have in "My Yahoo" their HostGator search..

It really is the only one I trust out side of proggys..

Domain Punch Pro/DNA/Domain Inspect....

None of these "Phone Home".

Keep your $100 and use it to invest in a good proggy for bulk lookup..

Also keep in mind, you are not the only one with new ideas. Some of those stolen may have dawned on another domainer as well..



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If you have a cpanel hosting and try phpCOIN ,domain search is on the placeorder button.The seach script was done by ...

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I've had three domains stolen from DomainTools. I don't know if that's a coincidence, but after checking domains at DT, they were gone within a week each...

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Yeah Im not using domaintools, godaddy, domaintools, domainsite anymore for inquiries. I use moniker for regs so I only use them for a final search before buying..

Lastest HostGator snatched from me was via dynadot..

I hear ya...

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You can use or yahoo domains. They are safe...

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Run by a friend of NameCheap's owner Richard. Richard says their script is not compromised. And I believe him. I've never had a searched HostGator subequently "taken". It's presented nicely. Shows you both the Registrar and Registry data, and can search for all the top tld's simlutaneously.

Highly recommended...

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Hi, theres a script we use in our Website:.

, check it out cause it's very simple..

If you like it , PM me Iĺl send it to you.... it uses networksolutions and other servers....


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I wish people would stop saying stolen. None of these names were stolen from you. Someone just beat you to the punch...

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I wish people would make sure they were completly within the topic before posting..

Beating someone to the punch by logging and scanning whois requests is stealing in my book..

If you care to debate whether this happens, start your own thread..


Comment #14

There is nothing to debate about the comment I made. I don't appreciate your attitude towards an opinion you don't agree with..

The names were not stolen by the true definition of the word. Yes, one could debate whether such scans are appropriate. However in the end something you did not own can be called stolen. This is just sour grapes compared to actual reality...

Comment #15

Just like I dont appreciate your attitude towards an opinion you don't agree with..

So we agree to dis-agree on this..



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Well I know my ethics are going to crush all of the above posts. I don't do this myself but if someone punches you on your face what will you do? Will you hit him back or not?.

If yes then do one thing invest that $100 in a script which performs whois query and then log people's queries and register that names for yourself. That is the best way to get the anger out..

It is not an ethical way to do though..

If you want to take a defensive stance towards all this then you will have to take the beating and again offer your head so that they can beat you again..

If you want to take the smarter way of all then yes just don't trust any tool and do the research on your own custom made tool..

Because even if you try other tools and the HostGator is registered by someone else then you will have a feeling that the tool itself sucks..

After using your own custom coded tool if that HostGator gets snapped then you can think that yes it does happens everywhere so it is not a fault of a HostGator tool which you were considering in first place..

Best choice out of all "Invest money in a tool of your own and relax" if it still gets stolen or punched whatever the word is. Then it is just luck...

Comment #17

No attitude, just being accurate about the definition. We agree to disagree. Peace to you as well & have a nice day...

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Don't we have a sticky on this at the top of the forum?.



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.