With 123 reg web hosting, what happens if I reach my max bandwith usage?

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Quick question... With 123 reg web hosting, what happens if I reach my max bandwith usage? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question I got... I'm pretty excited about the .asia launch..


Even though there is a huge possibility that .asia might not take off (like .eu), good names sell, in any extension. I've seen premium one word sales in ccTLDs as bad as .sk, .pl, etc. Asia, compared to them is a huge market..

But what has got me (and others like me - late entrants into the game with not so big budgets) is the possibility of regging some real gems as soon as the .asia registration window opens..

While I'm aware that,, and their ilk will be taken up by the big domainers, I'm pretty confident I will be able to reg or perhaps, i.e., the not so premium one word names..

While these names will not make me filthy rich, they will provide me with some cash for registering better names..and perhaps if I sit on them, I might even be able to become filthy rich off them...hope to get at least some money in my bank account by the time I pass out of college (still 3 years to go.


That is why .asia has got me excited....

Anyone else with me?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

That is the one I would love to have. It would be so interesting to develop a site dealing with the history of pottery in Asia. Especially as related to China and Japan. Ceramics would also be cool as it has a broader definition...

Comment #2

Its a waste of money, for .asia.. I would not spend a penny... long live .com, .net, .us, .mobi..

Comment #3

Why do they let you apply for names already?..

Comment #4

The trouble is that most people do not have the financial muscle to reg good .coms and .nets..

I still have to make do with .orgs and .nets...can't afford the good .coms.

For people like me (I'm a student, so dont have a ton of spare money), the .asia might provide a way to get into the .coms and .nets. Like they say, it takes money to make money..

So statistics or not, even if I don't get a single visitor to any of my .asia domains, I'll be happy if I can flip my $xx registration fee (anyone know what the reg fee might be?) for $xxx, I won't mind..

Though I admit the 'Pioneer Domains' program will mean that the general population will have to make do with *bad* names, I still dont mind it if I can turn a decent profit...

Comment #5

You forgot .info and I see .mobi as a big question mark and only time will tell...

Comment #6

You have better odds to make a profit with .net, .org, .mobi more than you will with .asia...

Comment #7

Agreed. IMO, .asia is not a great opportunity for newbies... It's a great opportunity to.



That's not to say there won't be money to be made. Hell, I may reg a couple if I can get some uber premium names. But would I pay XXX+ for .asia names? Nah...

Comment #8

Most asians talk English and they prefer English. For example, in Malaysia, students in primary school (age 7 - 12) take important subjects like Math and Science in English and that's an obligation...

Comment #9

I think .asia is a great opportunity for newbies. lose money.

It's another extension that is not needed..

Even .eu is struggling while the EU is clearly more integrated than Asia, of course we can argue about the poor handling of the sunrise by Eurid but that's not the point. A lot of domains are being dumped presumably because they were registered for mere speculation....

I do not see any reason why .asia should fare any better..

When you say "good names sell, in any extension" I see your point. I could even agree to some extent. In the short term there could be opportunities for flipping domains for a quick profit just like .mobi. But in the longer term I do not see strong fundamentals. I anticipate that it will be another dead zone with most domains registered for defensive (TM/brand) purposes, parked or redirecting to .com/ccTLD. Not a fully-fledged extension recognized as such..

Bottom line: .asia is another high-risk, unproven TLD. Govern yourself accordingly..


Looking back at the so-called news TLDs that have been introduced since 2000 I only see one that has been somewhat successful and it is .info. I'm not a fan of .info but I can understand the added value for sites that do not really fit under .com .net or .org..

The others have not achieved critical mass: .biz .aero .museum .coop .pro etc.

It is clear that most new TLDs are not succeeding.

Icann should remove their blinders and see when the end users shun them..

My 2 of course.


Comment #10

Why dont you just save money as a student and buy yourself one .com for $5K+ you dont need 1000 names to make profit.. one nice investment on a premium .com will make you money in the near future.....

Comment #11

Yeah, asuming you can find one that clearly is worth the price (better stick to LLL.coms) you can gain 30 - 60% per year. Not Shabby, but you have no flexibility to move part of your assets - when you sell it you are done..

OR buy good reg fee names and carefully selected lower price aftermarket names, spend a TON of time learning about domaining and searching for names, and, perhaps, make 500% per year or a lot more. (Do not forget to allow for renewal fees)..

Different strokes for different folks...

Comment #12

I think this is the safest way to play it if you're a newbie and don't have alot of cash at hand. I would still like to get a few .com names that are worth mid $xxxx, but until I have that type of money to invest, I do just what accentnepal suggests...

Comment #13

Unlike .mobi and .eu, you can't make money scamming newbies since there will be an AUCTION for any 1st week landrush name that gets more then 1 application. Aka, all the good ones, you will be bidding against someone else. This gives registry all the money and speculation little if any financial success, since now you have essentially a middle man...

Comment #14

Calm down boys or I'll have to take your laptops away..

I read somewhere a while back to submit a new extension to icaan for review is $50,000 with no guarantee of what they might say...

Comment #15

Rule one of the net.

: Be skeptical of everything and everyone...

Comment #16

My opinion....

Indians will type .in or

Chinese .cn etc..

Malaysians their ccTLD.

And so on and so forth....

Of course .COM is typed from anywhere in the world, this looks better to me as an investment option..

But then speculators will grab the premium names and some may even sell for a profit later on. The key here is QUALITY PREMIUM NAMES only..

Comment #17

I currently have about 50 names, equally distributed among .coms, .nets, .orgs and a few .ins and .us.

The way I see it, .asia will be a good opportunity at least in the beginning, when all the good names that haven't been sold off..

I'm talking about names that would go for 20k if they were .coms.

I'm pretty sure that such names could go for ateast 1k if they were .eu.

And I see the same happening with .asia.

In the beginning, there will be a lot of these 20k dot coms available to register in the .asia extension. The big players, I guess will be busy regging the 100k dot com names. So the smaller fry (hate using that word, but it's the right one) will have to make do with smaller profits..

There is no way I'm buying any .asia with more than two words. In fact, I'm buying two word .asia only if it's some great name, like MotorRacing, or DreamLife..

Comment #18

I understand this but you are still taking a gamble with your money..

Nothing wrong with taking a chance though as long as you mitigate the risk..

Comment #19

DreamLife wouldn't even bring a reg fee in .asia. You're going to need very solid keywords if you're to see a good ROI...

Comment #20

First off not everyone can 'legally' register a .asia domain:.

"Legal entities within the Pan-Asia and Asia-Pacific region (defined by ICANN as Asia/Australia/Pacific region; see.


) can register names under .ASIA TLD.".

As well it would seem to make more sense to wait for them to release IDN's versus ascii..

I can think of some good .asia domains that I would like to own and develop, but with the restrictions and Canada not included on the list of those available to register these domains, I won't be getting them...

Comment #21

I wonder how many people not on the list will manage to acquire them via dummy corporations or connections.....

Comment #22

I would love to get my hands on a couple too. IAmIn.Asia..

BTW, aren't there any news as to what the reg fee will be?..

Comment #23

Again, hopefully people have read my post, it's an AUCTION system if more then one HostGator is requested during initial land rush...

Comment #24

Sorry Sam, didn't see that..

Then I probably wouldn't get any...

Comment #25

And who wants to bet that they list all domains requested to ensure more than a single request?..

Comment #26

Why wouldn't they. It would be pure economic stupidity if they don't. More.

For them...

Comment #27

I think you might just find that cctld and .com /.net in native languages might take priority over yet another money making extension for registrars..

Oh, I think that (cctld and .com /.net in native languages) may be IDN's.

, for use in China, Japan, Korea , Thailand and other parts of Asia where english is definitely not a first language...

Comment #28

Interesting thread with many points of views..

Can anyone give an estimate how much or might sell for ?

Comment #29

I hope sunrises don't happen like last time... when somebody creates a company/or trademark like.

P.O. & Ker Ltd..

And then registers

Comment #30 could sell for $20K to 250K, it all depends on the sunrise and the aftermath of resells.....

Comment #31

Anyone knows how big will be reg fee in normal registation ?

Comment #32

One question: Is it necessary to be based in Asia, or is it enough to be of Asian origin? I am in the US currently, but was born and lived in India for 19 of my 20 years..

The way I see it, the gamble is worth taking. You might never know where the TLD might land up, but if it does become a hit, then you'll always rue your chance to reg great names in the beginning. If I have to waste a couple of thousand bucks, then that is fine..

Also, I think the biggest opportunity will be all the country, state and city names that would be available to reg..

I'm sure that,, will be taken very early, but names like, etc. would still be available. And these will definitely be worth more than reg fee..

And regarding the reg fee, I'm not sure how much it'll be. But it can't be too much, since most Asian currencies are pretty weak compared to the dollar (perhaps other than yen)..

Comment #33

Well, in fact i'm also someone who doesn't have that many domains. But at try to make some profit to win some auctions and then sell them a bit higher. Maybe just one $ but a $ is a $..

I think this is the best way in the beginning. I will not gamble with my money. In the future when everything goes well and I have enough money and their is a new extension maybe I can try then. But at this point I see no!..


Comment #34

I think the possibility that .asia taking off will all depend on the way that it's marketed to people, and also if companies use .asia in promotions, also it will depend on the social acceptance of the TLD, if some huge sites are formed used int he .asia TLD and marketed effectively to the asian area then this could make the TLD as a whole more attractive..

I think the travel and gambling sector will be successful in the .asia TLD regardless of the popularity..

What I want to know is when can the public jump on and start buying domains, is it the 9th of octorber or January 2008?.

I might invest some cash into .asia but I will not be going in crazy, I already have many other investments, it will be a bit of a gamble but I can understand every one else's concerns with the usage rates of this TLD..

But I dont see the harm in investing a low amount.....

Comment #35

.asia is not a good way for newbies to enter... Save your money and invest in a US savings bond.

With the way the landrush is setup, there will be fake companies, TMs, and the whole shebang..

The auction setup will ensure that no decent name will be had cheaply, nothing. By the time the extension is opened up to regular priced registrations there will be nothing but crap left. And at this point hype will be at it's highest, because people will see the high prices being paid in auction for the premium names and think they can make a ton of money. Newbies will flood the opening days of regular priced registrations with wasted money on horrible registrations, and we'll all have to wade through thousands of crappy .asia domains in the Appraisal forum for months afterwards. There will also be a huge debate about the viability of the .asia extension for the next year or two, where many people will resort to personal attacks and long-time members will be banned..

To be honest, in some ways this industry is getting too predictable..

These landrushes are like musical chairs. When the music stops, and it will, you need to make sure your ass is firmly planted.....

Comment #36

I agree. Most of the good ones will be taken up for higher prices..

We'll start to see bottom scrapers..

There will be newbies with names like "GoToDa.Asia" or "", and when we say appraise it at 0-reg fee, they may go on a personal attack rampage...

Comment #37

.Asia names will never get any sort of search engine traffic and also organic traffic which will be the major drawback even if people were to develop say,,,, etc..

I would rather wait for .asia IDN's launch...

Comment #38

Well as far as the personal attacks go, I'm not talking about this specific scenario, or newbies. Even the most respected members can turn ugly when they're heavily invested in an extension and others question it's viability....

As SecondVersion pointed and .mobi are perfect examples of this...

Comment #39

Another thread about .asia.

Knowing the region and people in that continent I won't be so excited..


Need I say more?..

Comment #40

A extension by itself has no bearing on achieving success in the search engines... development strategy does..

The .asia extension would have as much potential to do well or not so well in obtaining SERP's as with any other extension such as .com or .net..

Comment #41

People seem to be putting down this .asia extension,.

I would be more worried about .mobi's I have not really lost money on this extension, but I think too many investors went in big on it and too many corps/business just use .coms for mobile applications and most late model phones don't really care about what the TLD is..

I have a little invested into mobi but I have already made my money back 5 times over, what I have concern for is the mum and dad investors who spent like 10k on mobi domains..

As for .asia it could be popular if it's accepted by asains and if big companies adopt it, the chance of this happening is not high but If it does happen this TLD would be a whole lot more appealing...

Comment #42

AND ... even the most "respected" members can turn ugly as well when they're NOT invested in a new extension and ONLY question it's viability ....

The .mobi introduction was a prime example. A number of "established" domainers (who should definitely be able to empathise with fellow domainers and wish them the best of luck in their endeavors) expended a lot of energy to visciously attack the new extension and those who personally chose to invest in it. The entire .mobi extension not just the obviously low value reg fee type names - most everything and everyone investing in .mobi was belittled. Constructive criticism is helpful, but popping into every thread with a predictable negative comment is just being an a**hole. The FEAR of loss of business or focus on THEIR heavily invested extensions to the money chasing other names can drive some to make "less than professional" posts..

Thankfully it has died down here at NP but that mindset is still prevalent at a couple of other forums. Some out there still find it necessary and seem to take great take pleasure in replying to every single .mobi thread with a negative post at every chance. Wishing and promoting negative outcomes for others' investments is childish, unprofessional, and just plain rude..

The web is ever expanding, the PIE is growing, and there is room for ALL these extensions and for all kinds of domainers. Some extensions will fare better than others and some will surprise us, even the most "seasoned" domainers. A HostGator name forum should be the place for an exchange of ideas, a place to learn about domaining, and a place to find support from like minded entrepreneurs..

As far as the .asia extension, I probably will not invest much if at all in it..

BUT, I wish all who do reg .asia names - the very BESTof luck...

Comment #43

Unless you have a Asian company you wouldn't be able to invest in the .asia extension..

Or would there be options other then finding a Asian friend that could register for you?..

Comment #44

I'm sure like any other cctld out there's got to be a way to register a name even if you're not eligible to...

Comment #45

Its called lieing. Just like .FR/.CA/.US.

People will all just google some asian address and use it..

Comment #46

I really wish your post could become a sticky! Thank you...

Comment #47

Just set up a business in Australia it's like 60 dollars AUD which is like 50 USD and register all the .asia's you want...

Comment #48

That is where I disagree. I don't think there is room for all extensions... nor is it desirable to add new ones to the root ad nauseam..

In the case of .asia I don't see a compelling need or use for that TLD..

Now I can imagine that a few early players will make money flipping domains before the bubble bursts - hardly enough to make a case for a new extension..

As for "empathising with fellow domainers and wish them the best of luck in their endeavors", let's be honest. If you think the TLD is doomed why not be upfront and say it. There are newcomers here too and if they think these so-called sponsored extensions are shortcut to riches they are in for a bitter surprise..

No offense but looking at some of the .mobi domains registered it is obvious that even seasoned domainers don't have a clue..

In the end it is the end users who will make an extension thrive or fail..

I don't think that.

Past experience.

With sponsored TLDs like .aero or .coop is encouraging....

I do too.

At the same time they have been warned and have all the knowledge in their hands.

Nothing wrong with taking a gamble if you know what you are doing....

As always, don't spend more than you can afford to lose..

Comment #49

Any thought I had of trying to get premium names with .asia were shot when I read it will not be first come first served, but rather auctions when more than one application is received on a name. There's no point to pay premium prices right out of the gate unless you want to develop, because your profit margins will be slim to none. What a disappointment...

Comment #50

I think this is a better idea instead of FCFS, because it would have.


As .eu. All said, people will pump in money thinking that they will explode in prices when they resell. In my opinion, it's just a misjudgement and a risk that will have to be seen...

Comment #51

I can't believe all of this discussion. The answer seems rather pedestrian to me. Whether your a newbie, oldbie, or bumble bee,.


You can manage to lay your hands on a first issue premium keyword .asia domain, assuming no .mobi like auction or .tv pricing scheme, buy. As to lesser keywords, it's a matter of keyword nexus/relevancy...

Comment #52



I mean that the online world is growing so fast and will continue to do so making it possible for websites developed using many extensions to be successful (for good terms). Do we "need" many more - maybe not - and sure we don't want to see them added.

"ad nauseum".

But every new extension gives another, different entity (with possibly different and better application ideas) the opportunity to acquire and use generic and keyword term names. Why should one person owning a .com version of a term (which is probably parked) hold the only access to that term?.

I am being totally honest. Why should you even question it? I never said nor do I automatically think .asia is "doomed". I live in the US, have no business presence in Asia and am happy with my current focus. I won't be regging any but in general wish fellow domainers the best of luck with their.

Individual choices.

After enduring the wrath of those who were "openly skeptical" (to put it VERY mildly and politely) for regging .mobi names, I CAN empathise with those who take the risk in straying from .com/net/org..

Why should I take offense? ... I have good generic mobis, most from pre-regs and very early landrush..

I see lousy regs.

Being made, names offered, and drops.

Happening EVERY day in ALL extensions.

, and have posted that observation many times in the NP forum..

Exactly - always good advice...

Comment #53

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.