Yahoo vs 123 reg - private domain name - I WILL NOT PAY MORE THEN 10$/YEAR?

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Quick question... Yahoo vs 123 reg - private domain name - I WILL NOT PAY MORE THEN 10$/YEAR? Looking forward for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Hello all,.

I just received my welcome email from Godaddy, that took over the domains I had at Registerfly. Tomorrow I'll setup the account and tell you all the details of how it goes, so that it can help other people on the same situation..

Best Regards,.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Many of my domains show 123 reg as the registrar, but some don't show up at all. I've received nothing from 123 reg about anything. I don't see anything on their site about this either..

I assume the e-mail some have received told them what their new account is and such?..

Comment #2

Yes, they actually set up a second account for you and all Regfly domains go there...

Comment #3

Be sure to check the email on the whois....

Registerfly liked to change it without telling people!.


I just checked my email and was elated to see.

"Congratulations, we have recovered your domain".

(It expired May 18th).

Unfortunately the WHOIS is again in yet another name, so when.

I verified it, the email went to the other guy....

I have contacted 123 reg customer support to let them know.

What has happened...Funny how I got the email in the first place!.

Going to check the others.....

Comment #4

It's nice to hear that things are progressing fairly well. mis_chiff, please keep us updated!..

Comment #5

All of my domains (.net, .info) from RegFly are now at GD but only one .us HostGator still at RF. I don't know why it didn't transfer to GD?.

Who takes care .us domains?.


Comment #6

All my domains have now been transferred including.

The expired one.

Bye Bye Mr Registerfly..

Comment #7

I had one HostGator - in a partnership i'm in - go over to a new account -.

But MY domains, of course, nothing has happened yet. Whois looks good on most of them - so it probably takes time to go through 850,000 domains I guess .. I hope .. I pray lol..

Comment #8

I got that email yesterday and never added two and two together. It's great they got the registerfly domains (at least 123 reg is easy to transfer out of). I can't log into the 123 reg account. Is there a different password than what registerfly had or is it the same?..

Comment #9

A lot of newbie domainers don't know about the rf problems and have been registering there, it's sad to see.

Hopefully it begins to auto-register at 123 reg or icann take registerflys HostGator so they can't steal anymore money..

Comment #10

Just wait for GD to start cashing in on all of the RF domains that aren't renewed via putting the domains up for auction at TDNAM...

Comment #11

After Enom transfered part of my RF domains here comes GD....

Anyway I bet they did a huge homework to find all registrants in Regfly..

BTW Registerfly had to think about it years ago ....

Thier name is telling everything, all your registered domains are flying to other places...

Comment #12

Chances are it's a different password. Makes for possibly better security..

Just contact them...and be ready to do what they ask...

Comment #13


If I had known that I would not have sold all my RF domains for a ridiculously low price...

Comment #14

Never got an email from 123 reg and not letting me log in to my normal account atm...

We apologize for this inconvenience, but an error has been detected..

The details of the error have been recorded. We will investigate the matter and take appropriate action. If you need immediate assistance, please contact our customer support department..

Thank You..

Comment #15

After I logged into my 123 reg account I clicked on my account tab.

And got that same message, so clicked back browser and I clicked.

On the Domains tab, then my domains and it worked that way..

Comment #16

A 123 reg rep called me today and took care of the domains that had been unable to be renewed at RegFly, including one I was glad I didn't lose which had transfer issues. All of the domains seemed to have come over without a hitch as far as I can tell...

Comment #17

I did a "retrieve my password. " submission to 123 reg and was able to access my old regfly domains....

What I found is the .com,.net and .org are all active.

K: and the .info,.biz are showing "Pending RegisterFly Transfer" with "this HostGator will be available to manage on 6/5/2007".....

The trick to access these domains is to do a "retrieve my password" on a active tld,.net and .org ..if you try a .info,.biz you'll get a invaild response.



Comment #18

Creation of the account was quick. What will take more time is the removal of the whois privacy.....

Comment #19

Ehh, one of my domains is my portfolio is still stuck at registerfly.

(It's a .us)..

Comment #20

Don't wait for an email. Follow the instructions here:.


Comment #21

I emailed to 123 reg support. He sent me an instruction, very confusing.

Instruction. I emailed to them back twice again to clarify it. I will.

Try your link. thanks..

Followed the instruction, and was able to login and see the domains..

However when I tried to push the domains from this new account to.

My 123 reg regular account, it would not accept the Security Code..

Anyone was able to push these names to your other 123 reg account?..

Comment #22

I emailed support and asked them to merge them for me..

I had to supply the pin I created for the new RF account.

And the whois's had to be exact (at 123 reg I had W and.

At RF I had Wendy).

Asking them do it was easier than me messing it up..

Comment #23

Before reading this thread, I thought someone stole my names..

Godaddy goes in advanced, they even lists one of my names for sale on sedo for $2500 withou my authorization, but no offer received yet...

Comment #24

My friend has an 'organ' HostGator which he called it,.

As there is still no news from registerfly..

Just several bucks loss, forget it as I think..

Comment #25

123 reg called me several times, was very helpful... got all 300+ regfly names pushed into my current 123 reg account I already had...

Comment #26

And what is about RF domains renewals at GD?.

They want the payment during a week.

Do you have the same?..

Comment #27

I guess there's no way to use (or carry over to GD) the $xxx credit I still had in my RegFly account ......

Comment #28

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