Would you be in a commercial for Nutrisystem?

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Quick question... Would you be in a commercial for Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another quick question... I've been a Miami Dolphins fan since I was a kid, I was born in Orlando and then raised in Wisconsin, now I live in TN. But I was always a Dolphins fan..

I was sad when Dan Marino had to retire.

So I had to post in a forum with his name on it.. of course!.

Im on Day 5 of Nutrisystem and feeling pretty good...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Welcome! It's nice to have a lady around in here from time to time..

Whereabouts in TN do you live?..

Comment #2

I'm really Dan Marino....DPS2009 is just my alias..

I'm really enjoying retirement..

NS rocks...

Comment #3

Damon_ - Err I did'nt expect him to be along any moment now.. lol But I remembered he was featured in the commercials,.

Dps2009 - lol, If you say so..

Brandon_sig - East TN, Near Chattanooga...

Comment #4

Cool...I'm in Clarksville which is about 40 miles northwest of Nashville. What brought you to TN? I'll actually be in Chatt in a couple of weeks for a work conference...We're supposed to go on some sort of dinner cruise? It should be fun.....

Comment #5

Cute girls, like yourself, are always welcome.... I grew up in Pittsburgh where Dan is from and played his high school and college ball......

We love the awesome history of Hall of Fame quarterbacks from Pittsburgh.... Joe Namath, John Unitas, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Joe Montana........

Comment #6

Here I am with Danny about 10 years ago in Hawaii...a great guy, by the way.....

Comment #7

Imposter! Your kids are too young!.

I'm Dan Marino with a bad hair cut and faded tan...

Comment #8

Aww thanks..

They must raise charmers in Pittsburgh. I love football, I used to get mad that girls were not on the football team..

True story, was ticked off to bad at one of the players for teasing me I threw the football at him so hard he fell over.. hehe...

Awesome! Pam you are one busy gal!.

Hehe, that's what I was thinking..

What brought me? We used to vacation in Blue Ridge and go driving down the Ocoee, I adored the mountains. Ironically I met a guy who was 17 at the time himself, online when I was 15 who lived in the area, we decided to meet, fell in luv..

My mom was moved into north Atlanta following a job offer 2 years later, we kept meeting on vacations and weekends and we got married the day after I graduated High School when I was 18. As romantic as that sounds I wish id gone to college first.. 3 kids later (DONE DONE DONE!) I'm still finishing school lol..

The dinner cruise I have never done but it's popular and the river is simply beautiful as is downtown. The Aquarium is great and Sticky Finger's is a great place to eat if you wanna cheat a diet hehe...

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When I first saw the title I didn't understand what you were saying. Then I thought of that "cutzie" little side ways smiley thing. Well I figured that can't be right, that looks like boobs. I stared at it a little longer and then it hit me; I turned it the wrong way, you meant 'heart', like "I 'heart' NY." Please understand that I'm not really that computer savvy, so next time you mean boobs please use (.)(.), so I will no longer be confused...

Comment #10

That's a nice story..

I was born and raised here and I absolutely love it. I travel all over the state when I get a chance, but most times I head to Gatlinburg to get my mountain fix and to hike. I've been to Chatt several times, but it's been a few years. The dinner cruise is part of the conference so it's not like I'll be there with my wife, but it still should be fun. Sticky Fingers you say......

Comment #11

I just put that dude on their cuz people were hassling me all the time....(like Pam) JUST KIDDING PAM!!!!..

Comment #12

I've learned so much computer lingo today.....

The smileys were the extent of my posting capabilities......

Comment #13

Ok you made me laugh..

I need that on this horrible diet.. Mmm.. strawberries and Splenda I'm dyin...

Yes, any place that carries Tennessee Whisky BBQ Sauce has to be good. It's actually near the boat dock to the dinner cruise, one is just up the main street from the Aquarium..

So worth it for a treat..


Comment #14

All this talk of Danny makes me want to snort err I mean drink a coke, err I mean a Diet Coke...

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