Working out while on Medifast Diet "KINDA"?

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Quick question: Working out while on Medifast Diet "KINDA"? Hoping for any comment. Another question... Good morning Oct OP'ers!!.

Well my DD didn't have an ear infection. They want me to keep an eye on her though incase her fever goes up. They think she's just teething really bad right now.

Poor baby girl. She woke up about 6 times last night so I'm YAWN!.

Yesterday I drank 130 ounces. I was so thirsty! This morning the trend is continuing. I hope everyone has a good week and that this Monday is a good start and not a case of the Mondays, lol..

My DH is home today so we're both taking DD to the Little Gym for her class. Very exciting!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Jilly I hope your daughter feels better! Have fun at the Little Gym!.

Julie I only wish I could do 100 crunches a day. That may be a great challenge for me to try. Great suggestion!.

Robin thanks for the advice on what to bring on a cruise. I am definitely going to be bringing my cappuccino. I can't live without it. I have one every morning..

Willow have you ever been on a cruise? If you haven't, you should definitely go on one. I was skeptical about going on one at first but now I love them. They are such awesome deals because everything is almost included except alcohol (Hubby and I don't drink anyways) and your excursions. So much fun!.

Elaine I will definitely check out the back of the package of morningstar and boca products. I actually like boca brand better than morningstar so I hope it's acceptable..

I atually drank a lot of water yesterday. Well for me it is a lot. I am estimating 100 oz for Sunday. I haven't really started drinking much today. I better get to it! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!..

Comment #2

Today's my first day, mind if I join you?..

Comment #3

Good Morning all you Beautiful OctOPers! I hope everyone is feeling well this morning. I don't have much to report myself. I did get 128 oz of water in yesterday, so that was good. Just another Monday. Looking forward to another OP week.

Jilly - So glad your daughter doesn't have an ear infection! Teething isn't fun for anyone!.

Tabitha - Have a wonderful Monday.

Sandy - Great job with your water intake!! Do you have any suggestions for a crunch challenge? There are 31 days until Thanksgiving. We could make our own individual crunch goals for the next 31 days. Let me know. I think I'm going to start tonight. Got to get this belly rollin'.

Perenia - Welcome!! We love our new OctOPers!!.

As I stated above, there are 31 days until Thanksgiving (can you believe it????) I am doing a crunch challenge and welcome anyone that wants to join me. Just let me know how many crunches you want to do by Thanksgiving and I will keep track. My goal is to do 3100 crunches by Thanksgiving!!.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone..

Comment #4

Julie I'd love to join your crunch challenge! My C-Section body needs it, LOL. 100 crunches a day seems like it might be asking too much of me, so I'm gonna say 1550 crunches by Thanksgiving. Let me know how we should report in!.

PerennaWelcome aboard!.

Jump in and tell us a little about yourself. I hope you're day so far is going good!.

We had fun at the little gym. A bouncing ball scared DD a little bit. After that she recoiled whenever I tried to give her one. It was cute and sad all at the same time. When one rolled towards her, she quickly swatted it away with a look of disgust on her face...

Comment #5

Hi Jilly! Yay! So glad you're joining the crunch challenge! You decide what's right for you...1550 sounds good to me.

I'll post results weekly so you can let me know how many you did on a daily basis or whenever you can. I had a c-section too...between that and my stretch marks, my stomach will never be the same.

BUT, it's a small sacrifice for such a wonderful gift!..

Comment #6

Julie - I will do your crunch challenge. I think I might go with Jilly and do 1550 by Thanksgiving. I had a c-section and twins so I need all the help I can get!.

Water- I am not good on the weekends. So weird. Anyway, I had 88 on Friday, 32 on Sat. (Booo) and 96 yesterday. Not too bad..

Hope everyone has a good week...

Comment #7

Yay Becky!! I am going to measure my waist and see how much I lose between now and Thanksgiving...Hoping for much less flubber by Thanksgiving!.

So far we have:.




And I think Sandy....

Anyone else is welcome!! Let me know..

Comment #8

Oh I am sooo sorry ya'll the last week was a week from hell and it ended with a bang. My computer crashed.

Erasing all of our water stats. Even tho I'm dedicated to us I just got to much going on to go back through the whole thread to gather them again. On the plus side those who participated were taking in at least there 64 usually much over. I am so proud of all ya! (((((hugs)))) Either way it is a new week so it is time for a new challenge. I'm loving the crunch challenge Julie suggested. I'm in!.

I want to have at least 1550 crunches in by Turkey day..


Congrats on your 1st WI! The bars are sooo yummy and portable. I haven't found a flavor I didn't like..


I'm so happy for you! Getting to see your hubby and a cruise! Enjoy that R&R time.


Glad baby girl didn't have a ear infection. Little gym is to cute! Getting her into healthy habits early.

Wish they had a little gym when I was a baby..


I'm going to attempt to make a cauli pizza you had on the boards awhile back. I was just wondering how much cauli you used for the crust and cheese to be able to put turkey peperoni and mushrooms. Can I get your recipe please?.


Welcome to the group..

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Perennia welcome to the group! This is a great group!.

Julie the crunch challenge sounds great. Are we going to post how many we do everyday like we do the water? 3100 is a lot of crunches to count. I'm not sure if I can do that many since my tummy has never been good with crunchies. Yiou must have some tummy muscles. But I really like your idea.

I'm in!.

Kat that's fine about the water. We all did pretty good considering we got more than 64 oz yay! I hope everything is getting better for you this week! So are we still reporting our water daily or are we moving on to the crunchies this week?.

I hope everyone has a fabulous night! No crunchies for me today. I'll start tommorrow.

Tommorrow is weigh in day but I don't think I lost much this past week. I guess I will find out tommorrow morning...

Comment #10


Thank you, doll. Seems everything has calmed down and I'm falling back into a normal routine.

No more reporting our water. Still keep getting in that 64 fl oz or more! It's great for MF!.

Hope everyone had a wonderful OP Monday!..

Comment #11

Hi, and thanks for the welcomes!.

About me, well, I'm a single mom (divorced) to an 11-year old boy, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 gerbils. We all live in my little house in Vermont. I lost 40 lbs 2 years ago on Medifast but then regained it all and then some due to a combo of a rough emotional period and a medication conflict. Both of those things are now resolved so I am back and ready to send the weight packing! So I'm very happy to be here..

My day 1 is in the can - can't wait to see the scale in the AM..

Hope everyone has had a great day...

Comment #12

Good evening everyone.

I hope you all are having a fab night! I have been *so* hungry today...Not sure what that's all about, but I'm definitely pushing through it! So two more have officially joined our Thanksgiving crunch challenge. Anyone is welcome! I've got my 100 in for the day and measured my jelly belly. I'm at 38 inches, hoping for under 35 by the end of the challenge. Feel free to report your stats daily or weekly. I will tally them and post them every Monday. I need to find a way to creatively compile them, like Kat's pie chart.

Hi Kat! It's good to see you back here.

Hopefully things will become a bit calmer for you! Here is the thread for the cauliflower pizza:.

It explains the breakdowns of the lean & green in the thread. I add 2oz low fat mozzarella, 2 tbsp pizza sauce, 5-6 low fat turkey pepperonis and 1 serving of mushrooms (36 grams, raw). I have to add that Medifast does not consider the turkey pepperonis to be OP, since they have a lot of sodium. I am using them at my own risk.

Remember to weigh your cauliflower so you don't use too much and to also use the parchment paper. Let me know how it goes!!..

Comment #13


JulieI'll try to report my crunching in daily. I didn't do any yesterday, so today I am going to try to double up! Yesterday I went to bed so early, I didn't get to them. I was so tired! Probably from getting up so much at night! My Belly measurement, ACK, 43 inches. CRY! LOL I knew what it was really, but it's still hard to say!.

Perennia, Where in Vermont do you live? I love Vermont! I'm in Massachusetts.

Hi Kat! Hope you have a better week soon..

Comment #14

Welcome, Perennia! I'm glad you've joined us here. Sounds like you've got your hands full with the animals, LOL! We have one dog, and I can't imagine having more. It's bad enough to have to walk the one in -20 degree weather and snow and ice - brrr....

Kat, I'm glad your life has calmed down somewhat..

Julie, if I was a little further along on the plan I would definitely join the crunch challenge. Right now though I'm losing so slowly that I'm afraid to do much in the way of muscle building. I'm afraid I'd get really discouraged if I gained. (Seriously, I'm not trying to make excuses - I'm looking forward to getting some exercise soon, but I'm only in my second week.) I just know you guys are going to do GREAT, and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!.

Everyone have a wonderful day, okay? Stay on plan, get that water in, keep a positive attitude!..

Comment #15

Well, it seems that me doing crunches on the floor, is very funny! It has my baby girl in hysterics whenever I come up. Who knew doing crunches would have other benefits? Oh, and it got rid of my mid-morning hunger. (I know it's not really mid-morning, but it is for me since I've been awake since 5:30!)..

Comment #16

Morning all,.


- Hoping you have a much better week this week..


- That is too cute! Entertainment and exercise all wrapped up in one!.


- Welcome to the group!.


- That pizza sounds awesome... think I'll be making a grocery trip today. Pizza is my DH favorite, so I'll have to see what he thinks. He'll eat anything I cook..

Monday was my weigh in and I lost 5 pounds for week #2. I am very pleased. My health coach told me to wait at least 3 weeks before any exercise, so I am going to pass on the crunch challenge, but I'll be ready to go on the next one!..

Comment #17

Jilly - I did 30 crunches last night with the big twin in my arms. That is all I could get done but he had a blast. We did them on the big exercise ball. He was giggling! I loved it. But man I am paying for it now!!! 30 down, 1520 more to go..

I will measure tonight..

Welcome Perennia!.

So I weighed in on Sunday and I forgot to say anything. Only 1.2 this week. But I added in exercise and struggled alot last week. DH helped me back on track this last weekend and we are back on a roll..

Julie - I am with you. I have been SOOOO hungry the last couple of days. Really don't know what that is all about but like you, pushing through....

Kat - sorry about your week but glad to hear you are back with us..

Everyone have a good Tuesday...

Comment #18

I had my weigh in today and I lost 2.2 lbs. Not bad for week 3. I knew the weight loss was going to slow down but I am happy with it. Being week 3, I decided to walk on the treadmill for 40 minutes burned over 200 calories. My problem was that when I took off my sneakers, I had two water blisters. I never had them before and I used to walk for an hour and a half.

I hope I won't keep gettiing them. I just bought soe moisture wicking socks so I'll see if that will work. Hubby said my skin just needs to toughen up but that is just so strange that I never had them before. Anyone ever get them? I didn't do any crunches today but will tommorrow or possibly tonight. Have a great day everyone!.

Perrenia welcome to the board!.

Julie wow 38 inches sounds good to me. My jelly belly is 41 inches and I am only 166 lbs. For some reason all my weight goes straight to my belly and it makes me have an apple shape. I guess my belly is a magnet for fat. I hope the crunches will help me..

Robin congrats on the 5 lb weight loss for week #2! That's great! You are on a roll!.

Jilly and Becky it looks like your children are having so much fun with your crunches lol. That's an incentive getting them to laugh..

Comment #19

Good Tuesday Morning everyone!! I hope everyone is doing well.

It sounds like we're off to a great start with our crunch challenge! I love that it's making babies laugh! I do mine after my daughter goes to bed...I love her, but I really love bedtime a lot!!.

Jilly - No worries about your belly measurement...It's only going down, right?? And additional benefits, less hunger and laughing babies...priceless!!.

Tabitha - I'm sure we'll do another crunch challenge down the road. Looking forward to you joining us then!.

Maggie - Congrats on the 5 lb loss!! We will look for you at the next crunch challenge! The pizza is awesome! It takes a bit of finessing to get it right with your oven and all, but it's well worth it! And I love that you can make the crusts in advance and freeze or refridgerate them! Such an easy dinner.

Becky - You're doing advanced crunches with the extra weight of your "big" twin, LOL!! I still don't know what was up with the hungries yesterday, but today doesn't seem as bad, thank goodness!!.

Sandy - That's a great week 3 loss! And you're walking on the treadmill...good for you!! When I started out in January, I think my waist was around 45 inches...I'm 5'8" and "carry my weight well" for whatever that's worth. I gain weight around my middle first, but that's also where I lose it first....

I hope everyone has a wonderful OP day!!..

Comment #20

Robin, congrats on the 5 lbs down.

Thats great!.

My measurementsI think I reported the wrong one! My waist is 43 inches, but my belly (across belly button) is 48. I feel like a ball.

But I know it'll get better. My adult small record, is about 44 inches. I tend to carry all my weight in my middle...

Comment #21

Hi Guys!.

I'm totally a daily weigher. I admit it..

After a lower week 2, I've been dying to see the scale move, but nothing's happening since Friday. I'm totally bummed. I've been 110% OP even when working 60+ hours last week. I switched to just shakes and bars (and my L&G) because I found it hard to stay within my condiment allowance, and nada. nothing..

To make it worse, I've felt hungry the past couple of days too and my energy level is down..

So I'm going to head back to the gym. I'm in the middle of week 3 and will see if that helps things out. It's just discouraging....

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #22

Jilly - Keep in mind that you just had a baby not too long ago. Be kind to yourself. You are doing the best thing for you! Anything 35 inches and below is a "healthy" waist size for adult women...Let's shoot for that!!.

I've made an executive decision. I'm going to post progress pics when I reach 199! I'm very excited about this...At 199 I will have lost over 57 pounds since January!..

Comment #23

I am so duhI was thinking I was terrible for only getting in 4 bottles of water a day...well, come to find out that is >64oz! I thought the water thingies on my food log were bottles of water per day, not cups! Even drinking 64oz is REALLY hard for me...I am NOT a water I feel much better about it! I know I should be drinking more, but at least I am drinking the minimum! Yea me! LOL!.

Jilly-my weigh in is in 2 days and I don't think I will do as well either for week #3...but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!..

Comment #24

Sharean - Sorry you haven't been seeing the scale move like you want it to. I definitely know that feeling...Trying mixing up your lean & green times. I try to have my l & g at lunchtime a couple days a week to keep my body guessing. It seems to work. Hormonal fluctuations could be causing the hungries and lack of energy for you. You are working A LOT of hours, so you may just be run down. Just a couple of suggestions! Keep us posted...You're doing great!..

Comment #25

JulieWow, that is awesome! 57 pounds is incredible! I can't wait to see your progress pics.

I have a few progress pics over the last few months and I am making strides. I actually saw myself in a mirror at BabyRUS and did a double take. I didn't realize how thin my face looked!.

Halo, good luck! My weigh in day is on Thursday too. While I have lost some weight since my last weigh in, I'd be happy with a few more pounds! I've always been a slow loser though, so I can't expect miracles, but some progress is better than no progress!..

Comment #26

Thanks for the tips, Julie! I'm headed out to the gym now and will try to keep my nose to the grindstone and stay OP. I know the plan works, so I'll just stick with it...

Comment #27

Evenin' all!.

Thanks for even MORE welcomes!.

I'm in central Vermont - smack dab in the middle..

Sharean - just a thought, I know some women stall out before and during their period (ToM as some say) but also it's really possible for your body to hold onto weight if you exercise too much on Medifast - and the definition of 'too much' can really vary. I remember when I did Medifast before there was a woman who loved to run but when she did more than a little her weight loss would stall. I think her health coach actually told her to eat more and run less, and then her losses started up again! Getting with a health coach also might be a help - always good to have a pro to bounce things off of..

Just some thoughts!.

Day 2 went well but I am totally worn out. Yawn! Have a good night, all...

Comment #28

Julie you will be onederland soon! I can't wait to see the pics! That's a great idea to mix up when you eat your lean and green. I am going to try that because I always eat mine late between 7:30 - 8:30pm. Then I weigh myself first thing in the morning lol..

Jilly I like your crunches ticker. Good idea on keeping track of them..

Perennia I think that is why I am nervous about working out for fear of my weight loss stalling. I won't be exercising for a few days anyways because of my blisters.

Have a great night everyone! No crunches to report today...

Comment #29

Good morning, everyone! Just popping in to say hello and report that I had my first "food" dream last night. I was at my old place of employment (a resort) and stayed overnight in one of the guest rooms. In the morning, a room service waiter arrived with a HUGE cart full of breakfast foods which had been sent by my boss as a gift to me. I panicked because I knew I couldn't eat the stuff and stay on plan, but I didn't want to insult my boss by not eating it. The panicky feeling woke me up from the dream. As I've thought about it, I've realized that there is definitely some "baggage" there.

- wow. I'm 46 and I still have these things running around in my head. My parents were raised by parents who went through the depression, so I'm sure they were just repeating what they'd been taught as kids..

I just thought you all might find that interesting. It has certainly given me some food for thought (hee hee)..

Have a great day, everyone!..

Comment #30

Hello all!!! Just wanted to wish everyone a fabulous OP day!!.

My day started conspicuously - but it's going to be gold star anyway. I woke up for some reason shortly before 4 am thought my alarm had gone off. WOKE UP ALL 3 BOYS for school couldn't figure out why they were so tired..

Packed a lunch for my Kindergartner's field trip had them nearly dressed and my husband came out of the bedroom and asked what I was doing it's 4 in the morning he says. WHAT!!!!!?????.

So 3 boys back to bed for 2 more hours it took me almost an hour to go back to sleep myself - and only after I removed my four-year-old from my bed......

BUTit's all good because my 2nd week WI was this morning and I lost 6 more pounds this week!!! So thrilled I know it's not likely - but I'm thinking of beginning very light exercise a week early to see if I can beat the week three slump that I keep hearing about with MF.....

Babysitting for a friend today - house to be cleaned - Halloween to decorate - costumes to prepare for this weekend - so much to do and I don't feel tired (in spite of my 4 am wake up!)......

So looking forward to feeling 10 years younger when I'm 80 pounds lighter.

Wonderful day to all..

Comment #31

Woo hoo! way to go, Elaine! I'm afraid my 2nd week WI isn't going to be as stellar as yours (I weigh tomorrow), but I'm a slow loser, so I'll take what I can get. You must feel so proud of yourself!..

Comment #32

I am REALLY craving sweets! They are everywhere with Halloween so close by...And wanting CARBS! I bought some mini bagels for my family and they are calling my name...ugh! No slips so far though...but it's SO HARD!.

I'm going to have to break down and place another order for some chips and brownies!!! I just hate to pay all that s&h for just a couple of things though...

Comment #33

I weigh tomorrow tooGood Luck! I am hypothyroid so I have been thrilled with ANY lossbut I WAS feeling really skinny(not looking it, but feeling it, lol) but now I"m not feeling skinny anymore? We'll see tomorrow.....

Comment #34

My abs are killing me from doing 100 crunches yesterday. OOPS! I powered through and did my 50 this morning anyway, but I just wanna role around on the ground and cry! I hope the sore muscles aren't retaining much water! Tomorrow is the official weigh in day!.

Today I am experimenting and trying to make peanutbutter cookies out of the PB soft serve. I Loooove me some peanutbutter! I'm hoping to do it without any condiments..

HalobabeHang in there! Halloween is almost over! Try making one of those oatmeal bars I see recipes for on the Recipe forum maybe? Or have some softserve stuff. I like it frozen in the fridge. It's like having freezer pudding pies that I used to eat for breakfast as a kid. ( food issues go way back, LOL).

Tabitha, good luck tomorrow! I guess we can weigh in together!.

Elaine, congratulations! That's awesome!.

Sandy, I hope your blisters heal soon! They hurt!..

Comment #35

Halobabe, I'm hypothyroid too so I hear ya on that. Stupid thyroid!.

Jilly - I look forward to weighing in with you!..

Comment #36

Good Morning Ladies.

Happy Wednesday!! My abs are SO SORE!! But they're getting stronger and it feels good doing some sort of exercise..

Tabitha - I had a food dream a couple weeks ago. I was so happy to wake up and see it was only a dream and I was not going to be kicked out of ketosis. Wishing you luck on tomorrow's weigh in!.

Elaine! That weigh in is fantastic!! So sorry about your early morning mishap! I'm glad that you were able to get your kids back to bed.

Halobabe - Stay strong and stay away from the Halloween candy! It's almost over, thank goodness!! I'm buying bagels for my unit at work on Friday...we are having an off-site retreat at one of their houses. There is going to be so much yummy food there...I plan to stay strong and remember why I'm doing this in the first place. I want to be thin and healthy WAY more than I want a bagel. You can do it!! Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow.

Jilly! I'm right there with you girl, sore abs and all...You may want to rest one day. You have plenty of time to do all your crunches in the next 29 days or so. Don't overdo it! Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow!.

I'm feeling good today. I've been "closet shopping" and am going to be able to fit into some of the jeans I haven't worn in years!! So excited about that! I also bought a jacket at Marshall's yesterday in size large! And it fits!! All these little things makes it so much easier to stay on plan..

Wishing everyone a fantastic Wednesday..

Comment #37

Halobabe - make the Hot Cocoa fudge drops!!! Just the hot cocoa and 3 tbsps of water. Then freeze them. I have seen it on the forum and people really like them..

Elaine - I wish I could be that perky. My boys were up all night it seemed and wide awake at 4. Of course, mom wasn't and now I am a waking zombie!@ Well it is close to Halloween so it fits! :-) And congrats on the weigh in..

Jilly - I am with you. I only got 50 in last night so I am behind but my stomach muscles are KILLING me!!! Don't get me laughing or I fall over!.

So I will admit it...I am a daily weigher. :-( I can't help it, it's an addiction. But I am happy to report that I have been so on it this week, that I am already down 2 pounds from Sunday's weigh in!! WOOOHOOO. I will give official numbers on Sunday but things are kickin' in!..

Comment #38

Morning Becky! I didn't realize that you are also a Sunday weigher!! Yay! I'm also (usually) a daily weigher...Unless I'm not in a good space or feel puffy. Then I stay away! Great job on the crunches! It'll only get easier and then we'll all have six-pack abs, right???..

Comment #39

I'd take 2 or 4 pack abs, for sure!.

I weigh daily too. I notice that I lose the bulk of my weight a few days after my last weigh in and then lose like .5 lbs the rest of the week. Right now I am at like a 4 year low, so I'm happy with the scale..

Actually I'm trying to lose a little slow right now because of mental/emotional issues about losing weight. When I lose too fast I tend to freak out and stop dieting or planning all together. So in my head right now I am struggling. I am trying to work through the issues and figure out why I have them in the first place. Hopefully after some time I'll be less afraid and be able to commit completely 100%, but I know if I do now, that it'll lead to failure for me. And fear..

Which probably doesn't make much sense :-/ In the last 8 years, I'd say, I haven't gotten below 217, whenever I hit there, I landed in self-sabotage mode. My all time adult low weight is about 210, which is where I was when I got married. So those are all hurdels and obstacles for me to overcome...

Comment #40

Jilly - Being at a 4 year low is AWESOME!! I totally can relate to self-sabotage...I, too, am trying to work through it...Let's do it together!! I am also seeing scale numbers I haven't seen in a few years. It feels different this time, though. It's a good thing. Please don't hesitate to ask for help if/when you need it. We are all in this together..

Comment #41

Jilly, I also wanted to add that I have done Medifast two times before and have never been able to get past 7 weeks OP. I had great results both times however it wasn't enough for me to keep from going back to my old ways. I feel very differently this time around. I know that holidays are coming up but those are just single days in a year of 365, so I will plan accordingly and make choices that are right for me.....

Comment #42

Awesome job Jilly at being at a 4yr low! Hopefully with the support from your Medifast friends you will be able to overcome your obstacles..

Well, my boss is in town so I am heading out to an Italian restaurant with him, I checked out the menu and saw that they have chicken and veggies (for low carb dieters) so I will get that and will stay away from the bread! I am feeling strong right now and don't want to vear off track..

Hope everyone has a great night!..

Comment #43

Elaine wow 6 lbs for your second week? Thats awesome. What a way to start your week..

Halobabe I just did the same thing. I just ordere3d a few chips and some snacks and paid that extra shipping but I just couldnt wait. I guess when you have those cravings you just dont care at the moment when ordering..

Jilly 100 crunches already? I havent even started. I dont even think I could do that many. How did the peanut butter cookies turn out? I have some pb soft serve too. I might give that a try. Congrats on the four year low. I seem to lose some of the weight and just gain it back and then some.

I hope this is the end of the cycle..

Julie congrats on fitting in a size large jacket. Thats wonderful. I am still an XL but hopefully soon I will.

Michelle enjoy your meal with your boss!.

As for me, my blisters are healing nicely but now I am afraid to exercise again for fear they are going to come back or get worse. I guess I will put a band aid over it and wait a few days. The good part was that I weighed myself this morning and lost a pound and a half. Maybe exercising does help! I still have not done any crunches. I just can't get started. Tommorrow I head to my parents house until Monday.

They live only two hours away. I need to pack my Medifast meals because temptation is high over there. Have a great night everyone!..

Comment #44

Hi Everyone!!! I've been MIA again but 100% OP... I tried to catch up on all the posts but it's really hard..

To Robin, Becky, Sandy, and Elaine... WTG on your wt. losses!!!.

Julie: I love the idea of a photo at 199. That's a great goal!!! I think I will pass on the crunches, unless of course, 2 by T-day is a reasonable goal... LOL.

Welcome Perenia. This is a great group of people!!!.

Sharean, know that if you are on program eventually it will come off, but hearing you all talk about weighing daily reinforces my commitment to wait and only weigh once a week. I would totally drive myself crazy and right off of program if I weighed daily... LOL.. My weigh in day is tomorrow. Good luck to all my sister Thursday weighers!!!.

Halobabe, congrats on getting 64 ozs down without even realizing it!!! Good job!!.

Tabitha, I have not had a food dream but I really applaud the insights you have uncovered. Also, wanted to update you on my diabetes: My blood sugar average for 14 days is 100 and my insulin is down to 15 in the morning and 20 at dinner, that is down from 44 units in the morning and another 44 at dinner. I feel really good about that..

Jilly congrats on being at your lowest wt in 4 years!!! And, that you are working on the issues that will help you be successful... never an easy task but I am sure it will be worth it!! Even at my age, I am still working on my baggage. It is like it never ends....

Sandy, I have never been on a cruise but it is a dream of mine. Also, wanted to applaud you for planning for your weekend at your parents house. I know that's got to be a tough one. Blisters are not fun. Be sure you let them heal completely before you use that treadmill again... k ? I will be able to start exercising after I weigh in tomorrow but I have to admit I am not really looking forward to it LOL....

Well that's it for now... here's to a weight loss for everyone weighing in tomorrow (including me.)..

Comment #45

I'm exactly the same way, only my numbers are 203 and 21 years. I'm making my plan now for when I get in that area again..

Take care...

Comment #46

Good morning, everyone! It was weigh-in #2 for me this morning and ugh, I'm only down 1.2 pounds. When I stepped on the scale on Sunday, however, it said I was down 3 pounds. Man, I hate being a shorty on thyroid medicine! Pounds come off sooo slowly for me - always have. Oh well, I *feel* thinner and that's something, anyway. I REFUSE to get discouraged! I have stayed totally on plan, even with a couple of dinners away from home, and I feel really good about that..

Wow, Willow, what a great improvement with your blood sugar! Mine has been so much better since starting this diet, but I still haven't been able to get that darned fasting number below 100 yet. I'm hoping as the weight comes off that will happen. My doctor will be so pleased if it does!.

Well, I gotta get back to cooking breakfast for my son and his friend who spent the night. They are crashed out on the floor right now because they refused to sleep last night, LOL! Have a great day, ya'll!..

Comment #47

"ONLY" lost 2 lbs this week, lol...but that's cool! With Thyroid disease I am a slow loser....I was just hoping the 4lbs per week would pound at a time!.

Started at weigh 191! 10.5# lost. Hopefully next week I'll be in the 180's!!!;0)..

Comment #48

I'm down 2lbs this week and TOM just showed up this morning! It is only my second TOM since I had my baby 9.5 months ago, so it is probably going to be rough. I'm already crampy. Ouch!.

I have more to post, but don't have time right now.

So I'll be back later when the baby is napping or distracted, lol. Congrats to Halo and Tabitha for the continued losses! Even if you wish you lost more, at least you lost something! That's better than gaining, right? Tabitha, maybe it is just water weight and you really are down 3lbs of fat. Who knows!..

Comment #49

My mother is a CONSTANT source of stress and disharmoy in my life. I just can't stand up to the woman!.

My DH birthday is Tuesday and I invited her and my Dad for cake after dinner. They said yes. Usually I go to their place Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons so they can see the baby. Anyway, my Mom texted me and said 'we'll be over Tuesday afternoon to visit with Eva.'.

I thought okay, I have alot to do to get ready, but I'll work around it. So I said Okay. She said, we'll go out to dinner and come back for cake..

This morning she texts me and says they are going to get meatball subs and will eat them with us while we have our Pizza Buns (DH family tradition I continued with an open faced hamburger bun with pizza toppings and toasted.).

That I was totally floored with. I knew I couldn't let that go. So I said, my DH just wanted it to be the three of us for pizza buns. Then she's all 'Fine. We won't come if we're not welcome.'.

UGH! Like, if we wanted company for dinner, we would have asked you! Plus, why would you bring subs to a birthday dinner? I told her if she was going to stay, they could have pizza buns. She said 'We don't want THAT.'.

She always gives me attitude over anything that is his side of the family than ours. Attitude, rolling eyes, dismissive attitude, like his traditions mean nothing. Well, I hope they get used to pizza buns, because we are going to have them for all of DD birthdays. Heck, we usually even have them for MY birthdays..

Anyway, we totally caved even though DH doesn't like it, and told her they are welcome to stay for dinner. I was planning on getting Eva to nap late afternoon so she could stay awake long enough for cake and now they are going to be here, and I probably won't be able to. I know I'm an adult, and I can tell them, Eva needs a nap now, but I have such a hard time not feeling like a 5 year old around them! I already feel guilty even for typing this in the first place...

Comment #50

Congrats to all you Thursday weighers any and all weight loss is GOOD!!!.

My kids are out of school tomorrow I'm off to frantically prepare for a wild weekend while I have time.

Happy Halloween!!! NO NIBBLING..

Comment #51

Jilly so many of us have mom issues.....the rare times my parents are able to make a trip to visit (maybe three times in 10 years) - I scour the house for beer and other alcohol, box it up and hide it in the back of my husband's closet....

Can't deal with the lecture!!..

Comment #52

I bought all the decorations for DH birthday dinner! I'm so excited, it's gonna be so cute! It doesn't really go with his cake (Marvin the Martian and Daffy the Duck) but it's gonna be nice nonetheless..

And according to my sister, my mom may not show up at all Tuesday, without calling me or telling me anything otherwise until then because she acts like a two year old. But at least we'll all have a good time, and the people that show up will. I just feel bad that to prove a point, she's going to miss my husband's birthday. Not that she ever liked him, but still, in my mind us all having a nice happy family moment was, well, nice..

With TOM finally arriving, my cravings are NIL again and I'm not hungry at ALL! I'm so happy to finally have those behind me!..

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Just wanted to check in and say hi real quick. I have had a busy day of shopping and finally have some time to wind down. I am at my parents house and have stayed totally OP. Yay! I haven't done any crunches yet but hopefully I will start soon. Going to bed now... so tired.

Congrats everyone for their weight loss today!..

Comment #54

Hi All!.

Just dropping by to say HI! I've been reading up on everyone's posts. Sounds like everyone has a busy weekend coming up..

My official weigh in is tomorrow. Even though the scale may not be moving as quickly as I'd like it to, I'm happy to report that I checked the BMI chart and noticed that moved from Obese category 2 to obese category 1!! That's exciting!.

I've set mini goals for myself of 7 lbs a piecethat's one BMI point and seems very attainable. If I look at the big picture, it sure seems like I still have a LOT of weight to lose..

Jilly, I think you were talking about an invisible wall that you get up to and don't get past (as far as weight...). I feel the same way, but have recently passed that point, I'm happy to say! The short story is that nearly 6 years ago, my only child, my son, was diagnosed with cancer. During his treatments, because of fear, I ate terribly and comforted myself with food. I was big, but maybe 225 or so during this time. nearly 4 years ago, when he relapsed and got very sick, at first I ate nothing. Then people, family, friends.., would bring me food while I waited in the ICU.

When he passed away, I continued that streak. Everyone sent food and I ate it. I didn't smoke, or drink, or anything. My escape was food. By the time I "woke up", none of my clothes fit me, and I felt terrible.

) I did WW for a while and did very well with it. I lost 50 lbs pretty quickly, but just couldn't get past the 250 mark. I got discouraged and gained about 17 lbs of it back over the past 2 years..

So here I amI started Medifast at 254, and hopefully tomorrow, I will be at or below 240! That will be 61 lbs down! I'm very happy with progressno matter how slow...

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Hey all, I'm still alive! Had a friend from high school staying with me for a week and he left earlier today (he was moving from North Dakota to Alaska, stopping in Oregon to visit). Was great to catch up with him and also met some of his other friends that I didn't know when we met them for lunch. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and one of his friends jokingly said to his other friend "You're not going to be mad at me if I order just a side salad are you?" I was a little curious and asked why, and he told me that him and his wife had been doing Medifast for 3 months and that he had lost 40 pounds. I told him I started Medifast a little over 3 weeks ago and they were both curious how that was working out for me, I told them that I was down 27 pounds the friday before (my 3rd week WI, this was on a tuesday) and they were very impressed. We talked about that for a bit while we played some poker on the touch games they have and both ended up ordering the Grilled Chicken Salad. I got mine without the croutons and cheese and double meat (since it comes with 3g of chicken according to multiple sites I could find information about it on the night before).

At least both of us got that look, hah..

Tomorrow is my WI day and will mark my 4th week OP. Can't believe it's already been a month, but wow I feel so much different already and I can't wait to see my progress in another month! I've been slacking off on the c25k lately, however I did play basketball on Monday with my friends and a few commented on my energy. Only one of them know that I'm currently dieting because he is at my house daily and it felt pretty good for some of my other buddies to notice that I'm no longer lagging behind on defense while everyone else runs down for a fast break!.

Julie - A crunch challenge sounds like it could be fun my stomach could definately use it. I don't have a c-section like many of you ladies, but I do have a vertical scar almost 2 inches wide from my sternum to my waist from emergency exploratory surgery from when I was shot. With the c25k thing going on though I think I may pass up on attempting crunches and running, but will definately try to throw some in here and there..

Perennia - Welcome!.

Robin - Grats on second week WI, looking very good!.

Becky - Sorry to hear that you struggled last week, but still a loss is a loss and it's awesome that your husband has helped you get back on track!.

Sandy - Congrats on 3 weeks down and the awesome WI! Take it easy for a couple of days you don't want to keep working out on those feet with those blisters there...ouch!.

Sharean - Stick with it, just ride out the low loss. The weight will come off your body is still adjusting being only 3 weeks in. Sorry to hear about your son. I'm impressed by your bravery to share your story with us. Also, congrats on being down over 60 pounds!.

Halobabe - Seems like a very nice surprise finding out you were getting your required water without even knowing it, hah. Congrats on over 10 pounds gone and I wish you an OP Halloween weekend!.

Tabitha - Ya, my dad always told me to clean my plate and as I grew up that was always what I did. My mom grew up on a farm (animals and potatoes) and she grew up always eating meat, potatoes, and a vegetable, usually corn with massive amounts of butter on veggies and potatoes. Until recently I had taken it upon myself to clean my own plate, my sister's plate (she's 21, recently moved in with me while she's going to school) and finish off whatever was left instead of putting the leftovers in the fridge. Also managed to wash it down with massive amounts of some sort of soda. Glad I havn't had any food dreams, but I have been craving some sloppy joes lately...Also nice outlook and not letting yourself get discouraged, 1+ pounds is still nice, way to go!.

Elaine - Thats hilarious! I'm sure his expression was priceless when he asked you what you were doing..

Jilly - Don't feel guilty, it sounds like a very difficult position that your mom is putting you in. I'm not going to say anything else for fear of stepping on a hot button topic, but I will say that they aren't your husbands traditions anymore they are your families traditions and I'm happy to hear that you're sticking to your guns, so to speak...

Comment #56

Conrad, it's good to see you! I had feared we lost our Token Dude! Good to see you back. Good luck on your 4th weigh in! It's crazy how the time is flying by. Maybe you could make a pseudo-sloppy joe with the chili mix. And you are right about the family traditions! I've been married 13 years already, but somehow my parents seem to have missed the boat..

ShareanThanks for sharing your story! And 61 pounds down is amazing! I'm sure you feel great now and you'll be feeling better as time moves on..

I'm yawning now but can't sleep. I hate that.

I woke up and checked on the baby and now poof, eyes wide open. Usually she wakes me up at 1, or 3, and she didn't, so I worried. Sigh. Of course she was fine!.

My mother seems to be officially not talking to me at the moment, but I guess she's old enough to end her own temper tantrum so we'll see how long this one lasts. The only sucky thing is that my dad is also mad at me for making my mom mad. Because heavens forbid anyone do anything to upset the mother!.

Knowing that the next time she sees me she'll give me the cold shoulder and act like this is all my fault really gets me. But there's no convincing her otherwise, so I don't think I should try. So for now I'm just gonna enjoy Halloween, my baby girl, and my hubby's birthday!.

Later today me and DD are making pumpkin shaped cookies for a party. Mostly it'll be me but I am going to give her some frosting and a cookie, and see if she can smear some on it, lol. It should make for some fun pictures anyway!..

Comment #57

Hello Oct Op-ers! Sure feels quiet around here these days! I just wanted to say that the Medifast beef stew is really filling with 1/4 cup spinach and 1/4 cup broken up mushroom pieces. The beef stew is one of my favs, but this addition really made it feel like a meal...

Comment #58

Hi All!!!.

Sorry I haven't checked in for awhile. Thanks for checking up on me Conrad!.

I have to admit I'm a little overwhelmed by the thread, and always feel behind! I've got to come up with a plan so I can keep in touch though... will work on that.

I'm at the close of week 4 and only down 10 pounds (Boooo!!!) Although I started misbehaving at my birthday celebration last weekend and it kindof flooded over into my week. My loss this week was ity bity (well deserved), but I know what I need to do to fix it. And 10 pounds is still good for 4 weeks... god knows where I would be if I weren't on MF!.

Until next time, I wish you all the best.

@Jillybug - love, love, LOVE your new pic!..

Comment #59

Jilly - Ya, I'll have to look around see if I can't see any other posts about people attempting a sloppy joe concoction..

Dmgrulke - Welcome back! Don't feel too obligated to talk to everyone individually everyday, if you just need to jump in and ask a question or get some affirmations feel free to stop by I'm sure we'd all be happy to help!.

Myself - Alright, so my 4th WI was today and I'm down 4.6 lbs this week for a total of 31.4 lbs in my first month! I'm pretty stoked and looking forward to another OP month!..

Comment #60

Good morning everybody! Just popping in to say hi and I hope everyone is doing well. I'm staying on plan and feeling great - my jeans are starting to get a bit baggy! I'm looking forward to getting into a pair that have been too tight in the waist for a long time now. It's going to happen soon, I can just feel it! I haven't measured myself again yet, but although the scale doesn't show much, I think I've lost some inches. (The scale and I have always been mortal enemies, LOL!).

Conrad, your weight loss is AMAZING! Makes me wish I was a man so I could lose it like that! Congrats - you must feel great!.

Well, gotta run. You all keep on keepin' on!..

Comment #61

Morning, Tabitha and everyone else!.

Today is busy! Halloween party for DD at the little gym and then tonight we're off to NH for a Halloween party! Here's hoping the baby sleeps on the way up and back! It's about 45 minutes each way and she'll need her rest!.

Floors are washed and clean, so time to go downstairs into the basement to see what DD and DH are doing!..

Comment #62

Hi everyone!!! (((Conrad))) good to see you. I do remember you said you had a friend visiting but I didn't realize how long. Your weight loss is phenomenal!!!.

Jilly, you are adorable!!! I love your new photo!!! And as for parents, I could share some stories, but just realize, we all have issues with one or the other or both!! My dad could reduce me to tears within 5 minutes of visiting. Hang in there... you have a wonderful little family and that is the most important thing!!!.

Sharean, thanks so much for sharing your story. I cannot even begin to understand the pain you have been through. It is every mother's nightmare. I so respect you and admire your healing process!!!.

WTG all thursday weighers!!! Any loss is a good loss!!! I had a good week, lost 4 pounds. It is hard to believe, at the end of 3 weeks, I have lost 18.6 pounds!! I am so prepared to eat this way for the rest of my life!!! I love it!!!.

I must say, I am so happy I don't have to deal with Halloween. Last year was my first year in my home and had 3 bags of candy. No one, not one kid, came to the door. I ate almost all 3 bags full of chocolate candy (gave some to my grandkids but they had so much of their own, they didn't really want much!!)... so glad, I don't need to buy candy this year!!! Good luck to all who need to be right in the middle of it!!!..

Comment #63

I've had two grocery bags full of candy sitting on the dining room table for 2 weeks now, and I haven't once been tempted. I love the way this diet keeps me from being hungry - it really helps with the cravings. (Although, I'm really, really going to miss my pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving - sniff, sniff...) Ah, well, by next Thanksgiving I should be able to have a small piece. I make mine with egg beaters and splenda, so it's not too hard on the blood sugar...

Comment #64

I haven't posted for the past few days for good reason. I got in a car accident on friday morning when I was going shopping ith my sis. Never made it back out. Instead, spent my morning and afternoon in the emergency room. Crazy lady ran a red light and crashed right into me at an intersection head on. She claimed she just blacked out.

Luckily we have no broken bones but so much bruises and some pain. I guess I won't be exercising anytime soon. I hope the pain goes away in my chest, back and knee soon. The good news is that I have been OP except not getting much water in and maybe possibly a few extra condiments so not sure how my weigh in is going to go on Tuesday. I am still at my parents house in another city with no car.

But dad will be driving me back on Monday. Luckily I have another car waiting for me at home. So not fun but hey things happen..

Conrad it is good to see you back I was wondering where you ran off to. I'm glad you had fun with your friend from high school. How did they like nutrisystem? Is it similiar to medifast?.

Tabitha you have some great will power but I do find it easier to withstand the candy while being on medifast too..

Willow that's awesome you lost 4 lbs in week 3 considering week 3 is suppose to be a slow loss week. My parents are passing out candy this year but I refuse to be near it so I have other plans. Keeping my distance.

Jilly you look so pretty in your pic..

Dmgrulke it is good to see you back! Did y9ou have a nice birthday?.

I hope everyone has a nice Halloween!!! Be safe and have fun!!!..

Comment #65

OMG, Sandy! I'm glad you both are okay! How scary! I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but take it easy, okay? It's wonderful that you are staying on plan through all of this, though. Good for you!..

Comment #66

Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope you all are having a great Sunday. I have been MIA for a few days...Been quite busy AND had a tiny relapse on Friday afternoon. I will spare you all the gory details, but the important thing is that I got right back on the horse Saturday morning and netted a pretty good loss for this past week..Lost 3.6! I did drink 160 oz of water yesterday, so I think that helped.

There are 26 days left until Thanksgiving...I am still hoping to be in Onderland by then and I believe it's do-able. I have also been slacking on my crunches, so will need to make up for some lost time these next couple of weeks. I plan on having a stellar week this week and will be cheering you all on as well.

Sandy! I'm so glad that you're okay! That is terrible...and for that woman to say she "blacked out"??? What??? I wish you a speedy recovery and good for you to stay OP like you have! That's wonderful! Let us know if you need any additional support.

To everyone else...I'm seeing great progress!! Keep it up and stay away from that evil Halloween candy...It's almost over!..

Comment #67

Hello all just checking in.

Sandy - I'm so sorry about the accident and am glad you are okay. I wish you a speedy recovery!!.

Ronnie - No worries on the PB and Cream Cheese- you just have to let it go and move forward. I'm still working on that it's part of why I'm so afraid to go Off plan. I'm still scared that once off, I'll just throw in the towel and give up. But that's my thing to work on!! In the meantime, I stuck stick scrupulously to the plan..

So far I have resisted all candy even though the kids now have three big bowls sitting in the kitchen. My husband's job is to put it away so I don't have to know that it's just sitting there every day staring at me!!.

All my best got to get the kids their dinner and then off to bed it's a school night and they're still small...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.