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First of all Would you recommend the Medifast Diet? Looking forward for any response. Another question I got... (Yeah, I know the title sucks. If you can think of a better one, let me know!!!.



Our Christmas Panda!!.

Stay away from those candy canes though!!.

Happy December.

, Sexy Shaker Sisters!!.

This month is going to be.


Full of parties and get togethers and of course, FOOD. But you know what? We made it through Thanksgiving, one of the BIGGEST foodie holidays

Christmas will be a SNAP for us!.

Of course, when it gets close to the day, we'll give eachother EXTRA support because I know we can all use it!! Let's ring in 2011 with happy healthy bodies, no matter if we're on Medifast or another plan, and let's stick together and MAKE IT HAPPEN! ^_^.


As for the.


Relating to Christmas and presents and what not:.

What has weight loss given back to.


Life? What can you do that you couldn't do before? Are you more confident? Happier? Are your relationships improving? ^_^..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1


What are you talking about, disappointed with the scale?!?! That's a full.

5.2 lbs.

LOWER than your ticker!!!.

What has weight loss given back to.


Life? What can you do that you couldn't do before? Are you more confident? Happier? Are your relationships improving? ^_^.

~I no longer HAVE to wear leggings this winter! I have jeans that are falling off (yay because well, theyre falling off but ugh because I JUST BOUGHT THEM!).

~I don't have to move the car seat BACK in order to get in (yes, I had to do this before!).

~I'm sitting at my desk at work right now and not worrying about my five stomachs showing. (It's down to like, 2 stomachs now haha).

~ I'm MUCH MUCH MUCH more confident and smile a lot more..

~ My relationship w/Ryan is honestly better than ever. We have ups and downs but we're on an up right now and I love it. Our dinner cruise is this wkend and 3 years on December 9th!.

~ I'm actually EXCITED to go home rather than dreading it because I've LOST weight, rather than gained. Before, I was hoping I wouldn't run into people from high school, now I WANT to!.

~ I can fit into all the clothes in my closet except for a few! I love shopping in my closet now!! Saves me $$ too..

~Those are JUST A FEW! I can't wait to see your lists!!!..

Comment #2


HAHA I forgot it is December too!!! Eeep! But I LOOOOOOOVE the new thread, you're so awesome!.

I'm not quite sure how to answer the question of the month yet. it's still early and I'm not done with my coffee!.

Mom and I went to curves again last night. And there was a girl there who I would have sworn was.


I wanted to go hug her and be like "Hi girlie!!" LOL. Curves is fun, but I'm not sure if I am going to sign up for a membership after my free month is over. We will see how often I get my butt to go. They are doing a Zumba class in a couple weeks and I signed up for that. I LOVE Zumba! But my mom isn't going to be able to go, she already has plans that weekend.

So I was 2lbs lighter this morning...probably a fluke, but it made me smile! Not sure what I am going to do for lunch today though, I ran out of my little salads and didn't have time to stop at the store on my way to work. Soooo my only options are what they sell at the little convienince store out here. Not good. I think they have pre-packaged sandwhiches, that's probably the healthiest option. I hope you all have a great OP day. I'm at work alone today.

Works for me. Love you ladies!!..

Comment #3


AWE! I wish that girl WAS me! ^_^ I'm going to ship out your clothes ASAP! I found two dresses (ones wintery and the other is summery) and a couple of shirts and a pair of khakis (? if you wear them? If not, let me know- I bought them for work- size 13 short length)I hope you like some of them! Also a black zip up hoodie thing...They might be too big on you!.

I wish I had more to send to you but I kind of stopped buying clothes after awhile! I'm going to keep looking some more tho when I get home! <3..

Comment #4

Awe Kelsey I'm soooo excited!!! Let me know how much shipping is and I'll send you a check or something. And I will box up your stuff soon too, but keep reminding me...

Comment #5

Kelsey, thank you for starting the new thread!.

What has weight loss given back to.


Life? What can you do that you couldn't do before? Are you more confident? Happier? Are your relationships improving? ^_^.

Weight loss has given me back some confidence in the way I look. I'm seeing my face in the mirror and I'm happier with the way I look, whereas before I looked and wondered who are you and what have you done with my body?!.

I love going in my closet to see what's too big and what now fits, rather than dreading putting on things like jeans and wondering if they were going to be too small. Jeans are totally comfy now, because I wear them so baggy (the next size down is snug still, and I'd rather wait a week before trying to wear them out). Although now that I'm thinking about it, I'd have worn them prior if I could get them buttoned and zipped, just because I hated going up another size..

I love that I feel comfortable enough to wear shorts, and not just capris. I always hated how they would ride up in the middle, even though they were mid thigh or longer. So looking forward to the day when my legs don't rub together when I walk!.

I love that I can wear rings that are important to me - my wedding ring in particular, but also a ring that my mother gave me. One of hers, and it fits now on my ring finger, and not just my pinky..

My husband keeps touching different parts of me when we're cuddling - hipbones, shoulders, and remarking how bony they are feeling in a surprised tone, which is super nice because I know he means it! I've got a big tummy pooch, and always hated knowing how gross it looks and I hated to think about it when we were cuddling. He's always been supportive of me, and never made me feel self-conscious about my weight, and made me feel sexy even when I was not comfortable in my own skin. But I know he's really appreciating how hard I'm working to look good, and he's making an effort to be supportive and not do anything that might sabotage my success..

I'm looking forward to going shopping, even if I'm resisting it right now, trying to get some use out of the clothes I have before they grow too big.

I am slowly growing closer to the point where I won't have to go shopping in the plus size dept!!! Sooo looking forward to saying goodbye to that!.

I'm finally feeling like I have my health back on track. I felt my weight was just out of my control and that a bypass would be my only hope. I know now that it's not, and that when I finally get this weight off, that I'll be able to control it, even though it will be a constant battle..

So yes, definitely happier and more confident..

Comment #6



That's a BLOG OF ITS OWN right there!.

Awesome reasons! I love how your husband appreciates and loves your body! I also understand about the rings- but you'll find out soon enough that they get TOO BIG too!.


I can pay for the shipping- I don't think it should be too much!!..

Comment #7


Wow, GREAT reasons to stay OP!! I was just debating if I want to go for a walk at lunch or not. After reading that, I'm totally motivated to go! Can't just sit here and let my calories settle in, I don't want them getting comfortable and sticking around! hehe.

Today is going by sooooooo slowly. It's only 11:00 here! I have gotten a lot of stuff done. I think being alone makes me super productive. No distractions from others. But I still have A LOT more to do. I have been peeking in periodically, and will probably do so all day.

BIG HUGS to all..

Comment #8

Good afternoon ladies! Just thought I would jump on here and answer the question....

Since being on Medifast I have definately gained confidence and gotten rid of a lot of shame. I had found myself turning down invites to places where I would know people and be the "fat friend". I would turn and walk the other way if I saw an old friend. Now, though I'm still not done losing, I feel better about myself and don't avoid people..

Of course, getting into old clothes has been a big motivator for me. I've noticed a lot of my shirts are baggy now, as well as the pants. My rings are also falling off. Who knew my fingers were so fat??.

I think raising my self-esteem and lessening my self-hate is the most important thing. I was truely unhappy with myself and that affected every other aspect of my life. I am now proud that I'm making positive changes in myself. I will now move forward and treat myself better. I will stop settling in my relationships because I felt like I didn't deserve better. Medifast has done a lot more for me than lowering the number on the scale...

Comment #9

Hey there!.

I never got a chance to post because it was insane busy at work. Now I am out to dinner with DF and using my phone. I should be home in over an hour and I will post more then. Keep rocking! Be back soon!..

Comment #10

Evening ladies!.

I've been lazy tonight...I got some new tanning lotion and went tanning (yay!) and then we went out for dinner (chicken sandwich w/out the bun and caesar salad and an egg since the chicken was only 4oz) and I've been chugging my water like a mo fo while watching Sons of Anarchy finale (recorded!), Hells Kitchen and Top Chef All Stars!! <3 Ryan went to the gym so I'm just hanging out! I can't wait to start working out again though!.


I love your quote "raising my self-esteem and lessening my self-hate." That's exactly what I want to be doing...and then getting rid of the self-hate altogether! <3.


Hope you're having a great dinner out! Where did you go/what did you have?.

Everyone else:.

Hope you're having a great night!!!..

Comment #11

BTW: Pure Romance isnt just about sex toys and what not, there are other things, heated heart pads that helps with cramps, lotions, perfumes and other kinds of stuff. Its a fun way to have a get together with just us ladies and talk it up..

I have stayed on plan the past few days. OMG I am not loosing any weight. BLEH Oh well I hope soon I will loose like 10 pounds one week this week. ERGH. LOL..

Comment #12

Good morning Shakesters! It's a sleepy early morning.

Thanks for the lovely comments <3 I have already told my hubby that he's going to need to get me a new ring when I hit goal :P I think this one will fit on my middle finger by then, and will still be wearable..

Mel - I hope you enjoyed your walk! Grats on the 2 pounds!! And I'm glad you're enjoying Curves! All the ladies that I know that have done it enjoyed it for being a fast workout and fun. Even better if they have things like Zumba!.

Susie - /big hugs! You're beautiful! You remind me of Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Deb Morgan on Dexter.

Any guy would be damn lucky to have you! Life's too short to settle!.

Nelly - Hope you had a great dinner out!.

Kelsey! Loved the SOA finale!! Totally surprised me!! I need to check out Hell's Kitchen, I'm back a few weeks still. And I love Top Chef too! I'm a food show junkie haha..

/hugs Brandy! Keep it up girl! Bad weeks are often followed by good weeks <3 You can do this!.

Oh, and last night I tried the dark chocolate shake with a diet orange soda. OMG YUM!..

Comment #13

Hey ladies!.

Just a quick check-in. I'm only @ work for 3 hours today, so I want to make sure I do all I can!.

I'm going to the running shoe store afterwards and getting NEW SHOES because the ones I bought have TOO MUCH support and hurt...and then Joy Yee afterwards- an amazing Asian restaurant. I'm already planning on bulgogi, a beef dish with kimchi or a cucumber salad!.

Be back later!!!.


- Susie DOES look like her!..

Comment #14

UGH I just wrote a SUPER LONG entry and it disappeared!.

Let's see if I can remember.....

The poo-poo hit the fan last night while Chris and I were figuring out our budget. It turns out we are in A LOT worse shape than we thought. I dropped off the rent check last night, knowing that we won't have the full rent amount in there until Friday! (Fingers crossed that she doesn't try to deposit it today!) We have NEVER been this broke. Rent is always our first priority and even if other bills have to be a little late, we have ALWAYS had the money in the bank to pay rent. Ugh. I even took back some xmas gifts last night so we could buy groceries.

So it looks like the diet is going to have to go on hold for a while because I'm going to be stuck eating things like spaghetti and cup-o-soup. But eventhough things are tight we are thankful. We still have a big warm house and 2 nice cars, cell phones and other luxuries. It could be a lot worse. It just sucks when you get used to a "standard" of living and then your income gets cut.

I knew the cut in Chris' hours was going to affect us eventually, and I kept living like nothing had happened. I was buying things like xmas gifts, Starbucks and going out to eat. I can't help but feel guilty, I should have been living within our means. But I know Chris feels guilty too because he is only working 24 hrs a week. But that's not his fault, he would work 100+ hours if he could.

We have decided not to move though. For a little while we were considering moving into a cheaper/smaller home. But I know we are going to get through this and things are just really tight right now, but it will get better. We can't just run away every time it gets rough. I just really wanted to give Alison an awesome xmas because last year she was still too little to care..

I just really wanted to get her all the most amazing things I could think of. (A bounce house, ball pit, power wheels, a huge teddy bear, etc.) I got her the ball pit and teddy bear- so that's just going to have to be enough this year. (Yes I am totally going to spoil my daughter) LOL She deserves it...

Comment #15

Thanks for the kind words ladies...I guess I kinda resemble her. I have one of those faces that everyone seems to recognize. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't stop me and ask if I'm so-and-so or tell me I look like their cousin, etc. It's amusing..

Hope everyone is having a good day. I'm soooo glad that tomorrow is Friday! Now I just have to find some weekend plans because my girls are gonna be with their dad. No sitting home being depressed allowed!!..

Comment #16

Hi ladies, I know I have been missing again. Now my son is sick, I have not been alone at home in over 2 weeks! AGGGHH!! I'm ok, yesterday was weigh in day and being that I got TOM Monday and I have not been a model example food wise it only went down .2.

Next week will definitely be better..


Sorry to hear about the rough finances, I hate money but it is so necessary..


Thank you for the new thread, the name is fine..


How is your crazy work etc?. Congrats on the 5.2 lbs.


Hi and thanks for the info on Pure Romance. I was not sure what it was..


I love when you can feel bones instead of pudge. Definitely get yourself a reward like a new ring..


Glad you are doing well, make some fun plans for the weekend...

Comment #17

Areilles Question answered:.

I feel amazing, I have my confidence back, like Suzie I dont avoid people I would once run from if I ran into them at Walmart. I can walk with my head held high. I also can walk to the park 1.5 miles away from my house and not feel winded while pushing a stroller!.

Then chase my son around at the park. I can talk to people I haven't met before and not think they are judging me for being fat. Even though I technically am still I just feel great..

I love the way my hubby looks at me like I am the hottest thing ever, this is a new thing. I am now wearing medium sized yoga pants. This is one of the best NSV I have had yet..

My friends remark that I look amazing and they notice I am always smiling!.

I just love medifast and wish I found this before now. But now that I have I will never look back!..

Comment #18

Hey ladies, sorry for MIA again!!! Yesterday being Dec 1st was our 11th Anniversary & DH took the day off plus we were surprised by a party by our family friends so overall it was busy and hectic day!!!! But we enjoyed it, went to the movies, ate out in Olivegargen, I had their salad with grilled chicken, then at dinner I was almost OP but had a glass of Merlot but except that I really did great!!!.

Kelsey to answer your question:.

I think I still didn't get that "wow" moment yet! Though people keep noticing that I have lost a lot of weight I personally don't feel anything like that except feeling a lil lighter thats all...Definitely I do feel smaller than before being at 196..

As for the relationship, I never had any problems with DH ever in all these 11 years! Of course we had arguments, fights etc., but I know we have a very healthy realtionship and no physical or environmental changes would disturb that, knock on wood!.

I do love all of the shakers' answers though!!! TYSM Kelsey for the new thread, you r awesome!!!..

Comment #19

Weight loss has changed my life completely!.

My relationship with my husband is a lot better... but I think that's more because of my increased happiness, not because of a change in my appearance!.

I felt like food had me bound and chained... it owned me... now I am in control.. and that's liberating...

Shopping is like a victory every single time.. no more crying in the dressing rooms!.

I can go to school and speak my mind in a class... and yall, teachers are the most "cutesy" group of women alive... so that's a huge victory for me! I'm never going to be a Barbie girl, but at least I don't have to feel like the gum underneath someone's shoe!.



Can I just tell you how much you ROCK? You are so supportive of all of us and keep our thread alive!! .. I really hope you don't get to goal and leave us... I need you...I need all of you!.

Seriously... I know sometimes I suck about checking in, but sometimes I just don't have a lot to say. but I really do rely on you guys, so much! My Medifast experience would SUCK without you all!!!..

Comment #20

Oh ladies!!!!.

I had the sniffle all day yesterday and today and my voice would get occasionally rough. Wednesday I went to dinner with DF at Lauriol Plaza. But by the time I got home I was feeling rather ill thus I didn't post. Today I went to work with runny nose and queasy stomach and it got really bad really fast! I went and got some Perrier water and as soon as it hit my was "Hello Pucking"! I threw up several times this morning and had to leave work mid day and come home. And to make matters worst, TOM hit with a vengeance! LIKE come on!!!!!!! A cold with upset stomach is more than enough. Adding cramps and bleeding to it all is over the top and makes me a really sad and sick person.

I will resume Medifast meals tomorrow..

Anyway....I just wanted to update my lovely shakesters....I'm going back to bed...I feel cold then I get hot....ughhhhh..

Comment #21


Happy 11th anniversary. Sounds like you had a nice day..


I'm so sorry you are sick, hope you can stay in bed an rest..


I'm with you I often don't have much to say but I come and check in...

Comment #22

Good morning ladies! Just jumping on here to say hello. I'm soooo glad it's Friday. So far, no plans for the weekend tho.

I guess I'll get some shopping done and clean the house. I need to decorate for Christmas, but I'm just not in the mood to get all of the stuff out. My girls will have a fit if we don't have a tree tho, so I guess that's what's on the agenda for tonight. I don't know why I'm gonna bother with the decorations though. We have a new kitten that destroys everything, so I know that the tree will be a lovely new climbing structure for her. Good thing she's cute, or she'd be finding a new home!.

For some reason, I don't feel like I've lost much this week. Maybe since I had such a big loss last week? Anyway, I tried to weigh this morning and my scale is broken!!! It was a pretty new digital scale. I changed the batteries, but it wont even turn on. Now I'm afraid that I'm gonna buy a new scale and see my weight go up. Oh well, guess I'll add new scale to my shopping list..

Have a good day! Nelly, I hope you get feeling better!..

Comment #23

Happy anniversary.




... I hope you feel better! ((big hugs)).

Good morning.



.. I don't feel like I'm losing much this week either. I actually had a really good weigh-in Tuesday and now it's shot back up again? Why does that happen to me all the time? Argh....

Well, I'm off from work and school today (yesss) but I have a project to work on (of course) so I'll be around later.

Happy Friday!..

Comment #24


I'm at work @ the office now (here til 5) and getting ready to make a brownie soon! I had a.


Day yesterday...shortly after I typed my post, Ryan picked me up to go to the hospital w/his older sister. She's okay- just a weird neck lump thing...and Ryan had the exact same thing two years ago and ended up in the hospital for 3 days! Ickk. She took us out to lunch and I had salmon & salad. YUM! Then...I went to the running shoe store and got a.

Fabulous new pair of shoes!.

Here they are:.

Brooks Ghost 3- Neutral!.

So I'm very happy to report to my other exercising Shaker Sisters, that I went to the gym last night.

And did Day 1 of Week 8...5 minute walk warm-up, then a 28 minute run, then a 5 minute cooldown. I finished without ANY pain in my feet and pretty happy, and a little sweaty, haha..

Afterwards, we came home...and there was.

A lot.

Of family drama with the bf's family. We're kind of at the point of where we.


Move back to Minnesota (to my parents' house) until we have enough $ for Florida. Not for sure yet...but it's a very possible option. My parents were like, "You're always welcome here no matter what" so I'm thankful that my parents are so good to me. We don't get along 100% of the time- but they've done tons for me...and to know that they're supportive no matter what means EVERYTHING. So.

To you Moms out there- you're AWESOME.

And if your kids as teenagers get into that "I hate you stage" it'll pass, I promise. I was a pretty rebellious girl after high school (staying out without saying where I was, lots of boys, etc) but I'm trying to make up for it now!!.



YOGA PANTS ARE HOT!! <3 Just think, you're not only doing this for yourself, but your son too! He's going to have (already has) a hot momma!.

BTW- do you sell that pheremone (sp?) stuff? I've always wondered if it works! Haha!.


I downloaded the song that played at the end- Battleme- "Hey, Hey, My, My" and it's gorgeous! It's a cover by Neil Young's song but this version (slower) is much better, I think! I was in shock the whole finale! My dad has a motorcycle (honda, not harley) and I'm considering getting him the first season for x-mas. Might be a bit too risque and gory for a lawyer-ish dad though...hehe. What kind of ring would you get when you get a new one??.


Don't worry! I"m not leaving ANYTIME soon! Even if I stop MF, I'll still come back. You ladies are so important to me, it's kind of silly! I don't have a lot of girlfriends by where I live in the IL burbs (back in MN or downtown Chicago) and to be able to come here and chat and gossip and get/give support with all of you is seriously priceless to me. I would NOT be here if it weren't for each and every one of you so trust me, I may actually NEVER leave!.

That's my promise!! You can quote me on that!! BTW- congrats on all of your rewards for losing weight! I agree- shopping is SO MUCH FUN now but that's dangerous to my bank account!.


Sorry to hear about your whole family being sick! You're such a good mom to take care of everyone though!! <3.


I'm so, so, so sorry to hear about all of the financial difficulties you're having!.

I wish I could help! I don't want you paying for shipping for the clothes- and I will send them to you Saturday or Monday!! You also are such a good mom, thinking of your daughter first. She's going to have such a wonderful Christmas! <3.


Ick! I hope you feel better ASAP!! Just focus on getting better THEN getting OP! ^_^ Just rest today and try to stay comfortable! *panda hugs from Chicago!*.


HAPPY BELATED 11th ANNIVERSARY!! ^_^ I'm glad that you stayed (mostly) OP! I'm jealous of you and your hubby's relationship! And it's amazing that you guys are still like that after 11 years! I hope that happens for me too!.


Are you getting a real or fake tree? Growing up, we always had a real tree, but we also had two cats that loooved getting in messes w/it! My boyfriend's family has always had a fake tree and while it looks good, it doesn't smell QUITE as Christmasy! You should post a pic of your new kitten! I freakin love cats...darn the fact that everyone in the bf's family is allergic. *cries* Which scale are you getting? I want a new one also but dread that it might go up! Keep us updated!!..

Comment #25

By the way I'm an idiot and totally forgot to post part of a message I got on Facebook....


"Well, I'm firmly in maintenance now, and eat almost no Medifast food, but I am still go to my Medifast center and get weighed every other week and get advice about maintaining. I'm still making myself stay away from the boards because it was like an addiction! I wanted to be on all the time but I realized I was spending too much time there..

Since I've been maintaining, my weight does go up and down a lot because it's so easy to let a few days go out of control (but luckily, it's pretty easy to have a few days back in control and have it all even out) where I've considered doing like South Beach to help me maintain more easily. But I've come to the conclusion that Medifast was the best/easiest way for me to lose weight if I ever wanted to again..

Tell the girls hello for me and that I'm thinking of them! If anyone is interested, they can send me a msg on FB, I'd love to get back in touch. I just can't be on the boards for now..

Much love and happy December!.


I don't want to post her last name on the public boards but message me and I'll send you it so you can add her on FB too!! She looks amazing and ran a 5k recently! Total inspiration! <3..

Comment #26

Goodmorning/afternoon shaker sistas'.

I'm jumping right off on to post on.


's previous post! Kels, I second you on promising to never leave this thread ever!!!! Unless it's just me who is last on this thread hahahaaa....Definitely this thread and all of you girls are my utmost encouragement and motivation whenever I am in a pitfall or demotivated! You rock Kelsey!!!.

Sooooo it's my 5th day on tom today and it's almost gone now, I jumped on the scale to see how bad it is for today but let me tell ya girls I saw a peek at 161!!!! Ohhh I sooo wish that I don't create any disaster and get derailed n ruin it all up cause we have 2 biggest C'mas parties both tonight and tomorrow night!!!! Tonight it's at one of our family friend's place & tomorrow they have a party at a commmunity church!!! Both of em r so imp for me that I can't even make an excuse and skip it altogether!!!! Anyways I love you all girls i'll think abt you if I feel like eating something offplan maybe that should help!!! Ciao.....

Comment #27



Thanx for that update on Sandi!!!! Pm me her FB id I would love to add her!.

PS: Those shoes rock BTW Kels!..

Comment #28

Kelsey- Yes I do sell the pheromone stuff, it's called Basic Instinct. IT IS AMAZING! I actually notice a difference in my confidence when I wear it. Also my hubby seems to be attracted to me like fleas on dogs. Lol, it's amazing..

If you are interested, my website is.

Go have a look and see what it's all about..

Well I am off to go enjoy my dark chocolate antiox. shake..

Love yah ladies!..

Comment #29

So basically Sandi won't come post here b/c she gets too drawn in?.

I totally get that. I've been "working on my paper" for 4 hours and I've done 2 paragraphs..

I really do miss her though... I deleted my facebook (too dramatic) but if I ever go back on there I will PM you for her name Kelsey...

Comment #30

PS - What about Nicki Lee? Shouldn't she be gearing up to give birth? She was due in Feb? or was it March?..

Comment #31

Just took a nice relaxing bath. I was reading one of my old Fitness magazines and came across this "Remember one slip up doesn't justify a crime spree... If you ran a red light and got a ticket, would you break every other traffic law for the rest of the day? Similarly if you splurge on a piece of cake, don't use it as an excuse to eat whatever you want"..

This so true, it's like you give yourself a free ticket to do whatever. I am going to try to keep this in mind always..

Hope everyone is having a nice night..


I don't have facebook, so next time your on can you tell Sandi hello for me..


Hope you are getting some rest. If you have what my family has been dealing with, that is the only thing that seems to help...

Comment #32

/hugs! I'm headed to bed, and getting up fairly early to do some shopping with my MIL. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend! The week felt long, and I'm happy the weekend is here.

Nelly, hope you feel better!.

Kelsey, cute shoes!!.

Tami, love that quote! So true!.

Mel - /hugs I hope things get better soon in a financial respect. Dealing with cut hours or lost jobs is so rough, and I wish you and your family well!.

/hugs Sony! You're going to do great! All the willpower, none of the temptation!.

I'm staying away from the scale, so I have no idea if this is gonna be a good week in that respect or not :P I'm just sticking to being OP..

Comment #33

Oh my god..

Typing this in the parking lot of the hotel. The drive sucked serious butt today!! It snowed a lot last night and the roads were gross and I had a huge semi truck tailgating me the whole way. Why he didn't just pass me, idk but I wanted to go yell at him. Its not like my Honda accord is exactly a snow car!!!! >_< be back later....


Comment #34

It always amazes me how moronic people get when it snows. I had to run to Target, and I'm sitting there waiting for this guy to pull out, both because he was already moving when I pulled up, but also because it was nice spot, and as he pulls out, this lady pulls up and then zips into the spot instead while he's still partially blocking me. Oi, I had a flashback of Fried Green Tomatoes for a moment, and decided it wasn't worth getting annoyed with lol..

/hugs Kelsey! Karma will come around and bite those annoying and unsafe drivers in the bum.

Hope everyone had a good day!..

Comment #35

Hi ladies...!!.

I'm back from my dinner cruise and had a wonderful...but not totAlly OP time. We arrived and they had a table with a rose and rose petals on it for us...since Ryan let them know it was our anniversary!! ^_^ dinner was great and OP but where I fell short was...dessert. They gave us our own dessert and yes, I ate some! Karma hit though bc felt suPer seasick for a bit from the rocking and had ginger ale and it didn't even occur to me to get diet!!! GRR! I just realized that now!! I did have a great time tho- we saw fireworks over Lake Michigan and danced to one of my favorite songs- "When You Say Nothing At All." I'm not condoning my off plan eating/drinking but I have to say it was an amazing night nonetheless..

I'm off to try to get warm and sleep!! <3 see you in the morning!!!!..

Comment #36

Driving in any kind of ice/snow gives me MAJOR panic attacks. I could not live where you guys live! I guess maybe you're more used to it... in the south, you don't really learn how to drive in such conditions b/c the town tends to shut down, so when you actually do have to get out in it = mayhem..

I'm so tired you guys... still have assignments to finish for school, but I worked, then I came home and watched some tv with hubby... then we had some serious conversation.. mostly positive but ended on a bad note.. nothing major.. I just don't feel like doing homework now...

I guess I'm going to hit the hay. See you guys tomorrow! zzz.

PS. My weigh-in for this week sucked. I'm kinda disappointed... I've been super OP, drinking tons of water... blah, blah, blah.....

Comment #37


, thank you for sharing that with us! That's so true... and yet... when I have gone off plan, I've never been like "Okay, let me get back on the wagon".. it's always been like, "Okay, I've already gone off plan, so what else can I eat today that I've been seriously craving for the last 7 months.".

It's sad... but true...

Comment #38

Tami and Sarah Anne-.

I tried to keep that quote in mind! I had the Dessert and there was a buffet and I was thinking "okay I went off plan so if I ate more...whatever" but I stopped myself! They also had rolls out still and I kept wanting to take one too but I didnt. I stepped on the scale and I'm up .4 but thats to be expected. 100% OP day today!!! <3..

Comment #39

You'd actually get used to it pretty quickly.

It didn't snow but once every 2 years when I lived in Washington where I grew up, and even there the cities shut down too because they don't have the equipment to handle it..

Kelsey, so glad you and Ryan had a fabulous and romance anniversary! /hugs about the dessert and ginger ale and for feeling sick. Even bigger hugs for having a stumble and getting right back on your OP feet! You have a great mindset about being on MF, getting healthy, and you really do inspire me to keep going!.

I have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking to being on plan. I've had a few bites here and there, and I'm bad about weighing my L&Gs when out, and I don't always get in my 5 MFs, but overall, I haven't fallen out of ketosis at all. I feel like I could eat like this for the rest of my life, and be fine with it..

But the big thing for me is, I normally go all psycho perfect on diets, exercising like a madwoman, eating barely anything, and yet wouldn't lose weight. Or I'd lose a few pounds, and then plateau, for weeks and weeks. Over and over, diet after diet, and the second I went off the diet, I'd just slowly begin creeping up again. There's no motivation in that to keep going, it was like banging my head against the wall. I literally thought this was my last ditch effort to not need a gastric bypass. My mother was even offering to pay for it..

So for me to see the constant loss, or to know that this week's tiny loss/stall is temporary, just keep going, it's gonna come off, you can feel it in your clothes getting looser...I can't cheat. I also haven't been on the diet as long as you guys, nor lost as much. Once I get back into that range of what I'd call normal (which for me was always 150-170), I don't know how I might change my thinking. I hope that I don't. I hope that I can keep going to hit the goal I've always wanted to hit, if only so I can say that I did it! Even if I can't maintain it (I won't be surprised if I hit 140-150, and find that's a maintainable range, since I've never been below 145 in my adult life)..

But that's where my head's at right now. And I'm really happy with both it and with where my body's headed..


I wouldn't doubt that the stress of all you are going through is part of the slowdown. You said before the 10th I think is your last day? That makes this your last week. I hope that knowing that keeps you going, and that once you're done with the work part, everything else will be much easier to handle because you're not stretched so thin. If you ever want to talk or need a sounding board, I'm here for you!..

Comment #40

Good Afternoon Shakesters!.

Thanks ladies for all the hugs and get better wishes! It's been rough the last few days! At first it felt like a flu and now it's feels more like a cold but then TOM came and has been super aggressive. Heavy, very Heavy period ( The anti coagulants I take to prevent blood clots create this endless heavy flow hemorrhage like situation). Last night I didn't take my anticoagulant meds cause I just was getting pale and weak from anemia and I'm already not eating from having this cold. Anyway, TOM is lighter today and the cramps are gone..

I am not fully on's been a variation of 2 Medifast shakes and soups and tea...I'm not worried....solid food does not interest me...all I want is liquid warm stuff..

Would love to post more but my energy level is super low.....

I LOVE YOU GIRLS! You are simply very amazing ladies!! I hope to be up and running fully in a couple of days. But I will at least do a post a day until I'm back to health again!.

Love you girls! XOXO..

Comment #41

Miss Kelsey:.

Will you PM me Sandi's Facebook info? Thank you Panda girl!..

Comment #42

Hi ladies, finally got in some time for myself to come here online!!! The parties on friday and saturday(yesterday) went great, tho was hectic, I almost stayed onplan......on friday our friends had yet another *secret* anniversary party for us clubbed together, so they had dirty mattinis, cocktails, margaritas, wine, vodka, cognac, etc etc.all over (i was remembering u.


All that time and you were wandering in my thoughts....

Heheheeee....) so anyway with only 5 Medifast meals in my tummy I headed to the party on friday and was forced into some wine which I had 2 glasses and an hour later from that my stomach started stirring, my head started spinning and I was getting this wierdest feeling ever that I never had before in my I ran to the washroom and puked and vomitted allover.....then I felt this strange darkness in front of my eyes, my legs started shakingg and I sat on the bathroom floor.....luckily DH sensed that something was wrong somehow and came there knocked on the door to check on me, ohhh I soo love him he felt like an angel to me at that time....

So he was in there with me like 20 mins or so, cleaning up the lil mess, straightening up my face and hair and all that.... ifelt much better later.....

So lesson learnt there is.....never ever have liquor on MF...(atleast in my case)..i felt lightheadedness and this hangoverheadache all day yesterday.....its so strange I was never a wine or any kind of drinker premedifast, dunno why I did it that day tho, maybe peer pressure......

Ok ladies feel so much better now after venting it out here, love you ladies soo very much will do a rollcall tomorrow.......

Comment #43



, that sucks!!!! That's cool about the party but... yikes! I'm sorry you had that experience!.


... I'm seriously proud of you for exercising that self-controll!.


... I really hope you start getting some energy back!!! ((hugs)).


... You are so sweet! Maybe I am too stressed, I don't know. It just sucks coming home from work and pounding on some papers/projects all night... I'm doing that yet again tonight! I'm so close to the end though, thank goodness! Last day of work is the 10th and my last final is the 14th..

Where did you grow up in Washington that it only snows every two years? I'm seriously very curious... maybe I can convince hubby to go west! I'm just so over where we live now..

As far as the staying OP thing goes... you didn't know me then, but until I went off plan for the first time in August, I was HARDCORE! Like, not going off plan. for anything. ever. I actually got two free tickets to an all-you-can-drink wine festival thing my first month on MF. I gave the tickets away b/c I didn't want to blow it..

Freya posted on another thread that once you indulge the inner brat, it's hard to keep saying no to it. That is SO true. Staying OP didn't feel hard before (I went off plan b/c I went to Disney World)... it doesn't really feel hard now, but my defense against really wanting a certain kind of food feels much weaker, if that makes sense. The only positive that I try to take away is that even when I fall, I keep getting back up. And I've never done that before.

You are absolutely right though, that you have to persevere through the stalls. My losses have just gotten so much smaller... it really sucks. But at the same time, I know if I keep doing it, it will work. so even when I'm super frustrated... I keep going!..

Comment #44

Okay, I have to tell you guys a story....

It's really easy to lose weight and start looking back and realizing how crazy and naive you were before about losing weight (or at least, that's how I feel. I wanna smack the old me!)...

Anyway, I work with this lady. we used to work together several years ago and she had the lapband surgery. she was pretty big when we worked together, but she told me she had lost 100 pounds so far. and I never saw her eating poorly... I think she was still trying to lose weight. I really didn't pay attention all that much..

Now that we work together again, and i'm trying to lose weight, I guess i'm paying way more attention to what everyone eats. this lady eats crap like ALL THE TIME. she brings entire bags of chips to work to eat, gets fast food on her breaks, and usually has a packet of cookies or sweets to munch on too! she bought some epson salts with lavender and told me she bought them b/c she heard it helped with cortisol levels, which in turn, would help her lose weight. I was like, oh that's pretty cool. on the inside I was thinking... omg lady! maybe you should try changing your diet first?!? not to be arrogant, but it's so sad!!! my way of thinking has changed over time on this diet, and while some days are way harder than others, I refuse to go back to the way I was before! and it would really SUCK to have major surgery like that and still not change your behavior...

Sometimes I feel like we are all just one step away from the cliff, no matter what our success is. know what I mean?..

Comment #45

Well I weighed in today and lost three more pounds!!..

Comment #46

Whew I am making Christmas goodies, and I accidentally licked the fudge fork... EH oh well, it was a oops after it happened. Swallowed my mistake and decided that it wont break me. It was one of those oh crap I have to pour this into this and need to stick this fork somewhere. HAHA fudge, you are delectable but you have no hold on me..

I made toffee, and fudge tonight tomorrow is sugar cookie and truffles. I make them yearly for "gifts" for my friends and relatives. Its a fun way to pass the time. I was going to make Christmas ornaments but it was waaay more expensive then using some stuff I have laying around my house. My kiddo and hubby are going to have a great time testing the goods before they leave..

If I can resist the toffee I will be fine. I know if I do slip it would be there. BUT I want to keep seeing results sooooooo no no no.. NO! Lol, ok I am done teasing all of us with stories of tasty nummies. Sorry if you are feeling weak. Love you ladies.

Its 1 am but I am wide awake without a sip of coffee in me.. BLEH!..

Comment #47

Yea Brandy! Grats on the 3 pounds and the awesome strength of will! You are really rocking! 38 pounds down!.

Sarah-Anne, totally know what you mean. It seems like so many people that I know who do even the extremes of WLS just don't change their habits and go right back up. lol even Oprah with her chef and personal trainer can't seem to keep it off..

I feel like I finally have the mindshift that I needed. It's not about dieting for now, and then eating what I want later. I feel like I have the plan for what I'm going to do post-MF to keep myself healthy. I feel like I've edged away from the cliff edge, finally.

Prolly still a good leap away, but still. Better than having my toes over the ledge!.

I grew up in Tacoma/Seattle. Between the ocean and the mountains, that region is usually very temperate with cold in the winter being 45, and hot in the summer being 85, and anything outside of that range is OMG extreme! And it doesn't have the humidity shift that it does most places. Summers are not hot and sticky, and I had never heard of a dew point before coming to MN lol. And the winters are not the excessive dry like I have to deal with now. But if you want snow, you go to the mountains.

Great skiing/snowboarding within an hour or two's drive. Love it there. It's probably my favorite place on earth. I like MN, as it's super pretty but I just can't deal with the extreme temps. I also miss my mountains.

Sony - BIG HUGS! You poor thing! Hope you are feeling better today! And wow, you have some really awesome friends and a darling hubby. Ain't that the true sign of love when he's there for you at moments like that?.

Nelly - EEEE! you poor thing! TOM and a cold! Glad you are feeling better!..

Comment #48

Good Afternoon Shakesters!.

I'm doing a little better today. TOM is leaving and all that's left is coughing and sniffles. I am back on Medifast and hot liquids...yeah...L&G the next couple of days will be straight up soup....

I'm very tired so I will do a roll call later....I will go back to work or attempt to tomorrow therefore I really want to rest a lot today. So I'm going to go lay down..


Comment #49


Oh you poor thing, (((hugs)))...sorry abt all that pain! Glad that you r feeling better than yesterday.....take as much rest as you can....

Hi to everyone else,.


, yay congrats you r doing awesome!!!..

Comment #50

Hey ladies!.

Quick check-in for me...I'm still tired from work this morning @ the hotel. Getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning so it'll be soft foods + mashed cauliflower/scrambled eggs....yum? :P.

I'm staying away from the scale for awhile...too obsessive!.

Melissa- can't wait for you to get the package! And all those who want Sandi's info, I'll send it later tonight! <3.

Be back!..

Comment #51

Hi ladies, I just changed my profile pic, I loveeed this one so thought to use it instead for a change! Also the imp thing is that couple of my friends are planning on going on a diet and just recently I overheard them abt maybe considering Medifast as part of their program.....i was so convinced to go talk to them abt it and tell em that i'm on Medifast but again backed off since I was not in a mood for any *suggestions* or hipocrisy!!! Also one of those friends is bad mouthed if you know what I anyway just trying to play *safe* here just in case they r on the boards, heheheeee.....i hope you gals understand....i don't like *others* to notice me just as yet.......

Comment #52

Good morning! I'm down 2.8 pounds this week.

My goal was to stay away from the scale. I broke down once on Saturday, but otherwise, I did well. I'm pleased. I'll keep working on trying to weigh in only once..

I was also working at not eating all my meals at night, and I'm getting better, but still not quite where I need to be..

Nelly, hope you're feeling better!.

Kelsey, /hugs on the teeth! I hate going to the dentist, and wisdom teeth are no fun..

Sony, that pic is adorable! and yeah, I like my anonymity here.

I totally understand why you want to lay low.

Have a fantastic, OP day everyone!..

Comment #53

Hi ladies...just a quick check-in. Nothing is really new here. Still staying OP, but no loss over the past week. I had a feeling I wouldn't because I lost so much the week before. Anyway, I didn't have to buy a new scale. I figured out that the batteries were coming loose, so I think I fixed it for now.

I plan on putting up the Christmas tree and decorations with my girls tonight. That will burn some calories. The tree is huge and the only people I have to help put it up are a 10, 7, and 6 year old. Oh well, we will manage. The tree will make the new kitten happy at least.....

Comment #54

Quick check in! I'm loving the vicidin right now..haha. I haven't been Op today sadly as I've only had a strawberry shake Ryan got for me. Gonna sleep now and hope you are all well..

Comment #55

OMG!! I just lost my post! Grrrrr!.

I'm now I have to go eat and come back and post again!..

Comment #56

Hey guys! Well, tonight was my last night of school! Yay... still have two finals left, but the finish line is in sight! I'm going to relax tonight and start studying tomorrow....

Kelsey, how was your surgery?.

Nelly, can't wait to hear from you later!.

Suzie, have fun putting up the tree with the girls! I always loved putting up the tree with my mom.. she, on the other hand... lol. I think she's anti-tree secretly. She doesn't even put one up now that I've moved out..

Sony, I'm basically ANON anyway so I understand. Hopefully they won't find you!.

Congrats on the loss Aerielle! Btw, I have to tell you.. I've been researching Seattle like mad after you mentioning it the other day. Then tonight in my class, a girl I've sat next to all semester randomly mentions she got her undergrad in Seattle! Of course it was right at the end of class.. I'll have to grill her next time for more info. LOL. It's just kind of weird that you live there b/c my hubby has often mentioned he'd like to move there b/c of the rain.

Care to tell me any major pros and cons about living there?..

Comment #57

If you can handle gray skies and drizzle, then that's probably the biggest hurdle.

Stuff I love -.

Scenery is gorgeous - mountains, ocean, Sound, desert, rainforest, all within a few hours drive. If you like doing stuff outdoors, there's tons to do - skiing, boating, fishing, hunting, hiking, biking etc..

Cultural - it's on all the shows and concert circuits, and there's always stuff going on.

Ethnic - huge ethnic populations. Makes for great food and cultural opportunities.

Temperate - I love the rain and I miss the cool comfortable temps! lol homes there don't typically have AC because they almost never need it!.

Education - great schools.

Some of the best in the nation according to the ratings, depending on where you are of course. For you (not sure how far into your program you are or if you're thinking about a transfer), there are some great universities. I graduated from both UW and UPS..

The Cons - weather - it really does bother a lot of people who are used to lots of sun. Some also complain that it's not really 4 seasons because winter is fairly non-existant, but I'd rather have rain than snow :P And you can always go to the mountains if you want that!.

Traffic - worst traffic in the nation, and it's 24-7. Traffic goes from Everett to Olympia. And it runs at odd hours because of Boeing on the north end, and the military bases on the south side. They are slowly fixing that with some freeway changes, extending the carpool lanes and building a lightrail. But the region boomed and the infrastructure did not grow with it..

Housing is a little high. Not sure where you are currently, but home prices, even with the recent market adjustments, are still fairly steep, unless you live in CA, at which point I'll say it's cheap haha. Probably some decent deals available though, since they are probably going thru a foreclosure cycle now..

Crime - Some of the areas have a gang problem. Something to keep an eye on when looking for housing..

Regardless of how long I live in MN, I still call myself a Seattle girl.

I get back there a few times a year to visit family and friends...

Comment #58

/hug Kelsey and Nelly! Hope you're both feeling better!.

Grats on the last day of the semester Sarah-Anne! Hope you have a nice long break ahead of you!.

Susie, hope you have fun putting up the tree! And OMG you don't look old enough to have a 10 year old!!..

Comment #59

Hey ladies, so that *friend* of mine has officially started her Medifast today, at 255 pounds I guess not so sure, actually she pm'ed me on FB and was asking me if I was on any kind of diet cause when she saw me the last time abt a month ago she was stunned at my weightloss (she saw me a yr ago when I was at around 200 pounds) so she was curious if I was hiding something, of course I said no & told her that I was just watching what I was putting in my mouth and was watching cals and carbs and thats how I have been losing weight......Oh yeah right wish that was true, anyway she was explaining me about "MEDIFAST" that she joined, that was funny I tell ya, LMAO......ok ladies more later..

Comment #60

I'm back!.

I'm feeling better today than I have in a few days. But I am still not 100% well as I have the sniffle and a cough. But I was able to eat all my Medifast meals plus my omelet for L&G..

So Medifast wise, I am back in business. I 've missed you guys and I need to catch up on all the posts and eventually do a nice roll call. But for now, this is just an update..

I'm heading to bed now. Goodnight beautiful ones and I will check back in the morning!..

Comment #61

Aerielle... thank you so much for all of that info! You basically confirmed what I've been reading. The only downside I see is not the weather but the traffic. OMG. I have road rage... I have really tried to get it under control.

I really wish I could transfer out of my program, but I'm so far into it that it would be a waste of $$ - hubby is also in school and happy so it would be at least 2 years before we did this, probably..

Complaining about the lack of seasons because there's no winter? SIGN ME UP. i'm currently in the southeast.. honestly, there's not 4 seasons here either. it goes from crazy humid hot to winter and right back to hot. spring and fall don't last here, really. one of the only real benefits to living in the south is the low cost of living...

I just HATE living here. i'm biracial and I need to be somewhere more diverse. I stick out like a sore thumb. i've just never really belonged my whole life. living in the south means your life revolves around football games and bars...

I could rant about this for hours but i'll quit..

Comment #62

Lol Sony! Check your PMs.

Nelly! So glad you're feeling better!.

Sarah-Anne - I'm also biracial, so you will blend right in.

The area is really diverse. Minority there is a bit of a misnomer because it's pretty well balanced between white, asian/islander, black and hispanic. There's also a strong Native American population with many different tribes..

I've done my time in the South, particularly small towns, and I know what you mean. And while it's nice to have good but frustrating pro teams - Seakhawks, Mariners, Sonics, and the Pac-10 for college is fun to watch, it ain't nothin like the South or Texas in terms of fanaticism. It's definitely not the sole source of entertainment :P.

If you guys plan a vacation out there, my two favorite months are April and Sept. April is when the cherry blossoms bloom, and it tends to be gorgeously sunny and 70. Sept tends to be 80 and sunny with cooler evenings...

Comment #63

Good morning girls! I'm back for another lovely day at work. We FINALLY got the Christmas tree put up last night. The tree looks great, but the rest of the house is a different story. Oh well, I guess I'll have to clean all weekend. Before putting up the tree, I decided to just get rid of our aquarium (the tree blocks it anyway and makes it hard to care for). I have not been able to get the water clean for months and most of the fish were dead.

She insisted that I save it. Sooo, I got a glass vase, clean water, and put the fish in it. Well, I guess the clean water was too much of a shock for the poor fish. As we were decorating the tree, we got the pleasure of watching the fish swim crazy circles and die face down in the rocks. It really lifted the Christmas spirit let me tell ya.

Do you think it's tacky to have a vase with a dead fish in it sitting next to the Nativity scene?.

Anyway, the new kitten went a little crazy with the tree. But, I only noticed 3 ornaments on the floor this morning when I got up, so I guess that's ok..

Nelly, hope you get back to feeling 100% soon!.

Arielle, I started young with my girls. I was 19 when I had my first. I'm 30 now-but feel about 60..

Comment #64


I'm here!!.

I'm a little buzzed out on the medicine but here! I got up early and made cauliflower mashed potatoes for later...and have eggs waiting to be scrambled!.


I got so carried away yesterday...(.


) and had not one...not two...but THREE FREAKING SHAKES from an unnamed fast food location!!!!!!!!!!!! I took a carb-blocker before two of them but STILL! I had NO Medifast foods either and like...a few cups of water..

*bad, bad bad MFer!!*.


I'm getting ready to drink a doubled up banana shake and I have all my puddings ready for later too! I'm not even going to step on the scale because I know it won't be happy..


I seriously think getting my wisdom teeth made me dumber yesterday!!! ^_^.


@ the hotel has been insane. I had such a bad past few co-worker is not bright at ALL and I came in on Saturday to see boxes of fresh chopped pineapple sitting outside of refrigeration. *hits head against wall* Yeah...not smart. I'm actually going to cut down to just Mondays...and if they don't like that, I'm gone. Bye bye! There's a lot of drama there too because the housekeepers are starting this whole "I wanna be a union" thing and I'm honestly confused about it all- but the vibes at the hotel aren't so great right now. Ickkkyy..



CONGRATS ON YOUR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!! Surgery went fine! I was a little loopy afterwards, I guess...saying things like "THAT WAS FUN!" and looking at my hands kind of weird...but oh well. Nothing TOO bad! I didn't go to work obviously yesterday and might go in later, depending on how my mouth feels. I'm not TOO puffy but definitely a little puff there! I'm on antibotics and Vicodin...and kinda ughhh because the antibiotics mess with my birth control. ick. Thanks for asking though!! Oh also, I was talking to Amy and she mentioned seeing Nicki Lee on a baby site? I'll have to ask her again...I hope she's doing well though!.


That's funny about your friend!! Is she cool? Would she want to be a Shaker Sister? Or would you rather keep that separate? I know it would be a little weird for me if a real-life friend was on here....:P But maybe you could be support buddies?? Just don't let her drag you off-plan if she decides to do that!!.


YAY I'm glad you're feeling better too!! I'm back with you on the Medifast wagon! Get lots of rest today! I PM'ed you Sandi's info!! How do you make your omelet? With spinach? I tried that once and wasn't a huge fan of it- but I'm not a spinach fan in general. But yes, let's both have an awesome Medifast day and get back to it!!.


Congrats on the 2.8lbs lost! That's awesome! I need to get your willpower to stay away from that damn scale!! How is Minnesota now? I'm dreading the weather...but can't wait to see my friends! It's funny- we were both in FL at the same time and now MN soon! ^_^.


Please let me know when you get your package!! I think I signed up for delivery confirmation to make sure it got sent! If anything doesn't fit or is too big- just give it away!!! And don't worry about sending the food right away. I have plenty for a bit right now! Hope you're doing well! *hugs hugs hugs*.


PICS OF THE NEW KITTEN!! ^_^ How do you decorate your tree? I love the traditional trees but when we get our own place (sometime...soon?) I want a super modern tree!! And yes, I agree, you look so young to have kids that age!! And LOL about the fish- but your daughter is sweet for wanting to save them!!.


I will have to check out your website soon!! How is everything else going??.


I so want to take a warm bath now, after you said that!! Do you have one of thsoe awesomely big tubs? That's one of my only requirements for my final house- a HUGE bathtub for soaking!! I hope being back on the 5&1 is going well for you!!..

Comment #65

Ladies! Hope you're doing well?.

I'm down two shakes and my l&G of cauli potatoes and scrambled eggs!!.


Comment #66

LOL...Kelsey, oh no no NOOOOO.....i can't even imagine her on these boards!!!!! Actually this is the story: She is one of my DH's childhood bestfriend's wife. They live in another state so we guys meet on & off every few the last time she saw me was abt 3-4 yrs ago after my 2nd son was born, at that time I was at my highest weight. Then they came over here for a visit 1-2 months ago and so she was surprised. Now the story is I was skinny and in 120's before getting pregnant, and she has always been obese/overweight all her life or atleast I guess at older age maybe....and the thing is she LOVES food esp nasty ones....the last time they were here I was on Medifast but she didn't know that and when I was restricting myself from food and eating salads at restaurants she then asked if I was on some kindda diet cause I already lost too much of weight and am watching what I am eating.... I said no...and also baffled at what she was eating and such huge portions, I mean like she was literally cleaning her son & daughter's plates too !!!! when I asked her to go on some kind of diet she says that she loves food just so very much that she never gets confined to one diet program and lose weight....she has tried each n every diet on the earth possible it seems and now I guess it's MF's turn, lol.....and also she is *bad*mouthed if you know what I mean...she cannot keep any secrets to herself......

So thats the story of my gf, even the thought of her being on these boards will scare the death out of me, LOL.......

Comment #67

Sony: haha! Yeah...she sounds like the opposite of the kind of people we want in our shaker group!!.

For the cauliflower mashed potatoes:.

1 head cauliflower- chopped and boiled til tender, drained. Put into a food processor and blend! I add 2 wedges of LC cheese, a little pepper and garlic salt and tah dah! One serving is half a cup!.


Comment #68

Hey yall....

I went off plan today. Like, sometimes I feel like it's my first day on Medifast or something. I just get to the point where the thoughts of food are literally driving me insane. Nothing helps. Writing. Music.

Nothing. Nothing helps until I finally just eat whatever it is and move on. It was a meal and two of homer simpson's favorite food. So.. it wasn't even like this crazy binge.

I feel like.. I guess this is the first time in this program I've thought that maybe I cannot do this. I have noticed that I have gone off this plan around this time of the month for the past three months. So basically I can stay on plan for a month and then I just snap. I don't think it's related to anything female b/c TOM is two weeks away. It's just this mindset of "I cannot have this" that really starts to cripple me.

I don't know what to do..

Ps. sorry to be selfish.. I will do a rollcall tomorrow.. i'm stressing over finals and I got randomly asked to work tomorrow. blaaah. so now I have TWO days of work left to go!..

Comment #69


I totally feel for you and honestly, know exactly how you feel. I've had moments where I'd probably kill a small animal if it meant I could have a piece of bread or something!!!! And I freaking love animals!! I actually wanted to burst into tears once when the waitress brought over this beautiful loaf of artisanal bread...because I'm a carbaholic x1000000. I just posted a blog about how I'm letting myself slip and become too comfortable- but the feelings are the same- I want to just EAT NORMAL FOOD AGAIN and stop eating space food!!! BUT...I try try try to take a step back and just refocus and try to see myself a few days from now. Will I be happy that I gave in? Or miserable? USUALLY it's miserable...but if it's something small that won't totally do me in, sometimes I allow it. I know that's not the 100% OP way, but it's the only way that I don't go entirely insane...I think this is a learning process and we can't all be expected to be able to do 100% 24/7/365 right off the bat! Hell, I started back in APRIL and I'm still struggling each day. BUT, I have lost ALMOST 70lbs (not as close as you though!) and that has got to count for something, right?! I know that you and I can BOTH do this and we just have to quiet those naysayer voices in our heads!! Good luck with everything and we're always here to vent! You're never being selfish!! <3..

Comment #70

Good Morning Shakesters!!.

I hope everyone is well! I'm still so so..better but so so. For some reason last night I had a mild fever again and my eyes are still watery...I'm still coughing...etc...yeah...I'm not my 100% self!.

Anyway, I am on Medifast 100%...and it is very hard for me right now because all I want to do is drink hot tea with tons of splenda in it and drink seveal bowls of soups. But instead...I drink Medifast and then have a sorry L&G..

I have to wait until the weekend to finally read ALL the posts and then roll call. For now...I'm way tired and at work and just really pooped out..

You girls are just super fabulous!.

I am serious! You ROCK!.

When I get home I will likely get under a big old comforter and blanket and probably won't post again. So bear with me as I try hard to get better!.

Much Love!..

Comment #71

Good morning sisters!.

Nelly, /hugs about the renewed fever! I hope today is the day that kicks it to the curb! Perhaps switching to a different flavor of tea would help? Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride is very mild and a little sweet. It's by Celestial Seasonings, which has a bunch of great holiday flavors that are carb/cal free.

I've heard Candy Cane Lane is awesome for a peppermint tea too. I need to go pick up a box of that..

Sarah-Anne and Kelsey - You guys are awesome and have come a long way on MF. Kelsey, I like that idea, of thinking how I will feel in a day or two about cheating. That really makes me put it into perspective..

I too have taken bite of this or that, doing cheater adjustments in my head to keep me in the proper ranges of carbs and calories, even if it's not perfect with fat or sodium, my biggest nemesis. Usually it's by adding in the 10 carb packets, and not 15, because the thing I watch the closest is the carbs. I don't know what the deal is, but lately I want salt, and I can't get it from Medifast foods, since the only thing remotely salty in Medifast is the puffs, since I won't eat any of the other savory foods. So I've been eating a lot of soups for L&G. Dunno if that sodium does anything to me other than just temporary water weight, or if it's actually part of what's slowing my losses..

I hope you find something that helps you through it Sarah-Anne. Could it be the stress? Lol I know I either stuffed my face or starved myself through finals, depending on how I was feeling. Neither is good, but it was my reaction to it. /hugs!.

Kelsey, those cauli-potatoes sound fabulous like that! Also, MN is going through a cold front, it's single digits this week. Brrrrr! Should warn up this weekend though.

Sony, she doesn't sound like a good fit lol. Good thing she lives in another state!.

Susie, grats on getting that tree up and sorry about the fishie!.

I am off to get some hot cocoa because my hands are freezing!..

Comment #72

Hey ladies, not much in here to report except that i'm deep-down-till-the-neck busy with kiddos and chores etc., my ususal everyday whining.....its a continuous 24/7 ongoing process of cooking/cleaning/bathing kids/feeding kids/helping them in homeworks/chores/grocery shopping/etc etc.,the list goes on n on.....there is never a time like ok i'm done for the day with this or that...huh......

Anyways we watched Grown Ups last night out of a Redbox, it was sooo funny I loved that movie!.


, (((HUGS))) I agree with others & sometimes guess it just happens....anyways you have come this far so just few more pounds to go.... I know how it feels cause since kiddos are offschool i'm kindda cooking 2X a day and it has been getting utterly difficult for me to eat those packets and a boring l&g while all others are having all that comfort warm yummy food!!! I admit that i've been having way too many bigger bites these days hence no new numbers on the scale!.

Ok ladies will be back later!..

Comment #73



One of our friends' are visiting us next weekend and they are from Seattle, WA. When she called me few days ago saying that she was going to visit Denver along with her DH I was like oh yeah Aerielle is from WA!!! Heheheee.....i guess though we all don't know each other physically we are all bonded with this extra special relationship that has no words to express!!!!..

Comment #74

Hey ladies!!.

Just a quick check in before I leave work..

Ryan and I are going to this restaurant:.


For dinner tonight! It's officially our three-year anniversary today!.

It's a fine-dining restaurant...and I REALLY WANT THE FOIE GRAS or the SWEETBREADS!! :P I have absolutely no idea what that would count as though...hehe..

I'm going to the mall though in a bit to find something to wear! All my dresses are too summery or short for this weather...I'm thinking a cute sweater dress that's not too bulky with tights and my boots? I want to be appropriately dressed but it's not black tie or anything...I hope, at least! ^_^.

Be back later!! <3..

Comment #75



Happy Anniversary:-) Have fun at dinner and hope u'll get something appropriate to wear!..

Comment #76

Sorry I have not been around been busy and not much to say. Still struggling to keep my eating under control. I like what.


Said about how you will feel in 2 days from now if you eat off plan..


Happy anniversary, I hope you have a nice dinner..


Sorry you are so sick, rest and fluids are the best medicine..


Your friend sounds interesting. Good idea to keep yourself anonymous..


Your off plan food is in the past. Let it go and move on. You have done a great job, don't let it get you down. I think part of it is stress from school and work..

Hello to Aerielle, Brandy and Suzie. Hope you are all well...

Comment #77

Morning ladies!!.

So change of plans last night! We ended up going to a.

~piano bar/restaurant~.

Instead that was closer! The weather was kind of crappy and we didn't feel like driving an hour to we were starving! But what's really random is that the GM of the piano bar ended up being one of my friends from culinary school!!.

I'm not going to go into the dirty details but he gave us free food and that's that. But...for some reason, the scale is actually DOWN today? O_O Beats me!.

But before that...I came home after work and Ryan had gotten me a card...and wrote a long sweet message in it!.

And an iTunes gift card because he wanted me to download a cool version of our song- "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. ^_^.

I swear, he's getting more romantic by the day.

And I really don't mind one bit!.

I'm about to make my.

First ever oatmeal.


Blueberry oatmeal..

I'm nervous!!.

Hope you're all doing well this cold morning!!.

<3 Kelsey..

Comment #78

/hugs Tami! Hope that it starts getting easier!.

Kelsey - Hope you had a fabulous anniversary and a great trip to the mall for something cute.

Love sweater dresses (when you're not worried about hiding rolls and bulges haha)! I am sooo looking forward to being able to buy cute stuff again!.

My best friend sent me a pair of jeans that are fabulous and fit me snug perfect right now. They are 16s, but a Nordstrom brand called Kut. I love being able to wear cute jeans again!.

They look like this..

She's like thrift shopper extraordinaire, because she found them for 3 bucks. Finding really cute jeans in the plus section is practically impossible..

Sony - I will have to check out that movie! /hugs for dealing with the daily cooking and all that. I am so glad my husband is not expecting me to cook anything while I'm doing this. We're just doing our own thing for food, so I don't have to deal with the temptations of cooking off plan for the most part..

Tomorrow the ladies I do Girls' Night Out with, a group of friends from work and some of their family/friends, are all getting together for a cookie swap and snacks and drinks. We're all supposed to bring a few dozen cookies to share out, a snack and a drink. I am bringing the buffalo chicken dip that well, isn't on plan, but they all love it and asked for it. I'm bringing veggies with it, so I'll have something to eat, since the stuff that they're bringing likely won't be anywhere near on plan. And my beverage will be seltzer water. Should be interesting to see how much willpower I have.

Tonight, we're going out with MIL and grandma for Chinese. Another test of the willpower!.

Hope you are all having a fabulous Friday!..

Comment #79

Sounds like a great night Kelsey! Grats on the loss!!! That restaurant menu that you posted sounded fabulously deadly though.

Might be a good place to celebrate getting out of transition..

Comment #80


THOSE JEANS ARE HOT!!! <3 <3 And $3? My god, that's incredible!! I have faith in you that you can stay strong and mostly OP for your girls nights and today! I know how hard it is and how easy it is to just let it don't do what I did! It's SUPER hard for me because food is a huge part of our relationship- we cook and love eating out- but it's just a matter of enjoying it ONCE in awhile and not all the time. :P Tofu Pad Thai used to be a weekly thing and now? Well, I haven't had it since I started Medifast but I'd love to be able to make it a MONTHLY thing, you know? I think I appreciate the taste of foods more now too...weird? But I'm going to stop rambling and wish you all the good luck! <3..

Comment #81

Hi ladies, hope everyone is having a fab friday!!!.


, those jeans look hawttt!!! This past weekend I got a pack of leggings from sams in a medium and they fit perfect!!! Those are the kind that you can wear on any tops, so xcept for that muffin top I was infact looking skinnier in those rather than in jeans!!!!!.

And yes if it was for DH I would not have even bothered cooking, lol...but it's for my kiddos though so I am left off with no choice other than cooking, I am abnoxious abt the outside food or fast food when it comes to my kids so but anyway I loveeee cooking for them!!!! PS I can eat all I can of the restaurant food and the fast food every single day I LOVeeeee fast food,heheheeee. LOL........


, awww your BF is a darling! I just wish & hope that both of you share a long long relationship!!!!..

Comment #82

Take it from me ladies....

Do NOT take vicodin AND tylenol together....

You will end up nearly passing out at work!.

Apparently they both have acetophwhatever in it and too much of it isn't good..

I'm going home and SLEEPING!!.


Comment #83

Totally know what you mean! Hubby and I, we're big foodies too. We were going out prolly 3-5 nights a week, depending on what was going on. So tough sometimes to cook when we're coming home late from work, exhausted, and trying to figure out what to make and going out vs eating in, isn't that much of a cost difference, ya know? I do love to cook, but I'm with you Sony.

I could easily eat out every night..

But you're right, Kelsey. Just need to make it like a monthly treat and temper it with making better choices too. Because now that I can see the impact of being able to lose weight, eating properly to maintain becomes so much more important than before when eating right wasn't doing much of anything. So it's not that I can't have these carby delights down the road, I just need to pick and choose when. And the willpower we've had to learn from this program will make that much easier.

Grats on the leggings Sony! Yea! Mediums! Love it! I will have to hit up Sams to check it out. Leggings are so comfy and I don't have any that fit anymore..

Comment #84

Eeee! Yeah, if you are going to do that, vicoprofen (vicodin and ibuprofen) is a better combo. Or at least, that's what the doc prescribed last time I was in serious pain..

Kelsey, blizzard warnings for this weekend! 12 inches and high winds, with wind chills down to -30!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!..

Comment #85

Morning ladies!.

I'll prob be on/off here all day! I'm working from home for the website today! There was some drama with the hotel this morning...I thought I was going to be working only Mondays instead of Mon/Sat but apparently the message got twisted somewhere along the way and they still had me scheduled!! UGH. Not fun to get a call early in the morning!!.

In other news...saw 130.0 on the scale!! YAY! 68lbs even gone!.

I'm going to be calling the oral surgeon to see if they can re-fill my prescription. I sound like a total druggie I know but the bottom tooth (or where there was a tooth) still kills!.

Stupid impacted tooth..

I hope you ladies are all staying warm and doing well! I miss you all!.


Comment #86


I just quit my hotel job..


This is only the second job in my life that I've quit on unhappy terms...the management was horrible!! >_<.


I also got some more medicine for my teeth..

Be back later!..

Comment #87

Yea! Grats on the scale victory! And I'm glad that you left that place. You deserve way better. Hope you find something soon!.

It's a blizzard here.

White out conditions. I'm snug at home, playing games and being a sloth..

Comment #88


Haha! I know it feels like a WEIGHT is lifted off my shoulders! Maybe the scale will be lighter again tomorrow!?.

I heard about the blizzard! All of my friends in MN that are on FB keep talking baout how the roads suck and what not! It actually RAINED here WEIRD!.

What part of MN did you say you were from again?..

Comment #89

I'm in the Twin Cities.

I didn't even try to get out. It was really bad around here, blowing sideways. It's stopped snowing now, so hopefully our plow guy comes soon :P..

Comment #90

Well ever since the fudge slip up I have lost control of my, "oh this wont hurt, only one, of course one turns into two and ect." So the fat girl won this week. About a few days actually. I haven't gained thankfully but I am on the track of gaining it back. Tomorrow I start again anew since cookies and fudge and what not are out of the house. Last night I went to Portland with a friend and took two shots of Tequila and had some fried mushrooms..

Today I baked cookies and ate 2. I feel sick and about to start my TOM. Bleh. I am feeling weak and sick that I cant control my consumption. Granted I haven't eaten off plan too much but I am not 100% anymore more like 65% lol..

Well tomorrow is a new day and time to fight the cravings and beat the blts..

My mom and dad are fighting really bad so it looks like a divorce is in the near future. Hope they can work it out but they have been together for 9 years (married) and just fight like cats and dogs. I feel bad for my sisters, they are 5 and 7 since I am 23 and out of the house it affects me but not like it will for them. Eh I am stressed tired and sick...

Comment #91

Hey guys.. just checking in..

I have been off plan since wednesday. it just got to that point again where I was just like.. agonizing.. over what I could and couldn't have. add to the stress of work... school...

But that's where it started..

I am back on plan tomorrow. I think I need to really, truly put away my scale and not let it get inside my head. that's ALWAYS how this starts. my weight starts fluctuating even though i'm on plan, I get mad and frustrated, and say, screw it! go off plan... realize that there's absolutely no point in that whatsoever... and then start over.

I don't even want to know. not to be an emo kid, but I really have a bad relationship with my scale. never mind the fact that i've gone from a 22 to a 10. no. it's all about that stupid number on the scale..

My last night at work was friday... sort of. one of the other managers was in a car wreck and the other one is out b/c he was drug tested and he's not allowed back at work until the results come in (long story). I told my boss he could put me on the schedule if he needed to if they weren't back by the end of next week. but I refused to work again until finals are over. I have to put me first at some point, right?.

Anyway, i'm around... sorry I don't have time to go through and do a full roll call. I am writing a paper for one of my finals today and I promised myself i'd get it done before I went to bed. i'll be back to normal after 8pm EST on Tuesday, I swear..

And back OP tomorrow. completely. 100%.


Comment #92

Okay, paper done.. and I'm back... hope all is well and everyone is staying WARM!.

Kelsey, sorry about the job drama... but honestly, it's sounded dramatic ever since you started working there. I think you deserve better!..

Comment #93


(I couldn't resist this cute baby panda!).

I've been up since like...5am for some ungodly reason. I don't work today and there's nothing going on! I just couldn't sleep! Rawr. So...I'm doing a face mask while browsing MyMedifast....

A good way to wake up!.

Yesterday was fun! I got my medicine (yay! And no, I'm not a druggie!) and.

Went to the tailors to get a coat altered..

It's a black pea-style coat except it's a little flared with cute buttons...I bought it last November because I couldn't fit into my other coats at 198-200lbs! And even then, it was a little tight! I figured I'd lose weight eventually but I never did last winter. Anyways, I brought it in and tried it on for the seamstress and she goes,.

"You could've bought a smaller size!".

And I go, "Well it's from last year!" ^_^ It's such a GOOD FEELING to get things made SMALLER, rather than bigger! And it was only $40 to get it tailored to my body...(custom coat, baby!) which is cheaper than buying a smaller winter coat!.

*woot woot!*.

I pick it up on Thursday so I'm excited and have motivation to stay OP!.

As for today, we're just watching movies and trying to stay warm! I also got "Deal or No Deal" for wii and I have to admit, I'm slightly obsessed with that show. I wish I could be on it...^_^.

By the way,.

Have you guys seen "A Christmas Carol" - the one with Jim Carey? It's CREEPY! We've watched about half of it and if I had kids, I would NOT let them see it! Eeeeeee!.

Mini-roll call!!.


I think reading and hearing all about the snow...BROUGHT IT HERE!!.

We went to rent movies last night and when we came outside, we saw the FATTEST snowflakes EVER coming down. *tears* It's also supposed to be really cold today so we're staying inside!!!.


I forget that you're only a year older than me! I feel so behind...:P You're married and I'm not even engaged! Bah!! Anyways, GOOD FOR YOU for getting back OP (today!) Today IS a new day and just put the past behind you!! I'm really sorry about your parents...maybe they need a break and not a total divorce? In any case, HUGS your way!! <3.


You're amazing, you know that? You're picking yourself up and staying strong! I know exactly what you mean about the scale. I've been known to move my scale around the bathroom to see if it changes (usually doesn't, ahha) or like, wait til the PERFECT time to weigh-in. Some of it is exciting but I am starting to see how it is also getting to be obsessive and that's not a good thing!! I think we both need to take a big step back and look at our jouney so far. You've lost ALMOST 70 LBS since MAY! That's insane and incredible! And going from a 22 to a size 10?! Even MORE amazing!! <3 In a weird way, I'm so proud of you for doing Medifast with how busy you are and you have been an inspiration to me and everyone here, I know! *HUGS!*.

Everyone else:.

Hope you're having fabulous weekends and doing well! And if you've gone off track and don't want to post...PLEASE COME BY ANYWAYS! I worry! :P *HUGS!*..

Comment #94

P.S. Just weighed and I'm at.


^_^ In the 120's bay bay!..

Comment #95

Kelsey, it's the weight from that hotel job that just lightened you right up!.

Congrats! That is seriously awesome! And sorry about the snow. We're still snowed in, until the plow guy comes. We can't get out of the driveway! Great idea about the coat. I never thought about getting a coat tailored before! And with the cost of wool coats, it's a fab idea..

Sarah-Anne - /BIG HUGS! Wish that there was something that I could say or do to help you through this. You are amazing and an inspiration. You really are. Your success inspires me. Your perseverance in picking yourself up and getting back on track inspires me. Your determination to succeed when the times get tough (and trust me, finals, work, dieting, those are all tough times x3!), makes me really proud of you! You can get through this!.

Brandy - Glad that you didn't see an increase from the slips. You have done so marvelously so far! You can really see it in the pics you posted on your page. You CAN control this! You owe it to yourself to take the fat coat off the hottie that you are!.

I'm not feeling like I'm making progress this week. I peeked at the scale, and it was the same as it was on Tuesday. Think I just need to dial back on the plan, and nail back down to the 5-1 and measure everything and see if that's it. I've also been drinking a LOT of hot tea. Might need to start drinking warm water or something. But my hands are all stiff and cold most of the time, and holding the hot mug is just so soothing...

Comment #96

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.