Would I have to pay iPage web hosting fees if I custom made my own website?

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Quick question: Would I have to pay iPage web hosting fees if I custom made my own website? Hoping for any answer. Second question of mine... Ok...I made this sort-of frame looking thing..that goes around my site, and Navigation buttons. I used Fire Works to make site..then Imported the HTML to Dreamweaver! Heres my problem...I know that in order for a background to appear as one thing, and not have to make it big..2000x2000, so it sits in one place. But when I make it that big in Fireworks...and then take it to DreamW. and open can scroll all the way across..till the 2000point.

First in DW I set the Background..and it fits scrolling..perfect!!..but when I open the HTML from just pasted the stuff on top! But nothing is lined up where is suppose to be.

What I want do what I do when I bring the HTML from Fireworks..with background, but not be able to scroll all the way across. And I can't make the frame smaller..because I want it to take up all the screen..its just a bar across on top and it kinda curves on the left side..and then runs down. Get what I'm saying?, if so HELP, HELP!!.

Take a look at it here...


You only see one whole thing..well the bar is what I want to fill up the top and left and go all the way to the bottom of the screen without having you scroll...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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So you want testrunn_r1_c1.gif to go all the way across and be at the top?.

Still confused, it already does both of them in the first link you posted...

Comment #2 does go all the way across..on the last link I posted..thats what I want...but, I want the "House of Colors" logo to go on top of the bar. The second link shows you how I want the BG, or frame, whatever you wanna call the thing that has the curve. I can make that the way I want..but my problem do I add the "House of Colors" on top and line up all the stuff in the middle..other words..i want everything to look like one big TABLE..cuz right now you can see that the BG is one thing..and the rest is another table on top! Make this much see how this looks...


Well...i don't want the peachy bar to stop mid way the monitor across or down. I want it to touch the right side..and bottom. Sorry if I'm being a pain in the ass!!, just want to get this down. Thanks for the help..

Scott, what do you do? your always giving advice, on behalf of the other pepz you've helped out!....[/size].

Thank You!!!..

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I don't think you are seeing the samething as me. it looks fine to me and that is why I am so confused..

Take a look at the attachment and tell me, if you have a paint program add arrows or something, what is wrong..

What I do, I am not even a webmaster, well I am for my iPage site but I am a computer support technician for my local county. nothing to do with making webpages..

I am just that damn good, LOL just kidding..

Comment #4 I see why you are so your looks just fine..THATS HOW I WANT IT TO LOOK IN ALL MONITOR SETTINGS..but in mines...when I "maximize the screen..the bar at top only goes about half way..and same for bar that is to the left..only goes half way down!.

So I guess my real question is, how do I make it look like YOURS in all computers..even if it minimize or maximize?..

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Yeah I can imagine what you were saying so it is cool. if you want to get it the same in all windows then you need to liquid it.

What I mean is make it so the width and/or heioght is a prcentage. in your main table you have it set to a certain width. make it 100% and I almost garuantee it will change for you. I will see later what it looks like at 1027x768 as that is what you might be on...

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