Would I make a 'good looking' iPage web host of some web show?

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My question is Would I make a 'good looking' iPage web host of some web show? Thanks for any comment. Another question... Hellooo!.

Anyone know of a way to get rid of the underline in links without using CSS, just HTML?.

Couldn't find anything/never seen it, so I doubt there is, just wanted to give it a stab..

Thanks for any help!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Not really sure if this counts but this is one of my links without an underline...

<a href="pics/ParkandRide.pps" title="Click here to take you to the Park and Ride display" style="text-decoration: none;"><font face="arial" size="3">&nbsp;&nbsp;Park and Ride</a></tr></td>.

The bit that stops the underline is the style="text-decoration: none;"..

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It certainly is! I'm pretty sure css is the only way to go. What is your reason for not wanting to use css? Just curious..

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Yes, the person viewing the iPage site can change their browser settings so that links aren't underlined, but this doesn't allow the web iPage site developer to design the iPage site so that links are never underlined, no matter what the user's settings are. CSS is still the only way...

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Here you go..




<script language=javascript>.

Function loadPage(url).

{ document.location.href = url;}.






<td onclick="javascript.

: loadPage('');"> Click to go to yahoo</td>.





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I know.

I'm guess I'm just in a really picky mood, sorry!..

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Putts, I find that that is not always reliable in 'other than IE' browsers...

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Putts, you will find that this only works in IE, no NS4, NS6, NS7 or any other broswers...

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Darn you, Scoutt..

Yet again you find a way to stifle my creativity..

Now, why is it that IE is the only thing that seems to be able to do everything. Everytime I see someone out here saying that some browser can't handle something, it's always NS (place version here)..

I guess the better question is "Why use Nutscape when IE appears to handle a lot more?".

And, no, your answer can't be because it's not MS..

I'm sure I've gotta be missing something, but in all these forums, I've yet to see it...

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The reason is that IE.


What you want, NS and other browsers run like you code not how you want. but that doesn't explain why it won't work and the only thing I can say is the cell doesn't have that property in other browsers..

Don't think IE is better, it is not. it will run anything you put into it and doesn't care what sloppy code it is. it runs errors and all. NS is the better browser of the 2..

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See, you must be a spandex man. You like the restraints. The rule telling you that you can't put an "onclick" in the TD..

Me, I'm a JNCO kinda guy. I like the freedom. If I can think of a way around something, then more power to me..

Example in point, if anyone else can think of a way to do this problem (that will work in NS), then I will kindly shut my pie hole..

Just because a <td> was never created to be a link, does not me a developer shouldn't be able to open his mind and use all the tools at his disposal to make it so..

Think of it as the internet version of open source. I see that something doesn't work the way I want it to, so I see what else I can use and make it work that way..


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I agree Putts, but turn the tables around, what if NS had the 90% of the market instead of IE, then you might not be making that cell clickable would you?? because nobody would use it cause they can't..

The only reason you find other ways is because the browser can handle it. now say you did that to your cell, fine but only IE users would see it. then comes along NS user, they can't use it because the browser doesn't support it and away they go away from your iPage site never to return, why because you coded for a one sided browser. this way you just cut your visitors in half, well close to it..

We as webmaster have to server everybody because we won;'t that most visitors we can, if we code only for IE then we don't get that huh?.

If you don't care that you turn away customers then by all means do it that way, but most of us want to be compatible to all users..

An dit has nothing to do with the onclick, you can't even put a link around the cell..

And I hate spandex.

Oh I just found an error in my code, NS6 does support the onclick on the cell. I forgot to put java script as one word..

But my points are still valid and covers all aspects to coding. and I do the same in php, if ther eis a better way around it then yeah go for it...

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Scoutt, I agree with you, If I was developing a site, I would not use something that doesn't work across the board. All I'm saying is why should I have that restriction..

Yet again, let's turn the tables. Say NS is 90% of the market and for years everyone has used it solely. (I know I'm making all you MS-haters tear up) Now let's say some young upstart comes out with an internet browser that allows for workarounds that the old big dog did not. Well I'm willing to say that if this young up-start was anyone but MS, everyone would insist that everyone else start using it for it's allowability of open source (sound familiar to you Linux fellas?)..

I think that if Internet Explorer wasn't an MS product, about 99% of people would use it and would not see any purpose to use Netscape...

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You have that restriction because IE is an inferior product and NS and Mozila and Pheonix are the top dogs when it comes to rendering a site. most of the featuresin IE are not by anybodies standards but M$, they inserted those hen there wasn't any standards, hence that is why they are there. they are starting to slowly go by the standards and I believe you will see some of the old code go away when IE7 comes out. once you see the standards being inforced you won't get that privledge anymore..

But that will come someday, just not now..

But this is for the other thread as we are getting way off topic...

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