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Got a quick question: Would you pay for Nutrisystem for this man? Thanks for any comment. My other question... So uh I really hope I am not the only guy with this problem but after running for awhile my shirt starts to soak up. And when I am going up and down my shirt is rubbing against my man tits. And it's like freaking sand paper on a sensitive area. Do any of you guys have a suggestion on what to do?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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You apparently didn't read my thread yesterday. I ran all summer preparing for the 1/2 marathon and was absolutely ready. Problem? I ran all summer without my shirt. I ran the race in a white Nike Dry-FIT shirt. When I finished (in 1:59:42 btw) my son looked at me and said, "Dad, did you take a bullet to the chest?" When I looked down my shirt was stained red with blood from my raw nipples and MAN did it hurt to take a shower. It's better today but still hurts.

I actually had mine with me and put it on my feet but forgot my nips. Oh well. I probably won't forget it next time...

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Did you have to wear a shirt for the number or race rules? Or just for looks?..

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Wear a TIGHT Underamour or Nike dry fit. Loose shirts are the issue. The tight ones don't rub you...

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Another option is to just put a little bit of tape over each one, that way the shirt rubs that and not the nipples...

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What up, Robert. Still fighting the fine fight. Hope all is good w/ you..

And I agree w/ niners post. Since I still am not where I want to be, compression shorts and tops, like Underarmour, are the key to exercising comfortably. Nothing worse than trying to sprint and hearing by belly smack against my man FUPA...

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+1 on snug fitting technical fabrics, never wear cotton running! In the days before I saw the Under Armour light I used band aids on my nips. Works fine too. Just wait, if you ever get into cycling and start needing/using chamois cream....





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Or maybe you could invent the.


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Forgive me while I peek my head into man-land........

I am not male, I do not run. I do, however, have a dear friend who is male and who does run and who has dealt with the issues you all are discussing. He swears by NipGuards:.


As you were..



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Great post Kathy, thanks! (Great find) Hey, check out their t-shirts:..

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Technical shirts are key - the one I wore was tight the last time I wore it to race in and it matches the one my daughter wore. So I "forgot" the part about rubbing..

And, Poly, I didn't have to wear a shirt - just do so during races. I guess I'm still a bit self conscious. I have alot of lose skin..

Other times I don't care...

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I've never worn a stretch T shirt. Know some people who work at Under Armour. That company took off fast...

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You are closely approaching the time (and weight) when wearing tight fitting clothes won't freak you out. I really enjoy the technical fabrics and when I wear undershirts now they're always tight...

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OK, I am going to say what many of you were thinking. IF, and I mean if, any man wears "nipguards" for anything, you need to be castrated!..

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If they are hitting the pavement, they are doing more than I. Whatever they wear...

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I'm trying to upload a picture to this thread but can't make it work. I have put the pictures (evidence of which I speak) on my page. Check them out there...

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GREAT new avatar, Dick!! In all seriousness, you're my new role model. I don't have aspirations to competitavely run marathons, but I'm much more interested in your lean look and the ability to run for a few miles than I am in muscle bulk. I think it's healthier too. For whatever reason, muscle build comes easy for me, but the running thing takes honest work. I've got to get my lazy butt in gear..


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Thanks, Gordon. Having done the work for this race (and failed in previous attempts) makes this a sweet accomplishment for me on a number of levels. I feel like I'm finally in control of my body and how to get it to do what I want it to do. Kinda sad to find all this nifty stuff out so late in life but it'll be fun as I move forward. Had a fellow coach at school look at me totally aghast when I said I wanted to do this before I turned 60. He said "What? I'd have guessed you were 45!" Totally made my day...

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Very cool, Dick!.

Oh, I was going to comment on your prior post - Great pics in your album! I can't beleive the red smears on your shirt. Very BIG ouch!! You need a good BEFORE shot in there somewhere..

Here's how to post a pic from your Nutrisystem album into a thread : I usually open second winow and get into my page's photo album. When viewing your album, click on the picture you want to post. It will come up with an option at the bottom for viewing size. Pick "large" (that usually fits in a post). It will open a new window with just the pic in it. Copy and paste the URL for that window into the "add picture" prompt at the top of post editor window..

Once again, GREAT job, Dick! Fantastic example of setting a major life goal and accomplishing it..


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You may get a yellow IE popup blocker thing and need to click "allow popups from this site"...

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