You think I should go on the Medifast Diet or try something else first?

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First of all You think I should go on the Medifast Diet or try something else first? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My other question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' MONDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

If you don't like who you are and where you are, don't worry about it because you're not stuck either. You can grow. You can change. You can be more than you are...

Comment #2

WTG Barb on the 6 lbs. I'm so proud of you..

Capt- I hate that you have that dam stomach virus going around (or at least thats what it sounds like) Make sure you try to stay hydrated..

Dawn- headach finally got better just in time to go to bed. Dinner was ok, probably won't get the Gordon's fish again. Didn't realize it was square fish..

Pamela- welcome to our group. Lots of tips and tricks, think there is even a thread devoted to it. I will try to post some of my favorites tonight- gotta get moving this morning for work..

Did anyone else have problems with the website last night? I could get on but then kept getting an error message when I tried to go anywhere. LONG day at work ahead of me. 3 meeting today until 5. Only a 3 day workweek though! Taking off Thurs and Fri. Already have done 50 wall humps this morning, so you all better get busy. Catch you later, have a great OP day!..

Comment #3

Morning Capt- any better this morning? Just posted my first post on the other thread forgot it was just a weekend thread. So I reposted here. Hope today is better...

Comment #4

Guess where I just found our thread?.

Did you guess 'Page 2'?.

Well...that's where I found it..

I'm sitting here debating on whether or not I'll be able to make it to/through work today. My head is pounding and my stomach is SO freakin' sick. But I don't feel like I can sit here all day again today..

I guess I will try and, worst case, I can always go home..

I'm not so confident about starting 5/1 today. Saltines don't work well with 5/1. I do want to start as soon as my stomach is better. Right now it is just sooooo sore and I know that Medifast food will not be kind/helpful..

I will WI this morning, though..

So, where the freakin' holy hell is everyone?.

Ya'll skinny?.

All of you who were all amped up this time last week to get the weight off this year?.

I'm cranky..

Don't **** me off..

Have a great OP day and I'll check in later..

Mad love..

And Swagger.......

Comment #5 I just yelled at e'one for no reason?.

Don't I feel like an assclown now.....

Comment #6

Runnin behind but wanted to throw down 100 oz and 50 humpies for the day - sounds like Lara and Dawn have already started..... let's get it DONE!.

Have a great OP day!.

I'm doing a fluid day - shakes and beverages... we'll see...

Comment #7


So I WI'd this morning and i'm -5. which could have been better...yesterday we had an after-christmas family party...i did OKprobably had too much L&G while trying to avoid the eclaire, cookie, cheesecake course....yesterday morning I was could have been +5 if I wasn't MF'ing...i debated all morning whether to WI in or not cuz I knew I had too much protein yesterday...i was telling myself just use yesterday's WI so I can post a bigger loss...but that was a very bad habit that derailed me last time, I have to SEE the consequence of my decisions...thanks for listening...again.

So now i'm excited to FINALLY try out the Zumba workout...i think the first one is a basic, learn the moves type thing, but hopefully i'll break a sweat.....

Did I see that Barb is down 6 this week????? way to go Barb!!!!!!! can't wait to see what you do this week!!!.

Didn't really have a chance to catch up, so I hope everyone else is doing GREAT.

Happy Monday to all!!!!.


Comment #8

I posted in the wrong place this morning...I saw Lara's and just clicked on there...forgot it was just a thread for the weekend!.

Here is my post!.

Lara~I had problems with the site last night, too! Sorry to hear you have a LONG day, but bonus about the short week!.

Andrea~Can't wait to hear how your weigh in went..

Sandy~Where did you do the health assessment? Is it online?.

Lori~Hope you are feeling better!.

I am off to do my wall push ups (thanks Lara!) Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #9

Here is a post from.


That was after mine!!.

I had posted a long azz message yesterday, and just realized that it never went through! jeez!!!!.

Lori- any word from kori? I have sent a text out, but haven't heard anything....starting to worry myself....

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #10

Lori~Glad you made it to work...hope today goes well and that your stomach starts feeling better..

Robyn~Down 5 something your first week...and with yesterday's lower weigh in, I figure you will have a GREAT 2md week weigh in, too!.

What is up with Jo? Did I miss something? I haven't seen her...

Comment #11

Hi Ang!.

I got my wall humpies in before work and am working on the water!..

Comment #12

Hi all from work. Had four kids sleeping over all weekend. YUCK!..

Comment #13

I didn't hear back from Kori via email, so I sent a text..

I tried more Gatorade, water, hot tea..

Everything hurts my stomach..

I am SO thirsty but I can't drink and I am SO dehydrated..

I don't think I've pee'd since 5:30 this morning..

I feel like I'm going to explode..


I WI at 135 this morning...

Comment #14


Love all the WIs..

Dawn, the health assessment is part of my insurance program..

We have a frost delay. It is messing with my DH's tournament and our piano concert plans. Oh well..

Need some coffee...

Comment #15

Lara - I had problems with the site last night also..

Lori - I have yelled at your sickness to go away. I hope it is scared...

Comment #16

Robyn- 5 lbs is better than none. At least you saw the consequences and are being honest with yourself. You've got this, back 100% today..

Capt- Worrying about you- HUGS- Nice azz kicking this morning and for once it wasn't one I had to take. Still OP and focused. Getting this done like it's my J-O-B!.

Ang- Yeah, I missed you this weekend..

Dawn- Jo was having some major family issues a few months back and stopped coming as often because she felt she was bring everyone down. Then she stopped altogether. Hope she's doing ok..

I'm starting to worry about Kori- it's not like her to not be here for this long. Hope someone can get ahold of her soon to see what's going on. OK off to the first of 3 meetings (wrote this 45 minutes ago and had boss walk into my office for meeting- usually I go to his.)..

Comment #17

Lara - hope your meeting are productive..

Off to practice piano...

Comment #18

The scale liked me today... just didnt have time to change ticker. lost 3.5 !!!!..

Comment #19

Had a snow delay this morning and it took me 2hours to get to work! It will be a short busy day for me today!.

I am glad everyone is doing well. I will check in later tonight..

I'm yelling at your sickness too Lori! I think between all of us we can scare it away for good...

Comment #20

Andrea - I am so glad for your loss..

Grandkids have a snow day today. They are in Colorado. I do not miss those days..

Piano practice done. Water,water,water...

Comment #21

I puked..

I'm home..

Gatorade, crackers, aspirin, tea, water...e'thing..

This is effing awesome..

Kitty has somehow found this love of closing doors and shutting himself in to rooms..


Comment #22

I'm off to second job now...have a great afternoon....

BTW ... all my water is in..

Comment #23

Time to go to lesson and then dinner and concert. Tomorrow I have golf league and all the stuff I do on Tuesday for the league so I won't be around until later. Hope everyone is having a great OP time. Love the scale reports...

Comment #24


Quick check in from work!.


Psdid the Zumba workout this morning....i think it should really be called ZumSPAZ...and there are ridiculously beautiful hot girls in it that make me want to hang myself.

Other than that, I liked it.


Comment #25

Congrats to everyone with the nice losses this week. Let's all do it again this week. Just got back from getting sis and her hubby to the dealership. They finally were able to fix their new car and they're back on the road headed home. Now I get my bedroom back and can get back into my routine. Lori, sorry you're still sickfeel better soon kiddo. Gotta go catch up on some things so I'll try and bbl...

Comment #26

Andrea- YEAH for WI- Keep up the great work..

Ang- Don't work too hard..

Sandy- frost is better than snow. Love the new Avi!.

Capt- I'm yelling too..

Robyn- you go ZumSPAZ! Just think, you will look like those girls in the video soon..

Melissa- I'll be dealing with that snow in the morning..

Well didn't go to second meeting because the state walked in to do a survey and I had to get a bunch of paperwork done for them. Third meeting was a little pointless but have to do some of those smoozing things every now and then. Boss wants me to stay until state leaves, so I'm at computer about to fall asleep. I'm so ready for dinner. Also need to call my dad and put him on stand by for school closing in the morning...

Comment #27

We're not yelling loud enough..

This is the worst...

Comment #28

I'm here too...yell yell yell..

And for those of you that are stalking but NOT posting...don't get cocky now that you've lost a bunch of weight..

I wouldn't go so far as to say cocky, but I have thought I know best the last month or so and it ain't so..

The support that you get here is invaluable. But more than that it's the accountability. No matter what you think, you NEED your friends and supporters to hang onto your azz and keep you on the straight and narrow..

I'm back on the wagon now...but I'll bet I put on more weight than I'm willing to admit. Thursday is weigh in so I'll stick to that. We'll see..

DON"T BECOME one of the 95%....there are many LONG term successes but the one thing most of them have in common is SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT..

Okay, done my yelling now..

Comment #29

Hello Everyone!.

I am returning with head hung VERY LOW......I have not been here since August. I am SO BAD. Got my AZZZZZZ back to the gym today and have to get focused to make this work for me. I need a beating, so please let me have it! It has been a crazy 6 months for me. Latest thing is that DS had to have shoulder surgery in Dec and another one in Feb on the other shoulder. He did very well, but I am a TOTAL STRESS eater and with other things, it has not been good for me..

I will try to post daily to keep up with things and get back on track. I do miss this board and hope you have all been well. I do not have time to go back and read too much. There are a lot of pressing things I have coming up, so time will be short..

See you all here...

Comment #30

Michele- bend over and get ready for your azz kickin'. I think most of us are stress eater- I'm one of them. However in life, we are ALWAYS going to have stress so you have to deal with it instead of making it the excuse. No more excuses starting right now! get back OP- 100% and get this shitz done. Learn to deal with the stress in other ways, because eating your way through it is only making more stress...

Comment #31

Finally got out of work at 6- 3 hours past my quiting time. So now I'm whooped and chillin' out. Have a great evening if I don't get back on...

Comment #32

Well done, Ang..

Well said..

Two + years later and I still 'need' it...

Comment #33

I can remember running on the treadmill early in the morning on the days when I'd have to take Lorraine in to Philadelphia for chemo..

I did it because I knew I would be so emotionally effing tapped out when I got back that there was no way in hell I'd do it at all..

That's the girl I want to know again..

That girl had a.


Set of.



I'm sitting here picking at dry toast and drinking warm regular ginger ale..

For all of you 5/1'ers who would KILL someone right now for dry toast and regular ginger ale, I PROMISE you that I would rather be eating a Medifast bar and having a bottle of water with it..


Comment #34

Additionally, even though she wasn't here - she had ME on the sidelines riding her assssss like a wild bronco and was still d!cking around..

Fortunately for her - or UNfortunately for her - she had a sad, tired, distracted, hot mess of a ME riding her I didn't keep on top of it the way I should have..

Matters not....just glad to see the hooker back where she belongs..

Oh, and Kori has not responded to my email or my text...

Comment #35

Capt- that Girl with Balls is still there I promise, I see her all the time. You will find her for yourself soon...

Comment #36

And Lara is right too. There is always stress. If your alive... and don't live in a have stress..

We all have to figure out ways to deal with it..

Lately my biggest problem has been LAZINESS. This is so much harder the thinner you become. It really is easier to stay OP when you are so focused on a goal. Then you start feeling better and looking cuter and forget where you came from..

Not ever a good idea..

Okay hookers I'm still living in homework hell.. See y'all in the morning. BTW, I hate 4th grade..

Love you all madly!..

Comment #37

Glad you liked it - I knew you would. (re-run....


Comment #38


(and PS - Drink your water like it's your J.O.B.!!!)..

Comment #39

AFM - have a 7 day guest pass for a new fit club. need to make the most of it to see if we want to join (Prob will just cuz it's only a few miles from teh house).

Anyhow - did a mixed cardio work-out so tonight I rocked.

1 - the TM for a warm-up.

2 - the rowing machine.

3 - the eliptical.

4 - the stairclimber.

5 - the TM AGAIN!.

AND drank 64 oz just int eh hour I was there..

Tomorrow will be an easy work out - prob run through their circiut..

Wed will be checking out their Yoga class after my salon visit....

Thur is still up in the air - prob will be a spin class..

Friday is ZUMBA!!!.

And Saturday is ZUMBA again - different teacher... adn for those who remember my FL Zumba cvlass - one reason I LOVED it so much was that it started at 10am - this one starts at 11am -EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!.

AND - now my mixed veggie quiche is in the oven. We had Pho soup the other night and I always ask for extra veggies to put in - they gave us SOOOO many (how come it's ALWAYS carrots!) so after picking out hte carrots leaving me with cabbage, 'schrooms, and broccoli and adding my own chopped spinach - egg beaters and oven. waiting...waiting...waiting....... I'M HUNGRY!.

Off to drink more water while it cooks. and maybe another 50 humpies. later lovelies...

Comment #40


I had just about gotten over Lara saying "bend over", then Andi had to say "humpies" I have an embarrassing boner.

Angloved your is so true...being part of the 95% I am trying to reprogram my brain NOW so I don't end up here, again's like we all know how to lose weight, it's the keeping it off that is the I ruminate this, and read through the success stories, and see Cap, Dawn, Andi walking the walk on a tightrope the common denominator is definitely the support....being here, keeping your head in the game, staying it offensive to anyone if I liken us to drug/alcohol addicts? because that's what I feel I am with the food...being among kindred spirits is very.......empowering.

As I type this, I sit next to Vince who is munching on dry roasted peanuts...a salty favorite (after the OTHER salty favorite).....i think it's time to switch locations....

Time for a smoke!.


See you all tomorrow..

Comment #41

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.